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/mir/ ~ Bobbie Model
File 152597359790.jpg - (130.46KB , 853x1280 , 54fafbd1ce642.jpg )
19714 No. 19714
This thread for sharing Bobbie hot pics only. Unedited pics.
Welcome to share your own.
Expand all images
>> No. 19715
File 152597361318.jpg - (124.62KB , 853x1280 , 54fafbd78807b.jpg )
>> No. 19716
File 152597362272.jpg - (136.24KB , 1280x853 , 54fafbeb53488.jpg )
>> No. 19717
File 152597363343.jpg - (164.53KB , 1280x853 , 55aebd2ec5ec9.jpg )
>> No. 19719
File 152597366193.jpg - (169.41KB , 853x1280 , 56a2658bb9877.jpg )
>> No. 19720
File 152597367353.jpg - (157.94KB , 853x1280 , 56a2658beb928.jpg )
>> No. 19721
File 152597368239.jpg - (164.25KB , 853x1280 , 56a2658e7df5a.jpg )
>> No. 19723
File 152597369333.jpg - (167.76KB , 853x1280 , 56a2658e48e50.jpg )
>> No. 19724
File 152597371145.jpg - (219.33KB , 853x1280 , 56d4ab107f88e.jpg )
>> No. 19725
File 15259737267.jpg - (250.44KB , 853x1280 , 56d4ab117879b.jpg )
>> No. 19726
File 152597374479.jpg - (249.50KB , 853x1280 , 5561ee70e87ad.jpg )
>> No. 19727
File 152597377251.jpg - (131.93KB , 1280x853 , 553ecb50a7068.jpg )
>> No. 19728
File 152597378543.jpg - (275.88KB , 808x1280 , 5561ee4990a14.jpg )
>> No. 19729
File 152597381180.jpg - (190.99KB , 853x1280 , m144-s075-044.jpg )
>> No. 19730
File 15259738357.jpg - (58.93KB , 474x711 , images_duckduckgo_com.jpg )
>> No. 19733
File 152597411657.jpg - (194.08KB , 853x1280 , Bobbie--m144-s004-017.jpg )
>> No. 19735
File 152597430259.jpg - (189.01KB , 853x1280 , m144-s12-28.jpg )
>> No. 19736
File 152597437875.jpg - (183.52KB , 1280x853 , m144-s12-36.jpg )
>> No. 19737
File 152597442449.jpg - (168.76KB , 1280x853 , m144-s12-48.jpg )
>> No. 19739
File 152597446365.jpg - (161.05KB , 1280x853 , m144-s12-52.jpg )
>> No. 19740
File 15259744691.jpg - (170.12KB , 853x1280 , 59b090b5a1f9b.jpg )
>> No. 19741
File 152597447849.jpg - (160.72KB , 1280x853 , 59b092ddc3f94.jpg )
>> No. 19742
File 152597449784.jpg - (160.22KB , 1280x853 , m144-s13-67.jpg )
>> No. 19743
File 152597464016.jpg - (232.68KB , 853x1280 , 57d6d39c906e1.jpg )
>> No. 19744
File 152597472569.jpg - (170.00KB , 1280x853 , m144-s23-58.jpg )
>> No. 19745
File 152597487253.jpg - (115.79KB , 853x1280 , 57aa7894b3ee2.jpg )
>> No. 19746
File 152597488650.jpg - (127.88KB , 853x1280 , 57aa789b2c2e9.jpg )
>> No. 19747
File 152597489457.jpg - (133.65KB , 853x1280 , 57aa789b6e04d.jpg )
>> No. 19748
File 15259749054.jpg - (143.06KB , 853x1280 , 57aa789b80e75.jpg )
>> No. 19752
File 152597546477.jpg - (119.33KB , 853x1280 , 57aa79511d4a4.jpg )
>> No. 19753
File 152597547570.jpg - (100.46KB , 853x1280 , 57aa79512d7c2.jpg )
>> No. 19754
File 152597553027.jpg - (133.05KB , 1280x853 , 57aa7e2176c0f.jpg )
>> No. 19755
File 152597569964.jpg - (143.96KB , 853x1280 , 57aa810c2fbe1.jpg )
You'd think in this set she'd show nip slips. Nope. :(
But I think this pose is hot. Bobbie is so beautiful and energetic!
>> No. 19756

Please post sets - starting with this one!
>> No. 19757
>> No. 19783
you'd think this fuckwit could do better than 54xxxxx, 55xxxxx, 56xxxxx, 57xxxxx, 58xxxxx,59xxxxx,
Bobbies been around for about 100years now & she's hot
>> No. 31248
Bump! Need more of Dem Bobbie slips, and more!
>> No. 31327
File 153330773054.jpg - (170.34KB , 853x1280 , 24566605_m144-s062-028.jpg )
I can't find anymore "slip" from my Bobbie's archive. Just cute budding nipples or some mesh-panties-obstructed bush.
>> No. 31904
File 153372202818.jpg - (120.36KB , 853x1280 , 5a8e544a1099e.jpg )

Apprently, 3 images had to be removed from this set in order for it to be allowed on other sites like ViperGirls. I haven't exactly found the full set myself, so I'm not sure why they had to be removed (if they ever were).
>> No. 31927
Post sets motherfucker! SETS!
>> No. 31942
she has a ton of slips from when she had her own page after Webeweb
>> No. 32372
Then post your claim.
>> No. 32385
No. 31942 Yes and extra more photos like Gigi, Phoebe, Laurie etc..
>> No. 32395
File 153419755934.jpg - (194.26KB , 720x576 , bobbie4.jpg )
so here are 6 videos, she is just gorgeous but the music webe picked is really cheezy lol
incidentally i there are 71 sets cant tell if they are complete or not but list which are needed and I will try to upload some when I have time.

password 155chanonly
>> No. 32457
is that supposed to be 3 part download or something? can you fix your links please?
>> No. 32474
File 153427625662.jpg - (55.33KB , 853x1280 , m144-s059-030.jpg )
>> No. 32503
Can you try that again please?
>> No. 32504
I guess this is supposed to be three parts but two of the links are for the same download and the third one is a dead link.
>> No. 32524
Sorry about that, don't know what happened but here is a re load.. hope it works this time
password 155chanonly
>> No. 32530
how do you download this?
do you use a vpn or tor? What do you need to do without risk?
>> No. 32551
Yes, you need a vpn or tor. Most people who post here don't use tor. Get a vpn, a paid vpn that doesn't log users, not a free one. One of the best rated is nordvpn. At the same time, switch to firefox or chrome or anything except the browser that comes with Microsoft. They've got that thing filled with monitoring software.

Speaking of which, consider getting rid of microsoft and getting linux. Microsoft wants to get too friendly, and like the neighbor's dog, they're always trying to sniff your crotch. And unlike the neighbor's dog, they do sniff and tell.
>> No. 34527
File 153598407417.jpg - (115.45KB , 800x1200 , 59d91dbda87c1.jpg )
Here's your slip.
>> No. 34891
If anyone could please post this set I'd be forever grateful
>> No. 34895

TOR fo' sho. VPNs have their own problems. They almost always log IP addresses and those logs can - and are - subpoenaed by Cops and Prosecutors.

