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/mir/ ~ DAPHNE VID
File 152689347848.jpg - (44.76KB , 960x720 , 1.jpg )
21491 No. 21491
Any have this vid? in mirror or dlfree?
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>> No. 21496
2nding this request. Ive only seen a short clip.
>> No. 21499

the preview is missing but its mirrorace link still works, be sure to type the pass as ONE word, not two
>> No. 21501
Oops, sorry, that's her SOLO vid, here's the one with Dad
PW = hurrythefuckup (type as ONE word)
>> No. 21508
I heard her dad got locked up for a long stretch not long ago. I bet he enjoyed it tho......
>> No. 23219
File 152728418083.jpg - (43.65KB , 640x480 , D&Iclip.jpg )
Two short clips from Daphne & Irena Vid.
Pass: daft
>> No. 24984
File 152855025346.jpg - (163.84KB , 833x720 , Daphne-older.jpg )
That's a great classic - many thanks indeed.
I don't know how dad didn't just burst when she sucked him?
At one point he asks her if he can do something..... maybe cum on her or even just fuck her?? She says no.

I found this older photo of Daphne on 144 - are there anymore?
She is very beautiful i think. many do not like her as she got older, but i do.
>> No. 24986
I bet without the camera filming, she would gladly let him cum all over her sweet body. You can tell she enjoys it, letting dad suck her pussy. Every now and then she pauses so as to enjoy the moment.
>> No. 25068
Daphne was one of my first to discover way back and I will never forget her. She loves to please and I love to watch.
>> No. 26130
bump more Daphne
>> No. 26131
189 Dapne images, some model poses, some candids and some caps
pw is 155chan
>> No. 26215

You sir are a gentleman and i thank you so much!!
>> No. 26262
Wow rare material first time to see thanks! Hope you set an example for all douche hoarders.
>> No. 26313
That video has been "out there" for donkeys! You just ain´t seen it, that´s all.
>> No. 28443
Strange how this has bumped to the top twice in 2 days without a post ...
Maybe whoever's doing this doesn't think that everyone knows the trick about passwording your post and removing it = Ghost Bump
Hate to see anything Daphne get threadlocked
>> No. 28451
has any one got her vids 1 2 3
>> No. 28488
You should find a lot more here both her NN & Nude vids

>> No. 28494
File 15307373518.jpg - (132.02KB , 1065x682 , 152918410148.jpg )
Daphne & sister Irene Nude

>> No. 28495
>> No. 28496


NOTE : Will Need this PW UpP3d-8y_L0l1F@p
>> No. 30168
I doubt very much judging by the videos. He never gets to fuck her and he doesn't get to cum all over her. What they did in private is of course another story. I hope he got to fuck her or at least cum all over her, or even better, inside her little cunt.

Memories like that keep you alive when locked up.
>> No. 30169
Already down:
Fichier supprimé pour raison de copyright.
>> No. 36737
File 15375762454.gif - (8.95KB , 239x239 , giphy.gif )
>> No. 47013
>>21501 All vids are down can someone re-up Daphne and her dad please
>> No. 50876
that man are not her dad. He is the partner of her dad in this business. in that video you hear her sister voice, one adult man (her dad) and possibly a woman. But not her dad.....
>> No. 51590
please can anyone put daphne nn 1 2 3 on this link.
>> No. 52855
That man on her video are not her dad. Her dad are talking behind camera.....
>> No. 53431
180chan dont work, plz upload here.
>> No. 53434
All her movies posted here:

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