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/spam/ ~ 155 chan
File 152569321725.jpg - (92.37KB , 958x958 , 33311212.jpg )
1093 No. 1093
Can the fags get their own board so I don't have to see dick?.
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>> No. 1094
Just click the "hide thread" button whinefag.
>> No. 1095
The problem with that is you actually see the offending dick before you can click the hide thread key
Wouldn't be so bad if you could PERMANENTLY hide the thread when you click it but it only lasts for a days browse = next day you have to go through it again and get your visit ruined - just put it somewhere else .
>> No. 1097
So, the mods feel it's necessary to delete comments they disagree with now ?
>> No. 1098
there also deleting comments that they think are not good for a thread.

But they allow personal information of a model posted, they allow all these spam fake shit posted.
basically these guys are starting to show some agenda
>> No. 1099
File 152582549073.jpg - (136.71KB , 1200x1800 , 117211707_anna__01_l.jpg )
If you are that afraid of a little dick you must be fighting urges you don't want to admit. Give it a rest and just scroll on past, it ain't gonna kill you. It would be better on an entirely different thread but hey give the mods a break their job is hard enough as it is. Be grateful for what we got.
>> No. 1103
>>53540 so you never undress even to take a shit to avoid seeing a dick. you need help dude
>> No. 1104
U have really big trouble...
Please make a chan just 4 him! PLS!
Sarcasm off
>> No. 1534
mods should just move all boys to 144chan/boy
>> No. 1562
I have noticed this as well and it come from lolifox I have no idea what is going on but they are showing they have an agenda.
There is to much hate and stupidity and they push that hate and stupidity.

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