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/mir/ ~ anyone have vids of them
File 154144639245.png - (595.09KB , 1189x632 , req chan2.png )
40863 No. 40863
looking for the full videos if them
Expand all images
>> No. 40865
File 154144658767.png - (392.29KB , 696x622 , req chan1.png )
looking for full videos of them
>> No. 40866
File 154144695018.png - (422.49KB , 550x490 , req chan2.png )
>> No. 41020
There is currently a discussion on 144chan.

>> No. 41021
link plz
>> No. 41153
really nice vids...
contact me for trade
>> No. 41155
contact me to trade for this vids. really nice ones :D
>> No. 41159

1 http://dl.free.fr/gI6Rqa3F9
2 http://dl.free.fr/jhTvBwl2P
3 http://dl.free.fr/iJfuef7c1
4 http://dl.free.fr/f7bCJmjuK
5 http://dl.free.fr/rFUCGtvsI
6 http://dl.free.fr/jJoZ2BTkD
7 http://dl.free.fr/vO8zOHoi1
8 http://dl.free.fr/kbJS2lnaX
>> No. 41160
>> No. 41162
Holy shit, dude!
>> No. 41163
Holy shit, dude!
>> No. 41165
thx so much!
>> No. 41166
WoW thank you very much
>> No. 41170
>> No. 41171
>> No. 41173
Mmmm many thanks for sharing!! The little one has been deeply, thorougly trained for underage sex!
Fucking preteen girls is not just optional: it is definitely part of what we all need to experience as adults!
>> No. 41174
you can thank a scumbag trader for fucking me over and charging me more then he shoould have. he sold this video dozens of times and now hes not making any more money off of it!
>> No. 41176
One man's joy is another man's sorrow! lol
>> No. 41177
One thousand thanks you wowowowowow thanks you
>> No. 41178
Never pay for porn man!
>> No. 41179
Wow, this is amazing. Thank you so much!
>> No. 41180
Say damaged file
>> No. 41182
This is a great day!
i was expecting 1 vid,but the bonus butt plug vid was great too.
Studios like Polar and Siberian and Tropical have just been shown up as amateurs...this is the new benchmark!!
>> No. 41188
This is one of the most realistic hot vids I ever saw about adult-child sex! The little one is quite well trained and very experienced too!
Both sexual partners kiss each other on the mouth, which is really nice and different from what we can generally watch!
In the end the man shoots a big load in the child's mouth! As I said before, I'm personally convinced that little girls are made to swallow a lot of cum and they do it gladly!
>> No. 41189
part 2 is messing up every time. rep part 2 PLEASE!
>> No. 41190
Do you have other? 00103 for example?
>> No. 41191
wow, how can such an expensive and recent video be filtered? this site is wonderful
>> No. 41193
I download part 2 to 98% and it fails! PLEASE REUP!
>> No. 41194
Dont`t work. part 2 down.PLEASE reup!!
>> No. 41203
Same here. Part 2 won't load unfortunately..(damn)
>> No. 41206
Nevermind (assuming anyone gives a shit) Part 2 worked..eventually. Thanks for the vid btw!
>> No. 41208
its fucking funny that the mods at GAP keep deleting the links!
Genie is well and truly out of the bottle you fuckers,the horse has bolted. you and your little trader friends just got ass raped by the boys from Sherwood!!
>> No. 41210
Keep trying. I had a problem too but all links DO work. Just joined them and opened it and it works great. Thanks again to OP.
>> No. 41211
File 154180862999.jpg - (145.92KB , 1200x900 , 152968464863.jpg )
Any good re-encode available?
>> No. 41212
k23JgK1498dfk191!#@SjdOIWJmaqVVvd doesnt work
>> No. 41215
wow, here we are, openly trading awesome stuff like this on clearnet. this is the day i have been waiting for. thanks to >>41159 and triforce for making it all happen :)
>> No. 41221
Picture set with dildo please
>> No. 41226
Wow. WOW. WOW!!
>> No. 41227
There was a problem while reading the contents. Please help!!!
>> No. 41229
Would it be possible for someone to re-upload in a different download format? None of these are opening for me. Very confused :/
>> No. 41230
Would anybody be kind enough to re-upload these in a non RAR format?
>> No. 41231
bite video converter :)
>> No. 41236
Make sure you are extracting it using 7zip
>> No. 41237
You have to extract the archive using 7zip
>> No. 41243

this guy has limpest dick i've ever seen
my dick goes 110% erect when a little girl just looks at me

no erect even when they're kissing, wtf :D
i bet he's not even a pedo
>> No. 41246
please video off same girl with woman
>> No. 41247
Can't open 144 anymore, get just "SSL_ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED_ALERT". Trying to change the address to avoid brings an alert of my antivirus.

