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/mir/ ~ my fav cams
File 152942921195.jpg - (189.62KB , 900x600 , Page25.jpg )
26585 No. 26585
sorry for multiple posts- As suggested by another poster, I am starting a fresh thread with my more favorite cams and will keep them here from now on ;) Depending on how long I depend to hang out here, this thread may get quite large!

pass for ALL cams in this post: 93nLSKdngM230823jskldfnbksdfgy35

to start I present a chubby chink.
Expand all images
>> No. 26588
File 152942987657.jpg - (84.81KB , 1265x749 , Page260 danaandfriend.jpg )
next: "dana and friend". bodies are amazing

>> No. 26589
File 152942996362.jpg - (69.04KB , 1265x741 , Page106 BW1287.jpg )
from brainwashed series. 3 vids. Lovely butt!
>> No. 26590
File 152943073730.jpg - (364.55KB , 880x1000 , Page26.jpg )
another brainwashed "1326". 11 vids. She's a fatty but I wanna pound her! LOL @ her playing basketball. Would love to watch her jiggle while she handles balls.

>> No. 26594
File 152943141822.jpg - (332.24KB , 800x1200 , Page27.jpg )
"262sel". She wants you to lick her pussy. Will you help her?

>> No. 26596
File 152943273145.jpg - (251.56KB , 760x1120 , Page28.jpg )
georgia ward- no panties! So cute!!

>> No. 26597
File 15294330541.jpg - (194.68KB , 663x990 , Page29.jpg )
holly 14. nice and thick

>> No. 26599
>> No. 26601
announcement: some passes MAY have a space at the end. Sorry fellow pervs ;)
>> No. 26603
File 152943460616.jpg - (532.01KB , 1200x920 , Page30.jpg )
nick knack patty whack.
Woof woof!

>> No. 26650
nice vids :) - georgia vid not work :(
>> No. 26659
If you have anymore chubby asians Please!!! Lol xq
>> No. 26661
That is one lucky dog! bet that ass tastes great
>> No. 26662
of a dog!!!
>> No. 26664
File 152950516583.jpg - (265.70KB , 800x720 , Page31.jpg )
let the boner jams continue. Hope you've got plenty of stock in your balls.

two cuties

>> No. 26666
File 152950583976.jpg - (212.48KB , 800x720 , Page33.jpg )
this girl tell her parents she's going pee, but she instead is showing the world her sweet pussy. Fantastic.

>> No. 26667
File 152950591361.jpg - (222.16KB , 800x720 , Page35.jpg )
Assume the position sweetie!

>> No. 26669
File 152950605821.jpg - (238.73KB , 800x720 , Page34.jpg )
so naughty

>> No. 26670
File 152950612868.jpg - (212.18KB , 800x720 , Page32.jpg )
ever fap to a unicorn? Here's your chance.

>> No. 26671
File 15295072095.jpg - (15.28KB , 300x300 , 152943460613.jpg )
I never watch vids twice but for not this one. Wow!!!
>> No. 26672
File 152950768491.jpg - (216.65KB , 800x720 , Page32.jpg )
this girl gets bored, so she decides to fuck a household item. WOW!!!!!

>> No. 26706
File 152952546218.jpg - (467.03KB , 820x1460 , Page33.jpg )
probably my fav so far. She doesn't show a whole lot but her body is AMAZING, she is GORGEOUS and she is sooo sexual. Watching this vid makes me cum without even touching my cock. Enjoy her.

>> No. 26708
File 152952582862.jpg - (24.53KB , 406x719 , jbk842g1_mp4_000338500.jpg )
stretching is fun ;)

>> No. 26709
File 152952594892.jpg - (225.54KB , 820x720 , Page35.jpg )
time to lick her clean

>> No. 26710
File 152952597679.jpg - (271.02KB , 820x720 , Page36.jpg )
what a body!

>> No. 26717
Why do they say on the news when talking about these type of shows that girls are being "coerced or threatened" to perform? I don't see any coercion or threatening.
>> No. 26725
Many thanks Crumpet for all your superb posts! Great taste in beauty! Well done sir!
>> No. 26726
news for you morons these girls are doing this to girls their own age!
News is talking about Teenagers being blackmailed threatened etc. Same fucks that day let's dox her. There just dumb fuck male teens that hate everything spend their lives on chan boards.
>> No. 26755
Amazing thread, thanks! But it looks almost all teenage girls are little sluts.
>> No. 27182
stop posting, you dumb piece of shit
this young ladies aren't flashing 'kids their own age', and they know it
>> No. 27195
File 152959940539.jpg - (129.60KB , 720x640 , Page42.jpg )
fire alarm!!!

