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/mir/ ~ valya ?? vids??
File 153071837516.png - (1.78MB , 1070x768 , valya.png )
28457 No. 28457
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>> No. 28470
File 153072822877.jpg - (216.08KB , 1024x838 , 1_5055485590418489382_mp4_thumbs_[2018_07_04_21_15.jpg )
pass 123450
>> No. 28519
She no likey up the azz
>> No. 28541
File 153079934655.png - (293.94KB , 943x388 , hgtyuiuooklg.png )
>> No. 28674
so they are waiting upload the videos
>> No. 28680
I would really like that first vid. I remember having it a long time ago. If anyone has I would appreciate it.
>> No. 28681
Plz someone have the first video?
>> No. 28685
Our own little Taylor Swift
>> No. 28692
Lets try this again.


PW: 155chan
>> No. 28754
File 153102167552.jpg - (149.75KB , 1431x1068 , Untitled-1.jpg )
>>28680 I assume you are looking for the first vid of >>28541's post and not the OP cap. Valya has like 35+ vids and I don't know which one is the OP


Captain Kangaroo
>> No. 28757
pass ??
>> No. 28858
More Valya vids pls!
>> No. 28863
stupid or blind
>> No. 28875
The best vid is the one where her fat friend joins her in that crummy room and shows off her holes.
>> No. 30322
>> No. 30396
I heard she killed herself because of what her dad did. Don't know if true or just fake news or what?
>> No. 30429
I heard Anon likes to post scary stories to guilt us here. Not sure if it's true or fake news.
>> No. 30550
I heard of another girl killed herself because she wanted sex so bad and wouldn't be given any.
>> No. 36735
File 153757601151.jpg - (24.09KB , 583x568 , goommer.jpg )
>> No. 36741
I heard a guy died from not having sex with girls.
>> No. 37061
The guy in the vids isn't her dad, he's a paying neighbor in her apartment building. She's alive and doing fine.
>> No. 37111
every time there is a girl who seems to be enjoying herself the stories come out where "she killed herself" or "behind closed doors he beat her" or some other nonsense. There are girls who enjoy it and just because she isn't into it 100% of the time doesn't mean she hated it all the time.
The myth of kids hating it and being damaged is bullshit.
SOME kids are abused. SOME kids are traumatized.
Children internalize FEELINGS not events so if you threaten them it can be traumatizing. If you coerce them it can be traumatizing.
If you're gentle, and patient its fine. The main thing about these girls growing up traumatized is that when its discovered they are told OVER AND OVER that they went through some shit, and the FEELING that is pushed on them is creating the trauma. Seriously google around for anon confessions and you'll find a lot of girls with sexual experience who are proud of it.
There was an article I posted on a different thread that found "22% of girls who had experienced sexual contact before 13 was against their will" Read between the lines here for a second. THATS 78% OF THE GIRLS SURVEYD were either into it or indifferent.
>> No. 37164
File 153792209653.png - (944.84KB , 761x568 , valya 13 yo.png )
>> No. 37329
In a questionnaire targeting university students, 50% of female students have been sexually harassed by relatives before junior high school, and 10% are penis inserted into one of their holes in the body There seems to have been
This is a terrible result!
>> No. 37375
You are right, that is terrible. 50 % harassed and only 10 % got a penis in them? That´s not a good rate of success! Come on, uncles and dads, a bit more effort please.
>> No. 37376

Read here please my posting abot the LIAR WHORE Natascha Kampusch from Austria:


HOTLINKS ONLY WORK IF YOU REMOVE THE i AFTER THE # LIKE https://144chan.pk/mir/res/46118.html#46773

>> No. 37379
Please, up this video!
>> No. 37454
File 153813530840.jpg - (17.41KB , 500x375 , 153756673943s.jpg )
This gal has had my attention for years. More wins would be awesome
>> No. 37501
All girls enjoy it then play victims later.
>> No. 41639
she is a delicious piece of fuck meat I fuck valyas brains out
>> No. 42262
MOAR yalya pls
>> No. 42263
moar yalya please
>> No. 42264

U schell forget wery fast this kind of questionnaire targetings because the most of them are politicaly manipulated.
In this world are millions of girls who suck an fuck for money to finance his own pleasure or to pay some bils and nobody realize this. Between 7 and 10 years edge, are alot who suck and swallow for money to buy some thinks. Later they suck and fuck for money to pay studyy bils and other material thinks and nobody force they to do it.
No pimps, no parents, no "loverboys".
See for example this "mini models" from Vlad Models or other where girls, equal if nude or no nude posing. Do u think somebody force them to do this? No! Nobody force or molest them. They doit for money!
>> No. 42305
Valya aka Ariel..loved. C O C K!!💦💦
>> No. 43404
Bump for the love of god! lets see some vids!
>> No. 46108
Looking for valya wearing a pink headband taking it belly down and balls deep. I've seen pics but never video. Plz help
>> No. 46134
>>of love to give her a good licking and pound the shit out of that pussie
>> No. 48642
Bumpity bump

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