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/mir/ ~ Dolly
File 153431338588.jpg - (209.27KB , 1200x1600 , 15340055775.jpg )
32507 No. 32507
I've seen Dolly Model''s up skirt nude but were there any decent nipslips?
I bow to the more knowledgeable.
Also a name I remember from the past was Nastya Mouse,did she have any slips?
I look forward to hearing from you all, thanks.
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>> No. 32895
Anyone got DSM video number 160 ? ? ????
>> No. 32932
File 153470591848.jpg - (181.16KB , 1280x720 , Dolly_v160.jpg )

I do! And soon you'll have it too ;-)


Pass: jb@forum
>> No. 33002
Thank you very very very much kind sir. I wish everyone on here were as obliging as you. May you get your reward one day soon.
>> No. 33003
OMG! Her pussy is giant! She starts had sex from very young...
>> No. 33005
File 153477032138.jpg - (138.30KB , 1563x723 , dolly01.jpg )
A closeup view of whats on offer here.
>> No. 33228
File 15349286709.jpg - (121.13KB , 787x576 , egypt_trip.jpg )

"Also a name I remember from the past was Nastya Mouse,did she have any slips?"

I don't remember seeing any slips in Nastya-Mouse's videos but then there is this one from her "Mouse Trip - Travel To Egypt" series.

>> No. 33243
I dont think the size / shape or colour of a girls genitals has got anything to do with her sexual experience. I wouldnt be surprised to learn that when this video was shot she was a virgin. Unlikely though.
>> No. 33245
Pass please.
>> No. 33250
File 153493908430.jpg - (469.41KB , 1200x1600 , aaa.jpg )

Ooops... I totally forgot the pass:


Sorry for any inconvenience...
>> No. 33255

Oh, come on, you cannot be this fucking retarded.

Shape and color of genitals (the pussy for you morons) is controlled GENETICALLY.

The shape has ZERO to do with sexual activity.

You incel mothafuckas really need to go the fuck away.
>> No. 33463
There are precious few slips of any model but Dolly. She has many pussy and nip slips. Tween years mostly.
Karisha had a pussy slip in an early set and they just photo shopped a thin line on her pussy. After they did a lot of ugly photo shop to cover her labia. A few partial labia majora slips through the years. Karisha has a quick topless scene in a "hobbynavigator" vid. She was maybe 10-11.
Nastia has a few partial nips one partial lip in an early set. She had a great nip slip in the skateboard vid??? By then her nips were HUGE.
I only remember on hint of an areola with Foxy.
I never was into Jessy.
Two Elfs has a great pussy slip and tons of partials in the watermelon series.
Wildkitty has pussy slips early. But fakes you out with high cut panties that make you think she's nude underneath.
Playkitty has some nips and labia majora slips. Nip slips up into the teen years.
Steppeflower has nip slips and maybe two labia slips.
Cinderella's first set or second had lips. She had lips in a few more. A few nipples. She became the head of the studio. BTW... if you did not know. Dima lives in the mountains.
Juliet Summer has tons of everything. The one clear shot of a pussy was edited in a video by darkening the area. Shame. One of the girls pussy is clear from behind in the shower vid.
The dark haired girl does not trim her bush. The blond does.

I don't save this stuff. Sorry.
>> No. 33488
>>skateboard vid

Which vid/set # was this?
>> No. 33489

Which vid/set has the Nastia nipple slip on skateboard?
>> No. 33492
As I said, I bow to those more knowledgeable. Thanks for the information and the puss slips, new to me. I still hope someone can provide a pic of Dolly''s nipple. Any pics of Dolly or Nastya as they are now, all grown up?. It's nice to look at a girl knowing you've seen her pussy, she can never take that from you, even family. Works for celeb hacks too. I'm rambling now, so over to you........,thanks.
>> No. 33521
Google might be your friend on Nastia.
There are some great Dolly slips in a Petals on Stone video. She's only in a few. Around video 68
>> No. 33551
Karisha pussy slips of Dream-studio days, please...
>> No. 33552
Please, all these share with us... OMG!
>> No. 33553
What set is this with Wild Kitty?
>> No. 33554
Wildkitty, Playkitty, Karisha and Two Elfs please...
>> No. 33561
File 153505405657.jpg - (1.45MB , 2000x1333 , 43854395843.jpg )
>> No. 33562
File 153505407038.jpg - (216.33KB , 1200x1600 , 37373727272.jpg )
>> No. 33597
File 153507553720.jpg - (82.23KB , 550x413 , skate_dance.jpg )
I think this one.
>> No. 33604
>> No. 33605
File 153508469986.jpg - (244.40KB , 1600x1200 , 079.jpg )

It's set #211. Unfortunately I don't have the video.

