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/mir/ ~ Modelsstarss
File 154369241625.jpg - (156.93KB , 1728x1152 , 154340022234.jpg )
42962 No. 42962
Would anyone have more pictures of them?
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>> No. 45993
>> No. 45994
File 154639161635.jpg - (356.41KB , 3000x1686 , IMG (8).jpg )
>> No. 46009
this is tropical cuties idk what number 1 2 3 or 4 perhaps more
>> No. 46344
File 154664641985.jpg - (515.85KB , 2074x3110 , JUNTAS VIP 321.jpg )
>> No. 46393
File 154669126096.jpg - (523.38KB , 3110x2074 , JUNTAS VIP 089.jpg )
Thank you SO much for this set, been lookin forever for these.
Over 420 pix, you made my day!! Really love the little one on the left.......THANKYOU!!
>> No. 46428
more please
>> No. 46434
That's all she wrote. No more. The end.
>> No. 46562
4 truly beautiful girls, who have been passed around and used and abused by a group of overweight ugly guys. Girls who are being whored out and really have no future anymore other than be whores in that South American country.
>> No. 46944
What a shame. These could be such awesome images, high def, cute models... but the production quality is horrible. Blurry shots, poor flash timing, etc. Tropical has the potential to be an amazing studio, but they seem to be more focused on screwing these girls than photographing them properly.
>> No. 46954
girls everywhere of all ages for all of time have been whores but keep crying if you want over natural behavior
>> No. 47028
File 154719432163.jpg - (93.26KB , 1024x731 , imgsrc_ru_62491590hMu.jpg )
>> No. 47159
The little one on the left looks good there, but not the prettiest face. #4 is the hottest, and #3 is so pretty.
>> No. 47164
File 154726683383.jpg - (119.48KB , 682x1024 , 16-31.jpg )
>> No. 47190
Always loved Ariel. Too bad she disappeared

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