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/mir/ ~ Bobbie Model
File 152597359790.jpg - (130.46KB , 853x1280 , 54fafbd1ce642.jpg )
19714 No. 19714
This thread for sharing Bobbie hot pics only. Unedited pics.
Welcome to share your own.
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>> No. 49865
File 154954421215.jpg - (175.63KB , 1499x1200 , Image_013_1499_1200.jpg )
I am fan of all webe girl models but Your Bobbie girl is a nice American girl model that I like morer than the other good nice American girl models. I found this one set there for to place as a share. I think yous will like this.
I used mirrored.to to make this is as a share
>> No. 49873
>>49855 Thanks man.U may be right. I am glad to see there are so many Bobbie fans still around. She was one of the greatest hot little non-nude, sock-knocker creatures on the planet earth back in the day. What a babe she was! Certinaly in the top 10 and very close to #1. (I put her in the top 3 or 5 that I find equaly amazingly hot). Bobbie was one of the best, ever. imho.
>> No. 49890
American girl?
Pictures are taken at the Mansion where Met art was photographed in France!
>> No. 49906
File 154957044956.jpg - (226.56KB , 1600x1066 , 5 (3).jpg )
From what I've read she was from Florida, as many of the Webeweb girls were. However I have also heard it said that this popular mansion set, where a lot of thoes girls had their vids and pics were done was located in France, and there were 2 diferent photographers. One was from France and the other from the United States. I also read that some of the models who did nn modeling in the U.S. actualy went to France and did some special custome sets. I would like to think it's true and that thoese custome sets are still out there somewhere, but it's kind of a far-fetched fantacy to be for real. so I am not sure of the details, or what is myth and truth.
......anyway this "custom set" from that mansion was so named with "fix" in the title because some of the files from this set were lost and duplicats copied to it by mistake. I removed most of the duplicates but the owner of the hd says the missing pics were actulay extreamly erotic (but aparantly lost for ever). I'm not sure what to believe but this is one of Bobbies best sets I ever saw. Maybe someday the alleged missing pics from this set will show up.
>> No. 49914
File 154957362097.jpg - (264.39KB , 1600x1067 , m144-s067-107 (web)_1600_1067.jpg )
Bobbies beauty outshines her model friend by a long shot.
There are a lot of pics missing from this set and I am told there were over 200 existing before the best erotic pics were pulled out and thrown away. Such an artistic loss and very sad. Maybe someone will still have the missing ones and fill them, but they are probably hoarded away by some selfish jerk who won't share.
>> No. 49950
File 154958413629.jpg - (249.05KB , 853x1280 , Bobbie slip (1).jpg )
Bobbie slip
>> No. 50034
Bobbie IS French, NOT American. Bobbie, Chastity, Laurie, Bambi, Gigi, Satine, and several other Webe girls all came from the same photographer in France. After the death of Webe he sold sets to Chemal & Gegg.

Bobbie has a sexy body and attitude but is a rather homely girl with scary teeth. I'd bang her for a weekend but that's about as long as I could take that face.
>> No. 50037
Bobbie did have a few slips. Most were minor or sort of "half slips", but there are about 2 or 3 very nice ones. ;-D
>> No. 50054
File 154969829640.jpg - (312.49KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s066-123_1600_1066.jpg )
I keep this Bobbie-Model post going. Please say thanks if this is useful. I want to know if it is worth it for me to continue sharing the semi-complete site-rip...?
>> No. 50055

Does anyone know the approximate location of the mansion? If we knew, maybe we could find a way to contact Dominic. He's our only hope for getting high res, uncut content of Bobbie or any of the other webe girls. The original sets were at least 1500x2250 and had many "hotter" shots that were cropped out by site owners ( see >>48467 )
>> No. 50059
File 154970146660.jpg - (221.49KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s065-144_1600_1066.jpg )
Eat dirt about your opinion, friend. Bobbie ranks in the top 5. I would roll with her all night til the morning doves sing. And I would do it every night for all eternity. Sweeet face, hot body, awesome attitude, and I just love her. She could beat me with a game of chess every day, but I would still love her.(each to his own, and this is MY humble opinion).
>> No. 50060
File 154970192553.jpg - (172.70KB , 853x1280 , m144-s065-172.jpg )
Wish ther was more info on this beauty. Bobbie was a bomb-shell, imho.
>> No. 50062
File 154970306698.jpg - (164.51KB , 853x1280 , m144-s064-078.jpg )
I find nothing scary about Bobbie. Her front teeth are a turn on for me! I love her mouth and her face. I would french-kiss her hot mouth for hours every night, while making love with her. Every morning I would cook her breakfast and every evining I would wine and dine her.
>> No. 50063
File 154970379639.jpg - (320.26KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s066-131_1600_1066.jpg )
>> No. 50064
File 154970453956.jpg - (256.62KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s28-104_1576_1050.jpg )
>> No. 50088
File 154972536563.jpg - (211.48KB , 2250x1500 , 15488147689.jpg )
Fuck on another site a guy just posted site rips from From Bobbie Archiv, Bobbie-Model.net

and within minutes some ass d/l them then reported them , look for them soon on a money macking site , amazing un seen pics

