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/mir/ ~ Halp
File 153710296930.jpg - (164.96KB , 768x1024 , f4730a8f-0e26-4e06-a7f3-4d980838d54a.jpg )
36071 No. 36071
I xcame across this pic and was hoping that there are moar. Does any one have moar? Plz and thnx
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>> No. 36097
File 153713125024.jpg - (116.37KB , 816x491 , Image2.jpg )
There should be more - that image is from VladModels Play Series set 1, which I don't have.
>> No. 36399
File 153737170785.jpg - (707.88KB , 1796x1488 , m006+9 ps1+8.jpg )
Here's Play set 01 featuring Zhenya m006 & Alina m009. In the OP pic, Zhenya is in purple & Alina is holding flowers. I have 119 of 121 pics.
I threw in the 1/2 dozen pics I have of ps08, as it features both girls. In my posted triple pic, ps08 is on the bottom right. The other 2 are from ps01.
There's no date for ps01, although ps08 is from Dec27.00 - I'm pretty sure that date is accurate.
The Play Series actually went into the 40s but most were put into the 2Model series (15-17+ 22& up)
eg: ps15=2mod12, ps16=2mod11, ps22=2mod09
Both Alina & Zhenya were in several other Play & Wrestle series sets with other models.
Both girls also have solo sets.
There's also 1 vid featuring Alina & 3 featuring Zhenya. These are considered 'Holy Grail' material among Vlad collectors

Anyhow, here's the link


pw is

weak password
>> No. 36405
what is the password? "weak password" doesn't work
>> No. 36418
File 153738957752.jpg - (91.38KB , 1024x768 , DSC00025.jpg )
Maybe I had a space in there accidentally. I just decided to say fuck it - deleted the file & reupped it without the password. This is, after all about as tame as it gets.

So, same stuff as here>>36399 but NO Password

>> No. 36503
yes Alina m009 also had a few videos as seen on wyback but cant find them she is beautiful
>> No. 37060
File 153786224078.jpg - (73.95KB , 764x295 , box cstm.jpg )
I've been thinking that if the OP has no objection I could post the rest of my Vlad Play & Wrestle sets in this thread. At the same time, I can explain more on what I mentioned here>>36399 about Play Series sets being incorporated into the 2Model series.
I might even be tempted to post more of my Vlad material, if I detect enough interest & if time permits.

For now, a small offering - 3 pics from the 100pic Custom Box set featuring Valerya m015 & Yulya m017 from Mar14.01 & its the only official 'Boxing series' set. There is 1 2mod set & 3 videos featuring boxing (all are Very funny)
I wonder why this was not also done as a video, as it would've been quite entertaining.

Anyhow, here's the link - no pw

>> No. 37064
for the record m006 zhenya went off to darts
may have sets from her time at vlad stored somewhere
same set as >>36418 but got it by a bloke named ancient
won't make any promises i've got anything & that's cause vlad threads have a nasty way of simply vanish with no reasons given at all
>> No. 37087
File 153788179717.jpg - (121.07KB , 768x1024 , DSC00108.jpg )
Although I don't have many Darts sets, I have a few with her, though.
I probably have most of her sets from Vlad. I have the 11 # sets, as well as about 20 folders of pre # set material.
I actually got most of the earlier stuff from 'Ancient', as he contributed a fair bit of early Vlad material to a couple of Vlad threads I had a few years back.
I've since pared it down - removing dupes, etc. I think I may've added to it a bit

Here's Play Set #4 featuring Zhenya m006 & Valerya m015. I have 99 out of 100 pics. Like most sets shot with the Sanyo camera the pics all have a date of Jan1.98 & time of midnight. This, of course is wrong.

>> No. 37088
File 153788208641.jpg - (124.12KB , 768x1024 , DSC00076.jpg )
Here's Play set 2 with Valerya m015 & Nastya m014. Its complete with 93 pics. Again, no date

>> No. 37091
File 153788288226.jpg - (146.79KB , 1024x768 , PC170040.jpg )
Here's Play set 6, featuring Valerya m015 & Rada m019. Its complete with 100 pics & is from Dec17.00
The Xmas tree lends a festive air to the procedings


Rada is another early Vlad model that I have vids of
>> No. 37092
File 153788357111.jpg - (164.24KB , 768x1024 , C000117.jpg )
This is Play set 7 with Katya m003 & Nastya m014. Its from Dec21.00 & is missing 31 of 100 pics. The only obvious holes are 174-178 & 180-196, otherwise I don't know if the rest are missing from the beginning or end

>> No. 37093
File 153788416661.jpg - (154.18KB , 1024x768 , C000116.jpg )
The last one for now is Play set 10, featuring Yulyas m017 & m018. Both Yulyas are quite popular. Yulya m018 was with Vlad for 8 years, from 2000 - 2008

>> No. 37131
File 153790503367.png - (293.62KB , 1423x764 , Tanya-cstm-screenshot.png )
>a couple of Vlad threads I had a few years back.
If you are the same guy then I definitely remember your threads that were running elsewhere (Sh*r*ch*n?). They had a good atmosphere, with other contributors getting involved and helping others to complete and correct their collections. Towards the end of things I recall you were having difficulty getting posts approved/suffering inexplicable deletions, particularly with customs from Katya-y111, Zhenya-y114 and Karina-y107, amongst others.

If you are not that poster then please ignore the above, it's just that I really looked forward to updates on those threads and seeing if I was able to make contributions.
>> No. 37149
>>37064 mine

agree completely those threads were awesome defintily missed
pure luck if an attempt of sharing got thrue mine rarely did

seems we got the same stuff or at least very close
the rada vids i've never got a chance to get any and can't even tell how many there is
ancient shared a lot of some i've never had seen but organized well that's another story
anyway if both of us post what we got then it'll become a double of everything
i add some here and there when time let me & it's not as often as i'd like to do
got a feeling you're the guy who fixed dates for vlad quite easy too
thanks the threads i remember had just everything someone would need both stuff & info
>> No. 37155
File 153791733360.jpg - (1.26MB , 2414x2029 , combo.jpg )
There are a 1/2 dozen Play/Wrestle sets of which I have only a single pic. I uploaded them all together.
They are: Play set 3 with Rada m019 & Katya m017
bottom left
Play set 9 Rada m019 & Yulya m017. It has a date of Dec28.00
top left
The next 4 are from Wrestle-Cstms. These sets were identified by participants Vlad #s
eg: the 1st one is "wrc-m015-m017", with of course Valerya m015 & Yulya m017
middle bottom
Next is Yulya m017 & Asya m016
centre right
Next is from a 3 way Wrestle Cstm featuring Valerya m015, Yulya y014 & Katya y017. Yulya & Katya were apparently sisters. In Katya's earliest sets she's labelled as m020.
This pic is centre left.
Last is Yulya y014 & Valerya m015. While this one yields no exif date-time data, the file name indicates its from Jan5.01
This one is centre top
Here's the link for these 6 pics


On the far right is a pic of Asya m016 & Yulya m017. This is from Play set 5, of which I have 5 pics. This is another Sanyo set with the 'default date' of Jan1.98


I have a Wrestle vid featuring Yulya m017 & Asya m016, which I'll post in the very near future.
>> No. 37177
File 153793327089.jpg - (323.73KB , 789x1229 , wr1_1+p-cs.jpg )
Yes it is in fact me. It was rather frustrating to wait 12hrs or more only to find out a post didn't appear - let alone finding my thread gone.
I'm sure that won't be a problem here! AS LONG AS YOU DON'T OFFEND MOD YOUTH...
My Vlad collection has grown somewhat & my Vlad knowledge has increased since the start of my 'posting hiatus'

This is the 7 pics I have of a Play series cstm featuring Alina m009 & an unknown model labelled as u001. The 'U' series was short lived & had 10 models. I'm not sure what the purpose of the series was.
The 3 pics that have both girls are the only ones I have of u001. I have a feeling that there aren't many pics of her floating around. In fact, her picture in the 2007 Vlad archive is cropped from the one used in my post.
The official pic total of this set is unknown.
The Sanyo camera never gave a correct date, however some of the later Sanyo sets have 'some sort of date'. The year is always wrong but I think that maybe the date or month may be correct, as in this case. This date is shown as Jan27.98 The year is obviously wrong, but I wondered about the month & date, until I noticed that several pics had a 'properties date' of Dec31.00 - which indicates the picture was taken no later than that date.
I'll explain more about that in a post on how to put dates to Vlad sets.


