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File 152670395088.jpg - (59.00KB , 1175x768 , 130473969096_onionib.jpg )
21251 No. 21251
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>> No. 21252
File 152670397666.jpg - (26.37KB , 752x346 , whoami.jpg )
>> No. 21253
File 152670401382.jpg - (29.85KB , 768x576 , 130477783056.jpg )
>> No. 21254
File 152670403657.jpg - (19.35KB , 766x398 , 125688636469.jpg )
>> No. 21261
So you must be the one who has that vid !!!!Those are stills we have not seen before !! come on and be a champion a GOD and Mr. Wonderful and share with us peasants >> enough time has past already and she is about 30 yrs. old now !!!
>> No. 21262
Please share the this vid
>> No. 21285
Joker shared these on 12chan years ago previews only of private stuff only he had , sad fe got busred
>> No. 21286
>> No. 21288
File 152673607292.jpg - (196.37KB , 960x577 , [Video Preview 1].jpg )
>> No. 21289
File 152673614693.png - (1.38MB , 1024x527 , [Video Preview 2].png )
>> No. 21290
File 152673615619.jpg - (203.75KB , 1436x571 , [Video Preview 3].jpg )
>> No. 21292
okay, these are videoprewiews .... and the full videos?
>> No. 21309
Why did fe get busred? How do you know fe get busred?
>> No. 21312
fe?busred? what language does it have? just do not understand me?
>> No. 21315
File 152675215932.png - (35.91KB , 553x505 , me.png )
No, I understand you clearly. Excuse me for being a dick.
>> No. 21316
I am neither good nor bad troll, but I do not understand these words. and you're not a dick either. unfortunately I do not speak English too well. excuse me
>> No. 21317
and I do not want to quarrel. I can see if I'm stupid
>> No. 21332
Where did he get the red bus to?
>> No. 21339
Please Post this Video. i want to se her tits
>> No. 21373
Vids Please.This sexy Bitch is sou
>> No. 21374
Vids Please
>> No. 21445
I couldn't really grasp what he was trying to convey but I guess the fella called fe was ran over by a red bus while sharing videos.
>> No. 21467
Come on!!! Help us with this video pleeease
>> No. 21471
as I see there will be no video or picture collection
>> No. 21472
it is often difficult to understand who wants to write because probably not all speak English or, as I am, not in native language, and therefore many do not understand things and slang words. Everyone else expresses their thoughts and there are languages such as my language that we have a lot of words that are not good enough in English.I do not know how this is understandable and grammatically correct. : D
>> No. 21523
File 15269088266.jpg - (98.57KB , 2650x464 , Nicole-topless-croped.jpg )

went to jail or busted as I said , same meaning bro

The original photographer was Pavel , he sold the pics to Newstar , he also sold customs to a very few select people , he was investigated once but beat the charges 2yrs later he was busted and went to prison , some models where even getting fucked

here are 2 small pics of Nicole I was given by Joker years ago at 12chan
>> No. 21524
File 152690915474.jpg - (2.07KB , 72x98 , 127119142547.jpg )
here are 2 small pics of Nicole I was given by Joker years ago at 12chan
>> No. 21525
really small pictures :D
>> No. 21529
File 152691045265.jpg - (1.06MB , 1920x1080 , muff7i44irws3mwu_onionwu_onion.jpg )
Thats the way I got them from the owner of them , he used make pic rars , look it up you can hide a rar in an actual picture , just not mb worth
>> No. 21560
No. 21523

Out of all the leaked stuff nicole was the one i wanted, i think at that age and tan as she was there were none better, would have loved to see what see did.
>> No. 21564
File 152692094513.jpg - (366.60KB , 1608x1068 , 583e1a36c6a88.jpg )

I agree its to bad that all he gave me was that but i did not want to press him for more , that was proof enough to me that they existed
>> No. 21568
I would love her nude in that pose
>> No. 21587
Holy grail... any more previews of early newstar tinymods? i remember seeing ginger custom in blue bikini
>> No. 21597
I remember it on 12 chan Diane, and Bambi was leaked,and the 1 Danielle Hc vid,

I tried to buy the Nicole but never got a deal made to do it, was trying to get all 4 sets and a vid of one of the photo shoots.

