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/mir/ ~ Foot JOI vid
File 154571224493.jpg - (99.00KB , 1200x1492 , 153485980616.jpg )
45207 No. 45207
I used to have a vid of a girl doing a feet JOI. She was sat on the bed with her feet on camera. She goes through a little speech saying 'I hear you like little girl's feet, do you like my feet too?' Then she does a 20 sec countdown before saying bye. Vid is 1:30 min. It's got a title like 'For xxx' (I can't remember the name). It's the only type of that video I've ever seen and it's amazing.
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>> No. 45825

>> No. 45826
File 154628360111.png - (170.24KB , 320x400 , vlcsnap-2018-12-31-11h09m55s3.png )
Not the one you asked for but here's some feet videos for you

pass: luvfeet

>> No. 45848
Thank you! I was convinced this thread was just going to die off without this coming up.
>> No. 46145
Noice... you guys rock
>> No. 46625
is this site down
>> No. 47267
I've been looking through all the chans to find any pics of tickling, specially with moms and daughters. This is the only thing that even came close. Is it really that rare a thing? I thought tickling cute girls was a natural.
>> No. 50422
can we get a reupload of this please
>> No. 50451
its here https://ingram.life/u/audstarfreeman/1837602265356542681

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