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/mir/ ~ Fabia & Valia
File 151903632050.jpg - (24.02KB , 500x361 , 1518132535703.jpg )
6881 No. 6881
Someone please upload their sets (Astral Nymphets, Lolitas Art, etc.).
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>> No. 6882
Seconded, Fabia alone or Valia alone, or both of them together, I'd very much like to see those sets
>> No. 6886
posted here:
>> No. 6897

lolitas art added

>> No. 7011
File 151911145310.png - (26.30KB , 459x184 , error.png )
There's no way in hell I'm downloading this bare IP or paying.

Someone please upload (preferably only the sets of Fabia & Valia) this elsewhere.
>> No. 7022
you should just ignore all the /cg/ links and wait for real /mir/ links

I've made a script that converts automatically all /cg/ links to this format: LINK REMOVED FOR SHEKELEERING ON /MIR/.
>> No. 7064
File 151914904929.jpg - (69.99KB , 1024x768 , valia014.jpg )
Valia Hodgepoadge

pass: val

file: https://multifilemirror.com/zxlv9rafpvy9/valia_hodgepodge.rar.html
>> No. 8001
THANKS! Please god post more!!!
>> No. 8491

fabia pls
>> No. 13052
File 152315981314.jpg - (63.37KB , 1024x768 , 012.jpg )
Bumping this thread to gift to you what you seek. Link contains everything I've ever had of Fabia, plus some extra goodies.

The pictures are a random grab-bag there are specific set folders as well, so there are some repeat pictures. The only sets missing are i-Preteen 01 and 42, but those may have been repeats anyway.

Pass is Fabiabro.
>> No. 13331
Thank you very much.
>> No. 13340
File 152329849785.jpg - (74.36KB , 443x875 , fabia024_1-1.jpg )
You're welcome. :)
>> No. 13358
She was a very sexy little girl, although too much hebe-content for my tastes. Good work.
>> No. 14424

Thanks a lot. You are a lifesaver! Don't worry, the i-Preteen sets are indeed repeats.
>> No. 20970
Thank you for your upload of Goddess.zip containing a random grab-bag of pictures & some extra goodies inside.
Good work, I enjoyed your efforts greatly!
>> No. 20985

thank you for the upload, I enjoyed the pics I haven't seen in a long time.
Valia was a great little girl!
>> No. 28515

Link is dead. Please reup. Been wanting Fabia for a while.
>> No. 28645

File deleted due to copyright.
>> No. 28696
There is one Fabia set here

>> No. 35342
Links are dead. :/ Does anyone can reup pls ?
>> No. 35554
File 153672561921.jpg - (130.92KB , 768x1024 , an-62-048.jpg )
I cannot let Fabia's light go unseen for so long. Here you go, re-upped:
Password, as before, is Fabiabro. Enjoy.
>> No. 35663
pass not working
>> No. 35688
File 15368204299.jpg - (116.00KB , 601x973 , tmp_8013-fabia098_1-11885510385.jpg )
I just tested it... are you capitalizing the "F"?
>> No. 35755
>I cannot let Fabia's light go unseen for so long. Here you go, re-upped

thanks for the re-upload, wonderful little girls!


pw Fabiabro working here!
>> No. 35765
File 153687461558.jpg - (343.41KB , 768x1024 , tmp_11528-sashchris030_11446495530.jpg )
Good to hear, and you're welcome!
>> No. 36855
Thanks for sharing, it is rare that people take the time. But holy shit anonfile is a piece of shit. The file has failed 5 times in a row now during transfer. :( Never have those problems with dl.free.fr...
>> No. 36930
File 153772185419.jpg - (98.70KB , 768x1024 , tmp_8570-an-02-069501956739.jpg )
I'll use that next time, thanks for the report. Sorry for the trouble.
>> No. 53022
more Fabia please
>> No. 53031
more of Fabia please
>> No. 53042
File 15528183891.jpg - (716.41KB , 1573x720 , fabia3.jpg )
By most accounts she had a relationship with one of the photographers. Just at what age they started doing the biz I don't know but one hopes it was early when she was in her prime.
>> No. 53067
Anyone have that "Space Models" set. I've never seen her that old. Sexiest ever non-Brazilian nude girl.
>> No. 53287
>By most accounts she had a relationship with one of the photographers.
>Just at what age they started doing the biz I don't know but one hopes
>it was early when she was in her prime.

I once saw her in a pic with this woman that could have been her mother.
she probably got very big & wide once out of her prime!

>Anyone have that "Space Models" set. I've never seen her that old.
>Sexiest ever non-Brazilian nude girl.


PW: 155chan

non-nude, enjoy
>> No. 53322
Thanks for Fabia's Space models. She's absolutely gorgeous, second only to Vladmodel Arina, whose one topless set is heart-attack inducing beautiful. Good to see Fabia's now shaves her legs . .
>> No. 53350
I think she's much better looking than VM Arina. The younger Muntean sisters are closer to Fabia as well as her blonde partner Umia. BTW, thank you to the poster of the Space Models set. Much appreciated.
>> No. 53397
Fabia/Helen pink upskirt please

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