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/mir/ ~ two 13 yo gals tie u up/ pov
File 154958997839.png - (920.42KB , 1316x1079 , Screenshot (1).png )
49953 No. 49953
This was a fun little experimental video made as a test, using an existing snap-chat vid and text to speach software. Techneaks were improved after this first one was made, so this a bit amature, but I think you will find it amusing. Let me know if anyone wants more similar? If you seen this vid before it is not the same. A voice-over sound track is what makes this version unique.
>> No. 50033
"Techniques," "speech," and "amateur", idiot.
>> No. 50061
I don't ev en want to try \Some wannabe Speilberg fucking up vidS,
>> No. 50072
Hey! Even Speilberg had to start as an amatuer at the biginning. This was a first practice test run for upcomming mega producer....MAYBE? This was a practice clip, I think it is entertaing, at least.
>> No. 50073
sorry, my spelling sucks but I hope the video project is at least likeable. This one was a first attempt. They get better and I will share more if anyone wants.
>> No. 50102
Funny as hell, bro. LMAO Thanks.
>> No. 50111
post more
this was awesome
>> No. 50129
Glad you enjoyed it...and thanks for saying so. I had made nearly a dozen and as each one got better than the last. Sadly I lost a few of the better ones by accedently not saving. I will try and share one that I still have tomorrow....and I am in the process of making my best one ever (up to this point), but it takes time cause I have limited free time to work on it. Hope to have it complete in a week or so.
>> No. 50130
Amateur or not, that was hilarious
>> No. 50131
at first it was a bit stupid but after a minute It was a bit sexy and funny at the same time. It was worth watching and I will even watch it again. Do you have other ones to show here? Also thanks for the effort you must have put into this. Which speech software did you use and how did you make their voices sound so real?
>> No. 50168
What the f***? I never seen anything like it before. This video was freaking diferent! More of this please sir.
>> No. 50169
thank u. How did you do that with the girls voice? I have a idea to do this too but how do you do it? I have older computer running win xp
>> No. 50365
I like this and the girls take the upper position. I like girls getting in control. If you made more you should post them.
>> No. 50439
i like the part where the girl with braces is laughing says says she's going to show her kookie to make me even more horny....then she flashes her goodies.
>> No. 51178
Are you going to post more? Where are these videos you promised?
>> No. 51276
>> No. 51282
who the fuck cares?
>> No. 51286
I had made 6 or 8 of these experimental clip films. But the first few wer'nt that good (voice software sounded too robotic and unatural) so I deleted them, but I don't remember deleting them all. Im prety sure I saved at least 3 but am having trouble finding them. I wil keep looking. It was a lot hours making them and I want to share.
>> No. 51290
It's not the age of the original video that maters. You could take a clip from 1960 70 or 80 when it was common to use dial phones. It don't mater. This vid was just used to test and practice with....

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