The body on this girl!

She's got to be in her early 20s by now. Wonder what she looks like and when is she going to do the interracial porn for us??? (I wish, right?)
>> No. 33624
Do you have a free link for this video please - or anybody ?????? Dolly has a most edible and photogenic pussy imaginable. Thank you very much.
>> No. 33887
This was a good thread, then it died.
>> No. 33892
dose foxy have any good slips?
>> No. 33893
nikita was my favorite dose anyone have any good slips of her.
>> No. 34063
I do not remember any thing from Nikita.
But she was not my favorite.

I suggest Alina sets 67, 68, 70
>> No. 34567
Why is this not the best thread?
>> No. 34787
>She's got to be in her early 20s by now.

I think she is now a photographer for DreamStudios. She even does a shower scene with Stenna/Steppe. She still looks damn hot too.

>dose foxy have any good slips?

I never saw any slips. She has a couple of sets where she's wearing some very sheer tops though.>>33893

>nikita was my favorite dose anyone have any good slips of her.

She has a video of her in the surf, and her shirt is wet and you can clearly see nips, as well as a couple of sets in sheer tops. She was one of my favorites also. Alina, Foxy, and Nikita... followed closely by Alyssa, Dolly and Play Kitty. I never got into Nastia Mouse... It just looks weird to see a full rack on an 11yo.

Dolly had a sweet spot between ~10-12 yrs. She was beautiful and revealing. As she got older, she had an amazing body, but she looked like Matt Damon. Same with Jessica. She had a short sweet spot where she was pretty. Alina however, STILL looks stunning! But I love her younger sets during Dream-studio days. Alina was a charming girl, sweet, expressive and sexy as HELL! She is an amazing dancer as well.

I haven't got into their newer stuff, yet.

Two Elfs looks looks amazing. I wish they did photo sets, but Dream Studios seems to be shooting video only now.
>> No. 34813
File 153615556881.jpg - (219.10KB , 1280x720 , steppevid180.jpg )

Couple of corrections if you don't mind and:

-Wasn't it Cinderella who had this shower scene with Steppe and not Nastia (SF video180 see the pic)?

-By "Alyssa" do you mean "Alisa-Dreams"?

-"Two-Elfs" series has some photo sets but only with quite few pics and they even seem to be screenshots from videos :(

And you forgot the dynamic duo of "Juliet-Summer" and there are couple of quite nice videos with these girls in wet clothes :-P
>> No. 34820
Dolly became a stripper at a club in St. Petersburg, Russia. Someone posted a flyer from the club on a chan with her picture on stage on it. True story. I verified the flyer with the club (I travel to Russia every year) but Dolly was not there the night I went. I showed the flyer to the bartender and he recognized it as legit. I printed the flyer from the jpeg I found posted. I can't find it now because it wasn't that important to me. This was a few years ago. I was in St. Pete and figured I would get a blowjob from her if she was there. True story all around.
>> No. 34846

Story was mostly believable till the blow job part.


Pro-tip - when bullshitting - never go too far. It's a rookie mistake, bruh. You'll learn.
>> No. 34913
He didn't say he got a blowjob, just that he figured he could. It is absolutely true she was a stripper and probably still is, even though she has done modelling work for GeorgeModels and Ben P. Cook/Tao of Ben/TaoZips.

I was never fond of her. She developed a great body but has a boy's face and almost never smiles, usually looking, at best disinterested, at worst bitchy. Alina was, for a while, the most beautiful creature on Earth. Now she's still hot & beautiful but nowhere near the level she was at from ages 10-16. I was always partial to Play Kitty, as well and early Nastia's body was great 'though I never much liked her face. Cinderella was always an ugly girl with mannish legs. She had nice tits until they shrank & smeared down her chest. Jessie had a nice body but no face at all. Alisa was damn cute but none of the new ones have a face worth looking at although some of the bodies may be alright.
>> No. 34928
File 153622217181.jpg - (282.92KB , 1280x852 , dolly_disco-2.jpg )

I have hard time believing she's a stripper but there's some truth in this story though and Dolly/Veta really seemed to work in some nightclub but not as a stripper but as a dancer or a "go-go girl" instead. I'm slightly amused by how these stories of the later activities of the former child models always involve nude modeling, porn/hc or even prostitution... I guess the idea of them having just a normal life is too incomprehensible to some...

