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File 153734863383.jpg - (240.97KB , 1200x1600 , IMG_0742.jpg )
1553 No. 1553
Where we can chat like omegle before they ban search words like pthc....I try to find other chats but i cant.Please help.
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>> No. 1554
>> No. 1815
It would be good to chat :-)
>> No. 1865
File 154064816260.jpg - (168.14KB , 1024x768 , 0e702e010b0c06e547aa3542c4c3f37e.jpg )
Yes it would be good to be able to chat with other people however the issue comes in with people from LEA watching and even posing as a certain person.
>> No. 1868
Well you can always create burner emails to chat. Then cam with each other waist down stroking your pedo cocks while talking about your mutual interests. This has always been the best way to make sure the person your talking to is real on the other end. Everyone needs a likeminded stroke buddy to talk with!
>> No. 1869
Love to stroke with likeminded buds. Fun times!
>> No. 1872
I don't want to see pedo cocks.

I'm not a gay.
>> No. 1877
LOL, I get what the guy means. I'm not gay either. But love to hang out with a likeminded bud. Plus that verify method is good man. However I bet you don't understand or get that last part.
>> No. 1913
>> No. 1914
>> No. 2313
yo tambien estoy buscando amigos afines

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