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/mir/ ~ Safe and sore.
File 154727665599.jpg - (69.71KB , 634x845 , 5092444-6282083-image-a-2_1539697701690.jpg )
47173 No. 47173
Anybody in Wisconsin able to find out any of the better details of Jayme and how she was fucked in every hole? I heard she was half naked when she escaped.
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>> No. 47174
File 154727668546.jpg - (73.71KB , 1024x645 , Closs.jpg )
>> No. 47175
File 154727670592.jpg - (84.51KB , 1200x630 , tdy_news_mott_jayme_181018_1920x1080_1200.jpg )
>> No. 47176
File 154727672696.jpg - (53.42KB , 770x433 , jayme-770.jpg )
>> No. 47177
File 154727674665.jpg - (146.23KB , 800x600 , 44132145_2479321622088157_8618187775931318272_o_80.jpg )
>> No. 47178
File 154727676438.jpg - (33.14KB , 540x400 , Missing-Jayme-Closs-Home-When-Parents-Killed-pp.jpg )
>> No. 47179
File 154727678731.jpg - (36.26KB , 782x469 , jayme10_censored.jpg )
>> No. 47180
File 154727680882.jpg - (56.61KB , 767x992 , jayme-closs-2-missing-ht-ps-181016_hpEmbed_10x13_9.jpg )
>> No. 47181
File 154727682658.jpg - (151.24KB , 940x530 , Jayme-Closs-photos.jpg )
>> No. 47182
File 154727684428.jpg - (141.76KB , 940x530 , MIssing-Jayme-Closs.jpg )
>> No. 47183
File 15472769338.jpg - (15.78KB , 524x646 , ac2db2-20181016-jayme-closs2.jpg )
Just figured the locals might hear more than the international media will report. Glad she's safe though.
>> No. 47184
File 154727695662.jpg - (33.53KB , 640x320 , jayme-closs-1.jpg )
>> No. 47185
File 154727698973.jpg - (454.35KB , 1800x1800 , missing.jpg )
>> No. 47187
47173 - This little girl just lost her parents and will be mentally scared for the rest of her life and you scum of the earth don't care. You'll get yours soon enough, if I could find you I'd speed up the trip.
>> No. 47189
Who cares, fugly.
>> No. 47214
Guess every guy's got a "type." Wew.
>> No. 47230
Hopefully she got fucked in every hole and learned how to please a man.
>> No. 47242
I bet she'll give you a hand-o for being so caring. She should have been grateful for the attention. That huge schnozz of hers and dopey wisconinite mug wasn't going to get her any prom dates.

Although having your parents blown away in front of you and then spending 3 months as a load rag by some creepy incel thats balding at 21? That's going to take a little more than prozac to get past.
>> No. 47428
her face is not nice but i bet she has some great little tits and a nice little bush
>> No. 47482
idots you do know that there is an on going investigation into this girls abduction so they are monotoring the internet for photos of her you are asking for trouble if you post anything relating to her
>> No. 47484
Some comments here show the reason why loving minors is met with hostility. The poor girl lost everything and will be traumatized for the rest of her life! The monster that did that, shall rot in hell and hopefully will be thrown into the worst jail America has to offer.

When I read that shit I only want to hug my girl and tell her how much I love her. While I'm ashamed to be a man.
>> No. 47497
ya but your still here looking at kiddie porn with the rest of us perverts
>> No. 47499

Same here. Fucking incel douchebags give us all a bad name. I'm glad she's safe.
>> No. 49384
Every time I see one of these "Missing" girls post between the ages of 8 and 12 I immediately want to reply "She's already get fucked in someones basement", but have to remember the Zuck is watching. But we all know within 2 hours of their disappearance they have cum in them.

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