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/mir/ ~ what is her name please
File 154681932961.jpg - (285.91KB , 1166x1404 , ETX1TnA8_o.jpg )
46583 No. 46583
what is her name please????
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>> No. 46584
sandra u will find thousands of photos and sets of her but shes a non nude model there are only a few naked pix like 10 bu u dont see much
>> No. 46585
Now THAT is a pure bred brand new newbie >>> nice to have you aboard >>> You have sooo much to enjoy!!!
>> No. 46586
Are you joking ?
>> No. 46632
Strange how he posts this request across all 3 chans and hasn't tripped over her considering how many threads she's on ...
I smell a troll
>> No. 47196
File 154728126479.jpg - (241.29KB , 807x1280 , 7318.jpg )
I tend to agree, how could you miss Sandra? She's all over the place!
>> No. 47198
File 154728224877.jpg - (214.50KB , 1752x1168 , 7452.jpg )
Yep. How the fuck could you avoid tripping over Sandra? She's everywhere... having said that, I was a newbie once upon a time.
>> No. 47218
File 154730214962.jpg - (12.96KB , 150x228 , box49.jpg )
Yes Sandra is all over the place but I will post a set that maybe some people don't have I just recently posted a collection for a person looking for Miss Alli! I was like ummm she is also all over the place. People need to learn how to use the master director index! http://dl.free.fr/jE0QekY4W No pass! Enjoy! this is for: Sandra Model_AMS 049 (Rare Extended 168 pics)
>> No. 47259
Sandra Model
>> No. 47271

once there press F3
>> No. 47527
Nah,don't listen to those guys... her real name's Bob, she's a pre-op tranny.
>> No. 47528
Nice one. Cheers.
>> No. 47537
Is this the river set with her peeing?
>> No. 47629
Whats with the cropping???
>> No. 47630
File 154760359454.jpg - (260.41KB , 749x1000 , 2016-04-01 22_45_18 (2).jpg )
It,s Certainly the same river!
>> No. 47631
File 154760362811.jpg - (241.94KB , 749x1000 , 2016-04-01 22_45_14.jpg )
>> No. 47657
Actually it’s missing those 2 pictures. But good set nonetheless. Thanks
>> No. 47743
I thought as much. And I had those 2 pics already but know I have the complete set so thanks : )
>> No. 47753
File 15476633442.jpg - (292.64KB , 1536x1024 , sandra model full frontal-stan222000.jpg )
I got this set from a torrent and did not know that there was more to the set oops! I just know that I had never heard of the river set until I found that torrent. I just posted the set the way it was.
>> No. 47756

If you can't tell this is a 'shop then buddy I feel sorry for you and you should probably have a carer looking after your blind self. Orange string bikini set btw.
>> No. 47758
Yes this one is a shop but all the rest are real.
>> No. 47773
File 154768614288.jpg - (310.90KB , 901x1200 , 25072003-1037.jpg )
I did not even notice because I was doing other things at the same time when I posted that but that one is shopped!
>> No. 47852
People have been floating that one around for years as real. Which is stupid because Sandra did plenty of nudes, so why shop her?
There is a video of her at that waterfall and she is wearing a very very skimpy bikini but she is not nude in it.
>> No. 47857
File 154775214150.jpg - (37.43KB , 768x576 , Sandra nude.jpg )
>> No. 49411
I would love to have her piss in my mouth.
>> No. 50681
Her full name of Alexandra Volkova, she from Russia
>> No. 50682
File 155022328392.jpg - (88.23KB , 600x709 , 13263183BaW.jpg )
Alexandra Volkova
>> No. 50832
>> No. 50845
Her name has always been known as Sandra Orlowa.

What does TAC say?
>> No. 50846
Its sandra bockhead
>> No. 51644
It makes me very sad that the only nude set of STM's that I have is the river one and the only one that ever gets shared (that's also nude) is the river set.

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