So...you absolutely, positively have got to have your collection secured by encryption. VeraCrypt is the only way to fly.

With your shit behind 128-bit encryption - with a REAL password, not TomBrady or your Mom's maiden name or something like that.

I'm thinking about installing VirtualBox and going with Tails for browsing this kind of thing.

You can be safe using Windows but it does require a bit of manual work - erasing Shellbags, deleting thumb/image caches, using CC to wipe out traces of recently used files, etc, etc.

IF YOU DO NOT KNOW ABOUT SHELLBAGS, educate yourself and Google that shit right now!

Also, if you don't know what a thumb.db is Google that shit.

Using VB/Tails means that once I close the session, everything is gone - no traces and no tracking.

so, yeah, definitely something to think about.
>> No. 37016
>>32474 can someone,anyone please share this set? Doubtful it will happen but had to ask
>> No. 37025
>> No. 39907
Password: <Zapata@CaP-and-FF>

File Name: ZP_Bobb0110.7z (Sets 1-10)
Download : http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/GJFVdPfw

File Name: ZP_Bobb1120.7z (Sets 11-20)
Download : http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/v7j8RTLF

File Name: ZP_Bobb2130.7z (Sets 21-30)
Download : http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/rjWFb7Lu

File Name: ZP_Bobb3140.7z (Sets 31-40)
Download : http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/tVV7J88N

File Name: ZP_Bobb4150.7z (Sets 41-50)
Download : http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/vRoVtPKI

File Name: ZP_Bobb5160.7z (Sets 51-60)
Download : http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/lpLIJovO

File Name: ZP_Bobb6170.7z (Sets 61-70)
Download : http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/AxvKgG6Y
>> No. 39931
File 154046327815.jpg - (783.95KB , 2102x3154 , 4351DFE5-D18F-4199-9FD4-D7CCF7B048C6.jpg )
Thanks Anon ( zapata ) pass
You show 70 sets .
I look forward to seeing.
I appreciate your time to prepare and make available.
I have 78 sets but would like to see what you have .
Ya never know some sets sometimes were split .
Again Mucho Gracious
If I can fill , I’ ll post the other 8 sets .
>> No. 39941
File 154048397963.png - (538.02KB , 500x700 , 0raffy1467.png )
No. 34895

Computer security and keeping the cops from throwing you in jail is simple.

Get Private Internet Access proxy. Enable VPN kill switch and dns leak protection and ipv6 protection. Enable start application at log in and connecting. That way it's always on and if it drops, it cuts your internet completely.

Get VeraCrypt and encrypt an entire external drive with a complicated password and put your porn on it.

Encrypt your entire system drive with Veracrypt so your computer can't start up without the password.

Never ever leave your computer unattended. Position yourself so that you can see people approaching your house while you're on the computer.

Get pick proof locks for your doors, beef up security. Physically check your computer's cables for key loggers every day.

That should do it.
>> No. 40018
nude or custom set please...
>> No. 40034
Instead of trying to wrangle you main OS into being safe, use a VM. Or your identity could conceivably be revealed if you for example log into google/facebook/outlook through the same VPN in the same timeframe.

Best bet imho is using Vbox with AES encryption, and the NIC set to bridged mode. The VPN is only tuned on inside the VM, which will then talk to the network directly, with only encryped traffic being potentially visible to the host.

Basically, keep the legit life on a legit machine, and illegit stuff on an illegit one. Never use any online identity on both machines.

Xubuntu runs great in a VM.

One thing to be aware of though, is that VBox saves a screen grab any time you save state, so clear that desktop.

(You could of course do the same thing with a dual boot, or two physical machines. My main point is that using the same setup for something illegit as you use for day to day putering can result in vulnerabillity.)
>> No. 41256
File 154186173571.jpg - (114.51KB , 853x1280 , m144s3089j_4261164_30495037.jpg )
Here's Bobbie's nipple (no photoshop)
>> No. 41257
File 154186175133.jpg - (115.95KB , 853x1280 , m144s3090j_9297279_30495043.jpg )
>> No. 41258
File 154186176768.jpg - (109.37KB , 853x1280 , m144s3091j_2093277_30495045.jpg )
>> No. 41261
Bobbie was such a hebe slut,guess she would give most normies a large boner.
>> No. 46345
File 154664756869.jpg - (114.78KB , 853x1280 , m144-s064-034.jpg )
There are at least 84 pic sets from her and a few were very hard to find. There are 2 more that I found clues do exist. But, (like the Treasure of Oak Island) seem unfindable.
>> No. 46349
File 154664852041.jpg - (123.84KB , 853x1280 , m144-s063-079.jpg )
There may be the ability for me to share 82 pic sets and 9 vids, but I am trying to figure out the best way to do it. I read the rules but a bit confused. I may need some advice before I proceed.
>> No. 46394
Always liked Bobbie she was so hot. Would have been my dream to see her in some hc cp action. Guess she would have fucked like a pro.
>> No. 46647
File 154689538619.jpg - (123.20KB , 853x1280 , m144-s064-050.jpg )
This orange bikini set is impossible to find
>> No. 47620
File 154759536954.jpg - (44.53KB , 436x600 , 2581929516.jpg )
I wonder if she ever did any other modeling outside of webeweb. She had so much potential to go far with a career either in acting or modeling.
>> No. 47649
File 154761637492.jpg - (100.96KB , 853x1280 , m141-s098-118r.jpg )
Finding the orange bikini set would be equivalent to finding the treasure of Oak Island. Anyway, she did do some risque... almost "razors edge" sets with at least 3 other female models.
>> No. 47650
>>19719 The pussy hair peeks with those see thru panties mmmmhhhh nice
>> No. 47660
Holy shit what set is that.
>> No. 47663
File 154762983745.jpg - (79.45KB , 531x768 , 5721ee5a.jpg )
you guys are soooo dumb...she was nearly 20 years old when these orange ones were taken..she's just tiny for her age ...she's 38 now.
>> No. 47696
File 154763208866.jpg - (122.77KB , 853x1280 , m144-s068-009.jpg )
There are some true full nip slips in this set. Bobbie does a cart-wheel and both of her girls are completely exposed. Wow!
>> No. 47705
File 154763240123.jpg - (193.41KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s068-058_1600_1066.jpg )
here is a rare hard to find. anyone interested I could post the full set...?
>> No. 47710
File 154763281081.jpg - (234.60KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s082-150_1576_1050.jpg )
Anything from Bobbie is awesome.
>> No. 47714
File 154763473232.jpg - (178.18KB , 1600x1066 , Bobbie and nice friend (66)b.jpg )
Bobbie had some unique sets, 4 sure. Some were border line lesbian, and they were so hot! God bless Bobbie.
>> No. 47717
File 154763509319.jpg - (243.89KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s34-75_1576_1050.jpg )
The background was a fake photoshop, but her pic set is real and wish there was a vid.
>> No. 47733
File 154764937683.jpg - (195.46KB , 1600x1066 , yy (5).jpg )
I love her in that bikini.
>> No. 47784
that was curt newberry 'er whatever his name was filmed at that mansion where all the Met art Girls were filmed, Lauri's sister etc.
>> No. 47805
File 154770312686.jpg - (231.52KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s082-139_1576_1050.jpg )
I hope this vid link works..... first time I am using it.
This is video of Bobbie dancing in the gold super tiny bikini. LINK REMOVED FOR DOUBLE-POSTING ON https://180chan.co/mir/res/33106.html#33281
>> No. 47868
The numbering on these sets is screwed up. Why can't these be numbered by the photographer's numbering? It was so nice AND orderly.
>> No. 47895
I will never understand these mods. Removed for double posting when most of us can never get 180 or 144 so we just miss out all together!! then the pics you cut yet allow the pussy and cum in others >>>
>> No. 47898
She can sit her 38 year old ass on my face any day !!!
>> No. 47917
Thanks! for all
>> No. 48031
There are currently three active Bobbie Model threads within the first two pages of this board already... so I'd say it's more than double-posted for sure.