Didn't work for me either, ain't got it too, but it has to be okay so far, don't mind.
>> No. 41259
Everything worked.
Fantastic, beautiful, wonderful.
Thank you very very much.
>> No. 41267
How to oprn that .7z.001 file? Please help me
>> No. 41270
Thanks. The links and password works fine. I had to come here, for some obscure reason, they don't allowed it on gap. Good thing the chans are there for us. Yeah Triforce!
>> No. 41274
I agree, I was disappointed at the lack of a pedo boner but I liked seeing him rub his hands all over her in a very pervy way
>> No. 41275
You need 7zip. Highlight all the parts, right click and open archive.
>> No. 41276
I think the mods on Gap & FF are also traders so for every leak they lose potential trades or sales, either that or they are being kept sweet by the producers with bonuses in the form of unseen sets & videos. Now they are just making themselves look foolish by deleting threads of content that has already leaked far beyond their little ivory towers, I don't believe the protecting the producers bullshit either. The moment a new studio starts producing LEA can covertly buy whatever they offer anyway.
>> No. 41281
Thanks. Would it be possible to upload these in a form that they can be downloaded from the unarchiver. I can't get 7zip for my mac :'(
>> No. 41285
People who havn't figured out how to use the Onion or 7zip or at the very least utilize a VPN should go nowhere near this...and they should just drown on their own salty tears.
Yes its real
Yes its epic
and YES..it is the best thing leaked for years!!

And the hoarding mods at GAP and FF can suck my balls!!
>> No. 41294
Yeah the lack of boner is disappointing, and the camera man makes a lot of noises like he has a bad cold or flu, ruins a bit of it.
Otherwise, its the hottest foreplay and moaning video ive ever seen.
>> No. 41299
His lack of boner is probably down to the fact that the cum we saw was probably his 6th of the day. I know of no man that could be so limp when being with that little girl and not at least on his 6th or 7th cum. She is a real honey with a beautiful smooth pussy. Perfection. Just my type. Perfect age. That is probably one of my new favourite fap vids.
Thanks a billion goes to the poster. Top man.
>> No. 41327
Anybody mind posting all 8 links in a different download format? Don't have 7zip capability.
>> No. 41331
thank you.
>> No. 41333
I don't know about that, whan I am really perved up to some cuties I can easily cum 6 times in one day just to pics, if I had an actual cutie with me my balls would probably never feel drained. Pedos dont need viagra
>> No. 41335
Download from https://www.7-zip.org/
Then you can click the .001 file at any time and then automatically extract it.
>> No. 41337
video please?
>> No. 41338
The Tri-Foce may be SURELY IS stronger than FF or GAP!
>> No. 41342
I unzipped it using Winrar. No problems at all. Download the latest version of winrar. It seems able to do everything.
>> No. 41345
I WANT everyone to re up this OVER AND OVER and keep it going SO EVERYONE HAS FOR FREE.
>> No. 41348
Plz upload the other vids too
>> No. 41353
File 154195245197.jpg - (47.73KB , 439x253 , I+love+this+thread+_795a37436e3b6c657e37b205721bba.jpg )
Thank you so much! That girl is insane !
>> No. 41356
Please, post photo sets, please
>> No. 41358
Please, upload photo sets
>> No. 41359
Can anybody plz plz upload this vid as .rar
Other 7z works fine but this .001 doesn't work.thanks a ton
>> No. 41367
Since The leaker asked us to share the privyet leak as mush is possible, so here for the ones with slower wifi and the ones that can't figure out multiple archives.
I re-encoded the 2 videos that are now less than haft the original size but I was able to keep the quality. I split the 38mns video in 3 parts:
Take or watch while it last lol
>> No. 41373
Please, upload the other videos and sets

>> No. 41376
thanks , you are doing Satan work!
>> No. 41405
Why the fuck does he show his face and speak in his native language? They're begging to get busted.
>> No. 41406
He's not the producer, only the father. You can hear the mastermind whispering behind the camera and giving them instructions. But yes if the main actor gets busted they will force him to turn in the producer as well. Pure stupidity.
>> No. 41407
He's really not a pedo. Not only is his dick limp as a dead goose and his facial expressions that of eating a rotten egg but in the second vid at 11:11 he's clenching his fist while frenchkissing the girl. He's a paid actor and this vid is as staged as the DNC primaries.
>> No. 41408
Wow thank you so much. Needed to nut so bad today. What a perfect video to release the tension
>> No. 41409
So he's her father? I can see that they're doing it only for money.

