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/mir/ ~ USA Bikini video
File 154970586956.jpg - (259.96KB , 1576x1050 , m144-s11-088_1576_1050.jpg )
50065 No. 50065
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>> No. 50071
I was trying to post this in it's thread....Suposed to appear in the Bobbie-model thread, I did something wrong but maybe a Mod will put it in there, where it belomgs? please
>> No. 50103
Yea. This vid was suposed to be inside of her curent thread, but got posted on its own lonesome by mistake.
>> No. 50178
Please will a mod of this board put this video share in the Bobie-model thread where her stuff is sharing. Thank you.
>> No. 50257
File 154984633095.jpg - (343.96KB , 1572x500 , m144-s085-016.jpg )
This is a great video. I wish it was where it is suposed to be in the Bobbie-Model thread.
>> No. 50271
There is also a thread going strong on 180 chan that has a lot of contributions (some from myself, as well). It would be maybe more convient to combine them all in one place?
>> No. 50361
File 154994006413.jpg - (132.24KB , 853x1280 , m144-s11-102.jpg )
I would like to share this Bobbie video inside the thread that is already active. Anyone know how to move her there? Hoping a mod will help (like once before) but if I simply repost this vid into the thread it may be concidered a double post?
>> No. 50460
I don't know if it's true or not but I read she actualy did a few sets under a diferent name (but don't know what that name would be). Supposedly they were shot after her own website was shut down. Anyone know anything about this?
>> No. 50462
Post an image of video in thread you want then link to the video.
>> No. 50470
Before the Great Bust you could do a search for Bobby Onion and find tons of pics! Now nothing all gone. Must be out there some where.
>> No. 50472
Thanks CB. That's more simple than I thought it would be. (I don't know why I didn't figure that out on my own).
>> No. 50480
File 155001751388.png - (224.85KB , 480x792 , Guest @ Juliet-model.png )
>>50460 she was a guest @ Juliet-model.com site with her series 005 m144-s029 x72 images posted as series 008 m144-s029 x 51 images.

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