>> No. 27196
File 152959945755.jpg - (189.88KB , 720x640 , Page43.jpg )
OK, which one of you dirty perverts knocked her up!!??

>> No. 27197
File 152959955765.jpg - (80.26KB , 720x419 , Page44.jpg )

>> No. 27324
best thread keep posting thank you so much
>> No. 27379
Nice caps. Its a shame she doesnt play with her dog
>> No. 27386
thank you man!! bump!!
>> No. 27453
All these great uploads
You are a major stud.
Your cock must be huge.
>> No. 27471
many thanks
>> No. 27494
The girls on this thread are on live me, why not share their id? Is this not allowed here? For example I know the id of this girl
>> No. 27496
OMG! This is one SUPER CUTE Chubby! more chubbies please! and great thread!!
>> No. 27625
georgia ward... password and space in the end works for me
>> No. 27980
delicious pussy
>> No. 27987
do you have any black girls
>> No. 28082
File 153029138622.jpg - (119.27KB , 860x767 , Page62.jpg )
From BW series. little les action

>> No. 28083
File 153029169481.jpg - (95.62KB , 860x767 , Page63.jpg )
another Brainwashed. Cute chubby

>> No. 28085
File 15302929211.jpg - (102.69KB , 860x767 , Page61.jpg )
last one for now. one more brainwashed
She has way more footage (liveme I think), but BW picked out best parts. 5 vids in archive.

>> No. 28111
>>26596 pass please?
>> No. 28150
File 153035198851.jpg - (145.01KB , 700x1302 , Polinariya on Periscope 2_mp4.jpg )
>> No. 28151
File 153035216535.jpg - (122.97KB , 700x1302 , Polinariya on Periscope 1_mp4.jpg )
>> No. 28152
File 153035234245.jpg - (138.38KB , 700x1302 , Polinariya on Periscope_mp4.jpg )
This girl please ?
>> No. 28302
More chubby asses
>> No. 28326
Anyone have any big girls with big asses?
>> No. 28327
You mean a little bbw lol
>> No. 29434
>> No. 29447
wow oh wow wow wow
>> No. 29543
not me, you can't get preggers in the ass
>> No. 29987
fat chicks no thanks, fat lolli yes pleae
>> No. 30020
Keep em coming boys
>> No. 30087
yeah fat lollis please
>> No. 30177
Does anyone know what they're talking about?
>> No. 30178
Unicorns have always been my fantasy
>> No. 30179
any vids with lollies playing with their nipples?
>> No. 30258
>that song
>> No. 31034
whats the PW FOR THIS File 152943073730.jpg
>> No. 31092
My god I really want this video, please some HERO !
>> No. 32500
Any chance you could post some where the girls talk dirty? I’m looking for one where the girl opens her lips and says “see, it’s open for somebody’s €0€k”
>> No. 32508
by the time the videos end up here, the accounts are usually dead and abandoned.
>> No. 32592
As a pedophile you have great power to good or bad. Choose the good side, Luke. Don't cause the girls problems. They'll have enough of their own when then eventually get caught and have to face their parents, or worse, some asshole prosecutor in some small hick town.
>> No. 32622
This girl is my favorite!! I had her on my Snapchat and her and her friend would send me pics paying with themselves. Fuck, I wish I knew what her shit is now...
>> No. 32722
More vids?
>> No. 32732
For some reason, my program is telling me all these rars are empty. What program should I use to unpack?
>> No. 33888
And they say children aren't sexual.... mmm hmm..
>> No. 33924
File 153536517129.jpg - (330.52KB , 800x2933 , Thumb.jpg )
Here is your wish fulfilled! Poly in 9 files, 313 MB #Enjoy!

Part 1: http://dl.free.fr/kZKNd2BpT
Part 2: http://dl.free.fr/vWzU1H7g3
Part 3: http://dl.free.fr/hASaUMKD7

>> No. 34414
breeding party
>> No. 34436
tendrás los videos en Rar? no puedo encontrar un programa q abra 7z
>> No. 34453
Amigo, yo tengo winrar 5.0 y abre perferctamente, y sino uso 7zip
>> No. 34563
useless since multiple files and low res
>> No. 34705
up next "luvsex". This girl is so damn slutty. Its awesome! has sound ;)


pass 93nLSKdngM230823jskldfnbksdfgy35
>> No. 34706
File 153608496338.jpg - (144.62KB , 800x800 , Page9.jpg )
cleaned preview of "luvsex" above. sorry mods
>> No. 34708
File 153608582542.jpg - (187.47KB , 1110x640 , Page10.jpg )
One of the hottest cams to recently surface! 8yo Ariana and her friend. Two SEXY american girls. Over half hour of super duper fappable hotness! Has sound. Oh the things I'd do with them in that room... OK I shut up now.

