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/mir/ ~ anyone knows this?
File 15408445467.jpg - (466.27KB , 1620x1078 , qw1246.jpg )
40306 No. 40306
anyone know where this video / image from?
plese give me link,,, thank
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>> No. 40314
File 154085068465.png - (163.34KB , 800x651 , Trollspurdo.png )
This is a duplicate of a thread already open on 144chan in which several posters have told you that your OP pic is a fake and have given you the info about the original studio and model name.


Stop jamming up the boards with needless duplication.
>> No. 40348
its fake
>> No. 55387
It was made using an innocent picture from the set:"schoolgirl princess 009"

>> No. 55400
Stop spamming the chans with fake shit, at least have the decency of saying that is fake and posting a good one, not a piece of crap that looks like made by a babyboomer that just discovered mspaint

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