Next is 6 pics from Wrestle set 1, featuring Katya y019 & Olga y021. Its supposed to have 108 pics. The exif data indicates it was taken with the Olympus camera but there's no date. This generally means the date wasn't set & the #ing would be 'P101' - a default #ing (more on understanding the 'P' # system later)
The earliest date I have for Olga is June18.01, thus I don't think this set is from too much earlier than that.
Olga was with Vlad for 5 years 2001 - 2006.
In the top pic, she's on the right & Katya is on the left towering over her.
Bottom pic has Alina left & u001 on the right

here's Wrestle 1


I have Olga on video - other models I've posted & not mentioned that I have vids of are Yulya m018 (including early ones), Yulya y014
>> No. 37185
File 153794070159.jpg - (149.00KB , 1024x768 , C000006.jpg )
Yes that's me

This one has to be quick - more in a couple of hrs
Here's Alina m009 & Valerya m015 in a cstm wrestle set, from Jan27.01. Its missing 16 of the 70 pics. I'll explain which ones in the next post

>> No. 37230
File 153796684594.jpg - (833.19KB , 1788x1533 , 3sets.jpg )
Here's another 3 partial Wrestle sets, with 6 sets each. Actually 1 is a Play set but it features wrestling.
The Play set is #19 with Olya m027 & Yulya y022, from Apr4.01
In my pic, this set is on the right. Yulya is on the left & Olya is on the right. Olya is quite popular among those Vlad fans who favour chubby girls, whilst Yulya is one of the lesser known Vlad models. I think I now have about 4 times as many of Yulya's solo pics as last time I posted her.
this is the link for ps19


Next is Wrestle set 2 with Lena m028 & Kristina m029, from June14.01
In my pic, the set is top left. Lena is the redhead on the left & Kristina's on the right
While I have all of Lena's sets, I have only 1 pic of Kristina solo.


Wrestle set 7 features Olya m027 & Kristina m029 & is from June9.01
The pic is bottom right. Olya's on the left & Kristina's on the right in tight green shorts.


As Kristina m029 is so hard to find, these 12 pics from Wrestle 2 & 7 are a rare chance to see her.
>> No. 37231
File 153796713943.jpg - (129.02KB , 1024x768 , Kristina m029.jpg )
Here's my lone solo pic of Kristina m029. Her pic in the 2007 archive is a closeup version of this.
>> No. 37235
File 153796914840.jpg - (152.08KB , 768x1024 , P2010084.jpg )
Here's Play set 12 featuring Rada m019 & Asya m016, from Feb1.01
I have 105 of 131 pics. Strangely, this set runs Backwards! Its impossible to tell where any missing pics would go. I'm wondering if it was re#ed.

>> No. 37244
File 153797575141.jpg - (6.12KB , 164x150 , m009_1.jpg )
Alina had 1630 photos as well as videos I've included one small example but her videos and sets (not seen here) would be grail material if someone had them
>> No. 37248
File 153797719782.jpg - (59.18KB , 753x340 , ALINA.jpg )
here is the vlad index for Alina some of these sets are around but some are Not Help!
>> No. 37252
actually according to Wbak she had 2230 photos as well as videos
>> No. 37256
I found and early Vlad index stating Kristina has 286 images, but I have only ever found these few :(
7 images + Bio page (including image posted just above)

Such a shame as she is lovely!
>> No. 37267
File 153799334759.jpg - (196.61KB , 1228x600 , Alina m009.jpg )
Due to interest in Alina m009, I'll make her the 1st solo model. I think what I have here is around 275 pics. The rest of her stuff is Very hard to find. I've included a screenshot of the folders. I probably should've included the # of pics in each folder in my folder labelling. I'm pressed for time right now but I'll follow up with another screenshot after I do that. Even so it should help so that any contributions are less likely to be dupes.
Anyhow, here's 18 folders of her. I believe 14 are from distinctly different sets. I've included the pics from the 'Orphans' folder on the bottom of my screenshot. I guess that makes 18 sets represented.
The earliest date I have is Dec27.00 but the earliest would be several months prior. The latest is Apr25.01 in those cases there was no exif data so I used the Vlad P # system.
P4250001 - P= picture (or some like that I think) 4 = April, 25 = the day of the month
Thus P1 - P9 are for Jan - Sept, while Pa, Pb & Pc represent Oct, Nov & Dec
I'll explain more later, as I'm in a hurry
Some of the folders have text files indicating individual pics yielding exif date data or Property Dates that are relevant. In other words giving a date from while she was at Vlad.
So here you go


I'm following with the Vlad Bios cards
>> No. 37268
File 153799404865.jpg - (1.66MB , 3391x1761 , Alina m009.jpg )
In a thread I had a few years ago, a fellow posted these "Vlad Bio cards". They have useful information such as showing sets that the models did that might be otherwise unknown, ages, as well as dates
They contain the Y, M & K series - K was a short lived series for models 17-20yrs.


I'll pics of the U models when I return in 1hr or 2

The pic has Nothing to do with the bios it just Alina m009 from the earlier post
>> No. 37275
>>37149 mine

for starters nice seeing you again
got the same set and seen in the exif about time
i'm sure you've seen the same 1st photo have 21:39 final 20:49
not sure but somewhere the gap seems to big maybe the missing pics should go there
just my thoughts
>> No. 37299
File 153801999797.jpg - (1.80MB , 2181x2421 , zhenya m006.jpg )
Since Zhenya m006 was part of the initial request, I'm making her sets my next post. This post will contain her 11 # sets. The earlier material will be next
These sets span Mar27 - Nov26.01 (of those I can put dates to)
Sets 1,6,7+10 are official customs
Set 1 has 227 pics & contains 3 dates: June19,21 & July19.01
Set 6 also features 3 dates: July7, Aug16 & Oct25.01 It has a "Schoolgirl Outfit" theme throughout. Its complete with 291 pics. Oddly, the custom version has 1 pic fewer than the standard version. I just found the 1 pic that is
not in the custom set. I'll post it next
Set 7 has 111 pics & has a Mirror theme
Set 10 is from May24.01 & has 115 pics
Set 2 came labelled as a custom but since obtaining the Vlad 2014 Index, I've got my doubts.
Its complete with 190 pics & is from Aug29 & Sep9.01, with exif data confirming the dates.
What is more likely, is that this set is what I call a "Custom Style" set.
I feel the name suits such sets. The alternative would be to call them "Unwatermarked sets containing exif data yielding date & time info"
Set 3 is a curious one. I've included 2 versions - A standard, complete at 192 pics. Roughly 1/2 of it has the default date (p101), while the rest is from Oct15.01
The other version is supposed to be custom but except for a couple of Oct15th pics (pa150003 +93) nothing matches the standard version.
In fact! I just noticed there's 5 pics that are from set 2!
I just discovered that it probably is NOT a # set & in fact likely belongs in with her early sets. So I just uploaded the 78 pic set, which you can put with the early material that will follow this post.
Save the 1st pic & the last 2 from the the set labelled cstm 3 & delete the rest of it.
You will notice a few sets have folders with a couple of 'Custom-Style' pics
Set 8, all outdoors, has dates of May15 & Aug28.01 The 1st part has no date. The last part is shot in the location where the most of the pictures for Vlads posters & calendars were taken. Also, the last 5 pics have her with Sandra y024.
Interestingly, that's the same location where Nika y023 made a similar cameo in a set of Elana m032 taken the following day!
So if I'm correct that "cstm set 3" belongs in the earlier stuff, then set 9 has the earliest & latest dates of her # sets. It has 162 of 164pics & is from May14 & Nov26.01
The missing pics might be from the 1st date #17 & #50
I couldn't find anything later than Nov26th with Zhenya. She was in 2mod set 15 with Alina m037 also done that day (it was originally Play set 33)
So here's the sets


And here's the set I thought was Cstm 3, with the extra pics removed

>> No. 37300
File 153802017249.jpg - (145.62KB , 1024x768 , PA250026.jpg )
Here's the missing pic from cstm set 6 - if you don't mind it being standard
>> No. 37316
File 153803233869.jpg - (150.72KB , 942x462 , Zhenya early sets.jpg )
Here are Zhenya m006's earliest sets. The earliest date is Jan19.01 & the latest is Apr21.01, although many of the undated Sanyo sets are clearly from several months earlier, as she's noticeably younger. I'd say the outdoor sets were probably taken during the summer of 2000.
The preview indicates the folders that I've included, as well as pic totals & dates where possible. I also took those single pics from the folder labelled 'orphans' & added them underneath the folders
I also noted the pic sizes. In some cases I've combined different size pics to create bigger sets.
"Aubergine Bikini" is basically just the Aubergine portion of the '3 Bikini' cstm, nevertheless, I left it in.
The Black Vest set from Jan30.01 has 26 pics but I left a folder in it with 16 pics, that had different #ing
With the Bunny suit set from Mar12th I left the folder inside mainly for the indexes. The 1st pic in the main part of the set indicates that her material was part of "CD10". I've found several of the early Vlad models' sets were compiled on CDs. Yulya m018 is another who comes to mind (CD26)
I should also mention that the 2 Violet Bikini are not just different size pics. The pics themselves are different - So different, that they might even be different sets
So, here's the link & as I mentioned earlier, I'm pretty sure that Yellow Bikini set belongs in this folder


sorry this took so long. I was interrupted while putting this post together
>> No. 37337
File 153804722236.jpg - (1.89MB , 2618x1751 , Zhenya early sets.jpg )
I had the same idea, regarding the big gaps
& yet they seem Too big, especially the biggest one - like even if all the missing pics were in that space, there'd still be a big gap in time.
And yet it still seems to be a pretty good explanation.

I promised pics for the early sets. So this pic collage goes with this post>>37316
That particular picture from the Bunny set is one of my favourite pics of her
I would love to see any more pics featuring the green outfit on the far left. Also, if anyone can add to the 7 pics with the red & white outfit (bottom, centre)

I shall post my last 3 wrestle sets shortly
>> No. 37347
File 153805800872.jpg - (880.43KB , 1541x2017 , WRx3.jpg )
Here's my remaining Wrestle Series sets. Actually, I'm not clear on why some sets featuring wrestling were put in the Play series.
From Oct 2001 to Jan 2004 any new wrestle sets went into the Sports Series, later ones just went into 2Model.

