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/mir/ ~ Luckycharms
File 154737359885.jpg - (380.18KB , 2695x2173 , 154736272787.jpg )
47336 No. 47336
Can't find original thread with this beautiful girl. And what about this photo, with long hair?(or it's wig?)Help please!
>> No. 47383
It's a wig. She's 15. And she also goes by Ableonion.

However, she got doxed, with her address and phone number going public.

I'm sure her parents know what fuckery she's been up to by now.
>> No. 47403
what did she do?
>> No. 47424
>> No. 47425
She lives with her grand parents. They dont know jack shit. Nothing seems to phase her though lol.
>> No. 47430

I know at least two dickheads who have called her house and tried to talk to her. One even told the guy who answered the phone what was up.

so, the parents or grandparents (who gives a fuck?) clearly know by now. ;)
>> No. 47455
Anyone have this wig set or her vids? Only seen screenshos
>> No. 47521
does anyone have more from her?
>> No. 47538
I used to have all the photos she posted on Ableonion but of course, deleted them. :(

She has a lot of wigs. I saw them in lots of the pics. She also truly loves CP as I saw photos on her screen in the BG that were premium, well traded pics of excellent quality. She's the real deal. Unless you want to be found, don't try and find her. Pedogurls are all around you all the time.
>> No. 47601
How is she a pedo? Is there pics or vids of her looking at CP?
>> No. 47775
where is the link pplease?

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