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/mir/ ~ LL-E1
File 153317274799.jpg - (11.96KB , 328x340 , LL-E1-ac.jpg )
31146 No. 31146
Looking for LL-E1 (Patricia aka Baby I think?) series for years and years, I know theres a vid cause I saw an animated gif of the scene. I achieve peace of mind with this. Pics and vid, anyone please?
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>> No. 31149
File 153318728723.jpg - (166.82KB , 633x683 , LL-E1-xx.jpg )
I'm sure you can help.
>> No. 31154
>> No. 31202
File 153321873021.jpg - (105.22KB , 837x1024 , 471285.jpg )
Superb girl
>> No. 31226
thank you
>> No. 31239
File 153324555499.jpg - (1.11MB , 1571x2016 , 1415219550209.jpg )
Here's all I have, I've never heard of a video, but damn if there is one I want it.


pw 155chan
>> No. 31241
>> No. 31249
File 153325453482.gif - (345.74KB , 160x120 , LL-E1-mov.gif )
where theres an ani gif, there's a vid
>> No. 31250
thank you so much!
>> No. 31282
I suppose that's not her?
Notice the different pubic hair. Patricia couldn't take it too deep and fast. That's probably another teen female (17+) CMIIW

Bumping for actual video. She is beautiful!
>> No. 31283
File 153327914226.jpg - (672.02KB , 1572x2016 , 1415220101685.jpg )
>> No. 31287
File 153328322398.jpg - (853.15KB , 1620x2325 , Joy-Lulu-Connie 12yo smiling at a boy.jpg )
There isn't a film with this blonde hottie whose other "names" are Joy, Connie, and Lulu. There's only a film (Advanced Young Sex) with one of her brunette friends.
>> No. 31289
>> No. 31313
File 153330021291.jpg - (747.70KB , 1235x1851 , Joy-Lulu-Connie 12yo - joy-07b.jpg )
No video or film exists of her, just dozens of sexy still photographs.
>> No. 31319
they were from a magazine gents
>> No. 31373
Fairly sure a B&W video exists. Only seen
a clip of it once in gif flavoring.
>> No. 31492
thank you all for the contributions, she's responsible for much spilled milk, i assume she's danish. how old she'd be by now? 50 maybe? hope she has aged nicely and have a good life, she have a special place in my heart
>> No. 33960
These magazines are from the early seventies, so being 50 is a good guess.
She may be Dutch, though the magazines were printed in Denmark.
The only thing you may be sure off is that there were (hold breath) 8mm films!
They may have been transcribed to VHS and maybe later to video => read any quality has been lost.
These pictures were scanned from printed magazines.
How lucky we are to have HD polar light videos today!
>> No. 33961
beautiful hairy pussy 👅👅
>> No. 33963
thanks Anons for old pics, I still remember her from old days.

if there is a video, someone out there might still have it?

hopefully she has aged well, yes much male seed has been spilled on her behalf!
>> No. 34213

I agree, she is special, she was the girl that started it all for me. The gods made her do it, because she would look exceptionally attractive in heat, and thus lure us into the brotherhood of girl lovers. The natural golden hair and ecstasy of enjoyment and curiosity with her lover's penis, she was perfect for it all! She's the queen of the internet's beginning pedosexuality.
>> No. 34262
She's closer to 60 than 50 now. There were supposed to be 2 films available but I've never run into anyone who had one. A black & white reversed version of the pic in post 31239 was used in a magazine ad for "moppet" movies you used to be able to find in the back of Hustler magazine as late as 1979.
>> No. 34505
>> No. 34795
File 153614220859.jpg - (51.27KB , 550x768 , Joy 12yo in Lolita #14 _LC_91407.jpg )
>> No. 34899
A hunt for the vids.
>> No. 35472
File 153665730788.jpg - (612.68KB , 920x1157 , Joy 12yo - dildo.jpg )
I've never seen an ad for lolita/moppet films in 1970s American magazines like Hustler, Penthouse, or Playboy, especially not accompanied by stills of pubescent nude girls. Unless you can find or make a scan, and tell us the issue date, I doubt the veracity of what you said.

The closest Hustler's American edition delved into kiddie porn were the "educational" prepubescent and adolescent nude pics in two articles in their December 1978 issue.

The Australian, South African, and Canadian editions of Hustler didn't yet exist back then, but what about the British edition, is that what you meant?

Another thing: if Joy did appear in a film, it couldn't have been a Color-Climax production, because as we know, avid collectors have already made lists of all their films and digitized most or all of those films and scanned all the relevant ads for them, and I never saw Joy in any of them. Yet, as I said, Joy's friend Monica appeared in two films, both by Color-Climax.
>> No. 35473
This is Monica with Joy here, right?
Plus, Joy did appear in a lesbian photo set with an older chick on the same bed where Monica got fucked in Advanced Young Sex.
>> No. 35474
>> No. 35481
>>34795 I just can't believe how can she look so much like my ex. Same face and body, except she was more blonde and 19yr. Best pussy I ever had, even after all these years. Maybe because she was my youngest gf and a virgin? I bet this girl's pussy also feels heavenly.
>> No. 35552
I can confirm what the earlier anon said about magazine ads, although never in Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse. This was the time before internet, and there were numerous less glamorous and successful magazines in which such ads appeared. If my recall is accurate it likely was this exact girl pictured.
>> No. 35820
The ad definitely was in American Hustler, which was the hardest magazine we kids ever got ahold of back then. The ad was in numerous issues over the '76-79 span. It was very small - an inch or less in height - and buried amongst all the other tiny ads in the very back of the magazine. The adverts were even legal under U.S. law until '78. There were often other little ads without picture offering similar wares. Hustler was the only place I ever saw them. Not Playboy, Penthouse, Gallery, Chic, or OUI.
>> No. 50393
she is the most beautiful girl ive ever seen on old mag. need more of her. i know there are organized and completed set of her somewhere on the internet
>> No. 50405
>¡Mas. De Retro Plzzz!

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