After the 12 chan days , he was still selling a few, there was supposedly several that had nudes and customs, Amanda, Cutie, and Lexie all did them, and Lexie was rumored to have done a whole lot of sets & stuff including some boder-line stuff.

We have all seen the Amanda stuff, never seen the Cutie or Lexie,

The newer girl Nellie that came in right before the end/ and was the cause of the end/, was doing some really 'over the line' sets, and he was asking an outrageous amount of money, upwards of 50 thousand euros for everything, and the clamoring over Amanda died down, and that started the beginning of the end.

According to the trial reports Amanda's mom and Nellies mom battling for top bitch is what got it all exposed and ruined it all. Pav-el moved Amanda out and Nellie in and the bitch war was on.

So there is somewhere Diane, Bambi, Danielle, Cutie (all now MC models mainstream now) plus Lexie, Amanda, and Nellie, still a lil too young to go main stream, I would bet the same diane/marvel photographer has them waiting in the wings.

The Sunshine nudes were not done by pav, that was herself, mom and older sister, he tried to hire her to do some, and they decide to go on there own and profit off her fame, which is when her normal sets at NS stopped as well. She did 9 sets I know of all shot on the same day, and a vid, quality was horrible, but her posing didnt change. She did all the same doggie style poses!, and went to the extreme. Had us all drooling with anticipation, If the pics were even halfway view-able it would have been a gold mine. the few previews I saw were almost unview-able, looked worse than Polaroid scans from the old days.

I know he sold too over 3 dozen different people that I personally knew about, and honestly have never seen or heard of them since his downfall, no telling were they are now, sadly I did not have the kind of money the all seemed to have. There was 15-20 of them that had standing orders for it all, and I know they got it all. He would put out the feelers to us all by group email with a tiny thumbnail. And the powerful ones (one in particular) got to dictate what kind and how most custs were done. It is like the Lexie upn set it the blue, was a outfit he sent in and was present at the shoot. Was rumored he took her home for several weeks for a private shoot.

Rumor!! just what I heard, based on no facts at all, but he never offered a single thing from her after that rumor bounced around between us. I would bet she is still there to this day, never seen anything candid nothing ever show up of her after that. just always had that feeling.
>> No. 21598
Please elaborate on these nicole sets and vid u speak of
Any previews?
>> No. 21601
Sorry, No I was never able to work out a deal , just the same previews sent out that have been shown. I would still pay a ton for her stuff, always thought she was the sexiest of them all. she was perfect at that point in time.
>> No. 21602
Agreed, maybe joker or someone will show their face if we keep this thread going. Only been waiting my whole life....
>> No. 22771
interesting information, do you know what activities Amanda got up to in her custom sets? thanks
>> No. 22778
File 152699903532.jpg - (136.04KB , 465x700 , bambi 2008-03-17 1103 c.jpg )
Here is , afaik , the most complete Bambi set I have , and just an FYI , imho the ones who have these will never share so all we can do is share what we have and info we have to keep alive for others to learn from

my posts below

interesting , some of that matches my info , some different , will post more info soon

Other thread

but lets stay here to keep it simple
>> No. 22779
File 152699907759.jpg - (137.53KB , 465x700 , bambi 2008-03-17 1104 c.jpg )
Here is , afaik , the most complete Bambi set I have
>> No. 22780
File 152699916092.jpg - (549.57KB , 2000x3008 , bambi 2007-06-06 0935.jpg )
Here is , afaik , the most complete Bambi set I have
>> No. 22781
File 152699926548.jpg - (866.38KB , 2261x1474 , bambi 2007-06-06 0948 c~.jpg )
Here is , afaik , the most complete Bambi set I have
>> No. 22782
File 152699971754.jpg - (748.41KB , 3008x2000 , bambi 2007-06-06 0950 ~v1.jpg )
This is the last pic I have of a set named