down: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/ZBBrGxP1
pass 93nLSKdngM230823jskldfnbksdfgy35
>> No. 34710
File 153608770520.jpg - (338.71KB , 1280x720 , Page11.jpg )
next: from brainwashed: "BW1699". 3 vids. Dirty girl ;) She wants it!

down: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/2KjN0Baq
pass: 93nLSKdngM230823jskldfnbksdfgy35
>> No. 34715
File 153608898140.jpg - (283.55KB , 1100x640 , Page12.jpg )
sshhhhh! She has a secret! Don't tell daddy! But daddy already knows how sweet her box is!

down: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/O3ntXPD3
pass: 93nLSKdngM230823jskldfnbksdfgy35
>> No. 34720
File 153609355085.jpg - (293.36KB , 1100x640 , Page13.jpg )

down: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/4ZefX36W
pass: 93nLSKdngM230823jskldfnbksdfgy35
>> No. 34722
Love this website, thank you all for the hard work. My question is this, how do I download from dl.free.fr to an Android phone? Every time I try, it downloads some .bin file and not the file that I want. If you could please overlook my being a noon and explain how to, I would really appreciate it.
>> No. 34737
>>34710 Thanks for the posts but vid 1a is missing from that 3 pack.
>> No. 34753
Crumpet, why are the vids called "brainwashed"?
>> No. 34763
Dood, if you're watching child porn on a cellphone, you've got bigger problems than how to download from dl.free.fr. This is a serious crime, man, and you are just one lost phone away from jail time.
>> No. 34781

These three pls!
>> No. 34847
File 153616698135.jpg - (256.88KB , 1080x640 , Page14.jpg )
may have posted in a separate thread. I don't know. So many hot cams. Blonde cutie showing off. So adorable! cock is growing....

down: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/XKbTQCam

pass: 93nLSKdngM230823jskldfnbksdfgy35
>> No. 34850
sorry don't know how to link posts in my post (maybe someone can tell me!?)

reup request granted.

26708: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/NuIp0FIg

26709: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/poWlAzV5

26710: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/69TsphdW

same pass
>> No. 34853
File 153616841951.jpg - (344.35KB , 1080x640 , Page15.jpg )
sexy 11yo. knows what we like. 12 short vids. faptastic! Go forth and blow thy load.

down: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/zs94P1vP
pass: 93nLSKdngM230823jskldfnbksdfgy35

and to the guy using his cell phone for CP. FUCKING STOP! Unless you REALLY know what you are doing. If you have your shit linked the cloud, you already uploaded CP to your cloud provider. You're fucked man. Wipe that phone if you want ANY chance of not being thrown in prison. Never use a CP for CP!
>> No. 34854
since this is "my" thread- NO FUCKING DOXXING!! These girls are kind enough to show the world their sexiness- dont be an even BIGGER creep and tell everyone who they are! Don't be an asshole!
>> No. 34870
File 153618133867.jpg - (23.38KB , 360x240 , 240_F_43631140_zXFHOTzXPt2I2g7xSoaXS0SZgS4v7zyw.jpg )
Very generous of you to give us this collection, absolutely amazing one! it's very hard to get lolis to do this and even harder to keep this from LEA once it's out in the public. Doxxing is a worry of course but then I'd worry more about the 'Pedofeds'. You can't protect these girls too much, once they decide to play extreme dares like this on webcam, not your responsibility anymore and believe me sharing these will give all collectors here years of material to dream about... so you get thanks wholeheartedly for that.

>> No. 34873
zp- thank you for your kind words. I just like sharing! And These cams have been out for some time in other places, so I am sure the pedofeds (lol) already paid the parents a visit and traumatized these girls. So unnecessary. The act itself is completely harmless, its when law enforcement agents show up and make it like the world is ending cause a 10 year old girl showed her vagina! OH NO!!
>> No. 34907
>>34763 you're right hopefully he is at least using a vpn on his smartphone. would be better if he was also using tor
>> No. 34912
Wait, are you saying LEA are going after the girls who are making pedos stay home and fap instead of going out and doing something with actual girls!?! What is this world coming to!
>> No. 34920
>>34873 some of these girls should be thankful their vids are available for anyone to save. Theres this one girl that's named Madison who is also a top professional child model and because of sites like this she now has a fan base to follow her modeling career. Sure most of them are pedos but its still a fanbase lol
her vids were probably seen by photographers too which may have even started her career. who knows
>> No. 35963
pls reup
>> No. 37336
this please
>> No. 37343
TO 34781! crumpet 18/09/05(Wed)17:07 No. 34850
sorry don't know how to link posts in my post (maybe someone can tell me!?)

reup request granted.