At least girl is enjoying it.
>> No. 41413
Thanks for a great vid with super hot girl, but that fucking skinny limp dick idiot is a fukken joke.
Dude can't stop starring at the camera and smiling like a retard for more than 3 seconds!
There is no fucking way he's heterosexual - any semi-healthy guy would be hard rock for this goddess or at least interested in her, not in the fucking surroundings.
They've probably hired a fag to have a hook on him, so he doesn't snitch. Homosexuals have rather hard time in Eastern Europe.

Sorry for the rant and thanks again for the hottest loli slut ever! <3
>> No. 41489
And what with this clip?
>> No. 41516
Thanks, great job
>> No. 41517
Thanks, great job
>> No. 41564
Girl's not really pretty but not too bad. Nice pussy & ass, though. The fake "porn moans" are very annoying! So is limp dick. Would've been better if we got a look at the cum in her mouth & saw her swallow at the end.
>> No. 41569
Please re-up part 8 :(
>> No. 41595
... part 8 ha ???
I think you are looking for this:

Working links.
>> No. 41622

you are a genius man!!!!!

Amazing vids

I hope that soon leak more

>> No. 41623
File 154223376212.jpg - (24.23KB , 450x254 , 153921435141s.jpg )
i hope that soon more vids are leaked

like this
>> No. 41636
This video could be epic if only the stupid guy doesn't look the camera so much looking for instructions. OMG the girl know what to do and the guy don't... When the girl starts kissing him i thought the girl were more involved in making it that the stupid guy.

At least is better than the leaks from pb that put girls with no idea what to do.
>> No. 41650
... like every other HCCP video! Watch something else, if you don't like to see a little girl enjoying herself. If you wanna see some selfish creep spooge on a girls face, there's plenty of that elsewhere!
>> No. 41790
since your bitching so much about free CP please submit something better for us too see then
>> No. 41829
File 154248873468.png - (520.70KB , 500x266 , 154144639245s.png )
need more vids
>> No. 41871
and less kisses
>> No. 42211
Girl is a goddess and the dude is a faggot.
>> No. 42212
THANKS. Can share tribadism video too??
Please! :(
>> No. 42300
So a beautyful small girl....and his dick came not hard yet....
>> No. 42525
Please Share videooooooooo!!!!
Upload again pleaseeee!!!!
>> No. 42595
>> No. 42597
>> No. 42615
For the love of god someone please reup to dlfree or zippy
>> No. 42622
romantic kisses.
>> No. 42627
please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please reupload the vids of this sexy girl!
>> No. 42648
This is all i have.

>> No. 43317
Please, reup in DL
>> No. 43418
Please reup
>> No. 43719
pls re up
>> No. 43757
jesus, this super hot girlie has been tossed in with two of the worst men! I've never seen yellow jizz, almost made me puke, it was like puss, I felt sorry for her and was glad she kept her mouth clamped shut
>> No. 43763
Why do people keep talking about these videos if they suck so bad?????
>> No. 43777

all the videos suck, every one . because of the hype.
previews do not tell the wholes story, but we have all seen enough previews and then the videos after a long anticipation hat leaves us all flat.
but new shit is always exciting, because it has the potential to be as great as our imaginations.

that why they all suck, because we are all delusional about the reality of having hot wild sex with a kid.
>> No. 43845
Tell your shrink man and spare us your whining.
>> No. 43944
please - reup them
>> No. 43986

you're right, the only good pthc video is that live.me video where that dude is fucking a girl anal balls deep and there's even shit on her butt cheek

>> No. 44357
>> No. 44419
File 154510003421.jpg - (247.34KB , 1021x1221 , ustudio132.jpg )
Hi guys, if anyone have this videos please share it with us.
>> No. 44510
Dear god! I'd have no trouble at all staying rock hard every second I was with that hot little fucktoy.

The only trouble I'd have would be worrying about a premature ejaculation. That and deciding which one of that little bitch's slut holes to flood with jazz.
>> No. 44511
Showing your face while having fun with loli - well, that's smart! (no)
>> No. 49799
reup please
>> No. 49816
all links are dead.

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