So here's Wrestle set 4 with Zhenya m006 & Yulya m017. Its from June21.01 & is complete with 110pics & the preview is top right.
Actually, part of Zhenya's set1 was done that day, also.


Next is Wrestle set 6 with Katyas m003 & m030, from July5.01 It has 95 out of 105pics. Missing are: 21,33,34,41,42,95,96+103-105
Both Katyas are quite popular. Katya m003 is known for her Amazing knee-length hair. You'll see what I mean when I post her solo sets.
Katya m030 is very popular with Vlad fans who like chubby girls. Like Zhenya, she was later with Darts, which is another reason for her popularity.
This one is the large pic on the bottom. In this set, tall pics are 900x1200 & wide are 1333x1000


Lastly, is a Wrestle custom featuring (once again) Zhenya m006, this time with Rada m019.
This is an earlier one, as its from Jan30.01 (the same day as Zhenya's Black Vest& Skirt set)
This set is complete with 108 pics & the preview is top left


That's it for the Play-Wrestle sets but I'll still post a few of the 2mod sets that were originally Play sets, particularly those featuring early models with no # sets.
>> No. 37359
File 153806425587.jpg - (901.82KB , 2514x1368 , U models+ raraties.jpg )
Here are the 2007 & 2014 Vlad Archives. I recommend getting both.
The 2014 one is phenomenal. It goes to y195 & has all the vids, multimodel sets & all the # & custom sets.
However models with No # sets are not listed in the main html model index, although their vids & multimodel sets are mentioned if they did any. Actually, in the folder index, you'll find 2 Y models with no # sets.
For this reason, the 2007 Archive is a wonderful companion to the 2014. It has All the M's to m073, including very obscure ones, such as Masha m040. Also, it lists all 10 of the U series. It also notes where models had their #s changed (such as Yulya m049 - she was m022 in her early unnumbered sets)
It also lists by name. It only goes to y160, though & there are 1 or 2 mistakes - such as - Anna y123 appears twice - in her proper spot & in place of Alena y103.
Also, neither one lists any other K series, except Karina k001 (only her 2 # sets appear in the 2014 Archive) & the 2007 one lists Anya k011 aka y010.
Part of this pic is the U portion from the 2007 Archive, the smaller strip with K's & U's has mention of sets & pic totals, as well as ages (maybe those 3 pics are really all there is of u001).
It also lists the CDs they were released on
I've also included 3 very obscure models: Tatyana m031, Masha m040 & Olya y026. Any pics of them would be welcome. You'll see in the Bio Pack, there are 7 pics of her. Olya has only that tiny pic, the Bio doesn't show or mention any others. Tatyana isn't in the Bio Pack
Also, anything of the U or K models EXCEPT Karina k001's 2 # sets & her partial vid with Valerya, which I have & will post later today.
Also, I'll be following with Sveta u007's 2mod set But anything else would be great - such as that bikini set.

Here's the 2007 Archive


And the 2014


I'll put together more 'Wants' later today.
>> No. 37360
File 153806528743.jpg - (1.64MB , 2822x2405 , ps27-2Mod4.jpg )
Here is the only set I have with Sveta u007. Its 2Model set 4, from Sep15.01 & she's paired with Nastya y027. This set was originally released as 'Play series 27' Its complete with 68pics
Nastya is on the left in the white top & jean skirt & Sveta's on the right in the black dress

>> No. 37361
I forgot to mention - Dima is in the 2007 archive & I had him in that preview because I meant to point out that he's the boy in several of the 2mod sets
>> No. 37381
The Alina stuff is great but has been around It's the MISSING STUFF and Videos of her that are the grail material literally hundreds and hundreds of pics Same thing actually with Katya m003
>> No. 37385
File 153808510036.jpg - (106.28KB , 633x560 , Vika m024.jpg )
Here's a model whose sets have long been near the top of my 'Vlad Wish List'. Its Vika m024 & for years I had only the picture that appears in both the Bio Pack & the 2007 Archive, which is a cropped version of the one in the bottom left corner. I thought she looked quite pretty & made numerous requests, to no avail. While hunting around I found lots of other Vlad material but never her.
I now have the 4 large pics in the screenshot. The 2 thumbs are from Play Set 20 with her & Alisa m026.
This might be 3 sets or it might be 1 set with 3 outfits.
So if anyone has anymore of her pics, either from her solo set (or sets) or anything from her Play set, I'd be very grateful.

>> No. 37446
been occupied well tgought i'd put together what i've got of darts & jane in particular
Jane Previews and contact sheets idx 1-50 & i don't have even half of those 50

Jane & Stacy set02 x53
Jane & Stacy set09 x42
Jane__4club x21,
Jane_08_Nurse-exam_102p + same with 101 pics
Jane_09_Red-Top_41p Jane_10_Blackvinyl x94 + same with 93pics
Jane_Bonus_01 x46
Jane_Pink-vinyl-dress x9
Jane and Valery x42 jan1.00
Jane and Maryline x22 jan14.00 outdoors*
*got 1st day of 2010 by ancient but the info who the gals were some months later

i don't know much about this set only it's strange part 2 were shot earlier then part 1

jane part I x103 feb29.00 & part II x147 jan3.00

i'm quite sure you've got these of jane at darts i can post it even if it's not vlad
have some of angie too plus anette and a couple of vids all darts btw
>> No. 37466
File 153814473010.jpg - (1.91MB , 2451x2343 , Early Vlad.jpg )
I've put together a bunch early Vlad models. In some instances there's only 2 or 3 pics, although most have more.
The models are all included in the preview collage & have their Vlad # on their pics

1st is Karina k001. These are her only 2 # sets.
They are from Oct of 2001 - set 1 the 13th & set2 the 24th. They are complete despite big holes in the #ing of set1. Also, set 1 some pics with a 'qp' prefix, it looks like someone did that to separate pics from 2 shoots with identical #ing.
As you can tell by Karina's Bio card, she has other earlier sets. The earliest of those would have to be from a few months earlier, as she was in a Wrestle Video with Valerya m015 & I believe Valerya left by June of 2001.
(I'll post the vid when I get a chance)
Here's Karina's 2 sets - any other pics of her are welcome


Next is Liza m001 - we're going from one of the oldest Vlad models to one of the youngest. Karina was 17ys & Liza was 6.
There's 3 folders totalling 3 dozen pics. It looks like the #ing from "Set a" carries over to Set b, the Bikini set.


Next is another 6 year old & the model with the most pics of this bunch - Kristina m005 aka m011. I'm not sure what that was about but several of the earliest models had 2 #s.
Anyhow, there's 8 folders for 115pics


Next is Kristina m023, 1 of 2 redheads in this bunch. I have 5 pictures of her, showing her in 2 outfits, all from Jan29.01
She did 2 Play sets, both with Yulya m017 - ps11 & ps13. I don't have pics from either.
I've often wondered, though - Yulya's set 4 starts with 6 pictures from that look identical to Play set 11, minus Kristina. It makes me wonder if its from the same shoot.
Any other pics of Kristina, either solo or in her Play sets would be welcome.


I was sure pleased to find pics of Olya m033 & with a date. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that she's much better looking than in her 2007 Archive pic. She looks great in that bathing suit.
There's 8 pics of her in the yellow bathing suit, as well as the 1 you see of her in the plaid dress. They are all from Sep11.01
I've also included the pic used in the 2007 Archive & the Bio Pack. The reason was to illustrate that it did not come from any of those pics.
Any more of her would be extremely welcome.


Now the Ys
Here's Anya y001 - I have only the 2 pics you see in the preview. It looks like they were part of 'CD 8'.


Next is Elena y003. For some reason she is in the folder part of the 2014 Archive, as well, her preview pics are Not thumbs - so they're among the 6 pics I've posted. It looks like her pics went on CD3


The other redhead is Elina y018. I have 25 pics of her, featuring her in 5 different outfits. The 2 dates are Feb17.01 & Mar19.01


I have 6 pics of Sasha y020, showing her in 2 outfits. They're from Feb24.01
She also did a lengthy 2model set which I'll try post tomorrow.
For now, here's the 6 solo pics


Next is Nika y023 - I have 4 pics from a set that would've been 'Custom Style' but the date wasn't set, thus the pics will have a P101 prefix. I've also included the pic of her & Elena m032. As I mentioned yesterday, that one is from Aug29.01
The Bio Pack shows her in a 2nd outfit, I'm not sure if it was all part of 1 set or 2.
The pic in the 2007 Archive is cropped from the one in my preview.


I have 68 pics of Sandra y024. There's 40 of the pictured outfit, 22 of her in the plaid dress that 3 models are wearing in the preview. There's also a picture of her in the black dress from the Bio card, as well as the 5 pics of her & Zhenya. Those are the only ones that have a date - Aug28.01
It looks like some of these pics were on CD 16 & the rest were on CD 19.
Almost all of her pics appear to have been cropped to really weird sizes


Karina y028 has only 1 set listed in the 2014 Archive. It has 46 pics & is a Custom Style from Oct25.01
But I recently found 3 other pics of her in the 2 outfits at the top of my preview.
Unfortunately, the date wasn't set.
Even the Bio Pack pics are only from set 1


I have 3 pics of Lena y029. The preview pic is from Sep15.01 The other 2, each a different outfit, appear to be sample size (450x600). They're labelled as being from CD 17.