I have other pics but no more of this set , InB4 please post full set because people cant read , Lulz
>> No. 22783
File 152700010079.jpg - (92.36KB , 483x380 , Framed image23.jpg )
Set above afaik was named Jeans 2 , because i forgot that info in post above , see you humans laater
>> No. 22791
First new stuff I've seen of her. Awesome, anything else would be appreciated!
>> No. 22792
BAMBI is my favorite!! Someone is hoarding her stuff.....
>> No. 22793
I don't know Diana and others' age, but found some Czech news article once, criticizing Newstar company from before of Rohel arrest, saying it's not decent for 9yo girl, "Bambi" to pose in sexy poses and suspenders. It should be still out there in Czech language.
My jaw dropped, when I read that - had no idea Bambi was THAT young! She had nicely developed body of 13-14yo girl ready for fuck asap!

Any hints on other models age?
>> No. 22794
Here you have all the "safe" galleries btw.:

Guys, a small request in exchange... :)
Do you have "Rana Suzana" dancing to Quadradinho in good quality? The fucking vid disapperared several times from YT and I really need that 8yo fucktoy to pump me dry from time to time with that bubbly butt of hers... :/

Thx in advance!
>> No. 22817
>>21597 The thubnails if you want, please... photos or videos...
>> No. 22904
File 152707766095.jpg - (734.53KB , 2000x3008 , nsfullsize-008-001.jpg )
>> No. 22905
Interesting, just looked at the site, unreleased sets?!?
>> No. 22922
Anywhere have this Video from Diana topless pls Post it. Download Link please
>> No. 22956
No. 22904 I don't believe anything! Maybe are fake photos! Full sets or just thumbnails, then I believe you!
>> No. 22958
No. 22781 Real
No. 22782 Fake
>> No. 22983
Thank you Mr MANDINGO for share your treasures with us... Please start a thread with newstars in Childspriori and Forbfruit.
>> No. 23109
Bump for more newstar/tinymodel customs
>> No. 23115
Bambi's last photo is real or fake?
>> No. 23123
File 152719811889.jpg - (378.39KB , 3008x2000 , 65311.jpg )
>> No. 23124
File 152719888544.jpg - (474.38KB , 3008x2000 , newstar 2.jpg )
>> No. 23125
File 152720003195.jpg - (882.12KB , 2000x3008 , newstar 6.jpg )
>> No. 23126
Did daniele jewel or ginger do customs?
>> No. 23133
File 152721365641.jpg - (233.36KB , 2000x3008 , cgh.jpg )
Bambi butt.
>> No. 23136
Probably my all time fav pic, really hard to beat that.
>> No. 23145
File 152722993098.jpg - (223.96KB , 1000x1504 , folder.jpg )
>> No. 23156
File 152724508231.jpg - (52.97KB , 800x532 , 1423868176201-1.jpg )
ginger did for sure
>> No. 23162
Very interesting
>> No. 23166
We have all seen the Amanda stuff, never seen the Cutie or Lexie,

