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/mir/ ~ Ftm twins
File 154436395692.jpg - (131.58KB , 719x1024 , twins02cover8-719x1024.jpg )
43612 No. 43612
Seeking any videos
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>> No. 43652
me too also as well
>> No. 43671
Twins are hot I have seen the twins Sasha and Pasha fuck each other and also another two from the early 80s and they were all hot. I couldn’t even imagine pedo twins fucking each other. Talk about instant load.
>> No. 43674
>Ftm twins
What's "Ftm"?
Is it "Female to Male"? If it is, that's just weird.
>> No. 43697
>> Florida Teen Models or rebranded ad DVD Modeling.
>> No. 43727
I know where nearly all of these twin's videos are posted, but do not know if outside links can be posted here on the chan. If its cool I'll post the link, but if its not cool, I'm sorry bro.
>> No. 43834
Post them
>> No. 43840
They live close to Tampa and go to high school with my nephew, just saying. He says they are stuck up but I guess kid got no game to tap those asses.
>> No. 43854
No sets will be shared anyway so really,Who cares
>> No. 43887
You're right. I have 15 of their vids, but they are all 3.5gb+ and it would take forever to upload that shit. It is all original BlueRay strait from Dave himself. FloridaTeenModels Stormy & Breezy
>> No. 43961
Do you have the Heather / Rachel topless shower?

Did Dave manage to get the twins to kiss or touch each other?
>> No. 43962
Got the sling shot vid?
>> No. 43965
You got the sling shot vids?
>> No. 43977
File 15447418108.jpg - (416.52KB , 1561x1413 , 5.jpg )
Ok. I will tell you what. This weekend I will put one of the dvd's on the desktop and upload the content. Pick which slingshot vid you want. Sorry for the quality of the screenshots, I took them off the TV with my phone.

No the teens do not kiss and I have never heard squeaky voice Dave ask them too.

I stop collecting Rachel and Heather after they became fat and out of shape.
>> No. 44055
omfg! the second one please!
>> No. 44065
second one
>> No. 44097
File 154481619587.jpg - (144.96KB , 1243x659 , 1.jpg )
Good choice. They send 15+ minutes oiling themselves up and shaking their asses while adjusting their tops.
>> No. 44098
Vote either of the vids on top


Post external link and I will compile for 155
>> No. 44102
If you are taking requests, the oil vid on dlfree, please. Also, thank you.
>> No. 44104
You, sir, are a true hero if you come through. Thank you in advance.
>> No. 44138
I also vote for the slingshot video in that pic, and if you may, the one where they are wearing purple veils. Thank you anon.
>> No. 44175
Does the guy that posted about having extended twins vids from dave in the thread on anonib before it died lurk here by any chance?
>> No. 44299
I decided to just unleash all the Stormy Breezy stuff I have which is 67gb. I will post all at once, once. No reups so do not ask. I have 20gb uploaded as of this morning so about two more days and I'll shoot out the links.