The last model for now is Kristina y032.
When I saw her in the 2007 Archive, I was quite taken by her but, despite requests & digging, I had no luck finding any pics of her. I had her 2 Sports sets & while the outfits look good on her - Especially the jean shorts! - Wrestle sets don't offer very many flattering pictures of a model's face.
I finally found 7 pictures, showing her in 4 outfits. They're all custom-style done in 3 shoots - Nov3rd, 16th & 22nd of 2001.
I don't know if this is all 1 set or multiple sets. She was still with Vlad in January 2002, when she did her 2nd Sports set. I don't know if she did any sets in the interim.
The picture I included in the preview collage is my favourite of her. I think she looks fantastic, in that pic.
So, I'd love any other solo pics of her


Well that wraps it up for now later on

This took way longer than expected. I didn't want to do a separate post for every model that I had 2 or 3 pics of. I decided to combine a few but I got carried away. Consequently, a few lengthy interruptions held up everything, otherwise, things would've been appearing throughout the day.

Anyhow, I hope some of this is new to a few of you Vlad collectors.
If anyone can augment these snippets of sets that would be great
More early Vlad should appear later today
>> No. 37473
File 153814708267.jpg - (433.74KB , 1600x1200 , photo2.jpg )
I have a few of them
Well, since Zhenya/Jane is still quite young & she was part of the initial request - sure.

Likewise, with Katya m030

You're right. I'll bet in addition to the p201, Alina may have a few short vids, not listed in the archive. It seems the 2014 archive doesn't have any vids under 4mins.

I'll post a couple early of vids next but 1st here's another pic with Kristina y032
This was for a Vlad poster.
In front Alina m035 ctr, Alisa y030 rt
In poster: Back from left: Zhenya y025, Katya y017, Yulya y014, Lisa y031 & Kristina y032
Front from left: Elena m032, Alina m035, Yulya m017 & Olga y021.

In addition the 2 sisters Alina & Alisa are also displaying a Vlad poster of Yulya m018
Also sisters Yulya y014 & Katya y017 are displaying a 2002 Vlad calendar with Elena m032

>> No. 37491
>>37446 & >>37275 mine

m023 kristina m033 olya new to me had absolutely nothing not even 1 pic previously
thanks nice share:)
>> No. 37495
Sets as listed here >>37446
janes stuff only & all i've ever found

password: D4RT5J4N3

>> No. 37502
No. 36399 Thank you for reviving this most informative thread.
>> No. 37507
I gotta go through this sometime.
Anyhow, among the discussions it made me wonder...
Has anyone ever put all the EXIF info in a spreadsheet? It's be cool to see what they were shooting and what an average day would be like there. Like, they shot Tanya Anna and Ksenya one day or something.
>> No. 37515
File 153817422113.jpg - (163.71KB , 1236x971 , w501.jpg )
I'm always glad to hear that my posts & info are appreciated.

I only have a moment - should be able to do proper posts in a hr or 2

Here's w501 a Wrestle vid with Asya m016 & Yulya m017. Its from 2001 - probably the 1st 1/2 of the year. Its probably Vlad's 3rd Wrestle vid & Yulya's 2nd
The main video is 25mins & a 2nd clip is 24seconds. Its low quality but if you're a Vlad collector you'll want it if you don't have it.
Asya is in the Blue 1piece & Yulya is in the bikini top & shorts.
Its a series of 1min "Rounds", some guy is calling a break every minute - the breaks are edited out
It comes to an end with applause & the logo, etc before the 24min mark & comes back on in even worse quality after a few seconds, for 15secs or so
The 2nd clip is 24seconds


>> No. 37576
if anyone has the hard to find videos or sets of Katya 003 or Alina 009 that would be great!!
>> No. 37607
File 153825100089.jpg - (146.51KB , 1333x1000 , P7050005.jpg )
Its funny but in other threads I see people complaining about the damndest & most petty stuff I can't believe nobody pointed out that I screwed up here>>37347 by posting Zhenya & Yulya's Wrestle4 twice, thus leaving off Wrestle set6, featuring Katyas m003 & m030
Its especially puzzling, as both girls are quite popular, that I'm not inundated with complaints about my screw up.
Anyhow, without any further delay, here's the correct link:

>> No. 37611
File 153825533724.jpg - (277.80KB , 1030x1533 , Rada vids.jpg )
I've got added a fair bit to my Rada folder in the last year or so.
1st I'll post her 2 videos - there may very well be more but these are the only 2 I have.
Most of you will have them but they will be welcomed by those of you who are new to Vlad or old collectors who've lost their entire collection due to crashes or other reasons.

There is a 1min vid (top pic) in which she applies makeup, etc. We also get to hear her speak (English) when she answers her phone & speaks briefly to her friend.


This one is only 15 seconds & features her dancing


They are likely from late 2000/early 2001
Something I noticed in the Bio Pack is that these early Vlad vids were available on VHS. Maybe this explains the low quality
>> No. 37640
File 153826772313.jpg - (198.51KB , 1072x568 , Rada.jpg )
This is probably about 1/2 of Rada's actual solo output. As the Bio mentions, almost all of her stuff was released on 'CD25'. I've often wondered what they meant about her having vision problems. It must've been pretty serious if she had to quit modelling because of it, as she always looks like she's truly enjoying herself.
I certainly hope I'm wrong & it was just something minor & her reason for not returning has to do with something else.

I left out the longest set & will deal with it in its 2 variations after.
This will be 22 folders with 482 pics. 1 folder has 1 pic from 3 different sets, otherwise the folders range from 2 pics to 96.
The only sets with dates are the Yellow Bikini sets - Jan4th & Jan24.01 & the 96pic Flowered tie-up top, white shorts set of Mar2.01
That's the latest set I have of her & that includes the Play/Wrestle sets.
The preview is a screenshot of a folder with at least 1 pic from every set.
I think the newer stuff is the Denim outfit, the Blue outfit - I had 1 pic for years, now I have 5. The Plaid outfit, Icecream, Pink dress. Some of the sets are a bit longer, as well. I think some of the Pink Skirt pics are a recent find.
Here's the link


I decided to post the lengthy Yellow Bikini set from Jan4.01 separately. There is a non-EXIF 57pic version included above. It seems to have some of the same pics but also some different ones.
Also above is Yellow Bikini+White Shorts from Jan24.01

So, 1st is 155pic, All-EXIF Yellow Bikini, with White Shorts added for about the last 1/2.


In this version, I've added 16 Non-EXIF pics to make for a longer, more complete set. Even so, its still missing at least 44 pics


I'll try & get Yulya m017 organized to post, as I've recently found a lot of early stuff of her's.

In my post from yesterday, I was rushed & hadn't looked at the Jane folder, now I have - its great seeing her a bit older, she's always so animated which makes it look like she's having fun.
I looked at the indexes & noticed I have things I didn't even realize were Darts sets - Angie+Elizabeth comes to mind (who knows where I put it)
I also didn't realize they had so many really young (& very cute)girls
Let's just say you've REALLY piqued my interest

Yes, that's the sort of thing I sometimes get carried away with researching. It often leads to some interesting tidbits of Vlad trivia. Of course, there are also times I end up asking myself if maybe I could've been doing something more useful for the previous 14hrs.

I will be my posting Katya m003 collection soon but its probably nothing you don't already have. She has a 30m video from the short-lived Gymnastics series but the 2001 vids are Very hard to find
>> No. 37644
File 153827099880.jpg - (86.66KB , 627x573 , Alisa m026.jpg )
Here's a model who might be new to some of you. She's not one of the more widely posted Vlad models.
This is the 40 pics I have of Alisa m026. There are 3 folders: 6 Custom-Style pics from Black Bunny Suit (top right) from Apr7.01, 8 Custom-Style pics of the White Skirt over the Gymnastics outfit from Feb28.01 (top left). The largest one is the Bikini folder with 26 pics. The pics in my preview are from Feb24.01 & are non-EXIF. There's 5 of those. The other 21 are p101 & all but 2 are Custom-Style minus the date - in other words, indicating being taken with the Olympus camera.
It could be 2 different shoots, as her hair is in a pony tail in those pics.
There's 1 pic that has been cropped - mainly to narrow it by more than 1/2. I had several like that but when I found original size ones ,I deleted them. This was the only one I was unable to replace.
Here she is & if anyone can add to these, that would be great


She also did a tickle video with Alina m009. I'm sure its great; I love the Vlad Tickle Series but I'm sure it would be Very difficult to find.
She was also in Play Set20 with Vika m024, which I requested here>>37385 (although I'm not exactly holding my breath)
>> No. 37686
File 153831301295.jpg - (1.85MB , 2938x1582 , Violetta m002.jpg )
Here's Violetta m002 - veteran Vlad collectors will have this but those in the early stages of building their collection will certainly want it.

