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/mir/ ~ Star Sessions Nita
File 151985939197.jpg - (224.92KB , 800x1000 , !!!!Nita-004-03.jpg )
8522 No. 8522
Anyone have more pics of Nita for Star Sessions?
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>> No. 8550
Or you could try buying yourself like the rest of us
>> No. 8610
yes Nita plaese
>> No. 8611
is she nn?
>> No. 8617
Yes she is not nude for the most part. And no, nobody's going to share star sessions material
>> No. 8640
'she is not nude for the most part'..'nobody's going to share star sessions material' lol Do you even know how a vacuum works?
>> No. 8660
set 3 . full

prev :: http://childstars.info/enter/?page_id=1321

dl:: https://mirrorace.com/m/cdvL

pw:: carebear
>> No. 8667
starsessions useless these days,censored and undownloadable previews,have now stopped using them anymore
>> No. 8668
>>8660 Thanks carebear,Have any older girls to share? Would be much appreciated
>> No. 8669
lol, you left the watermark in, say bye bye to your account.
>> No. 8698
thanks, I expect you have reasons to break the dam. So T H A N K Y O U.
>> No. 8700
Some people want to see new content and new models so quit being a fucktard and posting the shit. You wanna get stuck with NS shit?
>> No. 8778
please more more more star sessions
>> No. 8803
Thanks man! Keep um coming!
>> No. 9007
I AM BEGGING YOU - please post a full set of masie, i would be eternally grateful!!
>> No. 9095
Masie would be eternally grateful if you paid her for her work and quit being such a cheap ass Jew bag
>> No. 9130
9095 please sir kindly take your hatred and bigotry straight to hell.
>> No. 9131
fuck off and pay for it cheap ass
>> No. 9149
Step 1:Go to Starsessions
Step 2:Pay for set
Step 3:Keep set

I only hate filth like yourself who rip off these models.
>> No. 9150
this has some sex or nudity involved or is just nonude shit ?
>> No. 9152
non nude
>> No. 9193
9149- rip off the models? How deluded are you? Or is starsessions your property. Only the owner makes money. the girls get paid for the set 1 time...then the owner profits..Duh! so stop crying about it ....or just give them all of your money and you can feel good.
>> No. 9198
and how many on the chan payup.....nada

>> No. 9199
>> No. 9212
And when the owner can't buy outfits or buy equipment or pay the models then what? It's all relative you moron. Thats the dumbest argument ever.
>> No. 9213
File 152027594411.jpg - (22.34KB , 133x200 , Michelle-003-002 (2).jpg )
4000x6000 Enjoy!

>> No. 9214
you really are figthing for a shitty nonude studio who doesnt sell nudes o sex lol this is fucking hilarous xD
>> No. 9215
>> No. 9241
hmm, this really makes me wonder.. why are you in this shitty thread then?
>> No. 11561
i'm gonna post quite a few sets in a couple of days just to piss off the whiners
>> No. 11598
Nina and Nita are my favorites. They almost look related
>> No. 11599
Bombs away.
>> No. 12210
here is lot of this stuff ;-0 https://180chan.info/cg/res/26037.html
ps the dloads are gratis. :-)
>> No. 30677
Please post any Mila vids. Frustrating that there's only one of her's out there. TIA if anyone is able.
>> No. 30730
I would like to see StarSessions Nita Video 007 in full if anyone can oblige please.
>> No. 41129
Nice little baby camel toe showing there, I like very much just to sniff her panties

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