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/mir/ ~ These two girls
File 154725412955.jpg - (50.15KB , 576x768 , 154622488244.jpg )
47153 No. 47153
Looking for more of these two girls . Any pics and sets would be nice would love to see them spread their asses.
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>> No. 47409
File 154743252222.jpg - (52.12KB , 569x1024 , 1465054363018-0.jpg )

This is the only other photo I know of, it's a pic of a different girl from the two girls you posted but she's posing in the same way as the other two, and it looks to me like both photos were taken by the same person in the same room. I've never seen any more than these two and I think thy are just a couple of random pics from an armature photographer rather than a professional studio, so there probably isn't any more than these two pictures.
>> No. 47460
Actually the girl in the second pic might be the same blond in the Op photo. I always thought it was three different girls before.
>> No. 48295
vid please
>> No. 48525
File 154830969069.jpg - (90.15KB , 576x768 , imgsrc_ru_57896176JbB.jpg )
You all are probably right, but I can't help but think that a full set does exist...somewhere. I may have more of these two but this was the only one I found after a quick look. I absolutely love her.
>> No. 48608
Moar of them please!
>> No. 48690
nice anymore

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