I've never seen anything of Amanda or Lexie beyond what's available from the New Star lines. Lexie's blue bikini is the most I've seen of her.
>> No. 23167
Could someone post the amanda previews just for the sake of having it the same thread
>> No. 23179
More ginger model please
>> No. 23199
Please post newest custom photos like this >>No. 22904 not old like these No. 23123 No. 23124 No. 23125 No. 23133
>> No. 23200
22904 is a preview pic from their new site ns-fulsize, they are rereleasing old photosets in better quality, the webmaster claims that they will be extra photos in each set previously cut out from the sets. Someone should join....
>> No. 23286
>> No. 23310
https:// www.facebook.com/ romana.chytilova
>> No. 23374
>> No. 23396
If someone has the social profile of newstar girls like Amanda, Lexie, Catalina ...
>> No. 23490
>> No. 23491
No. 23396 Yes, It will be very interesting!
>> No. 23495
I have a big question: Pavel Rohel arrested. OK? so... why the newstar/tinymodels sites works? Police knows the sites. Why they leave them to continues the site?
>> No. 23497
No. 21597 How did you know that?
>> No. 23516
>> No. 23520
Pavel Rohel was the photographer not owber he sold nn sets to newstar and nude sets to vip customers police found no nudes at newstar , so he is fre to make new legal nn
>> No. 23526
No. 23520 Thanks man
>> No. 23788
Anyone seen proof of other girls customs
>> No. 23922
File 152771360647.jpg - (217.16KB , 967x1287 , 345435.jpg )
Did some photographers of Newstar fucking the models during of the shoots?
>> No. 23923
File 152771361687.jpg - (227.49KB , 1287x967 , 346534.jpg )
>> No. 23924
No. 23922
No. 23923
Maybe yes... maybe no... who knows?
>> No. 23925
File 152771415053.jpg - (133.51KB , 1024x1536 , 56756.jpg )
Look at the follow pictures
>> No. 23926
File 152771415711.jpg - (132.63KB , 1536x1024 , 56777.jpg )
>> No. 23927
File 152771416378.jpg - (92.88KB , 1024x1536 , 57755.jpg )
>> No. 23928
Who is she?
>> No. 23929
File 152771435789.jpg - (168.89KB , 1280x960 , 7657.jpg )
Victoria. Old model.
>> No. 23930
File 15277143684.jpg - (202.95KB , 1280x960 , 5777.jpg )
>> No. 23931
File 152771437526.jpg - (230.07KB , 1280x960 , 3556.jpg )
>> No. 24023
Nice girl
>> No. 24026
File 152779718985.jpg - (333.06KB , 1068x1608 , lexie.jpg )
>>21597 Lexie did nude sets or hardcore??? What did you mean when you said "...stuff including some boder-line stuff."
>> No. 24028
Danielle hc vid? Never heard of it???
>> No. 24030
>>24026 More of this girl and peekaboo shots up her pants
>> No. 24043

