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/mir/ ~ Classic Dasha/Maya
File 152648139281.jpg - (464.80KB , 956x1440 , ls-star-005a-069.jpg )
20899 No. 20899
Lets keep the blood boiling for this incredible classic girl. Many thanks to Dasha for keeping us entertained!
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>> No. 20900
File 152648141441.jpg - (531.05KB , 956x1440 , ls-star-005a-070.jpg )
>> No. 20901
File 152648143580.jpg - (421.55KB , 956x1440 , ls-star-005a-071.jpg )
>> No. 20902
File 152648146295.jpg - (454.71KB , 956x1440 , ls-star-005a-072.jpg )
>> No. 20903
File 152648152245.jpg - (218.37KB , 1024x1365 , crazyholiday057.jpg )
>> No. 20904
File 152648153875.jpg - (249.24KB , 1024x1365 , crazyholiday059.jpg )
>> No. 20905
File 152648155644.jpg - (133.70KB , 1024x1365 , crazyholiday062.jpg )
>> No. 20906
File 152648161257.jpg - (257.15KB , 783x1201 , kidz-index-m012-014.jpg )
This is a very lovely pic!!
>> No. 20907
File 152648166222.jpg - (320.90KB , 783x1201 , kidz-index-m012-015.jpg )
>> No. 20908
File 152648172447.jpg - (321.06KB , 783x1201 , kidz-index-m012-016.jpg )
Just look at that background as well, great photography!!
>> No. 20909
File 152648195041.jpg - (60.95KB , 700x1050 , lod-060-146.jpg )
There are thousands of her, but this is my last (maybe) - please post what you have of this gorgeous model. She has brought pleasure to thousands (maybe millions), respect!
>> No. 20947
File 152650629965.jpg - (291.80KB , 956x1440 , lsm04-01-085.jpg )
Be careful guys, that sand could ruin your reputation!!!
>> No. 20948
File 152650631794.jpg - (257.93KB , 956x1440 , lsm04-01-086.jpg )
>> No. 20949
File 152650633222.jpg - (349.94KB , 956x1440 , lsm04-01-087.jpg )
>> No. 20950
File 152650634533.jpg - (317.18KB , 956x1440 , lsm04-01-088.jpg )
>> No. 20951
File 152650635927.jpg - (323.05KB , 956x1440 , lsm04-01-089.jpg )
>> No. 20952
File 15265063956.jpg - (349.53KB , 1440x956 , lsm04-01-090.jpg )
>> No. 20953
File 152650640982.jpg - (319.31KB , 956x1440 , lsm04-01-091.jpg )
>> No. 20954
File 152650642248.jpg - (333.88KB , 1440x956 , lsm04-01-092.jpg )
>> No. 20955
File 152650643884.jpg - (379.19KB , 1440x956 , lsm04-01-093.jpg )
>> No. 20956
File 152650645057.jpg - (246.80KB , 956x1440 , lsm04-01-094.jpg )
>> No. 20957
File 152650646477.jpg - (384.27KB , 1440x956 , lsm04-01-095.jpg )
>> No. 20958
File 152650647818.jpg - (372.73KB , 1440x956 , lsm04-01-096.jpg )
>> No. 20959
File 152650649131.jpg - (394.30KB , 1440x956 , lsm04-01-097.jpg )
>> No. 20960
File 152650650376.jpg - (362.94KB , 1440x956 , lsm04-01-098.jpg )
>> No. 20961
File 152650651615.jpg - (327.46KB , 956x1440 , lsm04-01-099.jpg )
>> No. 20962
File 152650661416.jpg - (383.08KB , 1440x956 , lsm04-01-100.jpg )
Normally i PShop the photos to get rid of the Logos etc, but can't be bothered - sorry.

Anyhow, just enjoy and stay careful.
>> No. 30307
Classic Dasha/Maya
>> No. 30310
Jesus fuck, I've wanked myself to death at this goddess, know every wrinkle of her holes. There are videos when she was a tiny girl flashing her fanny, doesn't get much better!
>> No. 30311
Jesus fuck, I've wanked myself to death at this goddess, know every wrinkle of her holes. There are videos when she was a tiny girl flashing her fanny, doesn't get much better!
>> No. 30316
Accidentally posted twice, message still stands like my cock !