I think this came from Ancient, several years back. There were 2 folders - 1 labelled "Original Setup" & the other was "Numbered By 3rd Source". Basically, I've left the Original folder As Is & with the other one, I've created the longest possible sets by combining different size pics & EXIF & non-exif pics.
In that part, I have 900 pics, which appears to be about 70% of her output.
She has some videos, as well, which I'll post next.
In Original Setup, there's 9 sets & in the other folder, there was 12. I added another folder for the 2 pics in the top right corner of my preview, as they seemed quite different from the rest of the set.
Some of the sets are quite long. The Purple Dress has over 200 pics. 4 sets have between 89 - 113 pics & 5 have 35 - 66 pics.
She was 11yrs old here & as you can see, she's a pretty girl & ,in fact in some pictures she looks exceptionally pretty.
The 3 in the middle row on the left side with the white top & zebra skirt are my favourite. That's also what she wears in the vids.
I also like her in the plaid skirt & white blouse in the top row.
She also looks quite good in her bikini sets.
3 sets have pics with date of Jan23.00 - Plaid Skirt, Denim Shorts & Pink Vest & pants.
This date is of course wrong. Its likely that its towards the end of the time that they were using the Sanyo camera.
I should also point out to "Foot Fans" that a couple of sets have sections with a "Focus on the Feet" theme

So, here's the longer version of the sets


And the Original Setup

>> No. 37689
File 153831488359.jpg - (875.67KB , 2262x1758 , m002 Violetta VCL00002+3.jpg )
Here's Violetta m002's 5 videos. They all feature the white top & zebra skirt that she looks so lovely in.
The video lengths are: 59 seconds, 51 seconds, 15 seconds, 13 seconds & 10 seconds.
The quality for the most part is quite low, although 2 of the short ones are actually pretty good quality.
Regardless, the videos are still quite enjoyable. The shorter ones mostly have her dancing, while the longer ones have her applying makeup, etc - sort of like with Rada
My screenshots are from moments where she was lip syncing into her spray bottle. It always makes me smile, when I see those parts, as she seems to be having so much fun.


The vids are VCL00002,3,4,5+7 - so I suppose there must've been a #1 & #6, as well
>> No. 37694
File 15383209057.jpg - (207.68KB , 1020x565 , Yulya y011 (y008).jpg )
Here's one of the earliest Y-series models. Its Yulya y008/y011. She is more frequently identified as y011.
There's 6 folders with a total of 53pics
Most of it would be from 2000, while the Navy shirt-Black skirt is from Feb3.01
The Black Dress folder has 2 different shoots. The 2 pics with her hair dyed yield a date of Oct24.01 - Strangely, 1 of the pics starts with P216 (as if its from Feb16th!)
My preview has something from each folder
The Bio says she was 13yo
She was in Vlad's 1st Wrestle-Series video with Yulya y014. Its 1hr, so I imagine its pretty good but I'm sure it would be Extremely Difficult to find

anyhow, here's the link for what I have of her

>> No. 37707
File 153833360899.png - (441.03KB , 729x419 , Lera-Lolita-Sasha.png )
This post will have my only 6 solo pics of Lera y015, as well as her set with Lolita y016, from Mar1.01 It was originally released as Play set15 but is now 2Model 12. I have 95 of the 113pics. In making as complete as possible, I added some non-custom pics (17, I think)

I figured I might as well post 2Mod 11, formerly Play set 16 with Lolita & Sasha y020, from Mar9.01 I have 137 of 145 pics. As with the other set, this has non-cstm pics added to make it as long as possible
Sasha was part of this large post>>37466

The 4 Sasha-Lolita pics are in the middle of the preview & start with p309. The rest are Lera & Lera-Lolita

I mentioned earlier that Lera is in the Folder part of the 2014 Archive, thus I can tell you that the pic on the bottom left with the Yellow top & dark skirt is from set1, the pics with the hat & yellow skirt are set3, as is the White MiniDress. The Pink Dress is Unknown

Here's Lera


Lera-Lolita 2mod12


Lolita-Sasha 2mod 11


And now I must take a break

Hmmm, I'm having trouble getting this preview accepted.
>> No. 37709
File 153833675327.jpg - (181.27KB , 768x1024 , P3012664.jpg )
I had just a Bugger of a time getting my preview accepted>>37707. The size was fine. Anyhow, I finally ended up having to do a screenshot of a folder of the pics intended for the collage. Consequently, there isn't a decent pic of Lera y015 in the last post
This is from 2mod12 aka Play15 Lera right, Lolita left
>> No. 37755
nice to get you interested in some i have:)
usually it's the opposite
i've got angie and one set is actually with elizabeth
and got a couple of vids too but if angie or elizabeth starring in those i'm not sure about
i'd post both angie and anette of darts if it's something you'd like of it
i think i remember you're not fond of her sets with pieter or piter i simply never learn the blokes name lol
the rest though i'll post if it's ok
thanks for rada some of those i did'nt have previously
>> No. 37764
>>37755 mine

m002 violettas sets remember those posted by ancient i've got those somewhere else
he put them up there but i had some troubles with the stuff until your version showed up later
btw y015 lera am i out in the blue when i think someone posted a video not being her???
striped socks i've saved it but with a note it's most certain not her
million thanks for m026 i had apr7.01 with 6 pics only
in case i post darts file made but have to wait some irl issues for now
>> No. 37765
Most of m026 was found very recently, likewise with about 1/4 or so of Rada

Re Lera: I now remember, a few years ago I had a vid labelled "Lera" with striped socks. I had found it in a Vlad section of a 'Place'. I had thought she bore a slight resemblance to Valerya m041 & thought she might've been labelled as Lera.
I had posted it for feedback/help. A couple of guys recognized her. She was a Non-Vlad model

Good Memory! I'd forgotten her till now

Yes that Darts stuff would be great

Yikes, I'm late gotta run (the next model will have to wait)
>> No. 37795
File 153844497765.png - (1.94MB , 1421x832 , m018 Yulya Set20 vids.png )
Here's something Vlad only did once (as far as I know)
For Yulya m018's set 20, in lieu of a picture set, they released 4 videos, each 75 seconds in length.
While this doesn't appear to have ever been done again, although it appears that the 75 second MOV vids were available as a custom option for a while.
Anyhow, the Properties dates I get are Feb9.02 for Clips 1-3 & Apr13.02 for Clip 4. Those dates seem perfectly logical.
I have caps for 1,2 & 4 - 1 is top right, 2 top left & 4 bottom. I added a screenshot from Clip 3.
So, #1 features dancing, #2 has her trying of, modelling & removing a pair of socks, #3 has her posing & in #4 she is doing "gymnastic dancing".
The black 'Spice' shirt & denim skirt in 1,2+3 are what she's wearing in the last part of her lengthy Cstm set 3.
I realize the quality isn't great but its a rare chance to see her on video this early, as her other videos, especially the early ones are very hard to find.
I have another of her videos but its from about 4yrs later & she looks very different


I should've included the caps with the vids but here they are. I'm not sure how someone got such good caps from those vids


In the last few months I found quite a bit of her very early stuff, not released on # sets. It looks like about 475pics. A lot of it appears to have been part of CD26.
If it doesn't require any further sorting, I'll post it fairly soon
>> No. 37839
>>37755 & >>37764 mine

great memory well not really just went thrue files when this thread started
note did'nt said for sure if it's lera in the vid thought i'd ask

all i've got of darts enjoy
think a bloke who had a lot of info about darts added most of the vids
file 1 2006.09.11 chr-ie_2005-15 know some about those who or such???
also in file 1 vids 7 of those ie nancy juliana & valery & vs4 a shorter copy
file 2 angie & anette b/g sets excluded

password: D4R7SM1X

>> No. 37844
File 153847433681.jpg - (1.55MB , 3894x2897 , Natasha m054+ Katya m039 t1506.jpg )
Here's an early Vlad Tickle-Series video. Its t1506, featuring Natasha m054 & Katya m039 & running 16mins.
As you can see from my preview, they start of laying on the floor reading a magazine together, during which they engage in a bit of 'Footsie Action'. At about 4mins an offscreen finger snap signals the start of the tickling.
As you can see, there is both Conventional Tickling & Hands-Free Footsie Tickling.
During those times when they are not engaged in Mutual Tickling, Natasha is the exclusive Tickler, while Katya stays exclusively in the role of Ticklee.
Natasha is one of 4 Vlad models of Oriental heritage & this is likely your only opportunity to see (& hear) her on video.
Katya is very popular & during her 2 1/2 years at Vlad made 6 other videos & appeared in about 20 Sports & 2Model sets, as well as making a dozen Custom sets.
I almost forgot - they did a 2mod set together, as well.

The version I had was about 65Mb & really low quality (Vlad vids of this length are generally around 700Mb). This is an improved version - in a Vlad Video thread I had a few years ago, there was a fellow who did this to several of the vids that I had only non-original reduced versions
This version is 182Mb


I've got about 3/4 of Katya's sets.
Natasha's sets are hard to find but I was recently able to dbl what I had of her.

I have close to 150 Vlad videos. Hopefully, I can eventually get everything up. I'll be mainly posting the older stuff 1st
>> No. 37852
just curious if you have any of the grail stuff like Alina m009 vids or extra sets and the same for Katya m003? Thx
>> No. 37855
File 153848993611.jpg - (1.89MB , 2084x2178 , Yulya y022.jpg )
Here's a model I had Very little of until recently. This is Yulya y022 & I have 125 pics of her in several different outfits, taken on 7 dates over 4 months, from Mar14.01 to July18.01
The longest set has 47pics. Its the studio portion with the striped sleeveless top & mauve skirt. I like the pic from that set where she's looking into the mirror.
There's only 6 pics of her in the denim skirt & that intriguing looking top, which is most unfortunate. I think a full length set would yield some very interesting pictures.

