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chan issues

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Let start a telegram trade group for our goods and exchange!

Leave telegram contact info to be invited to new group or leave telegram contact so people can trade with
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>> No. 2537
BEST gala team

Kids models INSTAMIX

Kids like beach

Pole kids


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>> No. 2597
>> No. 2598
Chat/share group for young girl lovers
>> No. 2607
Above link dead this one below is new mmc


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why can't we see filenames above thumbnails anymore? why did you change it? why are 144 and 180 still down ?
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>> No. 2596
why can't we see filenames above thumbnails anymore?
>> No. 2599
Same, cant see filenames on 155chan but can on others.
I also cant post. Always get ERROR 2M



>> No. 2602
Why are the filesize, resolution and filename only on 180chan to see? What is the reason for that?
>> No. 2606
missing filename and size above thumbnails??

2258 No. 2258 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I have been wanting to get this off my mind for a long time.
First off, I'd like to say there is a reason for me being attracted to the content on the triforce. Yes it is sexual in nature. It is me trying to live my childhood days when I had girls younger than me showing me things that would sexually attract me. No I couldn't do anything about it because of the parents and other children being around. Yes I was sexually aware by the time I was 10 after discovering masturbation at the age of 8.

So here it goes.
A lot of people look down on what we do here, the content and the whole idea of sexualizing underage boys/girls.

It is illegal, punishable and looked down upon.

However I'd like to make some points here.

Girls attain puberty by the age of 8-10 years and boys by the age of 11-12.

Now everyone knows what attaining puberty means.
But still let's look at what it actually means.
As per Wikipedia "Puberty is the process of physical changes through which a child's body matures into an adult body capable of sexual reproduction."
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>> No. 2520
Why is it that when an underage couple indulges in sexual behavior, it is okay?

- If it's consensual, It's okay. If not, it's rape and you deserve any punishment you receive if caught.

When it is a woman who is a pedo, she is hardly punished for it, but a man is basically sent to hell.

- They do when they get caught.

Why was it okay to show such content in commercial movies?

- There was no fear-based mentality then. Evil child snatchers didn't lurk around every corner. It is media generated and used largely to gain the support of the public by politicians who have no idea what it even means to be a pedophile.

Why can't people accept that yes they love the idea of having sex with some underage, pre-teen boy/girl?

- Not all people are sexually attracted to children. This is a logical fallacy.
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>> No. 2527
My only option to have sex with a child is to rape them.

If I do that, I'll be sure she dies also, so she doesn't have any traumas.
>> No. 2530
>my only option to have sex with a child is rape
>I'll kill them afterwords
First off highly incriminating of you to say Anon.
Secondly you must not be very good looking then.
>> No. 2605
Pedo rape is the only option! It works and is soo hot. Kids have no say in rape so they don't matter. I look upon kid rape as a hunter to turkey. I stalk, plan and study. Then pounce. The after effect is absolutely heavenly-or helly!

2524 No. 2524 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Ya know, maybe it's me and I'm just a fucking sociopath but tell me something lads: For those of you that actually partake in underage sex, does it give a power trip? For me knowing that I'm in the category of child molesters and other heathenry makes me feel powerful. There's nothing quite like walking down the street with the utter confidence that ,for some people out there, YOU are what goes bump in the night.
>> No. 2525
>Dae do you fuck kids bcuz you like feeling powerful and special?
Is this ''epic bait'' or something?
No dude most people just find then beautiful regardless but usually especially because of their age. If I wanted power fantasy bullshit I could just go out and cuck any faggot with a 8/10 girl easily. But such at thing would be pointless ultimately.
Only jews would probably be into something like that but of course everyone's different so I can't speak for everyone else.
>> No. 2533
I could give a fuck what other people think of me. Fuck them.

Most people are idiots anyway.
>> No. 2582
Power trip? That's a strange question. I'm always doing everything to make her feel good cause I want her to stay with me.
>> No. 2603
Same here. I know I am a sociopath, but luv it. When I am abusing or molesting a kid it's hot. Luv how they cry and moan, especially as I spank, slap or punch them. As I go to restaurants, movies, beaches-I am always looking for new rape meat. I luv how a kid smiles at me, not knowing I want to harm her.

2521 No. 2521 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I don't know if anyone is aware of what deepfakes are or the process but i would love to see a loli faked video. Even put her on a outfit of the day youtube vid or a nice girl stretching tutorial. i tried learning the process but my computer is not powerful enough.

heres a link to some deepfakes if anyone wants to watch celebrities getting fucked. theres a lot. some good and some not so good. pic unrelated

>> No. 2600
Yes, Deepfakes were my immediate thought when I first saw Bely Xno (belinda) and I've spent a shit load of money and time to produce my fist CP deepfake below of selena gomez.
I mean who hasen't fapped off to a disney princess.
Hope you think its worthwhile. I'm still working on reproducing the entire clip from Bate to Facial.
>> No. 2601
someone needs to tell me how to post to a file storage to get my deepfake out there. I dont do French.

