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/mir/ ~ hot gymnastic girl
File 154260402775.jpg - (392.69KB , 1252x1712 , Naked gymnast.jpg )
41926 No. 41926

pass: youareunderarrest
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>> No. 50687
>>49876 Correct file


>> No. 50696
what am i missing here
>> No. 50712
i don't want to sound ungrateful but I've noticed some very clever editing on the vids. such a pity I never even knew such amazingly gifted people existed. It truly is one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. would it be possible to upload some of the unedited versions. Sorry if I sound ungrateful but my eyes have been opened to a part of humanity I never knew.
>> No. 50823
There's an updated
>> No. 50830
>>50712 The only editing I do is stripping the audio off some videos that have obnoxious music added to them. Other than that I upload them as they are. The videos with visible edits were already like that when I got them.
>> No. 50831
A thousand thank you's OP. Amazing thread. Being able to share in the girls intense pleasure has been a second awakening.
>> No. 50834
OP, do you have the Cypris/Hannah videos? or does anyone else have any links to them? any info welcome.
>> No. 50841
Who are recording these? There are so many it's crazy.
>> No. 50850
Wish these little whores would do photo shoots. And if they're gonna do the peep show crap, to SLOW things down a lot.
>> No. 51132
pls more vid
>> No. 51179
Thanks for the posts op, this thread saved me while ff was down but now it's back up again!

Here's the FF link for anyone interested.


>> No. 51193
Why I can't download nothing of dl.free through my onion browser?
>> No. 51229
Because you must allow session cookies for dl_free_fr.
No cookies no dl.
>> No. 51239
File 155069601534.jpg - (380.76KB , 1024x768 , 1327881598225278.jpg )
7zip usage tip

"-mx0" or "-mx=0" disable compression

video formats can not be compress

"-mhe=on" encrypts filenames too

>> No. 51260
File 155072174928.jpg - (107.58KB , 592x898 , 3w4.jpg )
I humbly request any additional material from this girl. Anyone recognize her?
>the video is just okay, she teases, but no nudity.
>> No. 51301
Thank you OP. This thread is heaven
>> No. 51303
How can I view these videos from my phone
>> No. 51501
File 155099954172.jpg - (75.58KB , 816x460 , daaaaamnfaaam.jpg )
damn 700+ vids on 1 page thanks yo alll
>> No. 51557
Never view or look at child porn on your phone unless you want to go to jail. Don't be low lying fruit.
>> No. 51582
Anyone using TOR is low hanging fruit for the NSA et al.
>> No. 51609
File 15511137413.jpg - (158.26KB , 746x1419 , 9yo Hannah 0042_preview.jpg )
looks like the poster has stopped , but thanks to that person a lot of people have a much better collection.
Dont ever trust vpn on its own , use Tor for extra safety ,the previous poster is an idiot.
Thousands of videos like this are available on onion sites, failing that search for camkitties, mrvine etc etc, but you need premium accounts to Download. The stuff is just obtained free from onion sites and re posted to make money for the guys on those sites, stealing and renaming other peoples work basically..
>> No. 51613
Can someone make some mega links please
>> No. 51615
camkitties and mrvine are garbage they look good on the surface but its literally the same shit reposted over and over... every thread has the same cams the only difference is whatever shit watermark the uploader has added like OXB. I've seen 4-5 versions of the same cam all with different watermarks on them it's retarded. OP has basically given them the middle finger by uploading all this for free and I love it
>> No. 51672
File 155118485533.jpg - (178.96KB , 816x1544 , 10yrsnice_preview.jpg )
yeah I agree ,those sites are mostly garbage, best to use Gap FF and LL, but if people dont want to use Tor then other than here they wont find much else very easily... cant believe people come here in the clear or with vpn, neither are advisable, if you aint been caught yet doesn't mean you wont be in future...
>> No. 51675
>>42177 does anyone have more of this girl??
>> No. 51679
I find both Mrvine and camkitties have been down for several days - or is it my ISP playing games ???????
>> No. 51685
I appreciate everything shared. Something old to us is new to someone who is just getting pulled into things.
>> No. 51688
Every worthwhile cam those sites have to offer has been uploaded elsewhere for free... Those sites are worthless and they only exist to catch the newbies who are clueless about safety.
>> No. 51694
File 155120384837.png - (549.18KB , 720x1280 , Screenshot_20190225-164404.png )
I have found a mass of lovely little girl pussy on younglust dot sea sea... you guys can figure that out... right?
>> No. 51699
OP is under arrest?
>> No. 51705
for those who want it
>> No. 51713
>>51699 Not yet.
>> No. 51741
Please more kids with dog 😍❤
>> No. 51771
>> No. 51788
File 155129157864.jpg - (84.77KB , 300x300 , play01.jpg )
OP stopped posting. Maybe he's under arrest. LOL!
>> No. 51793
Why isn't vpn on it's own safe? What's the point of it then? Also, some say TOR is bad. How does one know who and what to trust?
>> No. 51872
A VPN prevents your ISP from knowing what you're doing other than the fact that you're using a VPN, but then your VPN service provider will know what you're doing instead and the cops can just force them to reveal your info instead of forcing your ISP. Some VPNs say they don't even store your info in the first place and so couldn't hand it over even if the cops asked, but the only proof you have for that is their word, which is not ideal.