On top of that, user "Regular Guy" has such a hard-on for Bobbie that he spams other threads with her.
>> No. 48033
This is the yellow bikini link. I had attached a pic to it so that people could see a sample of it before dl. However the link was removed for "double posting"? I don't understand because I only posted it once, but maybe the pic I had attached to it was posted here, and there was a misunderstanding?
>> No. 48110
File 15480010644.jpg - (127.80KB , 853x1280 , m144-s055-15.jpg )
YES, it is true. I am regular guy, and I do have a fixed hard-on for Bobbie-Model. Bobbie is a doppelganger of a girl I loved many years ago, but like Bobbie, Her fruits were fresh but I was a decade to old.....Bobbie looks exactly like that young girl I used to hang out with. I was 25 and she was 15, we had a year or more as friends only, but Crystle has been gone from my life for almost 2 decades. I don't know why or how but Bobbie looks identical and the way Bobbie poses and smiles reminds me of Crystle. I loved that girl so much....it will haunt me as long as I live.
>> No. 48467
File 154826096267.jpg - (254.77KB , 1067x1392 , cropex.jpg )

I'd love to see the full pink bikini set regular guy, don't have that one.

I'm a huge fan of Bobbie too, and I'm also trying to track down more of her material, so here's everything I know:

- Most of the sets you see shared online are from Bobbie's first Webe site (Bobbie-Model.com), which had mostly 1280x853 pics, missing pics (breaks in the pic numberings in some sets) and many pics that were cropped to be less revealing (see attached pic comparing pics from original Bobbie-model.com site with an uncropped one from a later Felicity model site). This site also used inconsistent watermarking, sometimes using no watermark, sometimes using 2 logos, sometimes using just 1, etc.

- Bobbie's material was used on a second site, Bobbie-Model.net, which used a new watermark for at least certain sets (seen in the red bikini set, pink bikini sets, leaked images from other impossible to find sets, and others). It seems that many of the rarer or unseen sets we've seen samples of came from here.

- Like 2 years ago, the admin who runs the tinymodel/clipmonster websites opened an "archive" of Bobbie that you can see here:
These sets were much higher resolution, featured a new watermark, had higher pic counts, and were uncropped. These were apparently sourced from the original photographer of Bobbie and the other French CNS/Webe girls, Peter Dominic aka Don Marcus (and other aliases). The tinymodel admin stopped working with Dominic, however, after a disagreement and the site was closed. I've also heard that Dominic lost much of his material in a police seizure (though he was found not guilty) a few years ago, but he or someone else may still have the original photos of Bobbie and other French girls he shot.

If we want to track down all the original, high res, uncropped Bobbie sets, the best bet is to probably contact Dominic or someone else who may have worked with him. I'd pay a lot of money for these sets but I haven't had any luck finding him or anyone else. If anyone has any more info, please reach out at qu8129@tutanota.com
>> No. 48480
File 15482707353.jpg - (111.23KB , 853x1280 , m144-s068-159.jpg )
I will try to get this set up for you later today when I have time.
>> No. 48493
File 15482834248.jpg - (93.18KB , 853x1280 , m144-s068-039.jpg )
The set is coming but it may be a while longer. I split it up and compressed it in a rar file but I kept getting error message that file was too big. I'll try again latter when I have time
>> No. 48494
I hope this link will work.
>> No. 48510
>> 47663

You are dumber than Humbert Humbert's last load.

Stop calling yourself Nabokov, cuz you're clearly FAKE NABOKOV - the ignorant fuck who talks mindless trolling shit.
>> No. 48513
I've never seen the Bobbiemodel.NET sets. Be a dear and post some!

>> No. 48547
Ooops. Looks like link didn't work. It seems to lead to the upload page. I;m not so good at this. I will try again latter today.
>> No. 48557
File 154835296816.jpg - (56.17KB , 1280x853 , m144-s059-089c.jpg )
Link doesn't work, you need a direct link to the file upload. I recommend using a different site, like zippyshare.

Also, to keep the discussion going, here's the red thong bikini set for you all:

As you can see, even this set has cropped pics (even denoted in the file names). But the originals surely exist, maybe Dominic will put them up for sale again or we'll find a way to contact him eventually
>> No. 48592
I love that red micro bikini set.
....anyway as I am going through a learning curve, Can't figure out how to upload multiple pic files into one single link. I will try again to share pink shell bikini. However I am afraid using zippyshare the links will show up for each pic individually. How can I get it to post the whole set as 1 file?
>> No. 48593
File 154839094161.jpg - (104.43KB , 853x1280 , m144-s068-186.jpg )
This time I think it will work. I compressed the files into a zip folder and ul with ZS zippyed it.
>> No. 48595
Yes it is a shame that so many of her pics have been cropped and edited. There are still at least 2 missing sets(from the 86 that I am aware of). I bet there are also full "special" pics that will be lost in the sands of time forever :-(
>> No. 48598
File 154839963216.jpg - (317.14KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s06-12_1576_1050_1600_1066.jpg )
I also hope Dominic will. We need to keep Bobbie-model alive until every one has all of her sets and vids. Here is a realy good one.
>> No. 48600
Maybe this is what u r looking for? If not, then please be more specific. I will share but I need 2 know what people need.
>> No. 48603
File 154840446561.jpg - (4.87KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
Another magnificent thread going forever into our master directory.
>> No. 48605
File 15484067535.jpg - (249.60KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s16-45_1576_1050.jpg )
>>48603Yes mod, I hope to keep this thread flowing until the 2 illusive Bobbie-model sets r found and shared. I am hoping someone will request a set they need. I share:
>> No. 48625
File 154843020361.jpg - (185.13KB , 853x1280 , m144-s31-034.jpg )

Thanks so much for the pink bikini set, this is maybe her best set ever.