Agreed I managed to get a few feelers sent out to myself, and I too heard the 'lexie was bought rumor', never realized nothing ever again was seen of her, It is odd that she doesn't even have a social media candid that has ever surfaced, makes that rumor seem a lil more plausible. I do know and agree the Amy - Nellie fight over living with Pav was the end of him, Amy's mom was the one that turned him end. Kind of amazing after she was there doing amy's customs and doing pav as well. I did see 3 other Nicole previews that had floated around, never a set, only one of those appeared as a full nude. Did you get the last set of feelers that had Jenna II?? It looked to be during the white leo vid, and a strip afterwards, only saw the screen that was a tiny thumbnail like always. I admit her in that white leo is the top 1st or 2nd vid he ever did, either Jenna in it or the cutie in it, both full mound and toe, full camel toe and almost see thru best vids newstar ever published.
>> No. 24044
File 152781333811.jpg - (179.56KB , 1200x800 , vlcsnap-00007.jpg )
>> No. 24045
File 152781339085.jpg - (174.98KB , 1200x800 , vlcsnap-00013.jpg )
>> No. 24113
No. 24026 OMG! I love this set!
>> No. 24116
>>23927 Victoria was very naughty...
>> No. 24117
File 152786253146.jpg - (132.22KB , 1024x1536 , 893457.jpg )
>>24026 Some day, when someone will uploads some new naked pics or videos/hc of newstar girls like Lexie, Princess or Danielle etc., this day will is my final day! Then, I'll die!
>> No. 24118
Excellent thread! Thank you!
>> No. 24119
>> No. 24122
I would pay thousands
>> No. 24124
No. 24122 Correct!
>> No. 24128
Anonib is where Joker first started posting these and he posted a lot more then what is shown here.
I remember I used to have them before I lost an HD.
that back when Caseyface was a big deal
>> No. 24130
Can u describe what was shown thats not seem here
>> No. 24154
Can someone upload all known previews no matter how small and blurry they might be
>> No. 24179
File 152789147695.jpg - (159.62KB , 1998x1217 , rujnhvhmw53m.jpg )
Correction , if you read this entire thread you would have seen I gave the story on this , Joker AKA Santa Claus posted on 12chan and in 12IRC first others posted his shares on anonib ,ichan etc , the Mods wanted full sets on 12chan and because he did not post fast enough for them , they chased him away he the went to anonib where he also shared unseen custom Vlads , full sets and videos , Oxi etc , he had customs from at least 3 studios, I have recoreded it all with screen shots for historical reasons and saved all pics and video from day one , no Dog ever eat my hard drive , go to tor if you want to get some. Seems hardly anyone still has the full NS leaks he made , over 100 photos and a few screen shot , I have no time to post that this month , sorry.
>> No. 24180
File 152789205216.jpg - (258.37KB , 1174x780 , j8rwm1ajrzze.jpg )
Joker shared these on 12chan years ago previews only of private stuff only he had
>> No. 24190
none of my posts or pictures have been going through , guess Mods do not want them posted , sorry guys.
>> No. 24259
No. 24179
No. 24180
Old, but thanks
>> No. 24288
No. 24117 I love Victoria
>> No. 24291
need to zip them up not post pictures.
I should have known Joker was on that IRC
I remember on that IRC when Shit hit the Fan
>> No. 24293
Joker was pavel, that was a 'promo' move of his create hype, to get the select few to buy more.
>> No. 24294
File 152796779368.jpg - (330.73KB , 1250x944 , 535622.jpg )
>> No. 24295
File 152796779993.jpg - (303.37KB , 1499x1059 , 567567.jpg )
>> No. 24304
Please Share More !!! :o
>> No. 24342
File 152800941614.png - (421.20KB , 1152x283 , 87687.png )
All nudes of Diana and Bambi absolutely fake pics. Because anyone never uploads small thumbnails of all pics for each set, but only individual photos. It's the same for the 3 custom videos of Diana and video of Bambi.
>> No. 24345
File 152801145015.jpg - (875.80KB , 2132x1608 , Lexie.jpg )
Cropped photos because models wear very little panties or see through panties.
>> No. 24346
File 152801145870.jpg - (245.75KB , 1000x1504 , Krystal.jpg )
>> No. 24347
File 152801149134.jpg - (215.62KB , 1068x1608 , Amanda.jpg )
>> No. 24348
File 152801153916.jpg - (334.49KB , 1068x1608 , Kiki.jpg )
>> No. 24349
File 152801155317.jpg - (423.51KB , 1068x1608 , sample (44).jpg )
>> No. 24351
File 152801235798.jpg - (177.09KB , 720x1280 , 00.jpg )
>> No. 24354
Who is she?
>> No. 24363
Very cute and sexy girl! She's naturally made to enjoy underage sex and can no doubt be initiated into a lot of secret sex games with grown-ups!
>> No. 24368
Tinymodel Sweet Amy/Amanda
>> No. 24369
Did Amy/Amanda get touched up by Pavel?
>> No. 24370
No. 24345 In the second pic appears her pussy and the photo was cut
No. 24347 For the same reason
>> No. 24384
File 152803499830.jpg - (633.88KB , 1068x1608 , lexiie-UNP-002-027.jpg )
No. 24369 Catalina, Lexie, Diana, Princess, Victoria, Bambi, Danielle, Nicole and many other models did nude custom/videos. I am sure for that. But hc, I don't know but I want it very much! Especially for Lexie!
>> No. 24390
File 15280395931.jpg - (348.56KB , 1536x1152 , 000.jpg )
>> No. 24391
File 152803961889.jpg - (196.66KB , 1152x1536 , 00.jpg )
>> No. 24394
Did lexie ever meet a banana?
>> No. 24402
File 152804324937.jpg - (286.49KB , 1068x1608 , lexie-002-024.jpg )
>> No. 24403
File 152804342922.jpg - (264.20KB , 1068x1608 , lexie-002-052.jpg )
Banana Set of Sweet Lexie
PW 155chan
22 MB
>> No. 24404

please guys dont fuck up this thread with bullsit like this . stick to customs only ffs
>> No. 24405
>> 21251

cropped from regular set
>> No. 24406
you crooped these because my sets i bought are not cropped and no , buy em yourself
>> No. 24415
I will say it again I had way way more then what is posted here from Anonib and newsgroups