In the case of TOR, it's actually impossible to connect your identity to what you're doing, other than the fact that you're using TOR. The guy who said that it isn't safe is probably a cop. Using TOR doesn't automatically mean you're safe (you can still get fucked by javascript unless you turn it off which you should do, and you can be a retard and reveal your identity yourself by posting something which identifies you uniquely enough -- e.g. someone made a school shooting threat to a specific school on TOR and got caught because he was the only one in that area using TOR at the moment) but it's a first step to being safe.
>> No. 51915
there are a many stories of services on tor being busted. we not that tor team closely cooperates with lea and has even former lea agents. we know cases when tor was attacked, identities revealed, while tor leaders knew about it and did nothing. they are still leading , talking about lessons.

they want you to think tor is safe,for that will not go after small fish. only after big.

another option is your ISP, big provider can easily intercept and 'proxy' the rest of tor net. logging all your action. they also don't want you to know it.
>> No. 51916
vpn gives a small degree of privacy, often easily bypassed by lea
Tor gives a large degree of anonymity if used correctly , not easily bypassed by lea.
>> No. 51925
Safety everyone have own opinions what work best
VPN + webbased proxy 1 or 2 BUT 2 is max limit work for me
Remember too much between computer & site to visit make slower connection too much like 2 proxy can be very slow BUT what's better privacy & no logs for activity or logs plus less safety
For me is one option only for many years

I hope this is something everyone can understand translators never do good work I think;)
>> No. 51928
The only people who get caught on TOR are idiots with big mouths who talk too much. Don't give the LEA any clues and they'll never find you, ever. They can seize as many CP sites as they like, you're a ghost unless you reveal yourself. Sit in silence and laugh at their futile effort to stamp out child pornography, spending all their time and resources taking down one site while two more pop up a week later.
>> No. 52064
most people who get caught usually get caught because of a tip to leos or the fbi or national center for missing and exploited children or a family member or friend snitching on them. without a tip chances are most people wont get caught
>> No. 52218
Not an idiot if your ISP is blocking tor browsers... Either that or taking 5-minute image loading level of slow as the only bridge that I can connect on is the slowest around!
>> No. 52378
more of that cute girl?
>> No. 52630
hot gynastic girl number 2 please
>> No. 52971
it seems OP is gone for good :( i hope he didn't got busted or something you could probably fill a pint glass with the amount of cum i lost to this thread. i hope he return
>> No. 53012
is there more of this girl >>42120 i want to see her tits!!
>> No. 53039
>> No. 53041
link https://155chan.gr/mir/res/41984.html
>> No. 53176

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