How many sets do you have of Bobbie? I have 79 + the 1 duo set from the Felicity model site. It's tricky to number them, because the order they were published on the original bobbie site doesn't match with the file naming, but using the set numbers from the file names (m144-s**) I have:
1-20, 22-54, 56, 58, 59, 61, 62, 65-85

So assuming 85 total sets I'm missing: 21, 55, 57, 60, 63, and 64 (the infamous orange bikini set)

For videos, I just have:
-Her DVD which has the following 7 outfits/clips:
black top w/ tie, red shiny dress, american flag bikini, red cheerleader outfit, fur coat + white underwear, green top + skirt, purple shirt
-Pink and blue one piece vid
-The gold bikini vid you posted, which is much higher resolution and better quality than any of the vids I have.

If you have any sets or videos (especially in good quality) that I don't have, please share! And I'm happy to upload anything of mine that anyone doesn't have, also.
>> No. 48646
What I have access to isn't even numbered correctly at all. Each set just has a brief description in the title. If u describe a pic that u may only have 1 or 2 of I can probably find the whole set. The 2 sets I seek are the orange bikini and the green skirt with black top (which looks similar to another one of her sets except for the green skirt). She probably doesn't show a lot of skin in that one.
>> No. 48650
File 154844741665.jpg - (161.34KB , 853x1280 , set60sample.jpg )

I found set 55 (pink shorts) in one of your other posts so that brings me to 80 sets. I found a preview for set 60 (see pic) if you have that one?

Also, do you have any videos I don't have?

I've never seen previews for 21 or 57 and 63 and 64 are the green skirt and orange bikini sets we're both looking for.

You said you have 82 sets right? If you're counting the duo set with felicity as a bobbie set, then I only have 1 less set than you, which should be set 60 if you have that one. That means, if you upload that, we're both missing the same sets: 21, 57, 63, and 64.
>> No. 48684
do you have this set?
>> No. 48694
thanks bro

i was a member at her site years ago , seems NS webmaster has many un published sets but he quit selling them
>> No. 48702
do you have
>> No. 48709
File 154849045583.png - (552.96KB , 480x792 , Capture+_2019-01-26-02-08-45.png )
>>46647 Orange Bikini also per wayback shows there is a video of that Gallery.
Centered in image here.
>> No. 48724
File 154850510312.jpg - (49.10KB , 400x600 , 3x1bobbie.jpg )
This is the green skirt set (63) that no one here has seen yet

Yeah, here's another preview from the wayback machine from that set. At least it proves it exists and there's possibly a video too.

Yep, I'm assuming those were sourced from Dominic himself. They're proof that uncropped, higher res versions of all these sets exist. Those are the holy grail, the full original versions of all her sets.
>> No. 48777
Why do the files all of different endings? Why not just keep everything the same? I've seen this nonsense before here.
>> No. 48778
Why the fuck would you make some of the files both rar and zip? Dumbass! Look at this file: Cyndie LauperVids.rar.Z01.zip? WTF?
>> No. 48782
I may have 84 of the 86.....I crave the orange bikini set and green skirt set to complete colection
>> No. 48783
I may have 84 of the 86.....I crave the orange bikini set and green skirt set to complete colection
>> No. 48784
ok....try to post those 4 u
>> No. 48785
this is a set I seek. this one and the orange bikini set
>> No. 48792
Bobbie is hot!
>> No. 48793
There are at least 86 sets from Bobbie-Model...I seek 2 more to complete a collection
>> No. 48802
Does anyone have the phoebe video?
>> No. 48808
YES! the hassok set. Another one of her artistic bombshell hits!
>> No. 48818
She only did a handfull of vids. I am aware of 21 but many of those are just short clips taken from the 1 hour mix set she did. Here is the one with the "slave" sound track.
>> No. 48819
File 154857016462.jpg - (294.21KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s066-004_1600_1066.jpg )
It depends on how we count them of how many pic sets she had because 1 of her girl/girl sets was actualy very large and broken into 20 seperate sets. (I think it was the one with Felicity) But I combind the 2 sets and removed the shots of the other girl posing alone. I think Bobbie was a "guest model" on the other girls sight. However, Bobie's beauty over rides all others imho. ;-D
>> No. 48820
GOD bless U, and thank u so much 4 this pic! It is one that I never saw before. My heart skiped a beat when I saw it. Please tell me u have more of her in the orange bikini. There were 5 pics of her from this set....and thanks to u there are now 6. Thank u. Thank u. THANK U! ;-D
>> No. 48823
If I were to view this orange bikini set I would probably die of a heart attack before I got to the last pic....but as I reach the pearly gates of heaven I would beg Saint Paul to alow me to return to earth so I could finish viewing her entire orange bikini set. Bobbie is an angel on fire! I love her.
>> No. 48824
File 154857439580.jpg - (188.69KB , 853x1280 , m144-s051-35.jpg )
if set 57 is the silver snake skin bikini set that u seek I could post it. like this....
>> No. 48865
Wow! I wasn't aware there was a video of that set, but apparently there is (or was).
>> No. 48876
I ment to say broken in 2 diferent sets (NOT 20)
>> No. 48966
>>48865 After viewing last 10 years over 100 videos of these models by Peter Dominic aka Don Marcus, I have come to the conclusion ALL, yes I said ALL photo shoots were video taped.
See models list by him @
These models were called EuroDonna's by Curt Newbury of CNS see Newsletter @
On videos, however many were never released.
>> No. 48972
Thanks for the history lesson. Very interesting.
>> No. 48987
Having even just one of thoes unreleased vids would be priceless
>> No. 49012
File 154873670559.jpg - (96.51KB , 853x1280 , poo2kxsfy0kg.jpg )
Most of the pic sets were not released. imagine if we had vid of this set....
>> No. 49015
The orange bikini set that some are looking for also has a video but I lost a lot in a hd crash years ago. I have never saw any of it shared since. I wish I could find this to.
>> No. 49017
File 154873930383.jpg - (230.45KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s25-73_1576_1050.jpg )
If it was true and even available I am sure everyone would be looking fo this set in video. From my research on google returns I believe it is all gone and lost. sad as it is.
>> No. 49023
File 154874889125.jpg - (68.50KB , 849x603 , bo05.jpg )
and that´s what became of her...
>> No. 49060
Hot, if true
>> No. 49068
If u imagine her 10 years later and pregnant it does look something like her. I enlarged the pic and compared her facial features. I wouldn't be surprised if it realy is her. Probably about 25 yrs old here. However, it would be sad that she lost so much of her youthful charm before middle age.
>> No. 49077
File 15487905025.png - (167.44KB , 480x792 , m144-s039 pg008 UP vid 039.png )
Here is an unpublished video. It is from m144-s039 Gallery 008

The 7 part DVD is all from Webe Web
Part-1 m144-s061 Gallery 064
Part-2 m144-s009 Gallery 016
Part-3 m144-s011 Gallery 006
Part-4 m144-s028 Gallery 011
Part-5 m144-s036 Gallery 014
Part-6 m144-s032 Gallery 010
part-7 m144-s053 Gallery 004

Missing previews for videos:
m144-s037 Gallery 029 "Slave for You"
m144-sunk is "Yellow&Green"

In the file name IE: m144-s037
This is not SET 37 but rather it is
Scene Location number/background 37 100% positive.
In other words where the gallery was pgotograpged. 100% sure of this.
>> No. 49087
File 154879977695.jpg - (57.93KB , 853x1280 , m144-s059-042.jpg )

This set didn't upload correctly my friend, it's just a thumbs.db file. I'm still after this "hassok" set (labeled s060) if you find time to upload it.

