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/mir/ ~ Free Vids
File 154386278024.png - (371.26KB , 720x480 , vlcsnap-2018-12-03-19h36m47s684.png )
43080 No. 43080


No Pass
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>> No. 43698
>> No. 43699
Dear Mike! Hello!
I appreciate immensely your good will that you share of this beautiful and valuable stuff with us for FREE.
I'm sure you're a good person and true connoisseur of beauty of CP.
One more time - Thank You.

PS: Please,don't stop.
>> No. 43700
No, 43683 is not an idiot. Clicking the dlfree link starts playing the video rather than a download.
Don't use all caps - it makes you appear to be a child throwing a tantrum.
>> No. 43720
Idiotas! Use RAR/ZIP ect. and PASS
Another way = LEA
>> No. 43728
File 154449363869.png - (371.92KB , 720x480 , vlcsnap-2018-12-11-02h50m01s40.png )
Nicole & Blc.


No Pass
>> No. 43737
It plays but won't download you fuckin morons. Quit posting shit umtil you get your fuckin dhit together you fucking idiots!
Upload RAR not Video Dumbass
>> No. 43758

You're right,saying about an inability to download the file itself (exactly to download,with extension .mp4 or something ,but not stream watching).Please,let me say about my decision of this small (my opinion) problem.Usually I use the Firefox browser for "ClearNet" and I'm sure - you know that Tor-browser itself is the same Firefox,but developed for P2P exchanging (never mind ..),so ... I didn't find opportunity to download content by means of these browsers - it's fact and it became pretty strange for myself,but I started to use the browser,based Chromium (in my case it was Cent Browser with additional protection to be more anonymous) exactly for this Mike's thread,thus I solved this issue and I'm downloading all his posts as files with extension .mp4 without needing to watch them in online mode.
Can agree that I just don't know something or not understanding completely,of course this way forces to do some additional movements,but it works (for me at least)
Excuse me for so long speech.
>> No. 43785
@ everyone unable to download .mp4s from dl.free.fr:

On TOR Browser, open a new tab, type in about:config, type in mp4 in the search and then toggle both of the items it finds to false instead of true. If you do this, clicking the link on free.fr initiates a download instead of starting to stream it. Presumably works on Firefox too.
>> No. 43813
its downloading fine for me. 1 click 1 download, no endless ad loop and dumb pop ups, thnx man! i hope more are like you.

half of the site's content i cant download because of the stupid loops and time it takes to download a 4.2MB video lol.
>> No. 43819
Another way to easy deanon you ^_^
>> No. 43835

Thank You very much!You helped me to find out an reason itself of inability to download file into .mp4 extension using Firefox browser with default settings.
It became easy after your explanation.
One more time thank You.
>> No. 43862
File 154464815912.jpg - (36.85KB , 1339x603 , Error-.jpg )
>Another way to easy deanon
Dafuq you talking about? The host server is still only going to see a request from whichever Tor exit node you're running through. Just change the config settings then re-loop your circuit if you're really paranoid. More faggotry, likely from an anti trying to spread FUD.
>> No. 43935
File 154470854143.jpg - (199.21KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2018-12-13-14h09m38s173-ConvertImage.jpg )
Polly Mast.


No Pass
>> No. 44457
File 154513174185.jpg - (15.82KB , 568x319 , 4_592.jpg )
Many Thanks !!!

Many Thanks !!!

Many Thanks !!!
>> No. 44505
File 154516115675.png - (494.05KB , 800x533 , vlcsnap-2018-12-18-20h11m07s226.png )
Ninja Goldberg Vid


No Pass
>> No. 44564
Man,been trying to figure out how to fix that mp4 issue for a min. Thanks
>> No. 44891
Thanks for info. I accidentally toggle one into true now it's blank on mp4, how can I undo?
>> No. 45628
can i have more sir? :c
>> No. 45646
Do not download, please try again.
>> No. 45648
Do not download, please try again.
>> No. 45760
Can you pleas reup the files on different links for the guys that can’t use dL.free.fr pleas and thank you
>> No. 45766
you are using the new tor, right click and save file.
>> No. 45857
how i can download those videos? please upload in rar
>> No. 46215
Sh r has probably been made.... I mean A maid, several times!
>> No. 46236
First, thanks for sharing at all, it is truly appreciated. Second, I tried the 'fix' with about: configure, switched the Bolean values to true, and it's still not working. Is there anything else we can try? On many other vids, the stream can be saved as vid, but not with the Polly1, Polly gym, G&E oiled and Nicole and black cat.
Thanks again.
>> No. 46247

This has been explained before
Including in this thread
rar is a waste of time
Fix your browser settings
>> No. 46258
Many many thank you!!!!
>> No. 46259
Dear Mike, thank you so much for uploadiing the files and thanks to 43785 for the advice about *about:config* issue
>> No. 46373
>> No. 46672
For you mongs who still can't figure out how to download (and assuming you're using FF/Torbrowser)...

Go to "about:config", then search for "media.play-stand-alone", and set it to FALSE. Boom. Done.
>> No. 46685
please re-upload first video
>> No. 46694
File 154693971367.jpg - (372.54KB , 800x600 , d55ea84821fa74e45f475dadbc5f652551e5723e.jpg )
I have been trying to figure a fix for this for ages - thank you!
>> No. 46715

Here's the thing - these guys are incompetent dolts. It doesn't matter what you tell them, they're not going to be able to figure it out.

And, a lot of times, these are COPS. The goal is to get you to contact them directly. "Please email me! I need help!"

As for you advice - I can download vids without changing that particular setting. ;)
>> No. 46725
18/12/18 last video ....chat chan?
>> No. 47959
Cops are not that interested in low-hanging fruit. If one falls in their lap, they’ll take it. But they are WAY more interested in the uploaders than the downloaders.
>> No. 47964
>> No. 47972
Please re up OP vid
>> No. 49509
>>> 47964
What took you so long XD:)
>> No. 49589
haven't been gay enough to use tor. How does a straight person do this?
>> No. 49591
Your mama is an idiot and she smell like borscht.
>> No. 49592
And besides, in modern advanced societies, it is illegal for governments to spy on it's citizens.
>> No. 50057
reup the first link please and bump
>> No. 52159
i find that if you right click in the black border of the page not the video and then select option save page as the video downloads i am using firefox
>> No. 52205
Fichier supprimé pour raison de copyright.
>> No. 52206
Fichier supprimé pour raison de copyright.
la merde
>> No. 52470
Nicole need a BBC
>> No. 52473
Ouai c'est chiant
>> No. 52492
re-up pink tail please
>> No. 52885
re up please
>> No. 52961
Re up please?

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