*Warning:* I am using DLfree so there is going to be a shiton of links (But it is all Blue Ray quality so it will be worth the wait)
>> No. 44305
any update on this?
>> No. 44307
http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/7JQsiN6K pw niqvist@forbiddenfruit
>> No. 44340
I'd love to see them get their braces locked together
>> No. 44386
got any kiri vids?
>> No. 44389
How old were Stormy and Breezy? Whatever happened to them? Maybe they went into porn?
>> No. 44390
File 154507977845.jpg - (79.08KB , 1024x576 , FloridaTeenModels_Breezy_and_Ellie_Oh_My_Slingshot.jpg )
>> No. 44720
Sold his collection to DMP Media https://dmpmediatg.com/home.php Mr.Hardman got busted, plead guilty, and is doing 30 years at club fed, plus the feds seized his house. I guess there was more stuff going on beyond the camera. He won't get out until he is 84.
>> No. 44723
Anyone else only coming to 155 for the god king jangle to drop 67g on us?
>> No. 44767
Soooooo......whenever you're ready....
>> No. 44789
You must be one of the mentally challenged individuals that survived childhood. There is no way this clown is going to upload anything on here. I know because I was one of the trolls on anonib edging precum out of the morons there who waited for months.
>> No. 44790
that other link wasn't the whole thing was it?
>> No. 44808
>>44097 updates would be appreciated
>> No. 44813
damn son 67 gigs? i just want the oil video...won't that be 120 links? wouldnt it be more efficient to just up each video individually since theyre all 1GB or more? Either way, I'm grateful...Been wanting the oil vid for a minute..
>> No. 44822
I don't understand. They don't get nude? What the fuck is the pay off? I'm sure they were cute as pre-teens, at this age, only NN? Why?
>> No. 44887
He got busted because he was trying to recruit new underage models who would go further. Soliciting kids for sex for the purpose of making child pornography is a bit different than making nipslip & seethru top material.
>> No. 44902
No, that is fake news. maybe you should read the actual court filings. in their depositions, the current models testified that they were asked to engage in more explicit content and entertained the idea but the defendant never proceeded.
>> No. 44984

>You must be one of the mentally challenged individuals that survived childhood
>I was one of the trolls on anonib edging precum out of the morons there

Ok, buddy. I'm the retard and you're a totally normal dude.
>> No. 45007
The fact that you acknowledged and responded to me makes it so. thank you for participating in my thought experiment
>> No. 45013
We should be mad at the guy for lying about the video's
>> No. 45054
It has always been a lie from the start
>> No. 45120
xxx collections has the whole FTM series
>> No. 45184
Did they do photosets or only vids? I'd love to see some photos!
>> No. 45185

Where are the court filings? never seen em
>> No. 45193
you are kidding right....???
I'm going to assume you are not American and if you are.. you should be ashamed of yourself. As customary..all judicial documents are available at...wait can you guess? uscourts.gov
>> No. 45383
please someone post the oil vid
>> No. 45451
Someone just post SOMETHING of these twins!
>> No. 45493
4K version dropping tonight!
>> No. 45554
8k version dropping tonight
>> No. 45559
480p dropping tonight!
>> No. 45580
File 154608154090.png - (490.49KB , 706x395 , iiipp.png )
>> No. 45590
Don Michael, is that you?
>> No. 45610
mmm they're fuckin' cute
>> No. 45618
yes son cum to daddy
>> No. 45674
Killing us with the wait.
>> No. 45689
i have boycotted food and water, staying up 24/7 waiting for this
>> No. 45695
Yup. Any day now he will drop the Stormy and Breezy vids and I will fuck off from this site.
>> No. 46172
Somebody share these vids please
>> No. 46177
ok releasing all vids tonight!
>> No. 46245
>> No. 46288
File 154661460762.jpg - (679.13KB , 771x1100 , TwinsApril17DVD_small.jpg )
>> No. 46361
<img src="https://155chan.gr/mir/src/154661460762.jpg" alt="https://155chan.gr/mir/src/154661460762.jpg"></img>
You need both:

pass: island$$

>> No. 46407
OMFG thank you so much!!!
>> No. 46418
you are welcome, I will post more in the morning
>> No. 46425
Since "anon" at >>46418 has posted that I will add more in the morning, here you go:

Twins September 2016 as per pics in >>45580


pass: island$$

Before another anon commits me for more, this vid and the belly dancing vid are the only two twin videos I have. :)
>> No. 46435
File 154672534761.jpg - (227.22KB , 1080x452 , th.jpg )
Damn. How did you crunch that file down to under 1gb?