I have no more from this set my friend, just found this extra pic while browsing the wayback machine ages ago :( I want it as badly as you

I have this set actually, if you look in the filenames it's labeled s051. The set/"scene" numberings are so confusing I prefer to use the filenames to list sets (since I'm sure they're unique and consistent for each model)

I'm still looking for the sets labeled s021, s057, s063 (green skirt), and s064 (orange bikini).

I think you're right about all shoots being videotaped. The NS admin stopped selling the material but he claimed it was sourced from the photographer, so it seems Dominic may still be the only source
>> No. 49096
WOW! any chance of finding a download for that vidanywhere? It would be another rare precious find.
>> No. 49098
File 154881734080.jpg - (214.33KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s058-50_1600_1066.jpg )
Your request of yellow and green baloons is here. I think the link will work but please confirm.
>> No. 49099
Not sure what you're requesting. U say missing preview of vid. R U seeking video or pic sets?
I would post either or both but before I do, I should look back through the threads and make sure thay havn't already been posted. I don't want 2 get in trouble 4 double posting again.
>> No. 49100
The more I keep studing this pic I realy think it is her. However I feel sad that she doesn't look so happy in this pic. Is any one aware if there are any more of these "Bobbie adult pics"? If there is this one then there must be others. Maybe she looks happier in the other pics.
>> No. 49104
File 154882471978.jpg - (299.42KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s02-79_1600_1066.jpg )
I keep sharing in hopes some good person will return the favor and share any of the missing sets or vids....especialy the orange bikini one M064 (i think), and also the green skirt/black top M063 (me thinks).
pic not related.
>> No. 49106
Imho there is a 95% chance that this is Bobbie. ...the real Bobbie-model. I would bet on it.
Of course she is going to end up pregnant...she was such a flamboiant bomb shell! I am just wondering why in her state of pregnacy she would pose topless? I wonder if the father of her baby is a manipulative photographer, who is trying to exploit her. I hope not but her face expression concerns me. I like to see images of girls only when they are happy. Bobbie was increadable in her teen modeling career and she should live to be proud and happy.
she should marry and raise children. I would rather see her smile and fully dressed than nude and unhappy. She should be happy and proud. She brought a lot of happyness to many with her pic sets and vids!
>> No. 49109

I would ram her asshole daily!!!
>> No. 49112
I found this.
Probably a photoshop but still....I went into cardiac arest and then rose again like the phinix from my own ashes.
>> No. 49113
I will see what I can do. I can reup the hasok set if it didn't work....also if u seek set 21 I think that is the pink shell bikini set? If so it is already posted. It may be on a recent thread on one of the other trichan boards....I will check on that.
>> No. 49190
File 154892747551.jpg - (304.49KB , 853x1280 , m144-s060-03.jpg )
I thought I already posted a working link tothis set, but maybe it was on a diferent board. It is one of Bobbies harder to find sets. I wish I could kiss her feet. Enjoy.
>> No. 49194
File 154893029182.jpg - (153.23KB , 853x1280 , m144-s35-43.jpg )
Here is a Bobbie vid that you will enjoy. Not one of her best one but it it rocks anyway because she is so hot.
>> No. 49203
File 154894261236.jpg - (775.11KB , 1600x900 , Bobbie.jpg )
may i suggest one bobbie topic per site and bookmark them all so you can keep tabs.this isn't by any way a complaint and do what youre doing!Bobbie isa favorite & imho legendary stats

also to start from the 1st sets to the last to bump the topic.one set a day will bump it for like 90-100 days if you add the videos and do one a day.just as much good having multiple bobbie topics to fill your missing sets request does bad as it bumps other topics off the sites.
consider perhaps that one person who can fill maybe annoyed and not so enamored with bobbie.
by bumping with full sets will create collectors and better organized interest having one topic per site.by the time you get done with her 1st webe site i'd be willing to bet your missing sets and videos someone will post her 2nd site material including the former.
suggestion is use w w w . mirrored.to/ instead of a single host that way they last longer and give more options.i have bobbie complete so dont need anything but can help fills,again just suggestions and no way a complaint.select like 3 hosts onefichier,zippy and anon for instance. have patience,there is nothing one can't find if they look in the right place,have patience to learn first or you may never find because you dont even really know what youre looking for.youve been told multiple times by various users there were two bobbie sites,fully collect the first one you have,showcase it by posting and get fills for what youre missing from the 1st and the second site and along with perhaps what youre missin'

one of my fav things about her is alot of the sets photos you'll get like 3-5 pics that make really nice gifs because they are sequenced in relatively close time.i need to make a mix with her and ill dig up some of my gifs.
>> No. 49209
Thanks for the advice. It makes sence. I will see what I can do to fix this disorganized mess. Guess I should just stop bumping the thread on the other chan and stick with this one. Do u think I should continue here by making my next post set 1 and going in order with another one each day?
BTW...since u say u have her complete collection would it be possible for u to post a link to the orange bikini set and the green skirt set? Both I have been looking for over 4 years. It would be a fabulous share and I would be forever greatfull.
>> No. 49315
File 154906735542.jpg - (252.85KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s40-86_1600_1066.jpg )
As I have stated before there are 86 sets that I am aware of. (2 of which I have not been able to ever find). I already shared several sets but since they are not numbered properly it's a bit of a cluster mix. I will try to make it easier so there won't be any double postings. Let me start in order from the way I see them labled. I hope everyone will enjoy these and I pray someone will finaly post the orange bikini set that I forever seek (pic is at top of this thread). If pass needed: seekorangebikiniset
>> No. 49316
File 154906767295.jpg - (277.43KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s40-01_1600_1066.jpg )
Oops! I forgot to post the link.
Here it is: https://www.mirrored.to/files/0YVPXS1J/01_pink_top_treasure_chest_bf.zip_links
>> No. 49383
File 154915909787.jpg - (151.43KB , 853x1280 , m144-s042-83.jpg )
Here is # 2 on my share list. Yellow bikini....82 more to go (and if anyone wants one of her vids let me know which one). I keep still keep seeking the missing orange bikini set. no pw
>> No. 49396
I would love to see more of these pics of Bobbie-model as how she is all grown up now.
.....I love her so much. (even as she is pregnant, old, and skoofie) I still love Bobbie.
>> No. 49428
File 154921224840.jpg - (151.75KB , 853x1280 , m144-s053-61.jpg )
the "bf" at the end of these file names stands for "bare foot". Bobbie has such sexy feet that someone thought it was important to signal that in the file name.
>> No. 49446
File 154922282088.png - (534.49KB , 480x792 , m144 G001-G012.png )
Index 1 of 4 covers m144 Bobbie Grand Opening her site on or about 12 Apr 2005.
All images original release were 853 x 1280 for portrait and 1280 x 853 landscape.
Each image in each Gallery begins with her m110 number m144, followed by the s-number assigned that Gallery, followed by the picture number in that Gallery.
In list below includes IC(image count) followed by highest image number in Gallery.
All are original from Bobbie-Model.com @ Webe Web.
Also includes if there is video of that Gallery.
Her DVD Video 1 has 7 parts each a different Gallery.

