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/mir/ ~ A lesson in history
File 155519948734.jpg - (853.59KB , 1036x1697 , lco-006-046b.jpg )
55228 No. 55228
Greetings fellow travelers!
I've been on this journey a long time. It started after the cataclysmic demise of the LS Studio back in 2004 when a group of friends from the LS Forum (which by then also had been taken over by the enemy) sought a safe haven, which we found in The Preteen Buzz. From the start I contributed with artwork, which at the time was kind of a novelty. After a few years the “Buzz” morphed into Playtoy Magazine, and I continued making pictures there until, after a few years, RCK, who started the forum eventually got tired of it and shut it down. I continued for a while half-heartedly posting stuff on various forum until I finally decided to do my own thing. With the help of a friend, who did web-design, we created Crimes of Love. After I shut it down a few years ago I went into “retirement”.
Then, recently my computer was attacked and I feared I'd lost most of what I'd created! It turned out that a great deal could be salvaged. This gave me an opportunity to take a new look at what I'd been doing for so many years, and it ignited a spark in me to give it a new shot.
So, if there is an interest in this kind of thing here, I'd be happy to upload zip-files with some of my collection.
Starting off here is my latest piece of work, fresh off the drawing-board. This one featuring one of my favorite models: Lesya.
Here from from LS Land 07- Cowboys. lco-006-046
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>> No. 55230
File 155520358510.jpg - (282.19KB , 1042x1473 , Walt_Heffner_Buzz.jpg )
Hi, yes some of us indeed remember the good Ol' days of Playtoy Magazine site and then came Vice Pretty from same outfits (Crazy Russian Kid Network). Mostly taken down due to strange guidelines for paying members and promoters (not allowing posting of entire collections without getting in trouble with producers).
Walt Heffner is legendary and counts as one of the very few (if not sole) artist who did covers for monthly "editions" (fantasy artwork and illustrations. As for his artwork don't worry he (maybe you) had a website dedicated to all his work - before it was deemed too racy for the open web then taken down. I did manage to save most of it and collection includes some 200+ artwork... now I don't have all of it and if indeed you have more, then please do post em here.
To say Walt still had fans among the "elite" is an understatement. So anything from his collection is most welcome.
Zp - Only TLC - No PMS!
>> No. 55231
File 155520376862.jpg - (299.55KB , 1102x3254 , lco-006-027.jpg )
And you do seem to have same fascination with this model... yeah she does have that certain something, so no surprise!
>> No. 55237
Greetings, I have been gone from this for almost 20 years myself, and if you are taking any requests, I would sure love to see anything you have of Valia from back then. She was my absolute favorite, and my collection was all completely wiped out.
>> No. 55238
Wow, legend posting here! So you're the actual real Walt Heffner guy? If so, I always took that nickname to be kind of a conceptual joiner of Walt Disney and Hugh Hefner, 2 creators of fantasy.
>> No. 55247
Nice Lesya. But make some new one starring LS's Lena aka Karina-girl if you can. I recall one called Jane Bond like James Bond 007 style, if that one was yours. Not sure if you ever used that redhead of BD named Alenka-Alenishe, but she might be ripe for a spoof. BTW, Hef, if you ever DO make an upload, definitely switch to using 7z only from here-forth and not RARs (look up tech articles as to just why).
>> No. 55301
File 155525530286.jpg - (357.21KB , 672x672 , WH-Gallery-Intro.jpg )
Heffner Collection

This file contains two folders one with 'artwork' the other with 'Playtoy covers'.

*Note that this material was downloaded from Walt Heffner's official Art Gallery - when it was still online available on the open net.

P.S. I really like the Cover/Centerfold idea for the series in the magazine section and if you have more pls post them here.

File Name: WH-PT-Art.rar
Size: 52.9M
Pass: zoneplayer

Zp - Only TLC - No PMS!
>> No. 55327
File 155528057715.jpg - (199.37KB , 1100x738 , buzz-001.jpg )
Here are some missing files I add from Heffner's site... and still PTM covers not complete so please add them if you can, thanks!