>> No. 30317
Posted same message twice, apologies !
Still love her crack !
>> No. 30318
My cock bows to no one in my admiration for
Dasha ! I'll treat myself to a wank !
>> No. 36006

me too wank for hours on her,she can make a lot of money
>> No. 36130
Knowledge is power folks, understand this, back in like 2003, LS Magazine was so prolific, you would get spam emails! This lil thing "suffered" from what's known as precocious puberty, can be good, can be bad, depending on your tastes, whatever user said she was best at 9-10 was on the money, she sadly became womanly too fast...
>> No. 36429
Her friend is worthy of her own thread
>> No. 36430
Her friend is worthy of her own thread
>> No. 40740
Anya is the LS mag goddess! Worthy of mutiple wanks per day!!
>> No. 40832
>Anya is the LS mag goddess! Worthy of mutiple wanks per day!!
That's your opinion, mine is the she's an over-rated, very unattractive skank.
>> No. 43169
>> No. 43192
File 15439650034.jpg - (74.47KB , 700x1054 , ma-63b-47.jpg )
43171, Just go away and die. You know nothing.
>> No. 43238
The set with her friend in the bathroom made me a pedo.When i first see that set my dick was about to explode.I watch it on a slideshow and i was thinking its some nonude set,but when the little girls start to take of their clothes i was in pedo heaven.My heart starts to beat so fast and my dick was ready to cum all over the laptop.After that i start to download everything from LS magazine and cum so many times on diferent girls,but Anya was my first pedo pleasure.
>> No. 51551
Fuck yes Dasha. One thing that I find super very hot about this girl is the fact that I'm practically the same age as her we we're both born in the same year.
>> No. 51552
Fuck yes Dasha. One thing that I find super very hot about this girl is the fact that I'm practically the same age as her we we're both born in the same year.
>> No. 51591
Though pretty, she's the Laura B of LS, i.e. the overrated pleb choice.
>> No. 51671
Why is she such a favorite? For me, anyway, it is that her face looks all of the 11yo (LSM04) grade-schooler she was, but her pussy is fully developed. Fascinating that girls that age are sometimes like that - my fav. Now, just compare to Masha Babko, supposedly the same age, but her face looks like a 20-something supermodel with a pristine, virginal and sparsely-haired pussy. Even though Masha is fantastic, it comes down to that ever-so-youthful face of Anya juxtaposed with a pussy that is quite mature - just wish she held it open like Masha...
>> No. 52685
File 155244682276.jpg - (84.35KB , 1180x893 , Capturedashac.jpg )
Dasha one of my favorites I would fuck her for hours
>> No. 52686
File 15524477499.jpg - (218.71KB , 1350x956 , Dasha13a.jpg )
Dasha was so ready for sex and that is her fascination. Although still young her vagina is clearly capable of a smooth penetration.
>> No. 52689
File 15524485119.jpg - (166.49KB , 1198x720 , lolitacastle_53_016a.jpg )
such a happy child and always seemed so eager to please the camera.Im sure if she had been encouraged to, she would have happily performed with a male partner for us. losing their virginity on camera is a thrill few kiddies get the chance to experience!
>> No. 52711
File 155247434871.jpg - (196.13KB , 787x1200 , Dasha - lollyedition.jpg )
Although it's too late to see Dasha like that, I would love to see Dasha's currently-underage daughter get naked and have sex on camera ... yet I know it's not going to happen.
>> No. 52712
i need the set please
>> No. 52728
File 155249815632.jpg - (951.08KB , 1991x1200 , 201182058.jpg )
would be hot to see Dasha's little cutey taken and posed like mommy in the good old days while Dasha was made to watch. when finished Dasha could be the one to push the upload button which sent out her daughters pics and films to a waiting world.
The circle of life!
>> No. 52744
File 155251452496.jpg - (131.96KB , 782x1200 , pearl031-057.jpg )
childhood is short. The fact that Dasha was not filmed having sex is a true crime.She was perfect material for on screen molestation. A chance which will never come back
>> No. 52856
i'm glad her life turned out ok she looks well adjusted and happy..i am convinced the great material of her thatwas posted over the years was well planned by her parents that's the only way such good material gets posted n fact i think most of the good content on this board is from the same origins eople willing to take and have pictures taken of their child....very open minded people who are probably nudist
>> No. 52897
File 155266947739.jpg - (311.79KB , 1440x956 , lsm04-04-047.jpg )
Only joking! In fact she always seemed genuinely happy.
I think it is because she never felt things were being done in secret. For whatever reasons (money..chance for career etc) she was not made to hide away and feel guilty. There are few spaces in society where a child can have the freedom to explore their sexuality and she was given it to a certain degree.Her happiness proves that kiddies can enjoy a sexually loaded experience if they are just given the space to do it.
>> No. 52898
File 155266973097.jpg - (239.51KB , 1392x956 , lsm04-07-095a.jpg )
BTW her friend was a hotty too!
>> No. 53136
Dasha/Maya has given me great pleasure for a long time. I wish her and her family the greatest happiness for the future.
>> No. 53138
You took the words right out of my mouth and I agree "i'm glad her life turned out ok she looks well adjusted and happy"
There are a couple of happy looking girls who we have been drooling over. Good to see them as smiling adults.

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