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/mir/ ~ Estifi
File 152652210185.jpg - (337.00KB , 1440x1080 , 151729690018.jpg )
20998 No. 20998
Credits to OP from another board..

File Name: EST.7z
Size: 222.9MB

Download Links:




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>> No. 21001
File 152652481452.jpg - (225.40KB , 1600x1200 , IKPv4JXn_o.jpg )
I have never seen a salami buried so deeply and so completely as was seen in these videos. Amazing!
>> No. 21003
Yes, she puts on a brave face. You can tell it hurts sometimes, but she does smile ;)

Brave girl and very pretty too - thanks for the pic as well!
>> No. 21111
Cant open with winzip?
>> No. 21164
password doesnt work
>> No. 21165
OK - Sorry - my error - its working now.
>> No. 21382
Pls reup part 2...no longer works. Need this...
>> No. 21413
File 15268438179.png - (120.02KB , 500x489 , d4e285ca9d7d65116c42caffca2a7fb9.png )
My kitten is happy
>> No. 21470
Hello, But not working
>> No. 21566


pass: 155chan
>> No. 43956
Re up plz
>> No. 44799
Re up plz
>> No. 44853
Sadly, 1&3 are gone now. :(
>> No. 45405
Re-load Estefy - anyone?
>> No. 45983
Estifi RD !0MumW.DB0c 18/05/17(Thu)01:55 No. 20998
>> No. 46019
>> No. 46020
>> No. 50630
Plis reup
>> No. 50652
can we get vids from this please they are really hard to find i have all the pics but never seen the vids
>> No. 50655
es uno vídeos que ladro el perro y dijo woow
espero que siga ladrando
>> No. 50683
re up please
>> No. 50808
Need reup
>> No. 50827
Next time say: „please”.
Never say: it is „need”
>> for all
Uploading in progress, links tomorrow.
>> No. 50865
Thank you and please we all will appreciate it i know i will her vids are legendary i have never seen any of them
>> No. 50873
>> No. 50899
Then let me say thank you in advance.
>> No. 50913

Pw.: Please
>> No. 50917
Thank you !!! These are the best videos I've ever seen. Also who is cousin Talitha?
>> No. 50945
File 155042067034.jpg - (295.67KB , 800x1200 , 154507892822.jpg )
>> No. 50961
please enter the password to open the files

password "155chan" is not wrong
>> No. 51020
Says corrupt when unpacking via rar. Is there a file missing?
>> No. 51027
Can You read ?

This was a post:

Pw.: Please

Where is 155chan?
>> No. 51029
Please unpacking with 7z program.
Free dowload from here:
>> No. 51050
download, password and opening working perfect! Thanks!
>> No. 51054
Can i ask what program you used to open it perfect? Using winrar it won't open & doesn't even ask for the password. Never had any issues with other files opening them. Hmmm
>> No. 51055
i hate those document files you have to put avi at the end to get them to work every time somthing good comes up its in the wrong format
mp4 would have been nice
>> No. 51076
I would Love to see Boys and Girls Fuck.
>> No. 51103
Thank you so much for this download! Everything works fine and the download was amazing! She looks a little bit like my niece when she was that age lol Only down side is that I now need a mop to clean up hahahaha Catch you all later :D
>> No. 51118
Please, please read this: 51029
I didn't do it, transform it into yourself.
>> No. 51125
File 155060199869.jpg - (372.70KB , 2000x1500 , fuckholes.jpg )
>> No. 51159
7z doesn't work on Android though :'( Could someone redo these file's in a format that android can open please?
>> No. 51211
Now and in the future I am thinking of a PC system.
Find yourself another stupid.
Smartphones Get Away Far.
It is inconceivable and incomprehensible that no one understands what you risk and can put people's mass at risk !!!
>> No. 51214
These uploads are made for a PC.
Get away from my messages with a smart phone.
Go to jail yourself. Idiot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 51223
File 155068518217.jpg - (110.87KB , 1080x1350 , 154527991967.jpg )
Warning: Estifi is not very happy in some of these videos. This is hurtcore.
>> No. 51231
I don't care if she is happy I want to see that asshole get stretched...can you put the file in mp4 format instead of ts file format
>> No. 51291
You need to type password doesn't like clip and paste.
>> No. 51304
come on people theses vids are out there someone
post her vids in mp4 format...never undestood why her vids are such holly grail material but no oneseems to want to share her ...
>> No. 51465
Does anyone have the complete picture set of Estefy & her cousin Talitha?
>> No. 51478
All her videos are available over GaP and FF.
>> No. 51951
Estefy gives me estiffy. ;)
>> No. 52012
you could put these files in rar form its an option you know 7z allows it i believe its option 3 from the drop down list in 7z..everthing does not have to have 7z at the end regular rar works just as well and you can still add whatever pass you want
>> No. 52014
You should never download files with the .7z extension, seven zip has an unpatched security hole, hackers or police can infect you with malware. Careful people, fuck the police!
>> No. 52037
You're an outstanding stupid.
Don't steal the rest. Does not make sense.
Rar and zip files are broken much more easily.
>> No. 52048
Excuse my ignorance.
What is Gap and FF?
>> No. 52088
FF is an abreviation for Forbiden Fruit its an onion web link that can only be reached through Tor most of the real good content comes from Tor once you are there you must login to get anything because people have been stealing content from them for a while now.. although Tor has great encryption its not full proof so be carefull using it
>> No. 52109
Estefy is the holygrail of all videos and with how much (of a BIG penis) she took it all in! :O How do I login with FF? And how can I access GaP? I tried Tor Browser and failed :( I even tried using "girls" as this was a secret term used to access. Is this kind of content more profitable than normal adult porn? I'm sure some millionaire (or Trillionaire) is laughing at me for asking such ridiculous questions :PPP Is illegal content aka you know "happy fairy dust" shhh more profitable than the biggest adult production company or not? If yes? Teach me and "Happy Fairy Dust" could be our new production aka HFD :))

Warmest Regards, HFD <3
>> No. 52158
Go to /disc on 144 chan and look for the topic working onion links. There you will have a link to lolilust (a discussion about BaP, GaP's brother forum, being hijacked). Copy that link and paste on your TOR address bar. You will access that lolilust forum topic. There you will have all most up to date links to FF and GaP. Just go to those links and register (you don't need an email for that, just create a username and password). Then login in to the forums and search for Estefi,
>> No. 52310
Can somebody be a good sport and upload Estefy butt-fucking videos where the dude goes balls deep with his cock? I've checked GaP, FF and HM but all threads i find all have dead links.
>> No. 52740
yes please re up
>> No. 55448
#2 link (...ykxUd8mL) is dead. Could you please be kind enough to re-up it? Thanks for sharing! ;)

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