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/mir/ ~ Flower Jasmine
File 154694912459.jpg - (37.10KB , 640x480 , flower_jasmine.jpg )
46727 No. 46727

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>> No. 46742
yummy yummy
>> No. 46750
Thank you where did you get it
>> No. 46761
thank you. part 7 - 11 ???
>> No. 46817
It's the slave girl videos I am sure op got busted didn't no there were more :)
>> No. 46824
very good 7 vids...tks
>> No. 46825
producer is not bust, theres more. hes being smart and not flooding with all his stuff
>> No. 46854
can you post previews please?
>> No. 46863
Definitely the same slave girl.
Here's a thread of her:
>> No. 46882
File 154709019080.jpg - (147.86KB , 1173x491 , fjj.jpg )
>> No. 46905
producer not that smart. he post his voice and voice of girls. also lets girl leave jewlry on. lots of potential clue in content. hope lea not find him but he is not helping self
>> No. 46926
more plox
>> No. 46977
hes a genius!!!!
the girls are wearing masks and he has them all fucked on drugs or booze so you can hear them speak properly.
hes a pro!
>> No. 47072
is she same girl as Anabell
>> No. 47073
please a kind person can break file up into smaller parts for us poor people with limited d/l speeds

this file fails for me at 80mb every time

thanks if you take pitty on me

looks amazing
>> No. 47090
File 154722163628.jpg - (300.52KB , 1000x586 , dhalias.jpg )


>> No. 47091
File 154722166860.jpg - (132.36KB , 1162x281 , gigi.jpg )


>> No. 47136
i think yes maybe!
>> No. 47141
use a dl manager
>> No. 47161
>> No. 47362
bump for moar
>> No. 47364
reup jasmine please :(
>> No. 47365
reup flower-jasmine http://dl.free.fr/oesnuiMna
>> No. 47367
flower jasmine link not found
>> No. 47429
same girl as Anabell
>> No. 47567
no she isnt.
Annabel has a mole on her upper left lip nose area. the other girls do not. they have similar bodies because they are around the same age and they are latinas.
Annabel is not from the us, you can see from the electric outlets but flower and jasmine are. Look at the shitty cheep home depot window blinds and bed bath beyond bed set
I thought this too, did my forensics and came up with this on my own.
>> No. 47609
your right, I did some looking to.
>> No. 47658
>>47657 if your forensic work has turned up that information imagine what lea can do. i hope the op of these girls is safe but he id not helping himself with these videos
>> No. 47738
hes a stupid guy having fun with kids giving then drugs and filing it. hes got about a month before they get him and lock his dumb ass up.
was it worth it? I say no. his life is over now. shame
>> No. 47741
Aside from your anti-American bullshit, you did wut...used your EYES and LOOKED at the photograph.

Every idiot knows that US standard electric outlets are also used in Canada and the US.

Keep patting yourself on the back tho', get your left-hand as overdeveloped as your right.
>> No. 48098
Actually, US standard electrical outlets are used throughout the entire Western Hemisphere. IIRC they are also used in Japan and The Philippines, 'though the Phil's use higher voltage then the US standard 110v.
>> No. 48100
I doubt the girls are on anything, I'm pretty sure they're just "simple". Double-digit IQs. Hell, I'll bet they grow-up to be Democrats!
>> No. 48155
question please help

i got these off Tor and when it unpacked there was a error and vid 12 is 0 bits

now it has been banned on TOR

just like Anabell and Star sessions

funny how they ban tons of shit on tor now but you find it on clearnet , total reversal of how things used to be

did any one else get this error is vid 12 any good

thanks in advance
>> No. 48158
nonudes pornos
>> No. 48215

Yeah, let us know when you finally grow up.
>> No. 48242
Savage Level 9000
>> No. 48299
>>48100 lol they seem like just dumb spics or half breeds.

>>48242 you sound like a nigger. go hang yourself before you rape a whie woman, nigger.

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