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File 152670395088.jpg - (59.00KB , 1175x768 , 130473969096_onionib.jpg )
21251 No. 21251
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>> No. 28901
Please more HQ Fakes of Alexandra Topless Ore nude she's hot
>> No. 29138
bump 4 the amy video
>> No. 29348
>> No. 29571
Post this video, please.
>> No. 32135
>> No. 32157
Did sunshine or princess do any special sets?
>> No. 32409
Don't worry, the Sweet Amanda vid is scheduled to be unhoarded - in spring of 2024.
>> No. 34990
>> No. 34991
read the police report.
>> No. 35095
>>34991 From where?
>> No. 35195
Anywhere have this Video? Please Post it. This Beauty have nice Tits. I want to Touch it
>> No. 35196
I heard they did - but were only sold to rich clients - who are still hoarding them.
So the answer is yes - but not to you or me.
>> No. 35206
>>35196 More of those stories please...
>> No. 35221
21529 FAKE
>> No. 35301
Newstar never HC or Naked video. Only nude sets.
>> No. 35697
The best thread ever
>> No. 35721
when someone says read the police report Read the FUCKING REPORT!! IT's all there.
>> No. 35754
>>35721 From where? Link please...
>> No. 35827
i wonder how old people are here? i bet most are just started puberty and their first cummings.
>> No. 35832
can't you do a search on the bust it's not hard to look it up and see what happened.
>> No. 35879
>>35827 Let these the discussions. Back the discussions about Newstar studio.
>> No. 35880
File 153695853480.jpg - (286.49KB , 1060x1596 , Lexie.jpg )
Does anyone knows if Lexie did customs sets or HC or anyone if knows any story for her, about customs sets?
>> No. 35944
>>35880 You can to read this >>21597
>> No. 35947
File 153702452748.jpg - (6.08KB , 112x168 , Cutie.jpg )
>>35880 The interesting of this Lexie's pic is that not included in the main set. Like this pic of Cutie in low resolution.
>> No. 35976
File 153704195448.jpg - (82.56KB , 808x606 , Image3.jpg )
That Lexie image (35880) is in my copy of set 125 as image 52
>> No. 36059
>> No. 36066
>>35976 Thanks for the info. Do you know something about Cutie's photo>>35947? Do you have high resolution copy?
>> No. 36094
File 15371300689.jpg - (227.88KB , 1068x1608 , cutie-273-062.jpg )
That image is not in my copy of NewStar Cutie set 273. My copy has 72 images 1-72, but that image could have been removed and image numbers altered before I found it.
>> No. 36171
>>36094 Yes! Maybe the photo was deleted, because is pussy-slip photo. I found this, years ago in the eternal aphrodites site, but was low resolution.
>> No. 38190
>> No. 38603
It looks like we like the discussion about customs of newstar girls, for many many years. Don't let this thread to go down, like Diana's thread, about with this subject >>21251 Let it alive.
>> No. 38833
where can i find cutie vids and sets can anyone give me a link ? thanks
>> No. 40889
Looks like this mouth breather here REALLY loves the word "faggot". Grow up.
>> No. 40890
File 154145873839.jpg - (338.11KB , 1608x1068 , cutie-093-061.jpg )
>> No. 40891
File 154145877456.jpg - (438.61KB , 1068x1608 , cutie-104-007.jpg )
>> No. 40892
File 15414587991.jpg - (397.44KB , 1068x1608 , cutie-112-008.jpg )
>> No. 40893
File 154145882313.jpg - (462.50KB , 1068x1608 , cutie-116-009.jpg )
>> No. 40894
File 154145884922.jpg - (352.84KB , 1608x1068 , cutie-117-047.jpg )
>> No. 40895
File 154145887893.jpg - (333.16KB , 1068x1608 , cutie-120-057.jpg )
>> No. 40896
File 154145890294.jpg - (261.59KB , 1608x1068 , cutie-122-009.jpg )
>> No. 40913
Real, ass licker? As in tease shots & not cunts? Suck a dick.
>> No. 40919
Could you please stop with your incessant whining about "naughty" words on a fucking pedo board. It's an anonymous imageboard, and since you're clearly unaware of how imageboards work, people aren't going to censor themselves cater to your delicate sensibilities. Being an SJW retard who wants to control how others speak doesn't make you better or more mature than anyone. So if words like faggot/nigger/kike offend you, then kindly fuck off back to whatever shithole you wandered in from. Faggot.
>> No. 40947
so lovely thanks could you upload these sets
>> No. 40951
Yes I remember the Lexie rumor going around back then but never gave it much credence. As you say her lack of social media does make you think again.
>> No. 40960
File 154151420415.jpg - (292.04KB , 1068x1608 , sharona-027-007.jpg )
no pass
>> No. 40969
That's cute. You're a perfect example with your childish "faggot" bullshit.

I know what kind of board I'm on, I just get sick of hatred/racism, intolerance, and ignorance. And if I feel strongly enough about it to voice my opinion I will occasionally.

I have to listen to your opinion but you shouldn't have to listen to mine? What the fuck is that?

Keep on hatin' pal. Sounds like you were raised well..
>> No. 40985
File 154154456086.jpg - (524.02KB , 1280x960 , p2126893.jpg )
It's funny when SJW's and PC people call everyone names themselves and label everyone who disagrees with them as ignorant. Oh, if only we went to their universities and were educated we would not be so ignorant, intolerant and racist.

They have all these sayings, names, and phrases they memorize but they have no meaning.
>> No. 41047
What does a university education have to do with being ignorant, intolerant, and a racist? It's how you're raised and the kind of people you associate with.

Nice try though..
>> No. 41102
File 154170836483.jpg - (11.50KB , 200x300 , th.jpg )
He was being sarcastic when he mentioned the university, you idiot. He's literally mocking you and you're too stupid to get it.
>> No. 42458
>> 41102
Because you were too poor to get a college education without drown yourself in debt, right? I am sorry for you and your friend. Go to MGTOW or other place where losers that cannot get pussy because they have no money congregate.
In the end you both can be gay and flip burgers together, or drive a Uber, or whatever poor people without college education do. Then you can both get back to your project slum and pretend to be "smart" together while jerking each other off.

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