but yea lost the HD actually I lost a lot of stuff all this is just memory lane.
>> No. 24445
Could easily be faked
>> No. 24625
No. 24445 All are fakes!
>> No. 24715
All i can see is STUPID "PHOTOSHOP EXPERTS" trying fake some nonude pics for weird reasons. But you can't hide the real reason for this thread: The customs and HC exist. Newstars studios was closed for selling nudes and HC special private session for some customers. YOU ARE STUPID FAGGOT> just search in Czech news... Pavel Rohel pedophilia raid. In the proofs photos you can see newstar sunshine in all fours with panty in the knees showing ass an pussy. face blurresd. In another vid you can see again a sunshine in special webcam session in lesbian action with friend. AGAIN YOU ARE DUMB STUPID FAGGOT.
>> No. 24716
Can u post these pics
>> No. 24721
No. 24715 No. 24715 Haha... It's joke! Your mind has very imagination! Proofs, NOW!
>> No. 24725
>>24715 If you not upload some thumbnails, we not believe you! Small size, never mind, to know that exist!
>> No. 24729
>>24715 Thnx for the info
>> No. 24736
>> No. 24743
>>24715 I see that you know more of this story. I would like to know who are girls did hardcores or nude customs (my love is Lexie!)... and more details for this story! Thanks!
>> No. 24744
Pavel Rohel of Červený Kostelec, Czech Republic is a photographer for the child modeling agency known as "Newstar." Back in 2003 Rohel was arrested for distributing child pornography and child molestation, he was sentenced to three years in prison, however he only served 50% of his sentence and has since been released and continues to photograph for Newstar:
>> No. 24748
It's easy to find the boy customs almost impossible to find the girl customs
>> No. 24750
No. 24744 Really? Pavel Rohel is free? I thought that was in prison.
>> No. 24760
>> No. 24762
The mastermind, Pavel Rohel, was sent to a specially guarded prison for seven years. His accomplice Jaroslav Hampl was sentenced to two years behind bars and Yuliya Chorba, mother of the two abused kids, was given a three-year prison sentence.

Miroslav Merta, who graphically adjusted the porn photographs, was given a two-year suspended sentence with a three-year probation.

According to the indictment, the gang has gained over five million crowns from the child porn production and abused some 100 children.

Rohel and Hampl were convicted of similar criminal activities in the past.

The main organiser contacted children from socially deprived and low-income families promising them work in advertising or being photographed for foreign magazines. He invited them to a studio in Cerveny Kostelec, east Bohemia, where he, along with the other defendants, was photographing or shooting them on video.

The pictures were posted on paid foreign websites without the knowledge of the children and their parents.

The police started investigating the case code-named "Studio" in April 2013. The four suspects were detained in March 2014. They were brought to court last July.

Rohel denied part of the charges before the court, saying the photographs of dressed children were no child pornography. He only admitted that he had violated law by taking pictures and shooting video-recordings for his private clients from Sweden and Spain.

However, a court expert has concluded that most of the seized photographs can be classified as child pornographic works.
>> No. 24763
>>24762 Thanks!
>> No. 24764
Hello! Very interesting! Thanks! Any details about models? Who models did customs, videos? Some story for other model like Princess story No. 24715 with the custom photos?
>> No. 24767
I need to put somethings in perspective. When they say Abuse they mean Nude Customs not physical Abuse or Rape or anything.
They consider Abuse taking pictures of the models in exposed positions.