I do not post what I have because the size of the videos are too large.
>> No. 46438
Your effort is highly appreciated, thanks for posting these divine beauties
>> No. 46446
File 154674064575.jpg - (202.21KB , 1153x675 , jj.jpg )
>> No. 46448
post the oil vid please. the belly dancer and September 2016 videos were already on the triforce
>> No. 46559
>> 46435
I could try to post the larger version but a lot more work, I agree. Still possible though. Maybe. Something to look forward to. :)
>> No. 46582
Don't know about you peeps but these girls are way too old for my taste, and they're not even doing nudies, just plain booty shake in their bikinis, thanks to whoever shared the videos, but I have downloaded and am now deleting everything, not worth the space on my hard drive.
>> No. 46595
go back to driving around the playground with your pants around your ankles, you pederast
>> No. 46644
I agree. You can get the same type of videos on Youtube. Nothing illegal about these 16yo twins. Certainly not worth the storage.
>> No. 46719
All of Dave's stuff was deemed legal by Florida CPS and the DA. He was reported numerous times and they found, each time, it wasn't illegal.

Like James Grady and TTB, they found a sweet spot for doing soft-core porn of underage teen girls.

Grady was smart enough to close up shop and "retire". Hardman was an idiot and fell into the trap of a vigilante group that's been pursuing him for years.

He tried to recruit a new 11 year old girl as a model. The Mom turned him in and, obviously, the FBI was just waiting for the chance to bust him and they did.

Hard to feel sorry for him. Like Grady, if he'd just quit trying to find new models, he'd have been home free.

Grady is still selling his old sets in an archive site (google TrueTeenBabes archive and you'll find it). I've bought sets from it before. It's both legal and safe.
>> No. 46768
File 154698724049.jpg - (572.55KB , 2502x1666 , 153993808594.jpg )
Grady made tons selling TTB and TB sets, made even more selling customs to a close circle of friends, sadly I never made it to that inner circle
>> No. 46770
Could you please post more videos of these twins?
>> No. 46771
btw person with description describing Grady is named as a cooperating witness in sealed courted docs. i wish you good fortune
>> No. 46785
File 154699920976.jpg - (169.66KB , 401x496 , model.jpg )
>> No. 46798
Isn’t that sort of the inevitable end for most of us? We get greedy, download one to many videos or even go to sites like this too many times. Sooner or later our own insatiable desire for more and different content becomes our downfall. Just like many producers of said content.
>> No. 46800

" description describing Grady "

Wtf is that supposed to mean? "description describing"? Either you're a foreigners or you never rose above public school education.

Grady isn't part of any criminal case currently known. If you got links, or a news story, then post it. Otherwise...
>> No. 46801

this is a bad fake - https://155chan.gr/mir/src/154698724049.jpg

Aside from some strategic "slips" and a handful of pics of Libby Turner, he didn't do nudes.

Remember he was put on trial for 8000 (!!) counts of CP in Colorado - and NONE of those pics were nude! (At least none of the published ones.) He was acquitted of all counts after spending a year in jail.

So I seriously doubt he was running a "Secret Sessions" kind of deal on the side.

For one thing - such pics have NEVER shown up. Your pic is clearly a bad Photoshop job. So unless you got pics that have NOT been shopped, you're just yanking our chains.
>> No. 46802
File 154702368225.jpg - (511.25KB , 1000x1500 , _0516275295.jpg )
This is explicit as Jimmy got.
>> No. 46803
File 154702381375.png - (502.98KB , 640x360 , 136857872825 - Copy.png )
>> No. 46804
File 154702386811.jpg - (571.79KB , 1000x1500 , 10171013048.jpg )
>> No. 46805
File 154702415097.jpg - (25.15KB , 544x312 , 137258898117.jpg )
14 year old Libby titty...