I found her pics with various #ing. In cases where some of the pics had the original P #ing & were custom-style, I used the time to put them in order & in some cases, I was able to give them their exact #. If I could only get a rough idea of the #, I added "circa". That way we know its just an approximate #, so if a pic turns up in the future with one of those #s, there isn't any confusion.

In some cases I put the pics in order by giving them the P prefix & then putting the time, which puts them into proper order.

Yulya was in Play set 19 - the 6 pics are here>>37230

She also was in a 2Mod set with Katya m030, which I'll try post this week, along with some other former Play sets.

She also did Wrestle set 3 with Olga y021 & she was in 2 of the earliest Tickle Series videos - both with Yulya y014.
One is at a lake & she's wearing the orange bikini, from my preview. I only have 1 other pic

Here's the link


I had a very quick glance, I'll have a better look in the morning
>> No. 37862
File 153849479811.png - (932.50KB , 971x713 , Darts vid with Very Cute passerby.png )
If I had more sets of Alina, I would've simply posted them with the rest>>37267
In the unlikely event that there was some reason I couldn't post them with the rest (like if they were on a different hard drive, that I was having trouble finding) I would've mentioned that.
I thought the context in which I mentioned Alina's video(s) would've shown that I didn't have any.
Likewise with Katya, I mentioned the existence of her Gymnastics video. If I had it, I would've added that fact & would've likely posted it.
I have 300 pics of her but only about 3 pics were found in the last 2 years, so probably nothing new.
In all my posts, I'm quite clear on what more I have of a model. (especially videos & Especially early videos)

I didn't thank you for this because I downloaded it & forgot to open it! I just found it & opened it - Thanks a lot! They all have dates, too - which is great.

I wonder if you know the answer (to what might be a stupid question)
At the start of the 2 Darts vids with Nancy, Juliana & Valery, a Very pretty little girl comes running up the alley towards them, then turns & slows down - as if she had arrived at the place she was running to.
So... Was she just a passerby?
Or - Was she a Darts model hurrying to a photo shoot.
Or... Was she a Darts model strategically placed in the video?
If she wasn't a Darts model, they should've stopped the video & called her over & tried to get her join up.

I'm posting a screenshot too
>> No. 37883
Playset 12 (Rada & Asya) is the set I've been looking for all these years! Sadly, zippyshare doesn't work for me. Anyone willing to kindly make a mirror?
>> No. 37890
>>37839 mine

not a stupid question at all
somewhere i've once seen a pic i'd wish i had saved
particular photo was small but a girl dressed not exactly but similar to her in the screenshot what makes me remember is the slippers same color maybe more towards red
the girls didn't seem to be friends or knowing eachother the other girl also unknown for all i remember it may have been one of the girls at darts
maybe the unknown girl were to become a model at darts the more i look at some of the darts photos it seems possible

your guess is as good as mine maybe a future model at darts:/
do you remember the bloke who knew a lot about darts???
usually i'll save some info here and there but the particular blokes i've missed
tickle vid nice have it again thanks
>> No. 37945
File 153854254567.jpg - (68.86KB , 600x800 , Marya y059 set1.jpg )
I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one wondering about her.
While its altogether possible that Darts' HQ were miles away from the vid location, I couldn't help but wonder if they were centred in the building the Little Sweetheart was heading into.
Too bad we couldn't get a better look at her. She looks So Adorable!

Yes, I remember that fellow with the Darts info/stories. He was really into shoes, if I recall.

Its funny, I went to MC to up reup that requested item & found a whole bunch of my stuff from 2015-16 still up. (including that Lera girl in the socks)
I said to myself "Wow, this is certainly handy", thinking I could just use those links. Unfortunately, a lot of them have just dead links.
I will go through & where possible, I'll post an MC link, too.

Here you are (14 links All worked)Ps12 - info is, of course here>>37235


Just curious - Why doesn't Zippy work for you?

I'm being forced to stop for now but I want to post something new
Jumping ahead a few years - My 4 pics of Marya y059. They're cstm-style from Mar23rd +Apr6.04
The preview is a reduced standard pic

>> No. 37981
>>37890 mine

when you mention it yes think he even sent shoes or it's a glitch in my memory there

don't know if you've posted info about something in your former threads i'd need some help:/
got a set i have no idea who she is but thought i'd post it previews not possible for me
too much to explain i'll skip it but it's on my end

to the set no exif & numbers is p213001 to 66 change to p214002 to 73
missing a couple of pics p213006 p214001 & p2140068 all in all 135 pics
i've named it pink summerwear & she got a fellow with her alf or something i think
2 different backgrounds set from a bunch of other vlad never got any info about it
any info about who i'd appreciate more then xmas sort of

my habit is pw's but i'll use an easy one from now on if i'v got something to add here

password: V4Vl4D

>> No. 38036
File 153860409182.png - (1.84MB , 1480x619 , Nelly m008.png )
Katya m039, from this video>>37844
Do you have the archives? 2007 is simply pics & names, while 2014 is much more elaborate. Both are here>>37359

Next is Nelly, another Double # model. She's m008 & m013, although m008 is used most often in reference to her.
She's listed as 11yo. There's no precise dates but some sets would certainly be from 2000. I can't say for sure if they carry over to 2001. The pics in 2 of her sets yield 'Properties' dates of May28+29.01 As such dates only confirm that picture was taken No Later than that date, in this case its not particularly helpful.
The sets were all shot with the Sanyo camera & by the end of May/2001 they were already using their 2nd Olympus camera. Thus, they would have to have been taken at least a few months earlier.
There's 375 pics in 6 sets. They're far more complete than usual, for early Vlad. 4 sets have between 33 & 51 pics, while the longest have 88 &117 pics. While the shorter sets look fairly complete, there are big holes in the longer ones
In the 'Rocks' set, 66-149 is missing, as is 179-205.
In 'Pink Top, White Skirt' the biggest holes are near the start. 3-21 & 27-41 are missing.
Interestingly, the #ing continues on to 'Yellow Shorts'.
I'm reusing my old preview, as it shows all her outfits

>> No. 38057
File 153860998862.jpg - (1.93MB , 2997x2084 , Ksenya m010.jpg )
Next is Ksenya m010. I have 171 pics in 12 folders + 1 loose single. We have 1 set with a correct date of Jan8.01 Most of these sets have Property dates of June1.01 & as with Nelly, this just confirms the obvious.
'Velvet Top, Striped Hose' (middle row - left & 2nd from right) has a date of Jan9.00, this is one of those later Sanyo dates that might be partially correct.
Same thing with Green Top, White Hose (bottom 4th from right) It has a date of Jan19.98
In both cases, the year might be the only thing wrong, as that would have them both within a very short time of the Jan8.01 Swimsuit set(top left, bottom right & centre)
As you can see, in some of these sets she looks pretty hot. She seems to enjoy engaging in some of the more daring poses.
Like Nelly, Ksenya wasn't in any Play or Wrestle sets. This is kind of surprising, as Ksenya strikes me as the sort who would've enjoyed doing them. You can see in a few sets where she's having fun hamming it up. She also seems to have boundless energy & I'm sure any Wrestle type set (or video) with her would've been quite enjoyable.


I know some of you like to have alternate sizes of pics. Also, maybe some of you would prefer to have the 900x1200 size, when possible, which is what these mainly are. I had gone with 1024, partially because those folders had more pics. The swimsuit folder also has 2 1024s. In the main version those 2 pics are 1333x1000
There's 32 pics.

>> No. 38058
It's me again.
Thanks you much! Sadly, mir.cr works not for me either. I think it's the javascript. I keep it turned off because it compromises anonymity. As for WHY zippyshare does that? I have no idea. Several filehosts don't require it. dl.free.fr is a favorite. mir.cr might use it, so if you (or someone) would be so kind as to post the direct link, that would make my day or month! Pleasepleaseplease?
>> No. 38060
File 153861425221.jpg - (197.21KB , 993x557 , Nastya m014.jpg )
Next is Nastya m014. There's 10 folders but only 88 pics. The 2 longest sets have 24 & 28 pics, while 1 folder has 3 singles.
'Yellow Bikini' & 'Blue Jumper' are both from Jan16.01 (the Bikini set was taken 1st)
It looks like a lot is missing from the Bikini set, as # goes to 111.
There's Property dates of May24.01 & June2.01 but, as with Nelly & Ksenya, it just confirms the obvious.
I should mention that while they haven't been much help here, there are cases with later Vlad sets where the Property date has been incredibly useful in either giving or confirming a date or narrowing down the time frame in which a set was taken.
While I initially welcomed this contribution from Ancient, I have been frustrated by my inability to add anything to my Nastya m014 collection in the 3 or 4 years, since.
So any other sets ,or pics that would extend any of these, would be welcome

