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/mir/ ~ Someone have that ?
File 155463707859.png - (341.34KB , 720x480 , 283A0FDF-1E15-462C-84B5-5E8CD0D2D90D.png )
54661 No. 54661
Please can you upload the video link to this picture please ?
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>> No. 54700
this is NOT BELY!!!
its lummped in with her stuff all the time.
>> No. 54712
Well whether its Belinda or not can anyone share this please? I've seen a low res sample is the original 720 or higher???
>> No. 54747
>> No. 54798
I've seen it - vid is floating around on the triforce somewhere. While it is a hot video, 1) it belongs in the /sw area, and 2) pretty sure it's staged, she just *seems* to be sleeping initially.
>> No. 54807
It's granny porn. The girl is 22yo.
>> No. 55104
Nobody ?
>> No. 55105
Yup, but fucking a pussy deep and hard is better than just rubbing the duck!

Just said a hebe+ lover.

Complaining done, lol.

btw, doesn't this goes around as Beli morning fuck?
>> No. 55177
pass: 3FG!@DFgt6yHUGE!
>> No. 55178
*might* be Bely. Hard to tell.

This chick ain't 22. 15/16 at the oldest.
>> No. 55180

Don't be a fucking tool - stop using the word "hebe". You don't know what it means. You're using a word you don't understand to illustrate a concept that doesn't exist. It literally makes you look stupid.

The term is JAILBAIT. Try it out. It's been used for more than 100 years. J A I L B A I T.

or the other term is "teen girl".

Hebe is fucking stupid.
>> No. 55187
Surr'sly. You cain't be usin' no words what a toothless hillbilly what dropped outta third grade cain't unnerstant. You mus' be one o' them high school gradiates what got a diplomat on your wall, makin' us feel bad 'cause we cain't conjumigate no Englishal lang'age. Don' be so high-falltin'.
>> No. 55212
Hebe IS a TERM definitly used by enlightened part of the civilization since the last 100 years
You're completely out in the blu & no more then an illiterate plus not possible to teach anything even by spanking it into you real hard
But other then that jailbait suits a too young gal also cause it's punks like you taht'll end up behind bars as no brains gives pains you know..........
>> No. 55454
it is staged, it appeared first on a german amateur porn site: mydirtyhobby.de
>> No. 55457
Pass: 3FG!@DFgt6yHUGE!
>> No. 55458
File 155541831767.png - (217.87KB , 720x480 , vlcsnap.png )
pass: 3FG!@DFgt6yHUGE!
>> No. 55540
This is legal, adult porn.

It definitely ain't Bely/Belinda. This girl is also petite, but definitely not her.

Notice that there is EDITING of the scene. NONE of the other Bely vids is edited like this, cutting from camera angle to another.

Professional. Porn. 18+
>> No. 55541

Nope. Nope. Nope. Hebe is not a term used in the last 100 years. That's bullshit.

It's been used in the last 10 minutes to falsely mean jailbait girls - i.e. girls from 13-17.

In the Greek language hebe refers to male youth.

Some people have invented bullshit words like "hebephilia". But the word is meaningless. As in - it literally means NOTHING.

No psychchiatrist recognizes "hebephilia" because it's a none concept.

Being attracted to sexually mature females - of whatever age - ain't a paraphilia. It's normal male sexuality.

So - Hebephilia is literally a bullshit concept that means NOTHING.

Sorry I had to educate you so harshly bruh. I'm the only one in your life who cares enough to help you not to embarrass yourself.
>> No. 55565
Dude open your mind, there isn't just your world.
A Jailbait in my area is what the word says, an younger looking adult cop who plays an underage whore. She says she is underage and if you say it doesn't matter, you are good as jailed.
>> No. 55574
Yay man! You are awesome! You inspired me to go check a Greek Dictionary and to really confirm that HEBE is related to YOUNG BOYS. Some Greek faggots philosophers (Greek Philosophers were all homo like all original Christians, Apostles, Theologians, etc) use hebe to refer to the young boys they let stick their little dicks in their Western Civilization hairy asses. So EVERY AND EACH ONE THAT CALL HIMSELF A HEBE is JUST A FAGGOT! Thanks again, now I will ALWAYS call "hebes" what they are: FAGGOTS.

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