This is not exaclty the American version of LS.

none of these pics are illegal btw.
>> No. 46806
File 154702418245.jpg - (462.58KB , 900x599 , 137376078369.jpg )
>> No. 46813
still no oil vid? and its not even illegal? I know Nipsey has it but he won't post it either.
>> No. 46835

There's no naked oil vid of Libby Turner. Just these random pics from the photo shoot Grady took her on.
>> No. 46855
File 154707794865.jpg - (370.37KB , 1153x907 , oil.jpg )
Maybe if it was only a couple hundred mb I would post it. But at nearly 5gb, GTFO here with that request.
>> No. 46862

I remember watching one of his live chats during a photo shoot with 2 models. While he was photographing one, the other was chatting with us, I think her name was Dallas. Then she asked if we wanted her to flash us. We of course said yes and she did. Many times. That started to get one of Jimmy's assistant to flash us too. Then when Dallas went to be photographed the other girl started to chat with us, and flash us.

may of us thought that when Jimmy learned they had flashed us he's shut the chat down. He didn't and he ended up jokingly flashing us his chest too. I think he even mooned us at one point. The chat ended with the girls skinny dipping in the pool and Jimmy pointing the cam at it so we could watch a little.

One of the best chats ever.
>> No. 46893
Love to see more TTB sets
>> No. 46904
Any nip slips in that video? Just seeing if that video is worth it for downloading...
>> No. 46906
File 154710350341.jpg - (581.86KB , 1920x1080 , whosthatpedomogul.jpg )
Not sure if trolling or just retarded, but Jimmy's goods exist and some of us have seen them.
>> No. 46959
most of us haven't seen any of that,the new cummers well they see a bad shopped pic and claim is real after that someone follows saying yes is real i would upload it but the size is too big (if is something betwen 15 or 30 Gb i would understand but less then that is a really pathetic excuse)
>> No. 46961
I'd like to make a humble request of anyone who has vids of the twins, and any of the other florida models to upload them to file.dl or at least one that actually works, even if we have to go through some captchas.
>> No. 46976
File 154715436653.jpg - (425.01KB , 980x1470 , 15402096308.jpg )
Some are so damn talented they even photoshopped her bra in the tree behind her
>> No. 46981
some people are so blind they don't recognize a 20 year old woman when they see her.
She is fucking old that is a crime to show grandmas.
But in the legal point of view all those pic are legal,over 18 womans (bracklets ton of makeup and similar techniques doesn't meant they are young).
>> No. 46984
something i forgot to mention all those womans being shown look way older then ariel rebel a porn actress which was over 18.
>> No. 46986
She's 16 in that photo, you brain-dead retard.
>> No. 46992
did she took drugs to age faster,there is no way a 16 year old would look like that.
If she is 16 then ariel rebel or little luped lied about their ages and started doing porn when they were 13
>> No. 47012
How old were the twins?
>> No. 47026
she's 16, check TAC. or don't and keep being a stupid fag. your choice
>> No. 47115
did you see those old woman ass,compared to a 16 yo they are well like a 30 yo woman,16yo skins is really tight even on fat ones.
You are the perfect person for a scammer you bellieve so easy the lies.
My sister has the same body type and let me see yess she is around 30 years
>> No. 47116
probly 25
>> No. 47125
File 154723775214.jpg - (105.88KB , 682x1024 , imagen14.jpg )
Tis pic is from ariel rebel 20 years and you can see she looks way younger then those grnadmas.
>> No. 47133
I have better things to do than sit around waiting for a 5gb video of girls in a thong to upload for YOU for free.

Maybe if these twins were cow-boxing each other it would be worth the time, but not for a video of two girls walking around in a circle while a squeaky voiced faggot (Dave) tells them what to do.

Sorry. I am not the guy. But I did show you where to find the video. You need to look at the image closer to see where it is.
>> No. 47139
lame excuse you just need to put the upload and do your things after that grab the link and post it,i don't bellieve is that hard.
IN fact most uploaders do this
.- TUrn on pc in the morning
.- Access internet upload service.
.- Put the huge file they want to upload.
.- Leave to work
.- In the night they return from work.
.- Copy paste the link
.- Ready

And people in countries with corruption they just put a torrent (oohhh wait this is on torrent and tooked a few hours for a 700 Mb file LMAO)
>> No. 47169

Because have them fully nude romping around all sexy-like would be ILLEGAL. At least at this point in his career. Dave was trying NOT to get busted.

