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/mir/ ~ video
File 154983246729.jpg - (955.81KB , 592x444 , dog APYN_x264_Mo8ment.jpg )
50222 No. 50222
do any one have full vid
>> No. 50323
Cute girl.

>> No. 51955
Is there more of this girl? You can hear somebody say her name, Alexis or something.
>> No. 52021
This is my cousin, and I filmed it.
>> No. 52058
No it is not your cousin. Tell us the date it was filmed, what chat site and her city then Champ.
>> No. 52059
Definitely not your cousin, but I would love to see more of her
>> No. 52060
I want this girl, anything, even non-nude
>> No. 52079
>>52060 This is the only vid that exists of her.
>> No. 52112
Or the name of the dog. hehehe
>> No. 52145
Her name is Alexis from Kentucky and the site is YouNow. The dogs name is Boooger and he likes tuna.
>> No. 52362
All of you are stupid this Acacia Johonston, and there is several videos of here and one that made it on to a mainstream porn site just google her name.
>> No. 52391
>>52362 No youre the stupid one. This looks nothing like Acacia.

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