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/mir/ ~ Natty Daddy MP4??
File 155354709913.jpg - (60.24KB , 916x628 , nd.jpg )
53634 No. 53634
I'm new to all this and I'm desperate for the Natty Daddy video/s. If anyone has them in MP4, I would be forever grateful.
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>> No. 53640
go to catalog link on this page at the top click it look through the files till you find her thread the links are there i just don't remember where happy hunting newbie.. these boards will definately make you happy i've been her for 1 year now and collected a lot of good content
>> No. 53673
vids n pics any one pls
>> No. 53711
posted here:
>> No. 53722
File 155366488129.jpg - (231.32KB , 1228x921 , nd-20120325-222706.jpg )
>> No. 53723
File 155366490332.jpg - (130.39KB , 1228x921 , nd-20120325-222832.jpg )
>> No. 53724
File 15536649795.jpg - (138.47KB , 1228x921 , nd-20120325-223000.jpg )
>> No. 53725
File 155366508171.jpg - (765.34KB , 3072x2304 , nd-20110217-154517.jpg )
>> No. 53726
File 155366513351.jpg - (685.81KB , 3072x2304 , nd-20110210-155908.jpg )
Do you want to penetrate me?
>> No. 53727
>> No. 53728
Yo just need some help on where i could sell my nudes for a little bit of bitcoin
>> No. 54839
We have all been newbs at one time the old fags will help you out the new fags will just troll you dont be a new fag https://144chan.pk/mir/res/4639.html
>> No. 55385
None of these are working for me. I need MP4s.
>> No. 55409
Natty Datty is the best. The best vid is when her dad cums massive loads. He is so lucky.
>> No. 55439

The first time her pics showed up was 2012 on IMGSRC, his gallery is still there if you know what to look for. But its locked off.

The dad was not so lucky actually, he was from Florida, the mom found out what he was doing and he killed Natalie ( aka Natty ) in late 2014 and then hung himself at a local park miles from the family home. I remember it at the time since I was working and living in Pretty Bayou about and hour from where this all happen.

Local press only covered it. Odd thing is the press doesn't always cover every story nationally. So much weird shit happens in Florida that never gets reported beyond Florida. Maybe that's a good thing!

Lesson here is, don't let momma find out, or be a single daddy!
>> No. 55466
Little Natty takes me back to my late teens when I was fooling around with my mate's 9 y.o. sister. I had a little hideaway out in the fields and would send her in first telling her to have a 'surprise' for me when I came in. Depending on what she was wearing she'd either have her top pulled up displaying her already puffy buds or would be on her back, trousers and knickers down displaying her cunt. Then she would pull out my cock and jack me off. She was a cock fiend at that age.
>> No. 55470
Can someone confirm, is this true?
>> No. 55491
I vaguely remember hearing about this in the local news when I was in Tallahassee many years ago before I finally relocated to NC. Stuff like this happens all the time, sadly life comes and goes and often no one notices. :(...... Tears for Natty.

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