He obviously threw caution to the wind.

There's vigilante group in Florida that's been trying to nail him for more than 10 years. They had no luck because the teen material was repeatedly ruled to be legal.

He got busted because that vigilante group sent a mother/daughter to an 'audition' where he tried to get the 11 year old to wear a thong. Since it was a set up, that mom then contacted the FBI.

who - funniily enough - just happened to be ready to go to bust his ass. Hmmm...smells like pre-teen set up to me...
>> No. 47206
understandable. I'm having a bitch of a time just getting a 1 GB video to upload. but now you've got me staring at these greasy little butts with a magnifying glass trying to solve this mystery..
>> No. 47207
you'd be horrified at what living in florida does to peoples' skin.
>> No. 47211

It's great that giving a young girl money to pose in skimpy clothes count as abuse, but using her as living bait in a police sting does not. Great job Land of Freedom.
>> No. 47226
same as what I posted here >46361 but the full quality, 7G version since someone brought it up in 46435. I thought trimming it down to the smaller version would be good enough but then I realize, some may prefer the full version:

here goes:





Pass: island$$

>> No. 47244
We need some Vanessa or TTB Jordan Leigh or Charlotte Rose
>> No. 47290
File 154734970520.jpg - (77.74KB , 798x588 , FTM-Twins-March-2017-Blu-Ray-Disc-2-Stormy-and-Bre.jpg )
Since this thread is for the twins, here they are in a vid of a Christmas Photoshoot
pass: island$$


>> No. 47294
File 154735278662.jpg - (75.87KB , 900x900 , 2clrac.jpg )
y'all got any of that heather or elizabeth or rachel?
>> No. 47324
oil vid plz
>> No. 47342
Thank you!
>> No. 47386
File 154740426010.jpg - (707.80KB , 1296x1936 , DSC08343.jpg )

There's a whole shit load of them, esp of lovely Heather.

>> No. 47396
that's a pic of Elizabeth...not Heather
>> No. 47401
File 154742489189.jpg - (96.97KB , 798x588 , FTM-Twins-March-2017-Blu-Ray-Disc-2-Breezy-and-Sto.jpg )
Different video than the previous one I posted.

Breezy and Stormy Christmas Candy girls vid:

pass: island$$



>> No. 47508
File 154751694265.jpg - (115.22KB , 798x647 , FTM -Stormy-And-Breezy-Twins DVD-001_preview.jpg )
This is a video made from various parts of different clips of the twins.

pass: island$$


>> No. 47548
File 15475526422.jpg - (83.83KB , 798x567 , FTM 2017 Blu-Ray Disc 2 Stormy and Breezy Bikinis .jpg )
Just the twins in bikinis.

pass: island$$


>> No. 47550
File 15475540928.jpg - (100.27KB , 798x567 , FTM March 2017 Blu-Ray Disc 2 Stormy and Breezy Bi.jpg )
now in bikinis outside:

pass: island$$


>> No. 47655
Who are these two, and is there a video? I have to know what happens with those scissors.
>> No. 47725

Those are Heather and Rachel

Not much else happens with the scissors than what you see in the preview.
>> No. 47727
File 154763912794.jpg - (107.67KB , 798x567 , FTM-Stormy-and-Breezy-September-2016-Disc-1-Outdoo.jpg )
Breezy and Stormy in outdoor water games

pass: island$$


>> No. 47729
File 154763952644.jpg - (90.26KB , 798x567 , FTM Stormy and Breezy September 2016 Disc 1 Linger.jpg )
Twins in lingerie.

pass: island$$


>> No. 47740
you are doing gods work. but could you possible post lower res versions for those of us who are bandwidth or harddrive poor
>> No. 47781
File 154769631368.jpg - (114.09KB , 798x567 , FTM Stormy and Breezy - September 2016 Disc 1 Baby.jpg )
Twins in Babydolls

pass: island$$


>> No. 47782
File 154769649694.jpg - (109.49KB , 798x567 , FTM Stormy and Breezy - September 2016 Disc 1 Bab.jpg )
In Babydolls on the sofa.