>> No. 50134
File 154976363722.jpg - (289.58KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s044-083_1576_1050.jpg )
>> No. 50154
This is the girl that had me go down this rabbit hole. That tight body and ass. Mmmm
>> No. 50167
That rabbbit hole is a strange place. It will make you large if you eat from the left side and it will make you small if you eat from the right side. But how is one to know the diference between which side is left and which side is right? ...curiouser and couriouser, thaught, Alice.
>> No. 50171
File 154979276483.jpg - (261.01KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s36-76_1576_1050.jpg )
She wears a fur coat in the start but when it comes off....WOW!
>> No. 50174
Just trying to help every othe healthy male get a har-on for her, as well. ;-D ....her hotness is supream. All should enjoy Bobbie-Model.
>> No. 50180
File 154980395662.jpg - (307.27KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s050-77_1576_1050.jpg )
>> No. 50255
File 154984475930.jpg - (291.00KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s09-16_1576_1050.jpg )
There are probably many pics missing from this set. Maybe someone who has them can share them? I hope so. I hate it when I realise some of these sets are short.
>> No. 50302

Fuck on another site a guy just posted site rips from From Bobbie Archiv, Bobbie-Model.net

and within minutes some ass d/l them then reported them , look for them soon on a money macking site , amazing un seen pics
>> No. 50351
File 154993367587.jpg - (244.99KB , 853x1280 , m144-s074-003.jpg )
Not sure if it's just an over active imagination, but it almost looks as if you can detect bush through those pink mesh panties. Mmmmm!
>> No. 50411
File 154997407893.jpg - (248.91KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s082-109_1576_1050.jpg )
If anyone is enjoying my shares I will continue to upload 85 sets...Please say if you want me to continue.
>> No. 50416
YES please
>> No. 50457
File 155000606192.jpg - (128.12KB , 853x1280 , NIP SLIP 242695549.jpg )
keep an eye on her chest. There are a few "special" shots in this photo set. I count 3 (wish there were so many more).
>> No. 50473
File 155001145128.jpg - (131.79KB , 972x778 , Image_001.jpg )
This video was supposed to be posted in this thread but ended up as an orphan floating on through the pages. So here is the VIDEO LINK:
>> No. 50513

This is amazing, what site had the long lost archive sets? I checked 180 and there were some extra pics there but not much more info. We have to track these down
>> No. 50527
Havent found any long lost sets yet from archive Just a few long lost pics so far
>> No. 50545
Is it possible to get a re-up of sets 21-30?
>> No. 50569
File 155011430077.jpg - (171.10KB , 853x1280 , m144-s050-21.jpg )
From now on I am going to be posting the rest of the Bobbie-model shares on 180 chan. It all goes so much smoother over there. All Bobbie fans welcome to follow me there.
>> No. 50571


>> No. 50583
I will continue with Bobbie-model shares on 180 chan
>> No. 50589
File 155012924666.jpg - (54.44KB , 853x1280 , m144-s059-079.jpg )
visit the thread on 180. It's more regular there.
>> No. 50635
For some reason 180chan and 144chan always give me "server not found" errors. I have no problems with 155chan. Anyone else have issues?
>> No. 50669
I have had issues similar in the past with all the tri-chans. I think it is because we are all under attack by thoese who hate freedom of speach. The chans get shut down from time to time by activists who do not believe in these feedoms. The chans always seem to rise like a phinix from the ashes and reincarnation goes on. Address links get changed and become active again, usualy within a day. Links to the reincarnated sites can be found on any one of the active chans. Look and you will see.
>> No. 50670
Neww link for 180 chan is https://180chan.co/
>> No. 50671
New link for 144 chan is
>> No. 50678
File 155021958962.jpg - (155.44KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s059-002_1576_1050.jpg )
You can reconnect with all three trichans as long as you have conection with one of them. Just access the chan u can, and search there for the updated addresses of the other chans.

On another fact, I like this bobby teenager share model on this thread so this is one pic i like and i hopr u like it 2. Happy day!
>> No. 50685
Thanks 4 new link
>> No. 50686
File 155022828575.jpg - (167.27KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s059-052_1576_1050.jpg )
One right back at you!
I am sharing a semi full site rip....Just be patiant. a few each day, to keep thread active and burning....cause Bobbie IS HOT! and hot! others will share missing file sets.
>> No. 50688
File 155022921899.jpg - (65.00KB , 853x1280 , m144-s059-015.jpg )
see 180 chan mir bobbie thread ;-D
>> No. 50801
File 155030644657.jpg - (222.68KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s045-61r_1576_1050.jpg )
big sexy teeth
>> No. 50802
File 155030716731.jpg - (216.20KB , 853x1280 , m144-s084-025.jpg )
Bobbie has them. Big sexy front girl teeth.
I never noticed it until someone else pointed it out, But ya. very hot.
>> No. 50803
File 155030751074.jpg - (104.62KB , 853x1280 , m144-s055-50c.jpg )
Her mouth is so hot. I want her to kiss my puppet....
>> No. 50874
Well, it depends on what you mean by "puppet". Are you refering to a vantriliquest toy or is English not your first language? Perhaps you ment to say "puppy"?
>> No. 50909
File 155039433329.jpg - (85.40KB , 853x1280 , m144-s064-012.jpg )
Come on....be more respectful. Bobbbie is a goddess.
>> No. 50910
File 155039435897.jpg - (115.63KB , 853x1280 , m144-s064-040.jpg )
Come on....be more respectful. Bobbbie is a goddess.

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