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/mir/ ~ Request
File 154675381324.jpg - (60.86KB , 1280x720 , 154673768769.jpg )
46454 No. 46454
Does anyone have this video?
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>> No. 46552
>> No. 46593
Absolutely wonderful vid, he was certainly too gentle with her but did good work nonetheless.
>> No. 46645
File 154689376354.jpg - (22.15KB , 300x300 , s-l300.jpg )
You're an anon to die for my friend!
>> No. 46646
This is fucking rape, you guys are sick!
>> No. 46656
Not bad but you need to learn how to shoot a vid
move the camera so we can see her cry and watch the actual penetration and last but not least get you ungly ass out of the shot
>> No. 46810
why can i see video? just sound
>> No. 46815
This video is pure shit, just like those who share it.
>> No. 46848
Not nice. I don't like to see or hear children crying. If they don't enjoy you then fucking leave them alone.
>> No. 46856
Nice Brainwashed Propaganda BS Troll...
>> No. 46936
Lots of vitriol about this vid...it isn't for everyone, but many will really enjoy it. If we all liked and disliked the same things, what a boring, variety-less world this would be.
>> No. 46937
Bro it's literally rape though you fucking retard. She told him to stop like 30 times
>> No. 46941
That's why it's so hot.
Chill... she will get used to it and serve him like a good girl.
She probably takes it like a champ these days.
>> No. 46943
deep in her ass and she cry 💙❤💙❤
>> No. 46955
gross. would gladly torture this guy to death
>> No. 47021
Im sure many fags would enjoy it, since we only see his fat ass in the cam.
>> No. 47217

>> No. 47229
Gоd! I wish I could find this stupid obese-ass guy so I could break his fucking bones while I tear his rectum with a fucking log! I wish this girl will tell somebody so she will get saved, and this guy will get a life sentence of anal wrecking!
>> No. 47726
u fags why u on here if u dont like kid porn 4 fucks sake. awesome vid. watch her toes curl as he rams her. hot hot hot
>> No. 47767
good vid it would be great if the camera was in a better position. Her crying would have been less if he took time to stimulate her vagina before penetration. even as it was he didn't want to hurt her, but it had to be done. It was far from rape. If it were rape he wouldn't talk to her, he be pounding after penetration, and he wouldn't have cared about finishing in the bathroom he'd have finished in her. Just Saying!
>> No. 47812
>>47767 so talking to a girl makes it not rape? ok i will keep that in mind when i next rape a girl. then i will say to judge 'but judge i talked to her it wasnt rape. i even finish in bathroom see!'

go stand in front of a train u moron
>> No. 47850
I neither like it nor hate it.
>> No. 47860
is there any more of her?
>> No. 47986

Is this a joke or what? Then you shouldn't even visit this site, even if they appear happy it doesn't mean it's not a rape fucktard bitch she's a child and can't give a valid consent and also it may involve into trauma in future most of the times it happens i shouldn't tell these things go back to school and then get back here without saying bullshit like that.
>> No. 47997
Anyone else unable to figure out the password?
>> No. 48122
>>46552 please reup. thanks
>> No. 48178
Can someone mirror this pls?
>> No. 48195
I found pass from google yesterday when I searched for albino amigos..
>> No. 48201
Well the first is always going to hurt or be uncomfortable. But if the girl is screaming for you to stop then you should listen. Youre suppose to make the experience good so she will want more.
>> No. 48237
Rape? You faggots calling this rape are faggots. rape looks much worse and feels much better plus a real rapist would have tore her pussy up. this is disney and your all faggots
>> No. 48257

and you will rot in hell you fucking sicko
>> No. 48258

and you will rot in hell you fucking sicko
>> No. 48290
REUP please
>> No. 48594
Careful, your hyperbole is showing.
>> No. 48814
Can someone mirrror this
>> No. 48831

Sorry, i hate this kind of content. She isn't enjoying that.
>> No. 48870
can anyone reup please?
>> No. 48958

And that's exactly what turns some of these weirdo's on.
>> No. 49013
And some of them are turned on by superfluous apostrophes...like yours.
>> No. 49412
anyone can reup? cant see or dl the vid only sound :(
>> No. 49526
Camera should have been at a better angel.
>> No. 50112
needs more
>> No. 50118
Not everyone can be Steven Spielberg and get the perfect shot, your gonna have to settle for a Tommy Wiseau production here... lol

>> No. 50145
Please more I love when little girls are not being loved.

I love them being penetrated, it's called passion, not love.

>> No. 50170

calm down peter scully, sincerely, ure brother boil
>> No. 50206
How do i open this ? no image just sound.
>> No. 50220
Been having a special relationship with my daughters since infant years. I could never harm them in any fashion. I have 3 daughters all under 10, so my life is catered to making them happy sexually and spiritually. I have a fortunate life, so we travel a lot. Meet wonderful people like us around the world outside the US. I live in the mid-west and there are many like us too, more than most know, and yet to meet a mean ass as the one in this video.

I'm on always on WickrMe ( popsupdads ) if anyone wants to talk about how an open family should be and live. I'm a fun one to talk and play with too.
>> No. 50233
just sent you a message. Im ukguy696 Single dad of little one here.
>> No. 50313
Just audio. how do I see the video?
>> No. 51854
Anyone who can reup? :(
>> No. 51979
Can somebody please re-up video.
>> No. 51985
>>50220 + 50233

LOVE when this happens. Two obvious cops (do you fuckers really think that works?!) trying to bait each other.

My gods, donuts really make you stupid!
>> No. 52089
whats the best way to get started with raising my little one into an open family. how and would i need to get my wife on board?
>> No. 52107
That looks like a good op post for a new /hebe/ thread!
>> No. 52115
Fichier supprimé pour raison de copyright.
>> No. 52271
reup please
>> No. 52854
File 155261120228.jpg - (251.57KB , 1280x720 , GetsFuckedandCries_mp4.jpg )
there will be no reup on this thread guys, just beat it
>> No. 52884
reup the video please
>> No. 52939
who gives a fuck. little whore got what she deserved
>> No. 53034
>> No. 53052
>> No. 53080
Yay! This video would only be better if had snuffed her in the end. Or snuffed her and then got an assault rifle and unload like 40 mags in a mall full of people after that. I am alt-right I love snuff and mass murders.
>> No. 53097
moar!! thanks op and reposter
>> No. 53101
Password please
>> No. 53102
>> No. 53105
>> No. 53106
>> No. 53107
>> No. 53125
File 155293541261.jpg - (298.96KB , 500x667 , couch03.jpg )
Thanks for the videos. Moar please.
>> No. 53130
What are those archives? Can't extract them.
>> No. 53139
File 155296074452.jpg - (444.87KB , 2323x1555 , 154436934061.jpg )
All way to soft.
Time for some serious stuff.
Treat your little girl the right way and you will get the full pleasure out of her.


>> No. 53147
don't even get to see her face. yawn
>> No. 53150
Mas videos plis
>> No. 53223
Who's the girl in this pic? Sets? Vids?
>> No. 53360
i would love to give to her every inch in there so much No. 53139
>> No. 53453
more rape with blood pussy :D
>> No. 53483
http://dl.free.fr/getfile.pl?file=/1Djh4jT4 pass: brianna@CPlay,GBE,TPL,HM hard core rape shit

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