2593 No. 2593 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
it does not matter if you use tor or it does not continue to error when downloading any images because it will be that
>> No. 2595
Here is the same, nothing downloads :(

2585 No. 2585 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
are these two chans still down?



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>> No. 2589
I have changed the DNS and have a VPN and nothing is working. I hate to say it but its a sinking ship, its been good and Ill miss this community. Farewell.
>> No. 2590
Looks like if you use Opera, turn the built-in VPN on, & set it to "Optimal" for the location, all 3 will work. Otherwise, it won't find 144chan or 180chan (last week it could find 180chan but not 144chan or 155chan).
>> No. 2591
180/144 has hundreds of visitors atm and hundreds of posts made in the last 24 hours. I also tested with Tor and they both work after a few seconds delay. Just admit being a noob who can't find the button to switch your vpn exit node.
>> No. 2592
go to hell u sick people

2583 No. 2583 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Testing image upload


>> No. 2584
File names no longer show & many images display a 404 error after clicking on them?


2580 No. 2580 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
why when you try to follow a link to any page other than the main site opens 404
like this or any other link https://180chan.al/mir/res/37585.html
but if I go to 180chan I will open the catalog and from there I will open this page it will open
It’s very inconvenient to go from bookmarks to the right thread
почему при попытке перейти по ссылке на любую страницу кроме основного сайта открывается 404
как эта или любая другая ссылка https://180chan.al/mir/res/37585.html
но если я зайду на 180чан открою каталог и оттуда открою эту страницу она откроется
очень неудобно немогу переходить из закладок сразу на нужный тред


2572 No. 2572 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
how do i download video?

2544 No. 2544 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
guys how can i register in these chans?


>> No. 2569
You must put your credit card number in the name field, your date of expiration in the email field, and the security code in the subject. This system is based on the original 4chan Gold authentication system. Don't worry newfriend, 155chan's expert encryption that keeps the site up after being taken down ensures that when you press "reply" on your post we will detect your credit card number and the message will be privately sent to us to prove you're real and then we can give you your account user name and password! The account can be used across all 3 Imageboards and for an extra $1.99 a month you can buy the Trichan Gold Pass™!

2565 No. 2565 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
why icant post in the three chans
plz remove the ban if i banned
>> No. 2566
the asshats running this joint let me tell what's all about but it's their loss not mine/ours
but you are not banned it's other stuff causing your issues

2573 No. 2573 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 2574
>Don't Stop the party

2570 No. 2570 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 2571
I am at the beach almost every day. This way I can cum in my trunks watching the little kids strut their asses in cute little swimsuits.

2549 No. 2549 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
PSA: Comcast has officially blocked all three chans. This would explain the influx of online visitors at triforce forumside (currently 130 people).
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>> No. 2561

This! I don't let my service provider know that I surf child porn sites and I don't let my service provider know that I use TOR.
>> No. 2562

What if i use my celphone?
>> No. 2563

I'm still using my android phone.
>> No. 2564
they can molest kids
but nobody else can

2547 No. 2547 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Is StarSession banned here?
somebody deleted http://155chan.gr/hebe/res/115917.html
>> No. 2548
The link works normally.

2546 No. 2546 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Cant post links in chat rooms.

2528 No. 2528 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'm sorry, but is 144chan and 180chan down as of this post?
I can't connect to either even with a vpn. Trichan.de is down too. Is it just me or what?


>> No. 2531
I can access most things but some threads outside the index straight up don't show. I can still reply but the thread and posts won't show when I do. Just wanted to mention that.


>> No. 2534
Ew hell no the feds directly fund that shit.
I'll try seeing how different locations and devices affect things but I've had trouble over all the whole day.


>> No. 2538
Yeah it's fixed now.
That's all for now.
>> No. 2543
Looks like if you use Opera, turn the built-in VPN on, & set it to "Optimal" for the location, all 3 will work. Otherwise, it won't find 144chan or 180chan (last week it could find 180chan but not 144chan or 155chan).

2539 No. 2539 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
All triforce chans have recently stopped showing image dimensions and kB. Can we have them back?

