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/mir/ ~ Katrin
File 152543609987.jpg - (678.06KB , 1685x1329 , Katrin 44 sets.jpg )
18534 No. 18534
Looking for these Paradisebirds / Polar Lights
Katrin sets complete if possible also any new Katrin
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>> No. 19163
come on!
>> No. 19173

Be patient.
Not everyone reads these posts everyday.
In fact, most just come here once a week!
Also, not all who come here actually have what you are demanding!!

So chill out, calm down and wait!!

No, i don't have this.
>> No. 28261
Bumping for Katrin
>> No. 28679
>> No. 28730
>>18534 what is the significance of the yellow lines, are those ones you have already or sets you still need?
>> No. 28747
>>18534 Here
Ones I have, most are the " short " versions, you can add last one bottom right #44
thanks to https://155chan.li/cg/res/21173.html
>> No. 28783
File 153105883234.jpg - (960.48KB , 2333x3499 , IMG_3009.jpg )
>>28747 Okay then, all I had was the 201 MB dark-web version of K44 to share but since you have it already, I won't bother.
>> No. 28798
As far as I can tell, only K44 has been shared anywhere. Please post all other sets.
>> No. 28800
Thanks Dude for having my "6" appreciate that. Glad to know I'm not alone in my interest in her stuff
>> No. 29257
Maybe you should start by sharing what you have first, I don't even have 20% of what you already have.. smh
>> No. 29315
File 153142066344.jpg - (726.87KB , 2328x1621 , Untitled.jpg )
OP here
85 % of what got of her is all from the tri force USER BANNED FOR BEING 15% TRAITOR , It took an afternoon of scrolling and using the Catalog mode, you'd be surprised what's still available from different models . I'm willing to bet most of her stuff is still ready to DL. What I'd consider posting is her " Oiled Up " Solo set 34, it's just a handful of pix I got from a now extinct board but I'd rather wait till I find the complete set as dudes whine when they don't see complete sets.
>> No. 30461
PLEASE link to ANY posts of Katrin - have some Parsdisebirds but want ANY / ALL of her - H44 Oil etc... PLEASE - Thank you!
>> No. 30616
Oil set is available in FF.
>> No. 30667
- and for those of us who aren't saavy to your abbreviation exactly what is FF ?
it sure as hell ain't Firefox
>> No. 31059
File 153310617430.jpg - (365.33KB , 2560x1707 , _add_08.jpg )
Here is the link to my set https://155chan.my/hebe/res/73424.html and no free ad supported slow otherwise buy crap that everyone keeps posting arg! the other set 1-160 took me over 2 and a half hours because of bandwidth throtling just because I was not a member of the server they used how annoying!
>> No. 35626
Still hoping to find these sets
>> No. 35678
File 153681135251.jpg - (186.88KB , 1080x953 , 6rVOFlA_1R4.jpg )
Katrin Social
>> No. 35696
Do you happen to have any of Sophie please. Nude and solo preferred. Failing that - anything with Sophie showing the goods please. Thank you for everything.
>> No. 35720
File 153684911651.jpg - (710.39KB , 2566x3849 , 151137165862.jpg )
does anyone have this set??
I'd really appreciate it if some kind soul uploaded it!
>> No. 35748
File 153686389422.jpg - (180.32KB , 1200x1800 , Katrin-007 (17).jpg )
>>35720 Here`s Katrin`s gold micro set.
Don`t know if complete. Numbered as found.
no pass
>> No. 35762
File 153687296768.jpg - (96.11KB , 960x456 , 1.jpg )
9mb, yeah its a complete set

>> No. 35811
File 153691716021.png - (156.56KB , 1231x446 , mmm.png )
*I'm the one who asked for the set*
Thank you so much man! anything is better than nothing!
Let's hope some awesome bastard will post the full set one day..
I have so little of this angel
if anyone have any more sets for Katrin please PLEASE share!
know that I would suck your cock for it
no homo
>> No. 35822
i would let you ;-)
>> No. 35834
How do download with password, I tried fucking 10 times and not work
>> No. 43219
Her YOUNGEST nude set is 29!

IS there any nude sets under 29 available???
She was way cuter younger, like under set 25 is just PERFECT!

>> No. 43221
she always had such a "I love letting you see my tits" attitude :)
>> No. 43257
What number is the set 'oil'? I have it but it's watermark
>> No. 43384
>>18534 here
See >>29315 I think it's set 34

>>43219 She posed nude in all her sets, sadly most of the ones released awhile ago only have half of the complete sets . That's what makes finding her stuff so frustrating, her earlier complete sets seem to trickle out about a one a year, ( like 44 ) somebody's got to have the rest

BTW see https://155chan.gr/mir/res/43080.html#43319
>> No. 43460
File 154421884062.jpg - (789.08KB , 1536x2432 , K7.jpg )

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