26708: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/NuIp0FIg

26709: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/poWlAzV5

26710: http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/69TsphdW

same pass

All ready reupt !!! You are blind :)
>> No. 37356
nice selection , brainwashed stuff is always worth a look
>> No. 37793
Do you have any anal videos? can be stuffing his own finger, with toys or someone shoving or licking her ass, can be anything since they are not boys, anyone?
>> No. 38713
Do RAR files have a 'shelf-life'? More than half the 'successful' downloads of RAR archives from here, even ones posted today or yesterday, are "not a valid RAR archive" and "No files to extract". What causes that, and why aren't more people asking this question. I can't be the only person on earth who gets about 20% of the files posted but 80% are "not valid"?
>> No. 38730
File 15392142276.jpg - (30.90KB , 540x960 , 1 (33).jpg )
The latest RAR5 is an abortion.
Files zipped with it cant be opened with earlier utilities.
Get the latest 7ZIP it get around RAR trying to sell you expensive shit.
>> No. 38733
This website SUCKS!!!
>> No. 38777
Plz tell me you have more of her you're willing to share.
>> No. 38800
File 153930785396.jpg - (33.69KB , 360x640 , 3894d856-50da-407f-8087-e51b73bcf620.jpg )
Have any of her ?
>> No. 38857
Thanks! I couldn't tell which 7z archiver was the "latest" but I found something called Keka 1.1.4 and it has saved many previously-unreadable files. You da man! (or woman?)
>> No. 38909
Video little girl fuck
>> No. 39041
thanks crumpet, but host now links to "tnn19" -which is fine, but not the vid in the pic...any chance of a re-up? thanks
>> No. 39050
go up we wish to see more camgirls on MIR thanks to share
>> No. 39123

>> No. 39855
little up to support and try to have more camgirl on MIR FOR FREE
no shekelring here
>> No. 40433
Please repost
>> No. 40482
anyone know if other vids for Cameron exist? or is she a one hit wonder?
>> No. 43098
File 154388001543.jpg - (666.26KB , 750x931 , 72D8BB16-6254-4004-8E84-913520B6EE40.jpg )
Can fake this?
>> No. 43160

I'm sure she wishes she could shrink that nose about 3 sizes.

Looks like Sarah Jessica Parker. Yuck!
>> No. 43571
Looks more like F. Murray Abraham.
>> No. 45799
Great job
>> No. 46109
I am so jealous of all of you. I search and search and find nothing but prison time...no matter where I go there they are...please help me if you can. My e mail is secure as far as I know...I want lots of female child porn...very addicted...help me....
>> No. 46182
Dude the first couple of videos without thumbsheet, I was about to close the thread...but you have delivered the fucking GOODS. I'm not even halfway through what I've downloaded and already found a top 5 all time (34708). THANK YOU
>> No. 46221
Dear crumpet, this is by far one of the best threads here. I´m very thankful. Just one short question on this video: Why so many cuts? It´s a bit weird and hectical. Also the audio doesn´t fit. Is there a chance to get all full scenes uncutted?
>> No. 52452
Damn, what a gold mine! I like your little comment/titles for each. Thanks for taking the time to share! :)
>> No. 52629
go ahead bro, nice fav cams,, moaarr
>> No. 53439
i want little girls like No. 34715 so hot for them .
>> No. 53789
thanks you
>> No. 55077
I know a chubby girl who looks like her, little hottie
>> No. 55138
Dows anybody have a anything on this canadian girl from bigo in her basement with her coisins
>> No. 55146
you have good taste
>> No. 55147
porfavor sube este!
(please upload this!)
>> No. 55148
you have good taste
>> No. 55236
How do you brainwash them? asking for a friend
>> No. 55339
reup the chub loli pls
>> No. 55340

Thank you for the lolis, but could you reup this one please?
>> No. 55424
I remember me and my cousin found a couple on omegle and my cousin showed a little, but then our parents were calling for us so we had stop it :(
>> No. 55489
Those two messing around and giggling uncontrollably? They needed some guy online wanting a massive cock to get their attention. The babe with the glasses was up for ANYTHING!
>> No. 55537
I must find her - she Is My Queen !
Every one of her turds and every ovum she releases must be bathed in my cum ! The planet is not such a big place - I begin The Search now . . .

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