Photo not related

2126 No. 2126 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Don't want to tie-up the Chans with non-photo/video related stuff....
But looking for a good, safe outlet for open pedo chat.
Advice/guidance greatly appreciated.
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>> No. 2348
hola¡ yo tambien quisiera conversar e intercambiar cositas , pero no se como funcionan los foros, alguien que quiera orientarme?
>> No. 2383
Would like to look at pics like this and chat to other guys while we masturbate
>> No. 2470
I want to chat and masturbate while looking at photos of underage pussy, some photos with boys who have a hard-on being fondled by girls would make me cum. I would like to know what effect this has on others and if they are masturbating with me as we look at the girl/boy photos and if they are about to cum.
>> No. 2532

2529 No. 2529 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I need to meet up with someone somehow so here's my snapchat

2523 No. 2523 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Warning: 4 May, 2019: NoScript is temporarily disabled in Tor Browser (Firefox-ESR), due to the expiration of an intermediate signing certificate.

Apply one of the following fixes until a new Tor Browser release becomes available. The safer option is to disable JavaScript entirely.

Open the address about:config in the Tor Browser address bar.
At the top of the page, search for xpinstall.signatures.required
Set the xpinstall.signatures.required entry to false by double clicking it.

When the eventual (unreleased) Tor Browser security update is installed, xpinstall.signatures.required must be set back to true once again.

Or after setting the Security Slider to your preferred setting:

Open the address about:config in the Tor Browser address bar.
Set javascript.enabled to false.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

2354 No. 2354 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
just started using tor is it really woth using? its all right coming here on it. or i think. been tring out the big tor sites. you get exatctly what you want but there must be a price? allways been safe being here. there is to much shit that you have to do to be "safe" on the deep and some of it is pretty hard for me. i feel allot more safe being here then there. thing is they are more kind and helpful. they will actually answer my questions and be cool about it. can you jew asses do yhe same here? dont mind if you are asses about it (that is reality) and its real.just think its kinda fake (trap) on the deep.gotta go sorry rant more latter.
>> No. 2516
Me too happy to
>> No. 2517
I like deepweb sites more, they are classic.
Ranchi was only thing on clearweb that was classic.
And it doesn't exist anymore? 12chan was great too, but it didn't have any CP, it doesn't exists anymore either.
It's weird that this place exists, is it true that admin doesn't have his own CP stash at all?


>> No. 2522

If you get a virus or a trojan, 99% chances are that you will get it from plain browser because plain browsers are not made to ask users to allow or not something. If you don't see security notifications that does not mean you are safe. You are just not aware of them.

Tor browser is just plain Firefox browser with modified default settings.

In plain browser all web page processing parts (javascript, addons......) are enabled by default. Those parts could be used to deanonymize users but since plain browsers are not made to protect user anonymity there is no reason to disable those browser parts in plain browsers.

Since Tor browser is made to protect user anonymity as much as possible, many of those web page processing parts are disabled by default causing users to feel that Tor sites are unsafe. But remember that any code that can be put on Tor site can be put in regular network site because everything is the same.

Tor sites and plain network sites work the same way, even on the same server. The only difference is initial security settings between plain browsers and Tor browser.

If you don't care about your anonymity, then don't use Tor browser.

2350 No. 2350 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 2381
And yet they call US disgusting... *Facepalm*
>> No. 2491
Maybe they can travel to Brunei and never be heard from again.
>> No. 2518
I so want to kiss his ass and suck out his farts.

2494 No. 2494 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Even if the chans die, love is immortal.
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>> No. 2498
Hey admin, can you give me one of your e-mail add?
And i chat you if chan was gone? I can't access in emergency site.


I thought chan is gone. . . ;-)


>> No. 2499
>> No. 2507

did you start blocking VPNs or a VPN? I can't connect via VPN anymore but can via Tor. I don't think it's my end.


>> No. 2515
As much as I look forward to seeing the gorgeous young things who have graced the chan landing pages, I really appreciate the Phoenix on each page. Seeing those fills me with hope that the Chans will be here for a while. Thank you, mods and admins!

2511 No. 2511 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Love little girls? Love gaming too? Join our pro-pedo discord server!
>> No. 2512
I love gaming.
I love sodapoppin.
I love little girls.
I love CP.
I love twitch.

But I don't like being social and I HATE talking.
>> No. 2513
are you stupid? if not, your definitely a cop. just think about how good it would be for you to have a bunch of pedos in one area. giving all their info, sharing all their secrets. DO NOT JOIN THIS.
>> No. 2526
Nice try.
I wish I had saved that webm of that guy explain in how Discord literally accesses all your photos and conversations and can both sell them and report you to the feds then you'll end up blackmailed by the CIA.

2503 No. 2503 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
i see alot of kik threads but lets be safe. add me on wickr to chat and trade
>> No. 2504
Hi can anyone send any invitation links to Wickr?

