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/mir/ ~ NEED TARA
File 154257474923.jpg - (1.21MB , 2560x1920 , 153029061875.jpg )
50234 No. 50234
need all stuff from tara
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>> No. 50235
remember her being put in a bath tub with her ass open and he pisses for a minute on to her body and face.
>> No. 50236
remember her fucking the bedpost with her ass and screaming while he pushes her down on it.
>> No. 50237
that never happened.
>> No. 50238
A strong Tara thread would make old Bart's efforts worthwhile.
>> No. 50239
We need more Tara! Best rape pig around!!
>> No. 50240
that's called Tara Pissed On.
>> No. 50241
Videos plis
>> No. 50316
File 154990464960.jpg - (317.16KB , 2560x1920 , 14321545097.jpg )
>> No. 50318
Tara getting pissed on.
On Zippy no pass.
>> No. 50885
>> No. 51124
>> No. 51126
File 155060206464.jpg - (87.13KB , 640x640 , 756.jpg )
Tara older
>> No. 51127
I'll collect my videos from Tara.
Links early next weekend.
>> No. 51129
anal with 14 inch vibe


No pass
>> No. 51130
I'll collect my videos and pics from Tara.
Links early next (next) weekend.
If somebody faster like me, then go.
>> No. 51139
Mas videos plis
>> No. 51208
Plis mas videos ???
>> No. 51494
This is my (maybe not full) collection.
If I can find some pictures and videos, I'll send it later.

Pw. is my nick name.
>> No. 51570
Cant figure out the pass :(
>> No. 51594
Thanks for the uploads. I can't understand why she is called ugly in some of the other threads. She was no supermodel but the way she took her abuse and kept on with her life makes her a hero I'm my opinion. Just can't help wondering how far Bart would have gone if he hadn't been caught. Maybe someone will ask him someday.
>> No. 51595
To the idiot who asked pass is popandopola
>> No. 51605
I never understood.
>> 51 595
He doesn't speak English. It may be a shit.
>> No. 51617
I've downloaded all files twice but when I try to open with 7zip it says cannot extract files?
>> No. 51633

1: Are you using the latest version of 7zip (19.00)? Or is your version an old one? If old try updating it.
2: Verify every download size matches the size shown on dl.free. If 1 file is not the same size delete it and get it again.
3: Are all 5 parts in the same folder? If not put them all together.
4: Is there any spaces before or after the password? You can verify this in 7zip by clicking "Show Password" and checking.
>> No. 51643
File 155115999016.png - (836.14KB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_2019-02-26-05-45-25.png )
They downloaded and play fine.
>> No. 51692
Why do I have to make such a big trouble because of the 7z program?
Best and safest and most usable of all. Much better than Wrar.
I just don't understand what's wrong.
>> No. 51887
Files are not on site any longer
>> No. 51921
Reupload please
>> No. 51957
Many thanks for this, filled a couple of my gaps.
>> No. 51974
Reup please!
>> No. 52039
reup pls
>> No. 52040
All right. I'll reup again.
Links on Saturday.
>> No. 52116
>>51494Fichier supprimé pour raison de copyright.

they are all down
>> No. 52344
Tara is here again (reup)

Pw. is my nick name.
>> No. 52907
downloaded all but the files refuse to extract
>> No. 52910
files are corrupted
>> No. 52943
you are probably having the same problem as me the file won't open because you arenot using 7zip wich means all the files are rar5 one of these days these assholes are going to relize no everybody uses 7z regular rar work just as well as 7z files this clown actually told me to get out of the 90's cause imstill using Winrar
i have collected over 5 tarabytes of content with ipersonally think its just a ploy to give only certain people content Cocksucking horders
>> No. 52955
files are gone
>> No. 52958
Tara always looked good when posing on the table and she can work the camera!
>> No. 53292
Re up please !!!
>> No. 53293
The files are corrupted.
>> No. 53340
I've tried my links, everything works.

For others:
Quote from the message where I sent videos and pictures of Fr@ncesc@:

"Well again and last time.
The 7z file is NOT zip and is not a rar file.
The 7z file can be created and opened with 7z. Only with 7z.
1. Download the program here https://www.7-zip.org/. Free.
2. Install it, you no longer have to touch it.
3. In the case of the file you will find the end of the file 001.
4. Click on it to automatically detect it.
5. In the pop-up window, type the password (if specified).
6. Unpack to the location you specify.
That's it and not more.
Even more: 7z is not zip and not rar "

I don't write it down several times.

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