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/spam/ ~ How do I contact the site admin
File 152331060291.jpg - (378.29KB , 1944x1296 , 1439461952064-3.jpg )
1219 No. 1219

How do you contact the site admin here? He needs to know these fucking mods aren't trustworthy and aren't following the rules.

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>> No. 1220
Give them your home address and they will come to see you straight away
>> No. 1221
Fuck off don't defend this shit
>> No. 1222
do you REALLY think Admin doesn't know what's going on there? Doesn't know his mods?

Btw, what are you doing around here if you don't like it, silly hypocrite?
>> No. 1223
Because you fucking idiot I just started browsing and I hadn't had a chance to even gauge the place until now.

Judging by the sticky post literally using the word nigger in contrast to the kind of biased and disgusting shit I am seeing getting literally cleared and left up there's a definite contrast, that's why I'm wondering if it's just a rogue mod.
>> No. 1225
File 15233113146.jpg - (409.25KB , 1198x795 , 1455009450174.jpg )
My other thread deleted again!

>> No. 1226
"biased and disgusting shit"

What a moron!

now that you know what's going on here, pack up and leave plz and save us your bloody opinion.
>> No. 1228
You're a fucking idiot. Posts with dicks in them are deleted constantly use your fucking eyes.

But a niggers disgusting ass and cock is left up despite being reported multiple times and is actually cleared as not being a rule violation.

You're actually a fucking braindead mongoloid if you can't see the bias there, and the fact that my posts that are all within rules and use language the admin himself used in the sticky get deleted on this "bastion of free speech".

I don't know how some of you fuckers operate computers.
>> No. 1229
File 152331161698.jpg - (613.80KB , 1333x1942 , 1451378460115.jpg )
Furthermore if you think blacked isn't "disgusting shit" you should probably fuck off and go catch aids you fucking pomfter fag.
>> No. 1230
I always hated intolerant morons - period.

Everyone around knows what happens here except you apparently. So who's the idiot?

You're probably one of the kind of guys who wants to rule the world by themselves but it doesn't work like this.

and btw, your collection of insults is outdated except in your small world. Good riddance.

/end of moron handling.
>> No. 1231
Hilarious how you types use the word intolerant and act like you're some big free speech champions when my posts are repeatedly deleted for criticizing the hypocritical nature of deleting all images with penises in other threads and then leaving that disgusting shit up because it's an ape.

I can already tell you know nothing about niggers by your use of the word bloody and since you clearly haven't had to live next to them you don't have a fucking clue. Take a page out of your all's book and fuck off out of this thread.

Gotta love arrogant posters who likely bear an IQ of 90.
>> No. 1232
>>45355 Dont worry about replying to this black cock lover,she is just a troll who looking for people to give him attention.His family was so poor his momma couldnt afford to pay him any attention. Just leave him to be deleted again.
>> No. 1233
File 152331219935.jpg - (263.78KB , 500x750 , 1447624266008-4.jpg )
If it was just a couple of idiots on the site who were cuckold faggots I wouldn't have an issue but it appears the site moderation is judging by how my posts are treated compared to nigger blacked shit.
>> No. 1234
The thing you fail to understand is that when you come with words like niggers, apes and so on, you're instantly disqualified. No need to wonder why your white supremacist posts are deleted.

Plz get out of here, this place clearly ain't for you.
>> No. 1235
Hey dumbfuck the sticky on the site uses the word niggers.

I know it's hard for your kind to read but try really hard now and go read it. I can screenshot it for you if you need to be spoon-fed nigger.
>> No. 1236
you were told to pack up and leave.
>> No. 1237
Ignoring the truth that was just spoken, you niggers are very good at that after all.
>> No. 1238
File 152331370165.jpg - (33.90KB , 312x449 , Heaven_f5e6ba_328482.jpg )
>> No. 1239
You don't like what's being said here. You don't like what's being posted(?). Leave. Kinda simple, really.
If you're at a party and you don't like the music being played or the type of people that are there... do you stay? Probably not. You leave.
Same thing applies here. No one is forcing you to type in web ID and no one is forcing you to read the comments or anything else.
Everything you do is your CHOICE.