G001 s001 074-079
(RI)ReIssued @ BMN (Bobbie-Model.net) ICx079
G002 s040 075-088
G003 s042 088-098
G004 s053 060-070 V1-pt7
G005 s029 072-103
G006 s011 085-102 V1-pt3
G007 s035 064-079
RI@BMN IC- ink
G008 s039 071-081
G009 s003 065-073
G010 s032 064-069 V1-pt6
G011 s028 092-141 V1-pt4
RI@BMN IC- unk
G012 s006 081-092
>> No. 49452
File 154923502228.png - (499.01KB , 480x792 , m144 G013-G027.png )
See >>49446 for more info and Index1
Index 2 of 4
G013 s044 090-101
G014 s036 070-083 V1-pt5
G015 s050 078-084
G016 s009 056-068 V1-pt2
G017 s074 097-121
G018 s030 077-091
G019 s045 081-095 Video
RI@BMN IC-x096
G020 s080 096-122
G021 s082 113-151 Video
G022 s014 069-099
RI@BMN IC- unk
G023 s083 114-138
G024 s004 094-102
G025 s026 066-109
RI@BMN IC-x100
G026 s043 074-096
G027 s072 105-105
>> No. 49457
Well I have tried and tried to upload it but apparently I am too dumb!!After lookin and lookin'>> Now to no avail >>> I can't upload it !!! I will try some more
>> No. 49459
>> No. 49471
File 154925609079.jpg - (263.20KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s29-075_1576_1050.jpg )
It is a happy day. The orange bikini set has been shared on this thread..... anyway, as I have promiced I am continuing. This set is hot, as most of Bobbies sets are very hot anyway.
>> No. 49472
File 15492563414.jpg - (255.25KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s29-102_1576_1050.jpg )
I figgured that out by noticing "bf" was only on the file name where she has no shoes on.
>> No. 49490
I appreciate you trying to help but this is just a mess jumble. What does this mean? And how will this help ?
>> No. 49491
Thank you, Bob. Thank you, for real. I been seeking that set for years. Orange bikini. Thank you, so much.
>> No. 49493

I'm in total shock, I can't believe you had this set! I have never seen this shared before. Where did you get it from, and do you have more, if you don't mind me asking?

I'm still after s021, s057, and s063 (filename numbering) if anyone has. Also the uncropped/full res versions of Bobbie's sets and the unreleased videos, if we're ever able to track those down.

If there's anything of Bobbie or other rarer nn material that anyone is after, I'm happy to share as well. Also reachable at qu8129@tutanota.com
>> No. 49495
File 154927022696.jpg - (259.81KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s32-65_1576_1050.jpg )
Bobbie-Model was so hot in that time erra. I wish there was more from her. This is a short video she did from her web site.
>> No. 49496
File 154927058586.jpg - (261.58KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s32-64_1576_1050.jpg )
Here it is
>> No. 49497
Thank you, BOB!
>> No. 49498
Thank you for all your efforts, Bob. It paid off when you sucessfuly shared the orange bikini set.
>> No. 49499
File 154927839715.png - (654.18KB , 480x792 , m144 G028-G039.png )
See post >>49446 for more info and Index 1
Index 3 of 4 Gallery 028 thru 039
G028 s005 084-125
G029 s037 063-062 +Video
G030 s075 096-095
G031 s002 087-086
G032 s025 075-074
G033 s052 070-069
G034 s010 070-069
G035 s073 109-121
G036 s049 077-076
G037 s013 068-077
G038 s041 082-096
G039 s021 101-109

Note where number of images exceeds highest image number, is due to numbering begining at 0 gives you the additional image.
>> No. 49529
File 154930026535.jpg - (263.91KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s11-072_1576_1050.jpg )
Here is the pic set. This set also has a video to it. I will see if I can find it and share it also
>> No. 49578
I am sure I do have those but I doubt they are numbered right. If you might have a sample it would help!!
>> No. 49580
File 154933734661.jpg - (251.62KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s082-129_1576_1050.jpg )
Was trying to share usa bikini vid but it won't because file too large error. I will have to cut it in pieces (project for another day). Instead, here is the gold bikini vid. Iwill share the pic sets when it comes up in order on my list. I hope u all enjoy. No pass word.
>> No. 49583
File 154934471116.jpg - (126.38KB , 853x1280 , 001 (12).jpg )
Your bobbie girl has good legs and feet. I would paint her toenails though. I do like her feet too. I could kiss each toe on her. I also like her as much as you probably. Please post the set where she is kissing another girl. I saw some pictures from that group and wow!
>> No. 49587
File 154934732884.jpg - (158.06KB , 853x1280 , m144-s35-29.jpg )
She isn't bare foot but the set name indicates "almolst bf". I do agree that she sure has nice feet. It would be a fantacy...but I would let her rest them peds on my abs as we sleep together in the same bed. ;-) In the morning I would kiss her deep, with those big front teeth she has. I love her. Bobbie-model. Wow! The best hot teen model ever. (my second fav is Aya....from Show Stars. I could start a thread for Aya after Bobbie is complete). If anyone is interested?
>> No. 49600
File 154935056930.jpg - (258.38KB , 1576x1050 , 001 (14).jpg )
I will post the Bobbie-model kiss set when it comes up in my order. I am posting from #1 to #85. If u read through this thread u will know but I am only up to # 6 now....7 is tomorrow
>> No. 49603
File 154935338394.jpg - (217.83KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s082-144_1576_1050.jpg )
I forgot to add the link. This is the link...
I want her to touch her feet against my face, and other places also. ;-D
>> No. 49604
File 154935381497.jpg - (249.78KB , 1576x1050 , 3 (2).jpg )
The set you call "kiss set" was one of the hottest sets Bobbir-Model has. However, it is a nonude set and there are no nip-slips or anything super-special that our thinking would desire. It is a great set. I already posted a lot of it on this thread, but I will share the full file when it comes in turn.
>> No. 49605
File 154935436383.jpg - (110.63KB , 853x1280 , 5 (23).jpg )
We want to get the video where another girl pulls off her panties and they kiss and that is the one I want to see. My friend has this pix from that video.
>> No. 49606
I want her to sit on my face. It would be a dream. I want to smell her and taste her clover. O god, I am in love. bobbie}motel would be my wife or girl friend
>> No. 49607
File 154935553558.jpg - (198.68KB , 853x1280 , 5 (25).jpg )
The other girl realy kisses her and they make out. Please post that video. Thank you. I can not wait. Please video
>> No. 49608
File 154935614424.jpg - (388.07KB , 853x1280 , Bobbie and nice friend (86).jpg )
Mr. Tanis, I am not aware of a video for the "lez set" If one even exists I image it would be very hard to find. I will share all of the Bobbie-Model files I can. If you continue to follow this thread you will enjoy my posts. I bet you like Bobbie as much as I do? She is the best teen model ever, imho. ;-)
>> No. 49611
File 154935666452.jpg - (200.31KB , 853x1280 , 5 (15).jpg )
If you notice she is not pulling off her panties, just her shorts. This is a hot set but there is no video of it, and it is all no-nude, as are all of Webeweb sets.
>> No. 49612
File 154935723922.jpg - (327.80KB , 853x1280 , m144-s063-020.jpg )
This is the final set that I am missing. 46349
>> No. 49630
File 154936735522.jpg - (406.77KB , 800x1200 , Bobbie-model nudeity.jpg )
This girl was naked in a picture set. I need to find it. think in this set her name was Bobbie-the-kid from webe web studios.
>> No. 49670
that's Joe AKA Xray Magic Fake