pass: island$$

>> No. 47878
File 154778380746.jpg - (85.82KB , 798x567 , FTM - Stormy and Breezy September 2016 Disc 1 Sock.jpg )
Twins in colourful socks.



pass: island$$
>> No. 47879
File 154778404493.jpg - (103.60KB , 798x567 , FTM - Stormy and Breezy September 2016 Disc 1 Sock.jpg )
Twins again with socks but on sofa.

pass: island$$

>> No. 47938
File 154781403499.jpg - (125.44KB , 798x567 , FTM March 2017 Blu-Ray Disc 2 Breezy On The Blue .jpg )
Breezy on her own on a rug



pass: island$$
>> No. 47939
File 154781424360.jpg - (119.11KB , 798x567 , FTM March 2017 Blu-Ray Disc 2 Stormy on The Blue R.jpg )
Stormy on a rug on her own.

pass: island$$

>> No. 48007

I'm loving all of these videos from Island_Her - these are all FANTASTIC, THANK YOU!

A request - the video of them oiling up each other (mentioned 44097) - can that be uploaded?
>> No. 48008

Island_Her, these are FANTASTIC, THANK YOU!

A request... can you upload the oil video that was mentioned above? Thanks much for everything.
>> No. 48009
File 154784235884.jpg - (104.73KB , 798x567 , FTM Breezy Beach Session 1080p_preview.jpg )
Breezy on her own on the beach.

pass: island$$

>> No. 48010
File 154784278370.jpg - (114.06KB , 798x567 , FTM-March-2017-Blu-Ray-Disc-2-Stormy-and-Breezy-Sl.jpg )
The long awaited Stormy and Breezy in slingshots and babyoil.

pass: island$$


>> No. 48228
Does anyone have photosets of these dames?
>> No. 48252

There's a LOT of stuff on these chans. Just look around. Choose Catalog Mode.

Anyways, here's a Heather/ModelingDVD thread. Theres'a TON of Heather sets here.
>> No. 48267
Does anyone have of these chats saved? Or more info? What girls were in them, other flashing, etc?
>> No. 48276
Fantastic work my friend, many thanks for all your effort!
>> No. 48335
had a clip of this one previously appreciate the full vid
thanks island her appreciate all the work you've put into sharing the twins beauty
must say the belly dancer vid & twins watergames is a couple of the best finds this year

when going thrue the thread it seems nips and nudity is the only thing wanted
or even full pornscenes.......
well pornhub go there cause this is actually more of beauty then anything else as soon a chick gets nude it's boring if she's not one of the hottest gals around there is.......
>> No. 48389
File 15481849794.jpg - (95.42KB , 798x567 , FTM Breezy and Ellie Black Shiny Slingshots 2017_.jpg )
One half of the twins, Breezy with Ellie this time, in black slingshots.


pass: island$$
>> No. 48486
File 154827716694.jpg - (85.40KB , 798x567 , FTM Breezy and Ellie Febuary 2017 Disc 2 Glamorous.jpg )
One of the two twins, Breezy, with Ellie being glamorous

pass: island$$

>> No. 48487
File 154827738838.jpg - (111.18KB , 798x567 , FTM Breezy and Ellie Febuary 2017 Disc 2 Glamourou.jpg )
A continuation of the previous vid, Breezy, one of the twins, with Ellie, being glamorous, outside this time.