File: WH-Plus.rar
Size: 36.0M
Pass: zoneplayer

Zp - Only TLC - No PMS!
>> No. 55349
Ooh, Valia Gladcova is a great idea for a Walt Heffner spoof! I love little Valia, and I love the Heff stuff, but funny I never thought of this. Please do some Valia ones, Heff. Sorry if you already HAVE done her, but I don't recall any.
>> No. 55358
Here are other pictures from

File: WH-Plus.rar
Size: 36.0M
Pass: zoneplayer

Zp - Only TLC - No PMS!
>> No. 55360
File 155532031819.jpg - (247.13KB , 1200x1604 , ptm-007a.jpg )
If anyone has ptm-020 to ptm-025 (both a-cover and b-centerfolds) that woud be much appreciated!
>> No. 55371
File 155533457594.jpg - (4.93KB , 220x204 , myhat.jpg )
Thread added to our master directory along with other Heff threads at 144chan https://144chan.pk/mir/res/2228.html & https://144chan.pk/mir/res/2079.html

Since this thread is not strictly for collectors (no full sets or vids etc) let me know if you wanna move it to /hebe/
>> No. 55411
File 155536377315.jpg - (943.33KB , 1215x1816 , catalina-006-044.jpg )
As promised I've been preparing zip-files (7-zip per request).
The first one, uploaded today, contains early stuff from The Preteen Buzz and Playtoy Magazine.
It's in no way a complete collection, just things that might be of interest.


PW: heffner

The second one, to be uploaded soon, will contain work done after Playtoy such as Crimes of Love related pics, and others.
The third one will contain more recent stuff and some brand new things.

It was nice to see that I'm still remembered by some people! And that some of you were around in the “Good Ol' Days”. It's hard to imagine today that there was a time when you could purchase the content of LS, BD and others with a credit card on the open web!
Someone wondered if I was the REAL Walt Heffner. I guess the proof is in the pudding, as they say.
Of course if anyone really wants hard evidence, not that it matters, I could upload a Photoshop file of any image, showing each step involved in creating that picture....

In the meantime here is another new image with another of my favorites: Catalina.
>> No. 55420
Must have done something wrong uploading the file. I'm afraid I don't understand French!
>> No. 55451
Google translate can help you. )
>> No. 55453
Your link doesnt work.
>> No. 55455
File 155541686449.png - (136.92KB , 602x339 , butler.png )
Shame the upload failed but don't worry sometimes happens fortunately there are other safe file hosting sites and widely used on this forum...

Most reliable I can recommend:


Or this one will upload to multiple hosts simultaneously:

As for proving who you are, don't worry tho we are use to imposters claiming to be famous on chan networks, such as dads of models or celebrities the pictures/work and artwork in this case is what matters most.
So I encourage you to please continue to post all you have for posterity and that will insure that the content falls in the right hands of avid collectors like myself or others who will keep it safe and promote it for years to come.

Me I tend to give this calling card as proof of seniority and my dedication to the anti-age discrimination movement:

Zp - Only TLC - No PMS!
>> No. 55467
I think you posted the secret delete link, so the file got deleted with the first person who clicked the link.
>> No. 55486
File 155543671958.jpg - (859.18KB , 1112x1575 , jewel 2.jpg )
With the help of Google translate I managed to figure out how the hosting service works. Yes apparently I posted the delete link instead of the download link. Need to work on my French!
PW: heffner

While working on compiling the next folder I'll post some new pics. Here: Jewel
>> No. 55487
Hey zonePlayer, I remember that forum. I even made that pretty banner!!
>> No. 55501
What was the forum like and for how long did it exist?
>> No. 55545
File 155550693090.jpg - (629.33KB , 1945x1200 , Heffner_Tribute_post.jpg )
Kind of thought you did because the banner has that Heffner-quality and touch and for what it's worth I think you are the genuine article!

I wanted to thank you for your dedication and joy of beauty you showcase... that will inspire for years to come!

P.S. As for my suggestion for future artwork I would personaly love to have Heffner wallpaper and collector edition desktop images.

Zp - Only TLC - No PMS!
>> No. 55644
Still missing the ptm files requested days ago if anyone has them... thnx!

P.S. As for art projects I can also recommend one like this for windows 10...


These are custom desktop splash screen panels and having them in Heffner-styles would be awesome!
Not sure what application we could use to make em appear but I'm sure there's an app that does that out there.

>> No. 55683
File 155569734436.jpg - (857.20KB , 1065x1590 , lsg-17-045.jpg )
Here comes a zip-file with the second installment of highlights from my production. This one focused on the time after Playtoy Magazine, not including more recent work, which will be coming in the next upload. This one is pretty large: 99 images, although I could easily have made it twice the size...


PW: heffner

I'll also post a recent pic. I don't know her name but she figures rather prominently in many LS galleries.

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