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/mir/ ~ JM ❤
File 152571809266.jpg - (1.68MB , 1310x2280 , JM.jpg )
19214 No. 19214
JM Girl -
save you guys some hunting and link mazes :P
she’s a happy lil thing , too bad no audio on most though , and fake on a couple ( always hate that)

pass for all : 144chan

pic pack:

vid pack 1:
01 - 06 

vid pack 2:
07 - 16 

vid pack 3:
17 - 18

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>> No. 19223
I love that pose.
It's so erotic, just makes you wanna fuck her ass so bad!!

Nice post - thanks!
>> No. 19247
She is a very beautiful girl. I would fuck her all day & night. That guy however is an asshole. Cant keep the camera still, but she patiently waits for him all the time - she deserves better!!

I love her body and face!!
>> No. 19248
lol , yeah why so few pedos do good camera work , just buy a damn tripod dude! :D
>> No. 19249

lol - Yepp!

The last video is best (jm18) - when she gets assfucked - she really enjoys it!!
>> No. 19298
i think file got corrupted. re-up if possible please
>> No. 19318

Yes, a lovely post indeed.
I love her face (and the rest) - hehe.
Thanks to OP.

Didn't DL the pics, just the videos - works just fine!
>> No. 19445
Wow. This girl is amazing. It makes me envious of the guy. The phrase "penis envy" comes to mind when I watched these two having fun. I'm not envious of the physical attributes of his penis. I am envious of where it goes and what gets done to it. I wish it were mine getting that treatment.

>> No. 19678
File 152594014199.png - (169.59KB , 884x385 , jm.png )
>> No. 19685
There was over 25 video's in total if you can if you find them that is. !!!
>> No. 19706
God..that pic alone makes me need to jerk off... What a yummy little fuck toy..
>> No. 21474
pass doesnt work :(
>> No. 22871
watching these videos made me realize its possible to have a healthy sex life with little girls
fuck all this "consent" crap
she looks happy, thats what matters
>> No. 22961
In that vid she's ass fucked and having the blast of her life.
>> No. 22974
gibt es zu jm18 eine vollversion
>> No. 23131
can we upload anal vid please
>> No. 23225
moar please
>> No. 23397
i jerk mutch of that girl
>> No. 24571
PW doesn't work
>> No. 31611
Please repost
>> No. 31708
Again. The links works, the pass works! OP thanks! Pass-dont-work-reup troll, Why do not you just take a break!? If you can't (too stupid to) download and unpack, it doesn't mean that the links and pass doesn't work!
>> No. 31726
wuuaauuw..thanks good..
>> No. 31730
very fantastic...siip..
>> No. 31739
Thanks. I'm breathless. =)
>> No. 32377
>> No. 32398
thanks so much yup bummer no sound love the sound and i always hate fake too
>> No. 32412
Thank you bunches. Great stuff.
>> No. 32443
pack 3 second vid, man that is a fucking good fuck!! phew! :O
>> No. 32905
I bet she makes that face when her dad bends her over and eats her pussy from behind.
>> No. 35073
Have? for mega?
>> No. 35232
Have video for mp4, or u can help me, I don’t know how to use and process the video, because when I do download, after finish i can’t whatch the videos
>> No. 36381
i can not the files unpacking please repost
>> No. 36771
Wow! Fucking amazing! You can tell she really likes playing with her daddy! I especially love all the BJ ones, the way she suckles on the tip, Mmmmm... any Germans want to translate that last vid? My German sucks, I only picked up one word.
>> No. 36921
been having this issue with a lot of the downloads from this site. I download a ful vid file, then it says enfcrypted or corrupted, and nothing happens. Not even a spot to put in a password. What am I doing wrong?
>> No. 36924
update your winrar it has changed older register as currupt, also check if file needs unblock through propeties
>> No. 38188
she is a star more please>>19214
>> No. 38795
LOL >>19249 she is NOT
simulated not real
>> No. 38968
Please re.up links
>> No. 40592
video pack 2 pls re-upload
>> No. 40670
please re-up vid pack-2
>> No. 40671
alright fine I will do it. no passwords.

JMVids 1 - https://multifilemirror.com/i6jd7ixokdgm

JMVids 2 - https://multifilemirror.com/hj7waiitg1wj

JMVids 3 (need both files) - https://multifilemirror.com/c63zd9z521df
>> No. 41138
>> No. 41497
File 154209879586.jpg - (0.99MB , 2448x3264 , (pthc) NEW 2016 Pedo Childlover 8yo Daddy's L.jpg )
Ok the filming could have been more professional but it is obvious she is enjoying herself. Daddy has been careful in teaching her to release her inner sexuality. I hope he spent time masterbating her too so that she orgasmed often. When sex is fun and careful there is nothing to stop even a small child from relaxing completely and sharing the pleasure.
>> No. 43503
vids 3 needs pw
>> No. 43504
vid3 need pw
>> No. 43516
not her daddy. he was her babysitter and lover. very natural relationship
>> No. 43520
>> No. 43539
Thanks for taking the time to upload and share all this wonderful material. Unfortunately vid pack 2 is gone. I know it's an imposition, but could you please take the time and trouble to re-up?
>> No. 43546
Yeah, never mind. That hollow sort of popping sound was me retrieving my brain housing group from my rectal cavity (pulling my head out of my ass) I see you've already re-upped. Thanks again
>> No. 51389
Oh no, pic pack is down :(
>> No. 51392
can someone repost pic pack?
>> No. 51415
upload above pic shows
>> No. 51429
There was over 20 videos made so there is more out there if you can find them .
>> No. 52793
It's a shame they don't all have sound. Especilly the one were they are 69ing and he makes her cum.
>> No. 52794
It's a shame they don't all have sound. Especially the one were they are 69ing and he makes her cum.
>> No. 52866
JMVids 3 RAR says corrupte?
>> No. 53202
vid 3 re up plz
>> No. 53436
All her 13 movies and private pics here:

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