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/mir/ ~ Cherish Model Full set
File 154893323195.jpg - (103.43KB , 1014x1560 , Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 7_25_29 PM.jpg )
49200 No. 49200
Please help
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>> No. 49201
dailyupIoads.net/users/harveyshoneys/16532/Art%20Modeling%20Studios ALL AMS
>> No. 49229
there is no such thing
>> No. 49238
>> No. 49302
not working
>> No. 49303
not working
>> No. 49308
share this set please

compartir este set por favor
>> No. 49327
Peach/ Charish....I love that little hot-cake.
>> No. 49349
I guess this is Charish, but can any body upload the full set ?
>> No. 49355
the link does work, you need to think about it and use a bit of common sense. all that is needed now is a password, and quick, my balls are bursting!!
>> No. 49422
any one has the full set ??
>> No. 50184
Just curious - why spend the time posting a link if you are not going to provide a password?
>> No. 50202
weird, i got "Error. Page cannot be displayed. Please contact your service provider for more details. (7)" WTF ... but I can help with Cherish sets I bet
>> No. 50215
the link does work, you need to think about it and use a bit of common sense.

the pass is easy, you just need to think about it and use a bit of common sense.

and trust me, if you like AMS, you want this because it has links to ALL AMS models.
>> No. 50273
nice. shame many is have no common sense and bad i sight.
>> No. 50352
correct the full set was never released to the public only three pictures. Never seen ever any where other then those three pictures.
>> No. 50353
Yes, they may have bad i site. U and i have forgot proper grammer, but i have i sight with my EYES now and i can C. Thanks. ;-)
>> No. 50356
I thought I had it figured out with my I sight, but I spoke too soon. I still don't get it. I am still lost as much as the others.
>> No. 50358
i had to recheck agaIn cause i thought i mIssed somethIng but i had a typIng error due to poor i sIght and not usIng my i glasses. ;-D
>> No. 50395
I guess I’m blind and dumb because I’ve tried everything I can think of and can’t get right password
>> No. 50401
an enIgma, Indeed....
One tIme i was lost, drIvIng through the capItal cIty and i notIced the dIrectIons in the map of my destInatIon were not the same as the ones on my iphone. To get where i wanted to go i had to leave the capItal cIty to arIve In my destInatIon address. That Is how i got It.
>> No. 50403
i can solve thIs enIgma. u can do It too. Go to the capItal cIty of your destInation by lowererIng one of your I balls In the address. ;-)
>> No. 50424
I'm finding these clues too cryptic. I worked out the link easily enough, and thought the bit after the URL might be the pass (in upper or lower case), but still missing something.
>> No. 50436
U R over-thinking It, no pass Is needed. SImply look very closely at the lInk address. Maybe one letter is capItal where It should be lower-case? if u can't get It wIth thIs clue then u don't deserve It anyway.
>> No. 50466
I appreciate people giving the clues to the URL, but I was able to easily see that part and get to the site. The problem is the password to the files once they are downloaded. I thought it was included after the URL in the post, but no combinations that I try are working.
>> No. 50504
I found the site but what is pass
>> No. 50556
goddamnit what the hell is the password
>> No. 50614

ma dude the link is easy to figure out, I just cant figure out what the password is
>> No. 50646
Please just tell the password. I’ve tried the URL. I’ve tried it corrected. I’ve tried no pass. I’ve tried all ams. These are some of my favorites. Please be kind and help us lacking common sense out.
>> No. 50657
password is

>> No. 50713

>pass is babayaga

how the hell is this 'easy to figure out' like what kind of lore or reference should one would think it as a password

anyway, thx for the pass amigos, muchos garcias
>> No. 50769
File 155027085016.jpg - (17.34KB , 160x181 , 89.jpg )
FFS. Here's the link, and there is no password.
BUT only go there if you like captchas.
>> No. 50775

not sure, that was my first post in this thread, I just recognized the link as one I had used before and I luckily had saved the password.

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