pass; Island$$

>> No. 48568
Re up please the two last vids sadly 2 links they do not work,they are very good vids by the way
>> No. 48572
File 154836465618.jpg - (85.14KB , 798x567 , FTM Breezy and Ellie Oh My Slingshots Part 1_pre.jpg )
One of the two twins, Breezy, with Ellie in a clip called "Oh my slingshot"
This is part 1:


pass: island$$
>> No. 48573
File 15483647538.jpg - (104.52KB , 798x567 , FTM-Breezy-and-Ellie-Oh-My-Slingshots-Part-2_previ.jpg )
Breezy and Ellie in "Oh my slingshot" part 2


pass: island$$
>> No. 48574
File 154836505545.jpg - (104.60KB , 798x567 , FTM March 2017 Blu-Ray Disc 2 Stormy and Ellie Oh .jpg )
This is part 2 only of the other twin, Stormy with Ellie in a shot called, Oh my slingshots. I do not have part 1 at this time.


pass: island$$
>> No. 48576
File 154836720417.jpg - (4.87KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
I hereby award Island_Her a permanent spot in history via adding his excellent thread to our master directory.

May alpha centuri immigrants fap to your posts.
>> No. 48585
>> 48576

thanks..Good to know all this work won't go to waste..lol.

more to come.
>> No. 48586
it's Breezie same file 48573
>> No. 48588

same video?
>> No. 48616
sorry about the confusion. You have to understand that after a while, all these videos look the same. I relied on the way the file was named and in this case, the file name is wrong. Both files in >>48573 and 48574 are the same in content...they are both of Breezy with Ellie but, the file in >>48574 is of higher quality. I'd say grab this one instead of the first one. I'll try to pay more attention. ;( thanks to thoise who pointed this out.
>> No. 48624
File 154842830825.jpg - (703.05KB , 1244x1494 , twins02.jpg )
Still waiting on Twins02, post that and imma cum buckets
>> No. 48794
Files are corrupt. Please fix or reupload.
>> No. 48796
File 15485511963.jpg - (93.18KB , 798x567 , FTM Breezy and Ellie February 2017 Disc 1 November.jpg )
Not much of a name for a clip...November sessions. Basically Breezy (only 1 of the twins) with Ellie walking around in circles, wearing bikinis.


pass: island$$
>> No. 48797
File 154855147791.jpg - (99.25KB , 798x567 , FTM Breezy and Ellie February 2017 Disc 1 Socks On.jpg )
Breezy and Ellie, socks on sofa...and oh yes, they are also wearing bikinis. The same bikini's and sock as in previous clip.


pass: island$$
>> No. 48798
File 154855178926.jpg - (98.55KB , 798x567 , FTM March 2017 Blu-Ray Disc 2 Ellie Jingles on the.jpg )
Ellie on the sofa. Somewhat boring, Ellie just laying on the sofa. That said, very cute with those braces. High quality video.


pass: island$$
>> No. 48799
File 154855249729.jpg - (110.55KB , 798x567 , FTM March 2017 Blu-Ray Disc 2 Ellie Purple Lingeri.jpg )
Ellie again, not terribly exciting but she does have a nice ass.

pass: island$$

>> No. 48800
File 154855282210.jpg - (81.37KB , 798x567 , FTM Breezy and Ellie February 2017 Disc 1 Ellie Gl.jpg )
Ellie....in a green glamour bathing suit.


pass: island$$
>> No. 48984
thanks man!!
>> No. 48985
File 154870551761.jpg - (36.34KB , 1063x361 , Capturerwrrre.jpg )
someone has miss alex some video? especially the video where she is on the sofa with a blue thong thong ans shes talking with the cameraman, and then she get up from the sofa and start to walk around,she was little like 13yo or something i think probably is the 1st video in his website (https://dmpmediatg.com/Miss-Alex/),but im not shure, or any other video of her. pleaseee man is fucking hot video (see picture)
>> No. 49260
more pls
>> No. 49283
Looks like islandher was filling two threads at the same time and is still adding on this other one in 180. maybe he ran out of twins related clips for this thread.

>> No. 49317
Lazy fucker! If you would have looked a little harder, you would have found it near the end of MIR. Some of the links still work. Better hurry before it gets bumped off.
>> No. 49465
reup please for all that is good
>> No. 49533
second the miss alex request
>> No. 49892

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