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/mir/ ~ Danielle Bregoli
File 153865699335.png - (677.17KB , 640x1136 , image1.png )
38090 No. 38090
Anyone got anything on her?
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>> No. 46991
I got more coming soon just stay tune
>> No. 47132
Bumping for more
>> No. 47293
pls come thru big dawg

this and the ftm thread are the only reasons I keep coming here
>> No. 47450
File 154746242758.jpg - (47.35KB , 457x600 , IMG_20190114_123421_264.jpg )
>> No. 47471
Got any more nudes of her and videos?
>> No. 47501
do you think girls get growing pains when their areolas widen out?
>> No. 47529
File 154752948262.png - (295.45KB , 405x720 , Screenshot_20181114-211817.png )
>> No. 47530
File 154752950657.jpg - (815.32KB , 1000x829 , bhad slut 15b.jpg )
>> No. 47531
File 154752952835.jpg - (39.35KB , 406x720 , F87DFD79-EDD6-40A5-AA7C-85A58B473F3D.jpg )
>> No. 47532
File 154752958095.png - (317.09KB , 405x720 , DanielleCuteThong.png )
>> No. 47533
Now all we really need is her nude videos
>> No. 47541
she's a dumb ugly nigger's whore but goddamn does she have a nice pussy
>> No. 47604
looks fake,an def shoulda had 3+ inch areolas for a girl at her development
>> No. 47606
Like how would you know ? I smell the bs you chatting m8.
>> No. 47608
isnt a prof of glamoe
>> No. 47614
this though

I'd nut myself to death over a couple good nude vids from her
>> No. 47635
When you're a celebrity you get extra shit done on you, she got new boobs , piercing s, tattoos and etc.. But if you ask me that's what makes her so attractive and fuckable as a minor
>> No. 47636

yooo thank you dude

please keep them coming if you have more, this is the best thing to happen to me in months

this though. lemme get a couple of decent vids from her and I could legit fap myself to death
>> No. 47644
Shit that looks real. Is it?
>> No. 47654
>>47604 it's the filter. three + inches is huge. many full adult women with large breasts don't even have that. the areola is fairly large though it is light coloured so it is hard to see with the filter but you can see it about an inch right of her nipple
>> No. 47669
this is shooped as fuck
>> No. 47752
How do you know ?
>> No. 47755
No it's not fake... okay you go look up her nudes and see how hard it is to get them
>> No. 47777
File 15476875764.jpg - (48.55KB , 435x720 , real.jpg )
Don't think I believe any of these recent posts. 47530 & 47531 are obv shopped, and the vidcaps are likely a lookalike on xvideos or similar - you can see "Th" top right in 47529 which is the beginning of "This video was uploaded to"
>> No. 47811
>>47777 i think you might be right. damn. they are pretty decent fakes then.

also quads dont lie
>> No. 47828
That image I posted, the real version of that pic, is literally the first thing you see on Google if you type in "Bregoli snapchat"! :)
Also no shoulder tattoo in other pic.
Girl in the vidcaps looks very like her, but why would it be on xvideos?
Shame, but not real.
>> No. 47836
File 154773592193.jpg - (145.52KB , 1280x853 , Parveen southadipou.jpg )
>> No. 47841
It would be cool if someone posted up her nude videos already
>> No. 48432
He have sexo with mens. Brasil porra!!!!!
>> No. 48551
I'm starting to think there are no leaked videos
>> No. 48617
File 154842458868.png - (63.53KB , 790x438 , 1517148901475.png )
Yes they're out there
>> No. 48618
File 154842464197.jpg - (298.29KB , 736x1309 , 1515030765326.jpg )
Hard nipples
>> No. 48619
File 154842469185.png - (408.38KB , 405x720 , 0E91AE09-2B97-4852-A0F4-F055862F3F39.png )
Danielle and Valentine from Wild n Out
>> No. 48621
File 154842532976.jpg - (110.71KB , 360x582 , 1516661430500.jpg )
12 year old danielle
>> No. 48672
As real as all the other fake pics and vids out there. Oh boy!
>> No. 48689
lol you dont have shit
>> No. 48738
I know I don't have nothing but at least I'm the one who is posting most of the shit on here
>> No. 51341
revive bump
>> No. 52055
can someone please upload something good on this slut
>> No. 52552
File 155227955228.jpg - (65.07KB , 1080x1080 , DB14D7D7-1FFD-4959-AB46-1BF842A3966B.jpg )
>> No. 52557
File 155228424149.jpg - (8.53KB , 240x180 , D206CEF0-A8BD-4D0F-9D93-03165135AAD5.jpg )
Anyone got this video? I’ve seen it before but it’s disappeared and havent seen it since.
>> No. 52560
i know that this girl is sleeping around with thousands of guys and she has done some sex with females and males.... she will 100% have nude pics on her phone if you famous you do illegal shit i would not be suprised if she likes kids too she defiantly done some shit but i in my opinion find her a little big headed at times that turns me off, i notice as she got famous she covers up more and become vunerable i wouldn't be suprised if she leaks pics of her nude under aninymous names she a big troll end up in rehab
>> No. 52561
r. kelly looking for her to lure her into his mind, body and soul ;)
>> No. 52562
>> No. 52595
Why do these assholes ruin videos by putting stupid shit like the animal nose, and ears in them like on the 1st pic in this thread?
>> No. 52638
those are all Fakes!
>> No. 52648
So what’s your point faggot ??? You got the real ones ? Then shut the fuck up
>> No. 52665
the only Faggot is you trying to pass of pics as real Asshole!
>> No. 52739
The girls are doing it themselves and the reason is that they think it's cute.
>> No. 52916
File 155268492540.jpg - (193.06KB , 768x1024 , amanda01.jpg )
Thank you so much for that info. I thought it was the posters who were doing it.

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