and your a dumb ass
>> No. 49677
File 154938421353.jpg - (151.50KB , 853x1280 , m144-s064-062.jpg )
>>49630 your nude image is photo-shopped from Bobbie-Model.net Orange Bikini image 062 here.
>> No. 49679
This is a photo-shop fake pic. Bobibe-model was never nude any any of her sets. Whoever faked this one did a super great job!
>> No. 49715
File 154940850931.jpg - (123.50KB , 853x1280 , m144-s39-73.jpg )
>> No. 49739
File 154943400370.jpg - (85.10KB , 800x417 , Bobbie_Splash.jpg )
>> No. 49755
This picture is not real, fool! It's been edited. obviously!
>> No. 49756
Thanks for sharing this pic. I been looking for it a long time. Do u have moar likethis? Where did u find?
>> No. 49764
File 154945948055.png - (308.00KB , 480x792 , Bobbie Splash 14 Apr 2005.png )
>>49755 image at >>49739 is real
Here is snapshot if splash dated per way Back 14 Apr 2005 Learn how to use way back.
>> No. 49771
File 154946484855.gif - (906.04KB , 550x366 , Bo10webebbi.gif )
>>49756 saved original.i do not have her html myself but im sure someone has it along with not only that splash image but the others thumbs and graphics and off official site link exchange banners.
>> No. 49819
Thank you for your willingness to share, but I was just joking (a bit with funny sarcasm). I thought it was odd you shared the screen shot of the logo. lol. (it's an easy find, for anyone). I am sharing what I can to help others who need some Bobbie-model. I personaly thought I had 85 complete, of the 86 sets known to exist. However, as I look over files to share it does seem like there are missing pics in some sets. I will share what I can but some sets only show about 50 pics, even though they are labled to over 100. Hmmmm?
>> No. 49822
File 154950611146.jpg - (270.84KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s32-73_1576_1050.jpg )
I Thought these files contained 85 complete sets of the 86 known sets. However, as I am preparing these shares I have noticed that some sets may not be complete. For example....some are labled to over #100 but there are only 60 pics in the set, which means some pics were skiped. :-( I need those missing pics, as all of us Bobbie fans do. Maybe some one will provide some help?
>> No. 49847
File 154952996869.jpg - (182.48KB , 1499x1200 , Image_012_1499_1200.jpg )
Bobbie girl is model always good.I like her picture sets in her sexy sets. I like her. Please post moar. Tuia. Sory I have nothing you share here, I speak French. my gramer maybe not secure
>> No. 49851
>>49847 Thank u for sharing your opin0ion. I will share all that I have access to in hopes opthers may share to fill any missing files.
>> No. 49855
File 154953914095.gif - (793.01KB , 640x426 , Bo12webebbi.gif )
>>49739 splash was posted by someone else.

then >>49755 was replying to >>49630 ( the tastey fakes ) and not the splash at 49739.

as for numbering of sets green is # 10..as for the number of pics in sets im sure there are bobbi csv out there.alas the numbers are probably right as it was random amounts not strict sets of 100 or w/e.iirc there are a corrupt picture or few..that maybe just me though.
>> No. 49865
File 154954421215.jpg - (175.63KB , 1499x1200 , Image_013_1499_1200.jpg )
I am fan of all webe girl models but Your Bobbie girl is a nice American girl model that I like morer than the other good nice American girl models. I found this one set there for to place as a share. I think yous will like this.
I used mirrored.to to make this is as a share
>> No. 49873
>>49855 Thanks man.U may be right. I am glad to see there are so many Bobbie fans still around. She was one of the greatest hot little non-nude, sock-knocker creatures on the planet earth back in the day. What a babe she was! Certinaly in the top 10 and very close to #1. (I put her in the top 3 or 5 that I find equaly amazingly hot). Bobbie was one of the best, ever. imho.
>> No. 49890
American girl?
Pictures are taken at the Mansion where Met art was photographed in France!
>> No. 49906
File 154957044956.jpg - (226.56KB , 1600x1066 , 5 (3).jpg )
From what I've read she was from Florida, as many of the Webeweb girls were. However I have also heard it said that this popular mansion set, where a lot of thoes girls had their vids and pics were done was located in France, and there were 2 diferent photographers. One was from France and the other from the United States. I also read that some of the models who did nn modeling in the U.S. actualy went to France and did some special custome sets. I would like to think it's true and that thoese custome sets are still out there somewhere, but it's kind of a far-fetched fantacy to be for real. so I am not sure of the details, or what is myth and truth.
......anyway this "custom set" from that mansion was so named with "fix" in the title because some of the files from this set were lost and duplicats copied to it by mistake. I removed most of the duplicates but the owner of the hd says the missing pics were actulay extreamly erotic (but aparantly lost for ever). I'm not sure what to believe but this is one of Bobbies best sets I ever saw. Maybe someday the alleged missing pics from this set will show up.
>> No. 49914
File 154957362097.jpg - (264.39KB , 1600x1067 , m144-s067-107 (web)_1600_1067.jpg )
Bobbies beauty outshines her model friend by a long shot.
There are a lot of pics missing from this set and I am told there were over 200 existing before the best erotic pics were pulled out and thrown away. Such an artistic loss and very sad. Maybe someone will still have the missing ones and fill them, but they are probably hoarded away by some selfish jerk who won't share.
>> No. 49950
File 154958413629.jpg - (249.05KB , 853x1280 , Bobbie slip (1).jpg )
Bobbie slip
>> No. 50034
Bobbie IS French, NOT American. Bobbie, Chastity, Laurie, Bambi, Gigi, Satine, and several other Webe girls all came from the same photographer in France. After the death of Webe he sold sets to Chemal & Gegg.