2508 No. 2508 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
i can't believe this shit , all the female fighters are covered up

that's jade's outfit now on the far left , previous outfit on right. whatever next ? censoring child porn on 155chan...
>> No. 2509
its a fuckin disgrace - i was a big MK fan since the beginning. NOT ANY MORE! - DO NOT BUY THIS BULLSHIT CENSORED GAME
>> No. 2510
i hate all FIGHTING gamers like darksydephil

also i hate all BOOBS and THIS thread

2482 No. 2482 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Share some Telegram groups!!! :( (Ignore image)
4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2487
>> No. 2488
Anyone know some musical.ly share Telegram groups?
Or Telegram groups in general??
>> No. 2489
Hola mis hermanos
>> No. 2502
hola¡ yo tambien tengo telegram, pero no se como usarlo, solo veo imagenes de niñas pero no se mandar mensaje, alguien que pueda auxiliarme...?

2501 No. 2501 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
First off, avoid the gg.gg links. They go nowhere good. Secondly, a lot of you seem to be confused about certain things. In the original novel, Lolita (Delores) was 12. Any girl older than 12 is therefore NOT a lolita. The term "jailbait" refers to a girl who appears physically mature, but is under the age of consent (which can vary according to state, province or country). Therefore an undeveloped child is NOT jailbait.

2500 No. 2500 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Where can I find pic / vid of 14 - 16yo?

2492 No. 2492 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Any APP recommendations? i'm thinking of trying with skout or meetme.
>> No. 2493
If you wanna go to jail, sure.

2490 No. 2490 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey there guys! I was wondering, If any of you know this game? And if possible, you guys could do a Hebe version instead of these "18" year olds with hige tits....

2474 No. 2474 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I saw some time agona good thread with girls's photos from social networks, but now i can't find that thread. It was surely on hebe, and there's a pic that was saved. A link to the thread would be very nice
>> No. 2475
Up! Still in Search!
>> No. 2476
Still searching!
>> No. 2477
какая милая девочка:)Любопытно ,а киска у нее тоже милая аккуратная или как у старой усатой бабки после взрыва гранаты .
Я тут человек новый и не могу понять на каких принципах работает сайт.Но больше всего интересует какой долбаёб грузит на пиздоватые хостинги ! Те кто дразнит так вообще пусть горят в аду

what a cute girl:)Curious ,and her pussy is also cute neat or as the old moustached grandmother after the explosion of the grenade .I was new and I can not understand the principles on which the site works
>> No. 2478
Still looking for the thread

2447 No. 2447 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyomne knows what happen to GAP? HM? FF?

1338 No. 1338 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
For subs with attachments enabled (/hebe/ /boy/ /loli/ and 144's /mir/): if your non-cp file got deleted or didn't show up please let me know. Sometimes there would be server hiccups or overzealous mods and by reporting the issue you're improving the chan.
>> No. 2467
Pretty sweet

2471 No. 2471 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
What the fuck is with this chan? One asshole is allowed to completely fill it with his bullshit links???

There is NO way to download these videos. The file host sucks complete ass!

So, why have you allowed this guy to shit all over this chan?

He will NOT make a fucking cent off this bullshit. He's literally done all this work for nothing.

So, come on Mods, delete all this bullshit!

And, fer fuck's sake, let this post!!!!
>> No. 2472
Agreed well may have to do with a statement over at 180 & SW
At 180 SW isn't a part of the community & yeah as told by the staff there when a guy questioned the same kind of hosts used as here btw

Agree cause the chances to actually get a file from any of these rotten hosts are close to zero
Definitly zero with an archive in more then 1 part
There will never be a positive response about what you or me would like to see happen here
Unfortunately it's the Clan of Carpenters who get all the care and attention except if someone don't like my comment there is:)
>> No. 2473
You block one mother fucker and another one is waiting in line or same mother fucker will come with another name. The only way to kill motherfucker.

1969 No. 1969 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hi! I am very horny 14yo boy and I want to chat with my age girl through webcam. Guys, where i can find a girl for a sex through Skype or Kik etc. Maybe you know some aviable services like Omegle or another.
>> No. 1983
nice cover story bro
>> No. 2464
Turn yourself to girl next time officer

2200 No. 2200 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I use NORDVpn and can reach 180 en 155 chan. 144chan not. Does anyone know why?
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2239
Sorry. This is too complicated for me. But why can I reach 155chan but not the other chans? I don't understand.




>> No. 2240
I ám using NordVPN. But still I can't reach 144- and 180chan.
>> No. 2308
I have the same problem with NordVPN..
I used also extra DNS but, I cant acces 144chan :s
>> No. 2448
what happened to 144chan? It's not working?


2382 No. 2382 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Where now?
>> No. 2384
New 180's link is all over the place
>> No. 2426
.is already dead. All hail the new

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