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/mir/ ~ Savannah babes
File 155024737772.png - (242.39KB , 368x642 , vlcsnap-2017-11-22-06h06m42s208.png )
50703 No. 50703
Any win of Savannah / Babes from Liveme ?
She looks older but she was actually 12yo (13yo when she disapeared from Liveme), with the most incredible tits ever on a girl this age.
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>> No. 50777
doubt anyone will post, most here are fags with no interest in biology
>> No. 50821
File 155032100030.png - (850.83KB , 899x1837 , 20171005-030817_01.png )
>> No. 50907
File 155038942976.png - (712.72KB , 540x883 , 150746586449212.png )
>> No. 51023
no way she's 12.
>> No. 51182
Actually she was 12 indeed. There are tons of vids of NN vids of her and she talks a lot about her age. Some vids are taken in school, you can see the reste of the call is clearly 11-13.
Please post some wins if it exists
>> No. 51255
Is this same girl?
>> No. 51281
12 years old my ass. She's clearly much older than that
>> No. 51305
She has very nice big titties . Would suck bite her nipples and grope those big fun bags while slamming my cock into her pussy. 18plus i dont mind at all.
>> No. 51310
>>51281 Yes because no girl in the history of the planet has ever been an early developer and started growing breasts at a young age, around 8 or 9 and had large breasts at 11 or 12.
>> No. 51349
she was 13 when she did live
so yes . she is 14 now
>> No. 51454
I talked to her hundreds of times on liveme, she was 12 when she started.
>> No. 51480
Her face doesnt look 12. She could pass for 18 with those big tits.
>> No. 51492
I talked to her thousands of times on skype, she was 9 when she started.
>> No. 51559
I talked to her many times through ultrasound, she was 13 weeks when she started.
>> No. 51564
but she was 12 at the start, she is gonna have 15 this year
dont be a troll ;)
>> No. 51574
>>51492 I went to preschool with her, she already had little buds at 4.
>> No. 51576
I talked to her thousands of times at preschool, she was 4 when she started.
>> No. 51766
there must be more
>> No. 51769
File 155125838519.png - (249.84KB , 368x640 , vlcsnap-2019-02-27-06h06m19s108.png )
i only have this nip slip
>> No. 51784
Some never learn fact
Late bloomers & early bloomers ALL genetics
I have neighbour long times ago girl was eleven she looked 18 bigger boobs then mother some think girl was sister to mother LOL
Relatives most of woman big boobs very early
Look around IRL it's not very strange big chests early age I think many girls can lie about age for many males today;)
>> No. 51853
there are some private vids, but i doubt anyone will post them
>> No. 51856
If she's 12 then my di*k is 4ft long. Get real guys. Some people want to twist their fantasy so bad that it starts to mess with common sense. You have to draw a line between fantasy and reality.
>> No. 51959
shei s like 15 now, she was 13 on liveme
>> No. 52101
more of her ?
>> No. 52398
any more ?
>> No. 52567
she gained a lot of weight lately, what a shame she used to look so fucking hot
>> No. 52641
Really want to see more of this girl, no vids on her liveme page
But it does say Kentucky
>> No. 52709
File 155246910919.jpg - (474.30KB , 1080x1920 , 1552450033427.jpg )
>> No. 52715
File 155248672612.jpg - (36.04KB , 507x901 , 94275788.jpg )
its her, finally some nude
where do u get it? there is more?
>> No. 52877
i dont think its her, its not the same thing
looks like a handjob video to me, i think i saw it before
so fake
>> No. 52954

Sup carny. Still posting 23 year olds and claiming they're preteens I see.
>> No. 52956
im not carny but i can confirm she was 13
i spoke to her mom in facebook, i know her lastname.
>> No. 52957
Not her
>> No. 53062
OK now we are getting somewhere
>> No. 53071
i tried to bm her, she just blocks everyone
>> No. 53118
Well if I knew her family name I might go find her myself. Those tits aren't going to stay young forever! In fact I think they might be expired by spring break/summer so how about a field trip?
>> No. 53119
Post some fucking link
>> No. 53210
Not all girls fall for that bm crap you know.
>> No. 53284
there must be something
>> No. 53285


>> No. 53393
what was in the link ?
>> No. 53489
I doubt we'll ever see something, hoarders trade in private

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