Bobbie has a sexy body and attitude but is a rather homely girl with scary teeth. I'd bang her for a weekend but that's about as long as I could take that face.
>> No. 50037
Bobbie did have a few slips. Most were minor or sort of "half slips", but there are about 2 or 3 very nice ones. ;-D
>> No. 50054
File 154969829640.jpg - (312.49KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s066-123_1600_1066.jpg )
I keep this Bobbie-Model post going. Please say thanks if this is useful. I want to know if it is worth it for me to continue sharing the semi-complete site-rip...?
>> No. 50055

Does anyone know the approximate location of the mansion? If we knew, maybe we could find a way to contact Dominic. He's our only hope for getting high res, uncut content of Bobbie or any of the other webe girls. The original sets were at least 1500x2250 and had many "hotter" shots that were cropped out by site owners ( see >>48467 )
>> No. 50059
File 154970146660.jpg - (221.49KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s065-144_1600_1066.jpg )
Eat dirt about your opinion, friend. Bobbie ranks in the top 5. I would roll with her all night til the morning doves sing. And I would do it every night for all eternity. Sweeet face, hot body, awesome attitude, and I just love her. She could beat me with a game of chess every day, but I would still love her.(each to his own, and this is MY humble opinion).
>> No. 50060
File 154970192553.jpg - (172.70KB , 853x1280 , m144-s065-172.jpg )
Wish ther was more info on this beauty. Bobbie was a bomb-shell, imho.
>> No. 50062
File 154970306698.jpg - (164.51KB , 853x1280 , m144-s064-078.jpg )
I find nothing scary about Bobbie. Her front teeth are a turn on for me! I love her mouth and her face. I would french-kiss her hot mouth for hours every night, while making love with her. Every morning I would cook her breakfast and every evining I would wine and dine her.
>> No. 50063
File 154970379639.jpg - (320.26KB , 1600x1066 , m144-s066-131_1600_1066.jpg )
>> No. 50064
File 154970453956.jpg - (256.62KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s28-104_1576_1050.jpg )
>> No. 50088
File 154972536563.jpg - (211.48KB , 2250x1500 , 15488147689.jpg )
Fuck on another site a guy just posted site rips from From Bobbie Archiv, Bobbie-Model.net

and within minutes some ass d/l them then reported them , look for them soon on a money macking site , amazing un seen pics

>> No. 50134
File 154976363722.jpg - (289.58KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s044-083_1576_1050.jpg )
>> No. 50154
This is the girl that had me go down this rabbit hole. That tight body and ass. Mmmm
>> No. 50167
That rabbbit hole is a strange place. It will make you large if you eat from the left side and it will make you small if you eat from the right side. But how is one to know the diference between which side is left and which side is right? ...curiouser and couriouser, thaught, Alice.
>> No. 50171
File 154979276483.jpg - (261.01KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s36-76_1576_1050.jpg )
She wears a fur coat in the start but when it comes off....WOW!
>> No. 50174
Just trying to help every othe healthy male get a har-on for her, as well. ;-D ....her hotness is supream. All should enjoy Bobbie-Model.
>> No. 50180
File 154980395662.jpg - (307.27KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s050-77_1576_1050.jpg )
>> No. 50255
File 154984475930.jpg - (291.00KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s09-16_1576_1050.jpg )
There are probably many pics missing from this set. Maybe someone who has them can share them? I hope so. I hate it when I realise some of these sets are short.
>> No. 50302

Fuck on another site a guy just posted site rips from From Bobbie Archiv, Bobbie-Model.net

and within minutes some ass d/l them then reported them , look for them soon on a money macking site , amazing un seen pics
>> No. 50351
File 154993367587.jpg - (244.99KB , 853x1280 , m144-s074-003.jpg )
Not sure if it's just an over active imagination, but it almost looks as if you can detect bush through those pink mesh panties. Mmmmm!
>> No. 50411
File 154997407893.jpg - (248.91KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s082-109_1576_1050.jpg )
If anyone is enjoying my shares I will continue to upload 85 sets...Please say if you want me to continue.
>> No. 50416
YES please
>> No. 50457
File 155000606192.jpg - (128.12KB , 853x1280 , NIP SLIP 242695549.jpg )
keep an eye on her chest. There are a few "special" shots in this photo set. I count 3 (wish there were so many more).
>> No. 50473
File 155001145128.jpg - (131.79KB , 972x778 , Image_001.jpg )
This video was supposed to be posted in this thread but ended up as an orphan floating on through the pages. So here is the VIDEO LINK:
>> No. 50513

This is amazing, what site had the long lost archive sets? I checked 180 and there were some extra pics there but not much more info. We have to track these down
>> No. 50527
Havent found any long lost sets yet from archive Just a few long lost pics so far
>> No. 50545
Is it possible to get a re-up of sets 21-30?
>> No. 50569
File 155011430077.jpg - (171.10KB , 853x1280 , m144-s050-21.jpg )
From now on I am going to be posting the rest of the Bobbie-model shares on 180 chan. It all goes so much smoother over there. All Bobbie fans welcome to follow me there.
>> No. 50571


>> No. 50583
I will continue with Bobbie-model shares on 180 chan
>> No. 50589
File 155012924666.jpg - (54.44KB , 853x1280 , m144-s059-079.jpg )
visit the thread on 180. It's more regular there.
>> No. 50635
For some reason 180chan and 144chan always give me "server not found" errors. I have no problems with 155chan. Anyone else have issues?
>> No. 50669
I have had issues similar in the past with all the tri-chans. I think it is because we are all under attack by thoese who hate freedom of speach. The chans get shut down from time to time by activists who do not believe in these feedoms. The chans always seem to rise like a phinix from the ashes and reincarnation goes on. Address links get changed and become active again, usualy within a day. Links to the reincarnated sites can be found on any one of the active chans. Look and you will see.
>> No. 50670
Neww link for 180 chan is https://180chan.co/
>> No. 50671
New link for 144 chan is
>> No. 50678
File 155021958962.jpg - (155.44KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s059-002_1576_1050.jpg )
You can reconnect with all three trichans as long as you have conection with one of them. Just access the chan u can, and search there for the updated addresses of the other chans.

On another fact, I like this bobby teenager share model on this thread so this is one pic i like and i hopr u like it 2. Happy day!
>> No. 50685
Thanks 4 new link
>> No. 50686
File 155022828575.jpg - (167.27KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s059-052_1576_1050.jpg )
One right back at you!
I am sharing a semi full site rip....Just be patiant. a few each day, to keep thread active and burning....cause Bobbie IS HOT! and hot! others will share missing file sets.
>> No. 50688
File 155022921899.jpg - (65.00KB , 853x1280 , m144-s059-015.jpg )
see 180 chan mir bobbie thread ;-D
>> No. 50801
File 155030644657.jpg - (222.68KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s045-61r_1576_1050.jpg )
big sexy teeth
>> No. 50802
File 155030716731.jpg - (216.20KB , 853x1280 , m144-s084-025.jpg )
Bobbie has them. Big sexy front girl teeth.
I never noticed it until someone else pointed it out, But ya. very hot.
>> No. 50803
File 155030751074.jpg - (104.62KB , 853x1280 , m144-s055-50c.jpg )
Her mouth is so hot. I want her to kiss my puppet....
>> No. 50874
Well, it depends on what you mean by "puppet". Are you refering to a vantriliquest toy or is English not your first language? Perhaps you ment to say "puppy"?
>> No. 50909
File 155039433329.jpg - (85.40KB , 853x1280 , m144-s064-012.jpg )
Come on....be more respectful. Bobbbie is a goddess.
>> No. 50910
File 155039435897.jpg - (115.63KB , 853x1280 , m144-s064-040.jpg )
Come on....be more respectful. Bobbbie is a goddess.

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