Most of these Models make tons of money and it even puts them through schools. A lot of these Busts do no favors to anyone. Don't get me wrong there are busts that are good but most modeling studios aren't forcing Models to give out BJs or anything.
>> No. 24792
I would give my heart, liver and two kidneys for a custom naked set of Ginger.
>> No. 24856
>>24792 Haha! You are right! And I, for Lexie, Diana, Princess, Catalina!
>> No. 24863
No. 24860 Where are the photos with Sunshine he says the No. 24715 ?
>> No. 24938
>> No. 25051
No. 24762 Thanks for the great info
>> No. 25216
>>24384 I would spend thousands of dollars for a naked photo with Lexie...
>> No. 25229
me too
>> No. 25239
All hope is lost
>> No. 25244
Can anyone describe what customs Sweet Amanda did. Thanks
>> No. 25272
There is anybody bastard out there, he has some sets and not upload! You are living in 2018! The internet works with share. Upload, download, upload, download... Open your eyes and your fucking mind! Upload them! For name of God! Just some previews or thumbnails or video captures!
>> No. 25273
...to everyone! Wake up! Keep this thread in top! Bump and bump again or comment...
>> No. 25277
No. 25272
No. 25273
I agree
>> No. 25282
Sharing is caring bra!
>> No. 25470
Did jewel do customs?
>> No. 25486
>> No. 26083
No. 23925 Oh my!
>> No. 26383
>> No. 26438
File 152925486390.jpg - (207.05KB , 1024x1536 , 5688583.jpg )
In the car or in the yacht, Victoria fucked very hard and she wanted it!
>> No. 26551
File 15294187332.jpg - (268.68KB , 1052x1577 , alexandra-068-037.jpg )
ok How about Alexandra? Did she go on to another studio after Newstar? Here are a couple of pretty slips and some semi-transparent blouse pics showing her georgeous titties!
>> No. 26552
File 152941891461.jpg - (173.82KB , 1024x1536 , alexandra-002-042.jpg )
>> No. 26553
File 152941904433.jpg - (284.53KB , 1052x1577 , alexandra-068-022.jpg )
>> No. 26554
File 152941914729.jpg - (171.26KB , 1024x1536 , alexandra-002-046.jpg )
>> No. 26555
File 152941924870.jpg - (269.46KB , 1052x1577 , alexandra-068-028.jpg )
>> No. 26592
Naked Pics Please. She's very hot and sexy
>> No. 28661
>> No. 28742
I believe Alexandra's pics were purchased from SwissArts.