Anyway here's a pic of Dolly in that club.
>> No. 34929
File 153622220542.jpg - (148.99KB , 681x1024 , dolly_disco-1.jpg )
Here's another one of "Disco Dolly".
>> No. 34952
Not stripper, dancer, otherwise you´d see her puppies everywhere!!!
>> No. 46670
Could we get any vids of Dolly? I don't see them anywhere on the triforce. Love her fit body and those fine blonde hairs on her legs and arms
>> No. 46681
Really? tell us who?
>> No. 46753
JB The reason is simply: sectarian religous patrol. They built a false building based on greeks errors on duality, sex-only-to-procreate and suposed natural law. Greeks of course built temporary science and opinions but religions took that and created a "god revelation". And now, or they maintain the errors, foster their sexual frustation to everybody and persecute child-sex, models, etc. or their empire (sin, priest to get for you the pardon and money, a lot of money)ruins...
>> No. 46829
File 15470566485.jpg - (809.50KB , 1728x1152 , dolly-28 067.jpg )
I'm the poster who was in St. Petersburg and tried to see her. And yes, if she was there, I would have asked her to give me a blowjob for $50. I would have gone up to $100 (just because she is Dolly). I never fuck them for fear of AIDS, even with a condom.

If she's a stripper or go go dancer in St . Petersburg, she's a whore. End of story. You guys are very naive to think otherwise. See her in her heels and little bikini bottom at the nightclub? That means she's a whore, especially in St. Petersburg. While she might be a selective whore but she'll still blow you if the price is right. (yes, I know all women are basically whores. I'm talking about the street walking ones).

I lose interest in girls once they hit 16 or so. I'll let them blow me if I'm horny enough but that's about it. I wouldn't touch Dolly now, she's an old bar hag now.
>> No. 46831
Well, she had her moment, the rest will be downhill for her. Uneducated cheap prostitute, she was my favorite once. Only few of them grow up still attractive.
>> No. 46898
In the first place she is from Odessa . You can trace her sets and locations to places in Odessa and surrounding areas. Along with Alisa .,Nastya , The elfs and many more . Why the hell would she move WAY up north to the cold ass environment of St. Pete when the Warm nudist type environment is much more conclusive to her monetary needs! and not whore-ish needs! Why you fools think if you pose sexy OR even naked you have to be a whore---You Idiots!!! Odessa is More popular tourist destination anyway !!!
>> No. 46902
I'm the OP of this thread and I think it's hilarious how sidetracked it became when all I was hoping for was a pic of Dolly's nipple, thanks anyway.
>> No. 46940
File 154713658239.jpg - (908.22KB , 1600x1200 , dolly-17 002.jpg )
Odessa is in Ukraine you stupid idiot. St. Petersburg is in Russia and it's a popular tourist destination, meaning MORE money. It's where all the whores and strippers go. Ukraine and Odessa compared to Russia is like the U.S. compared to Mexico. No money, bad infrastructure, bad living conditions. I'm the poster who went to the club Dolly danced at. I've been to both Russia and Ukraine dozens of times. Don't tell me that if she's from Odessa she would not be in St. Petersburg. Bullshit. It's the first place she would go. The only tourists in Odessa are cheap and rude middle easterners. Every girl I know from there gets the hell out as soon as she can. St. Pete is where the money is and always has been. You have never been to either place but you come on here and talk out of your ass. You didn't even know that Odessa and St. Petersburg are in different countries. LOL
>> No. 46942
If she's a stripper or go go dancer in St . Petersburg, she's a whore. End of story ....
Maybe its not like United States almost all porn girls start in that way and almost them finish in a burdel .
I would have asked her to give me a blowjob for $50. I would have gone up to $100 (just because she is Dolly). I never fuck them for fear of AIDS.....
lucky you is like meet newstar diana, play kitty or Bobby model if you can pay 50 you can pay 20 to take a pic with her and upload in chan.
I wouldn't touch Dolly now, she's an old bar hag now.....
She is still looking hot as always.
>> No. 50052
This had to be the funniest thread about her I’ve ever read... the girl is a go go dancer at night clubs in Asia... about 2 I believe... saw her dancing and trying to pump up the vibe in one of them... she banks about 3k per week I was told. It’s really easy to find her social, she lives a really normal life. Most of her pics are in the gym working out and dance studios... she really only models part time when she’s not in Asia... also did I forget to mention she has a boyfriend...

She’s not a hooker or a whore.... she would probably laugh at you for offering 20 bucks for head... Asian men tip her stacks of bills for her dancing...

The only thing that has ever been sketchy about her is her age... there was a rumor going around saying she got tatted up at 14. at that age she modeled for a few Asian magazine plus Tao. She made a small appearance on vipers model site kiss girl but left after they started doing more HC stuff
GM is the only site so far she models for.
>> No. 50080
She ain’t no whore
>> No. 50343
Yes more photos this time video and sets plz. Best model alltime. So nice body,....

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