>> No. 38066
File 153862292695.jpg - (1.81MB , 1942x2904 , ps18.jpg )
I can't believe I forgot to post this. I uploaded it a week ago.
This is Play Set 18, featuring Alina m009 & Yulya m017. Its from Mar20.01 & I have 98 of 109 pics. Due to the weird starting point & the fact that #s were skipped, I have no idea what the #s are of the 11 missing pics.
Its a great set & I had trouble deciding on 1 single pic with which to represent it. Gotta love Alina getting her head squeezed or where Yulya strangles Alina with her own hair.
Alina seems to have a bemused look on her face at various times during the proceedings. Yulya always had a look on her face as if she was in a fight to the death, during these sets


Now this should be all the Play/Wrestle sets that I have, although I will be adding those 'former Play Sets' that were incorporated into the 2Model series - I see about 20 sets or partials
>> No. 38071
File 153863367155.png - (1.91MB , 1894x723 , p1502.png )
Here's an early Vlad video - its from 2003 - featuring Alexandra m043 & Alvina m037 & runs just under 31mins.
The girls are featured chatting, checking out outfit accessories, trying on various nylons, etc.
I don't know if this is a Custom but both girls take turns greeting, & later saying "Goodbye" to someone named "Byoo" or at least that's what it sounds like to my Anglo ears.
Like the tickle video I posted yesterday>>37844 this is also in improved form. Actually, I'm able to offer both versions.
The screenshot on the left is the my reduced version & on the right is the improved
In the original, the sound falls out of synch over the course of the video, so by the end you hear them say Goodbye about 15 seconds before they actually do.
This is the only video I have of either girl. Alvina did just 1 other. Alexandra did 15 others, so they must be out there.
So this is the improved version - the countdown has been cut off - I'm sure he had a reason


My old MC link from over 2 years ago is still up, although only Openload is working. (sorry, I know their popups are a pain in the ass) but at least they're easy to download from.
So, this is the reduced version I originally had (216Mb for 31min)

>> No. 38086
>>37981 mine

particular set must have been a stray for some reason cause i do have m039 katya
have both 2007 & 2014 archives but not handy right now
thanks solving it buggered me recently as i'd like to get read of those strays

i can't take a look & see if i've got some of the missing m008/m013 nelly
right now it's impossible

>>38071 made it a nice day had a clip about 70 seconds to me this is gold
>> No. 38165
File 153871045388.jpg - (0.97MB , 2926x1861 , p1504.jpg )
I forgot to mention that p1502>>38071 would have to have been done during the 1st 1/2 of 2003, since Alvina m037 did her last set in early April.

Here's another video from around the same time. Its p1504, featuring Karolina m047 & running 33 mins. Its a reduced version but its very watchable & any Vlad fan who doesn't have it will want it.
Karolina enters wearing a bikini & can be seen trying on nylons & various outfit combinations, which she models. While doing this, she comments to herself (I assume about the clothing, how it fits, etc)
Later she browses through a Vlad Photo book. The lower quality hampers my ability to identify most of the models, though I saw Elena m032, Ilga m021, Katya m003 & Zhanna m025.
She then chooses a couple of books to quietly read aloud. She sounds quite nice.
I'm sure you'll agree that she's quite cute. She's listed as being 9yo in late 2002, but I have no idea if she's still 9 or if she's 10 by at the time of this video. Regardless, she's so tiny & dainty looking, that she looks more like 7 or 8ys. She's even tinier in her 1st sets from Sep 2002.
She did 1 other video the following year, near the end of her 20 months with Vlad.


My old MC link is still up but only OpenLoad is working. Don't use Download Plaza!! You won't get to the link
Openload is fine

>> No. 38169
File 153871503537.jpg - (1.87MB , 2660x1849 , Asya m016.jpg )
Here's Asya m016. She was with Vlad from some time in 2000, until early 2001. The latest date I've seen for her is Playset 12, from Feb1.01
Her Wrestle video with Yulya m017 is from from early 2001 but I don't have a precise date.
She is listed as "Retired" as of Apr11.01 I've included that Archive pic. Its different from the similar one in the Bio Pack. This one mentions Ksenya m010 (1110pics) & Yulya m022. As you'll see, there are 200 pics from this period (I have 4) More about "Double # Yulya" when I post her sets.

Back to Asya: There are 16 folders, totalling 420 pics. Most of the folders have a reasonable amount of pics. The smallest has 6 pics & the largest 67pics.
3 of her sets were done on Dec21.00 & 4 were taken 4 days later, on Xmas Day. I've noted the order of them
I've included every outfit in my preview

>> No. 38221
File 153878093092.png - (880.04KB , 952x557 , Zhanna m025.png )
Here's a model I've often wondered about: Zhanna m025. This 3 outfit set is the only one I've every seen any pics from, ever referenced, etc.
But... then why is it labelled as "Set 10" - Even in the Archive.
My favourite theory is that it was mislabelled & instead of "001", it ended up as "010".

This is one of those sets that's Custom-Style minus the date. In this case the date from the Bio Pack seems pretty close - Feb23.01 That's 1 day prior to the earliest date I have for the model who followed her, Alisa m026.
The set has 88 pics, with the 3rd portion being the largest, with 38 pics. Strangely, that part is 1200x1600, while the rest of the pics are 768x1024.
I know that for several years all I had of this set was 34 pics from the 3rd part (the Blue Jumper) That partial set seemed to circulate quite widely, so if you're still stuck with an incomplete set, then this should put an end to your frustration.

>> No. 38262
File 153880642613.jpg - (1.91MB , 2129x2305 , 2mod10.jpg )
Here's some info regarding the Former Play Series sets that were incorporated into the 2Model series:
1st of all, Play sets 1-14 & 18-21 were left alone. Play sets 10,11 &12 became 2Model 17, 16 &15.
Play sets 22-30 became 2Model 1-9 BACKWARDS - as in Play 22 became 2Mod 09, Play 21 became 2mod 08 & so on Play30 - 2Mod 01.
The rest go in the other direction. Play set 31 became 2mod 13, Play set 32 became 2Mod 14 & so on to Play set 45 which became 2Mod 27.
These are the ones I know for sure & they go to March of 2002. I'm pretty much certain 2model sets 28 & 29 are former Play sets as well (ps46 & ps47)
They may even go a bit higher, though probably no more than another 5 or 10 sets.

2Model sets 11 & 12 (former Play sets 16 & 15) are posted here>>37707

2Model set4 (Play set27) with Sveta u007 & Nastya y027 is posted here>>37360
The Zippy link is perfectly fine but for those who prefer MC, my link from 18 months ago is still up - Solid & Dbree still work.


FM says it has it but it doesn't. And Don't Use Download Plaza! Total Waste Of Time

Here's 2Model set10 (Play set17) featuring Yulya m017 & Valerya m015, from Mar14.01
Its complete with 117 pics & as you can see, the girls are in 2 different outfits.
Its funny to think that Yulya & Valerya did this nice friendly set on the same day that they made the Boxing set>>37060
I should mention that unlike 2Mod 11&12, my version of this is standard (as you can tell by the Vlad Logos)


If anyone has a Custom-Style version of this set, even if its not complete, you're welcome to post it
Likewise, anymore of their Boxing set>>37060

I'll be posting both girls' solo sets over the weekend
>> No. 38766
File 153927138644.jpg - (338.18KB , 1644x1637 , PA290158_MOV.jpg )
Sorry, I've not been able to do any posting for the last few days. I have a lot ready, though.

I'm going to post a few videos right now. The 1st one features one of my favourite Vlad models - Tatyana m051. This is the only video I have of her. Its 75 seconds & it goes with Custom set 27 & is from Oct29.03
We get to hear her speak (in Russian) she appears to be commenting to herself as she admires the rose, puts on makeup, etc.
Since her 3 other videos are quite hard to find, this is a rare opportunity to see (& hear) this lovely girl on video.


I have 47 of her 70 sets, I'll post them when I can
>> No. 38768
File 153927302629.jpg - (547.69KB , 2042x1993 , Intros.jpg )
Here's something that may be new to a few of you. Its 5 very short Vlad Introduction videos done in March& April of 2006.
They are from 7 to 18seconds. Each vid matches a set.
The girls are: Ksenya y056 Mar22.06 it matches set 97
Yulya m065 Mar24.06 - matches set 139
Yulya y068 Mar25.06 matches set60
Ksenya y057 also Mar25.06 matches set 74
While those were all done over 3 days, Alisa y042's was done Apr13.06 & matches set 207. Her's is the only one that's fully English.

I have to say my favourite of these videos is the one with Yulya m065. I've always loved her voice (& other things about her)
So, both Ksenyas pronounce their name "Keesha"

Along with the vids, I've included a screenshot of each & a pic from the sets they match, so you'll see what I mean. Also caps for the 2 Yulya's vids


I have more videos of all these girls
>> No. 38771
File 153927580778.jpg - (1.32MB , 2142x2144 , Nadya m042 p1601 1hr.jpg )
Here's Nadya m042 in what was likely her earliest videos. It 1hr & has 3 sections - for the 1st 24mins she tries on nylons, clothing & accessories. Then for about 15mins she does what appears to be some secretarial work.
The last 20mins features some great dancing
You also get to hear her voice & she sounds lovely.

This video is from 2003 & is probably from the 1st 1/2 of the year, as in sets done later in the year her hair colour is different.

