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/mir/ ~ Request
File 154675381324.jpg - (60.86KB , 1280x720 , 154673768769.jpg )
46454 No. 46454
Does anyone have this video?
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>> No. 46552
>> No. 46593
Absolutely wonderful vid, he was certainly too gentle with her but did good work nonetheless.
>> No. 46645
File 154689376354.jpg - (22.15KB , 300x300 , s-l300.jpg )
You're an anon to die for my friend!
>> No. 46646
This is fucking rape, you guys are sick!
>> No. 46656
Not bad but you need to learn how to shoot a vid
move the camera so we can see her cry and watch the actual penetration and last but not least get you ungly ass out of the shot
>> No. 46810
why can i see video? just sound
>> No. 46815
This video is pure shit, just like those who share it.
>> No. 46848
Not nice. I don't like to see or hear children crying. If they don't enjoy you then fucking leave them alone.
>> No. 46856
Nice Brainwashed Propaganda BS Troll...
>> No. 46936
Lots of vitriol about this vid...it isn't for everyone, but many will really enjoy it. If we all liked and disliked the same things, what a boring, variety-less world this would be.
>> No. 46937
Bro it's literally rape though you fucking retard. She told him to stop like 30 times
>> No. 46941
That's why it's so hot.
Chill... she will get used to it and serve him like a good girl.
She probably takes it like a champ these days.
>> No. 46943
deep in her ass and she cry 💙❤💙❤
>> No. 46955
gross. would gladly torture this guy to death
>> No. 47021
Im sure many fags would enjoy it, since we only see his fat ass in the cam.
>> No. 47217

>> No. 47229
Gоd! I wish I could find this stupid obese-ass guy so I could break his fucking bones while I tear his rectum with a fucking log! I wish this girl will tell somebody so she will get saved, and this guy will get a life sentence of anal wrecking!

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