But please don't force your choices on others. If you don't like French Fries... please don't force me to eat carrot sticks because YOU don't like french fries.

Thank you
>> No. 1240
File 152331473744.jpg - (469.86KB , 1200x1751 , 1450746663352.jpg )
>Bastion of free speech

And yet still you ignore the facts I just posted. I almost envy your people's stupidity. Must make life enjoyable.

The point is. Other posts with dicks are deleted all the time, it's apparently against rules. This post was CLEARED AS NON RULE BREAKING, left up and meanwhile all my posts and threads were deleted.

That's alot different so don't be so fucking disingenuous.

You people who just bend over and say "hurr if u don't like it leave" without ever making displeasure or disagreement known or blatant bullshit hypocrisy, are a part of the problem.
>> No. 1241
>> No. 1242
>Someone is saying verifiable facts must be a troll!

Fuck off to Reddit cuck. Have you been living under a rock? I'm definitely not a troll.
>> No. 1248
File 152332473580.jpg - (1.29MB , 1800x1200 , ValensiyaS35_083.jpg )

hey f. , don't place your hopes too high,
believe me, this place is worse than fox/lg/
>> No. 1249
To all crying here about crap, fuck off and go to 'your site' nobody is forcing you to be here and look. Mr nigger hater you have obviously a problem against black people,what did they gangbang your wife or something or worse you got the long end of their dicks.White knights died along with the fabled king arthur so i suggest you cut your losses or your throat and lay your crusade to rest sista girl.
>> No. 1256
File 15233472131.jpg - (9.20KB , 208x200 , trollface_hat.jpg )
Since that stupid Cali Skye thread dropped off page 1 the chan has been overrun with trolls all over the place. I'm glad a new trolling thread is up for guys with excessive time and testosterone to find a relief. I guess we should always sticky one up to keep the rest of threads clean. This thread will be mostly unmoderated so troll on my little dears, troll on.
>> No. 1258
Oh and nice job deleting more of my posts that break no rules you fucking 85 IQ subhuman faggot.
>> No. 1260
File 152336945278.jpg - (84.33KB , 900x900 , my face.jpg )
>>45593 True Troll Mod! He promises to leave it unmoderated but erases all he does not like, lol

many posts have been deleted again...very good mod!
>> No. 1261
this fucking moderators niggers have no
restrain whatsoever
>> No. 1262
Yep I'm out of here. If this nigger fag mod geta what he deserves and gets raped by his pet niggers in prison or the site changes someone let me know if you see me elsewhere.
>> No. 1263
Hilarious these fags advertise "the last bastion of free speech"

Only allowed free speech if you're a nigger lover and a fed.

Nope. I suggest you all leave to. It's clear were not wanted here so fuck them.
>> No. 1264
>I'm out of here.
Yes! Finally!



>> No. 1265
>>45647 This faggot Ff just uploaded a portrait of himself,if not him its the people he worships since he talks about them so much.
>> No. 1267
File 152346318927.png - (294.41KB , 500x1190 , whyl-lost-hillary-rodham-clinton-mods-are-gay-the-.png )


>> No. 1268
>> No. 1276
File 152347432861.gif - (43.77KB , 133x240 , tomoko-spin.gif )
Guyver's off his meds again
>> No. 1277
File 152347447830.jpg - (189.81KB , 500x628 , unrustlement.jpg )
>> No. 1282
palpatine admin:
runs image recognition algorithms
hates Tor, loves captcha, javascript, premium uploads
deletes free links, keeps insecure ones
the circus with “144 was down” but a phoenix rises from its ashes LOL
loves drama about his heroic neverending battle against LEA and FBI
deletes this message
>> No. 1286
Oh shit really?!
>> No. 1512
Is there way to download all images from this site?

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