Victoria was the photographer's (NOT Pavel) niece.
>> No. 28868
File 153112566028.jpg - (761.86KB , 1052x1577 , 152941904433x.jpg )
>> No. 28901
Please more HQ Fakes of Alexandra Topless Ore nude she's hot
>> No. 29138
bump 4 the amy video
>> No. 29348
>> No. 29571
Post this video, please.
>> No. 32135
>> No. 32157
Did sunshine or princess do any special sets?
>> No. 32409
Don't worry, the Sweet Amanda vid is scheduled to be unhoarded - in spring of 2024.
>> No. 34990
>> No. 34991
read the police report.
>> No. 35095
>>34991 From where?
>> No. 35195
Anywhere have this Video? Please Post it. This Beauty have nice Tits. I want to Touch it
>> No. 35196
I heard they did - but were only sold to rich clients - who are still hoarding them.
So the answer is yes - but not to you or me.
>> No. 35206
>>35196 More of those stories please...
>> No. 35221
21529 FAKE
>> No. 35301
Newstar never HC or Naked video. Only nude sets.
>> No. 35697
The best thread ever
>> No. 35721
when someone says read the police report Read the FUCKING REPORT!! IT's all there.
>> No. 35754
>>35721 From where? Link please...
>> No. 35827
i wonder how old people are here? i bet most are just started puberty and their first cummings.
>> No. 35832
can't you do a search on the bust it's not hard to look it up and see what happened.
>> No. 35879
>>35827 Let these the discussions. Back the discussions about Newstar studio.
>> No. 35880
File 153695853480.jpg - (286.49KB , 1060x1596 , Lexie.jpg )
Does anyone knows if Lexie did customs sets or HC or anyone if knows any story for her, about customs sets?
>> No. 35944
>>35880 You can to read this >>21597
>> No. 35947
File 153702452748.jpg - (6.08KB , 112x168 , Cutie.jpg )
>>35880 The interesting of this Lexie's pic is that not included in the main set. Like this pic of Cutie in low resolution.
>> No. 35976
File 153704195448.jpg - (82.56KB , 808x606 , Image3.jpg )
That Lexie image (35880) is in my copy of set 125 as image 52
>> No. 36059
>> No. 36066
>>35976 Thanks for the info. Do you know something about Cutie's photo>>35947? Do you have high resolution copy?
>> No. 36094
File 15371300689.jpg - (227.88KB , 1068x1608 , cutie-273-062.jpg )
That image is not in my copy of NewStar Cutie set 273. My copy has 72 images 1-72, but that image could have been removed and image numbers altered before I found it.
>> No. 36171
>>36094 Yes! Maybe the photo was deleted, because is pussy-slip photo. I found this, years ago in the eternal aphrodites site, but was low resolution.
>> No. 38190
>> No. 38603
It looks like we like the discussion about customs of newstar girls, for many many years. Don't let this thread to go down, like Diana's thread, about with this subject >>21251 Let it alive.
>> No. 38833
where can i find cutie vids and sets can anyone give me a link ? thanks
>> No. 40889
Looks like this mouth breather here REALLY loves the word "faggot". Grow up.
>> No. 40890
File 154145873839.jpg - (338.11KB , 1608x1068 , cutie-093-061.jpg )
>> No. 40891
File 154145877456.jpg - (438.61KB , 1068x1608 , cutie-104-007.jpg )
>> No. 40892
File 15414587991.jpg - (397.44KB , 1068x1608 , cutie-112-008.jpg )
>> No. 40893
File 154145882313.jpg - (462.50KB , 1068x1608 , cutie-116-009.jpg )
>> No. 40894
File 154145884922.jpg - (352.84KB , 1608x1068 , cutie-117-047.jpg )
>> No. 40895
File 154145887893.jpg - (333.16KB , 1068x1608 , cutie-120-057.jpg )
>> No. 40896
File 154145890294.jpg - (261.59KB , 1608x1068 , cutie-122-009.jpg )
>> No. 40913
Real, ass licker? As in tease shots & not cunts? Suck a dick.
>> No. 40919
Could you please stop with your incessant whining about "naughty" words on a fucking pedo board. It's an anonymous imageboard, and since you're clearly unaware of how imageboards work, people aren't going to censor themselves cater to your delicate sensibilities. Being an SJW retard who wants to control how others speak doesn't make you better or more mature than anyone. So if words like faggot/nigger/kike offend you, then kindly fuck off back to whatever shithole you wandered in from. Faggot.
>> No. 40947
so lovely thanks could you upload these sets
>> No. 40951
Yes I remember the Lexie rumor going around back then but never gave it much credence. As you say her lack of social media does make you think again.
>> No. 40960
File 154151420415.jpg - (292.04KB , 1068x1608 , sharona-027-007.jpg )
no pass
>> No. 40969
That's cute. You're a perfect example with your childish "faggot" bullshit.

I know what kind of board I'm on, I just get sick of hatred/racism, intolerance, and ignorance. And if I feel strongly enough about it to voice my opinion I will occasionally.

I have to listen to your opinion but you shouldn't have to listen to mine? What the fuck is that?

Keep on hatin' pal. Sounds like you were raised well..
>> No. 40985
File 154154456086.jpg - (524.02KB , 1280x960 , p2126893.jpg )
It's funny when SJW's and PC people call everyone names themselves and label everyone who disagrees with them as ignorant. Oh, if only we went to their universities and were educated we would not be so ignorant, intolerant and racist.

They have all these sayings, names, and phrases they memorize but they have no meaning.
>> No. 41047
What does a university education have to do with being ignorant, intolerant, and a racist? It's how you're raised and the kind of people you associate with.

Nice try though..
>> No. 41102
File 154170836483.jpg - (11.50KB , 200x300 , th.jpg )
He was being sarcastic when he mentioned the university, you idiot. He's literally mocking you and you're too stupid to get it.
>> No. 42458
>> 41102
Because you were too poor to get a college education without drown yourself in debt, right? I am sorry for you and your friend. Go to MGTOW or other place where losers that cannot get pussy because they have no money congregate.
In the end you both can be gay and flip burgers together, or drive a Uber, or whatever poor people without college education do. Then you can both get back to your project slum and pretend to be "smart" together while jerking each other off.

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