I know 99% of you know what to do with a split archive & thus you'll want to skip my longwinded tutorial.
BUT for those who aren't familiar with them - Read on
You MUST Download ALL 6 PARTS BEFORE extracting.
When All 6 Parts have downloaded FULLY, then start extraction from Part 1. The other 5 will automatically continue extracting.
If you did it correctly, you'll have a 1hr video.
If you did it wrong, you'll have nothing.
Downloading just 1 part will NOT get you part of the video. Again, you MUST download ALL 6 Parts.

#1 https://www37.zippyshare.com/v/LlIOCpxO/file.html

#2 https://www37.zippyshare.com/v/SDdo6MYK/file.html

#3 https://www37.zippyshare.com/v/E8z2qSGg/file.html

#4 https://www46.zippyshare.com/v/pBX2RDB1/file.html

#5 https://www37.zippyshare.com/v/cOQyzMBF/file.html

#6 https://www37.zippyshare.com/v/xpM4Cnyk/file.html
>> No. 38775
File 153927686125.jpg - (526.01KB , 1028x1616 , t2061 Anna y076+ Nadya m042.jpg )
Here's Nadya m042 & Anna y076 in t2061, a 31min Tickle video.
As you can see, they have different outfits for the 2nd 1/2, as well they bring a soccer ball into the proceedings.

Again ALL 3 PARTS are Needed if you don't understand how to download it, check out my tutorial here >>38771



>> No. 38778
File 15392806376.jpg - (512.36KB , 1024x1596 , w2053 Nadya m042 +Anna y076.jpg )
Here's Anna & Nadya again in w2053 a 31min Wrestle vid. Like their tickle vid>>38775 this one is also from 2005. These vids can't be earlier than April, since Anna didn't start until then. Looking at Nadya's sets from late 2005, I'd say they can't be any later than August, as she looks very different in the above mentioned sets.

Like all Vlad Wrestling (& Boxing) videos, this one starts with a "conflict" that escalates to the point where a wrestling match ensues.
I was able to pick out 2 words, thus I assume they were initially debating the merits of Red shoes vs Black. (subtitles would be Awesome)
Anyhow, it ends up being a very spirited match & the girls look very hot in their wrestling attire.

I have 1 more short video of Nadya but these 2 are the only ones I have of Anna.

Again You Need ALL 3 Parts



>> No. 38926
File 153944289855.jpg - (1.92MB , 2884x1843 , Katya m003.jpg )
Here's Katya m003. I've got 300 pics, most of which I've had for a few years. The only recent additions a few pics here & there - I doubt there's 20 all put together.
Still... if you have very little or nothing of her, this will definitely be worth getting.
There's 27 folders with between 1 & 41 pics. The earliest date is Dec20.00 (3 sets). The latest is Apr27.01
Several sets with no Exif date, give a Properties date. Those shot with the Sanyo camera are likely pretty far off but the Olympus ones are helpful. These are sets with P101 #ing.
The Black Leather Suit set & White Shoes+Top & Navy Skirt (middle of top row) both have a Properties date of May25.01, which is likely not too far off.
3 sets have a Properties date of Sep8.01. The Yellow Socks on the Rocks set was likely done a year earlier but the 2 Olympus sets will be in the right year. She was gone by Sep/01 but she was still there in July, so those 2 sets Might be close on the date.
You'll actually see 28 folders because I've included 2 versions of Yellow Bikini from Jan15.01 Both have 36 pics but I was bothered by how it didn't seem to be in proper order, as the time jumped around. The problem was that there were also non-exif pics, as well.
Thus, there's the version that's 'As I Got It' & one where I did the best I could in putting it into order. I put the exif pics in order, then tried to fit the non-exif ones into ,what appeared to be, the most logical spots.

>> No. 39063
File 153960531878.jpg - (645.34KB , 1034x2597 , w2002 y014+y046 30mins.jpg )
Here's w2002, a 30min Wrestle video with Oksana y046 & Yulya y014, from 2004. It would have to be from the no later than June (as Yulya appears to have left at that time)
It looks like she darkened her hair in late Feb/ early Mar. (These 2 girls are in Sports set 48, from Xmas Day 2003 & while Oksana looks the same, Yulya's hair is much lighter)
Also, Yulya did 2 more vids prior to leaving. I'd say all these factors help to narrow down the likely time frame, in which it could've been done. I'd now guess early March to late April 2004.
Its funny but I never thought of Oksana as being particularly short but Yulya certainly towers over her. Yulya was 16 by this point, while Oksana was either 13 or very close, as she was 12 when she started 5 or 6 months earlier.

Like almost all the Vlad Wrestle & Boxing videos, a "conflict" ensues early on that leads to the Wrestling match. Its always something amusing, as in this case where Oksana refuses to give back Yulya's pen.
At several points they stop & even sit back down but 1 of the girls always pushes to resume the 'action'. An example can be seen in my lower screenshot, where Oksana has just pulled Yulya back out of her chair.

Each of these girls made a dozen videos, at this time, this is the only one I have with either girl. They may even have other short videos not listed in the archive (like the Intro series)
While most of Yulya's vids would be extremely hard to find, it would seem that there should some hope of finding more of Oksana

Both Parts Are Needed - And You MUST Wait For Both Parts To FULLY Download Before Starting Extraction



Subtitles would sure be great for videos like this one.
>> No. 39104
paths diff ones mostly but once in a while crossing.....like now positive i cn you before
y079 anna could be tricky as life's a bitch sometimes mem bad anyway it's nice c ya' again
>> No. 39160
File 153970724350.jpg - (1.78MB , 3253x1931 , Yulya y014 early+WP.jpg )
Yes, as you can see we were even talking about you a few times - generally, in regard to you being the source of a lot of earliest 'M' series material for a lot of us.

Here is some of Yulya y014's earliest pics. There's a folder labelled "Early Sanyo sets From 2000". There is 4-5 pics of each set except Blue Skirt, Black Top which has 13. There's a folder with 5 pics of that set that have been enlarged to an odd size, otherwise the only folder not 640 is the Boat pics, which are 1024. These were taken on the Ship Nedezhda & Yulya m018 is in all but 1.
Also, 20 pics from her 1st 3 sets - these are the larger pics in the preview. These were taken between May15-Aug15.01


I'll be posting the rest of her sets in the near future. There are more Ship pics. I'll be posting them with Yulya m018's early sets
>> No. 39174
nice u & others had use for it
also nice vlad going strong better here assure u
i'll look for y079 anna all of vlad since last time should be there......i hope
>> No. 39231
File 153976679026.jpg - (601.43KB , 2024x1197 , p4130010.jpg )
Anna y079? Did you maybe mean Anna y076 (there's a "Yana" y079)

Were you meaning that you had videos featuring her, besides these ones?>>38775 &>>38778

While I have all of her sets - standard/cstm/2model & even her later y188 sets - her other 5 videos continue to elude me. Interestingly, 3 also feature Nadya m042.
The archive only mentions vids of 5min length & up, so I don't know if Anna did any such as the such as the intros>>38768 or any 75 second ones, which appear to have been an option to add on to custom sets. here's an example>>38766

So, if you have any other vid (vids) with Anna y076, I'd be delighted if you could post it (them)

Just so there's no confusion, I'm posting Yana y079, since she did only 3 sets, & since I'm talking about her.
She was with Vlad for a very short time. She did a 28 pic "audition" on Mar26.05, in the striped bikini (insert, top right) which makes up, roughly, the 1st 1/4 of set 01.
Set 03, featuring the 'Schoolgirl' outfit was taken 2 weeks later, on Apr9.05
Her 3rd & final shoot was 4 days later ,Apr13th
with the black miniskirt - set 02 & the Pink Bikini, which made up the other 82 pics of set 01
These sets are all No Logo & are basically regular size. I'm also including 4 Custom-Style pics. There's 1 each from sets 1 (not the 1st part)& 2, while I have 2 from set 03.
These pics are all between 405kb - 460kb
I used a copy of the set 01 C-S pic to start my preview, thus you'll see it still has the date/time exif data.
If anyone has anymore Cstm-Style pics of Yana, please feel free to add them.


I forgot to mention that in my Yulya y014 post>>39160 there's 3 sizes of the blue Wall Paper pic - 600x800, 768x1024 & 960x1280. The main colour pic, as well as the 2 background pics come from set 5.
>> No. 39280
u r right i am wrong knew what i had b4 diff today......
076 anna can't tell bout every vid now have 2 updt me 1st
back soon
>> No. 39414
File 153990891845.jpg - (633.77KB , 2024x1197 , Yana y079 p4130010.jpg )
LOL, Looks like I made a Big Oops too!

I gave the wrong link for Yana>>39231

Here's the correct one for Yana y079


>> No. 39456
cn here >>37890
question bout girl in vid darts nancy juliana valery certain she "knew" someone at darts no mdl
"olya" not her name real not 2 far from it she never became mdl 4 darts & i'm sure bout that
there's a photo or even a few "olya" slippers raspberry red can be wrong bout details
as told here >>37890 a coincidence maybe but i think it's a wall of large stones at location if close to photo
doubt more then similarities but 1st i have 2 find the photo which is even harder then the items below.......

"y076 anna also y188 ordered 3 videos no cost extra bns" got some not all but had no time dealing with it then
i don't have those short vids with y076/y188 anna got the other ordered not those vids not cn any of them later
y079 yana nothing else of her then the usual 3 sets 01 110 pics 02 93 pics & 03 79 pics all 3 no logo
certain u got the same sets for now i had nothing 2 add this time maybe later

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