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/spam/ ~ child sexual abuse victims are %82 are female in the USA
File 153855837878.jpg - (196.00KB , 1000x1000 , girlie.jpg )
1582 No. 1582
child sexual abuse victims are %82 are female in the USA
%88 are female in Denmark
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>> No. 1583
And, your point?
>> No. 1584
That's because females are made for fucking. Fucking and making babies, that's all they're good for. There's a few exceptions but women are mostly idiots and entirely dependent on men for their survival. They are just fuck toys for men and baby making machines.
>> No. 1585
definitions are important. I don't care about "sexual abuse" I care about harm. Touching a little girls ass even if she wants it is "sexual abuse". The percentage has more to do with reporting and definitions rather than actual facts. Boys get nailed I'd say around 1/3rd of the time and girls get 2/3rds. Boys don't whine or bitch about it if they liked it. If girls liked it though they are bullied into believing they were "abused".
>> No. 1586

And now a oficial info for you:

Romania has 23 million citizens.
Based on official information given by the Romanian Ministry of Health, Every year in Romania has done ower 11.000 pregnancy abortion by children under 14 years of age and i bet with you the inoficial abortion number by childeren under 14 yo is much higher. Private anonimes home abortions are not colected in this statistics
Na? How about this ?
>> No. 1587
I would think it is a lot more than that in Thailand there I'd no way of finding out I think.
>> No. 1588
I thought I would put this into the mix ( The lowest Age of Consent in the world is 11, in Nigeria. The age of consent is 12 in the Philippines and Angola)
>> No. 1589

Yes but it is a diference.
Romania is a contry member in the european union an not a .... analphabetic african bananna republic or a child prostitution country like Thailand.
In Romania the problem is the girls refuze to use protections like anti pregnacy pils or condoms.
They say, sex with condom is shitt and they dont wanna poisened his body with chemical pils.
They prefere a abortion.
The romanian TV stations like Pro-TV, Antena-1 and others made alot of interviews with girls in scools in edges between 10 and 14.
From all come thesame ansver (refuzing the using of protections), the most of them has friends ower 25 yo.

I exclude from here the gipsys, this RROMA gipsys what are a paralel society with hindu origins and are not romanians.
By they, a 15 yo girl is to old to made a family, to get maried.
They must get maried in edge between 10 and 13. When they are 18, they have already 8 own childrens ans so.
A wery sick mentalitys.
We have here luck, the HIV infection rate is wery low compared with Thailand and with this babannas republics from Africa.
Here is no sex turism and wen it is, its inoficial and wery low.
>> No. 1590
File 153867069939.jpg - (191.74KB , 615x675 , cleopatra-stratan-te-las-cu-inima-2-1.jpg )
romanian girls are also hot
cleopatra stratan is hot as hell
her song is ''te las cu inima''
>> No. 1591
File 153868273357.jpg - (116.10KB , 810x998 , 0-301295-inna.jpg )

Cleopatra Stratan, "Te las cu inima" means, "I leave you with heart", she is cool but do u know INNA ?
Is a romanian to :-)

>> No. 1592
That's all great but Romania is a fake country, just to let you guys know lol.
Even so called romanian language is another made up language.
>> No. 1593

Info for you:
I am a romanian, i live in Romania and if u dont know history, stay away. The romanian language is a latin language and its a litle based on italian.
The urname of Romania is DACIA (not Dacia cars)
40,000 years ago, Romania has born!

Romania is not a fake country and Transilvania is not born in Hollywood, Transilvania exist real and Vlad Tepes - Dracula was real to (born in 1431 - kiled in 1476 from his stepbrother).
If u wanna visite his funerals come to Snagov Chapel and bring him some flowers. :-)

I wel recomand you to go again to scool and learn history :-) ))) or read alitle here:

>> No. 1595
File 153869237150.jpg - (617.99KB , 1600x1059 , DSC_0141.jpg )

If u wanna know what is the bigest fake contry in the world i tel u. Its U.S.A Colonializatet from the old continent in the year 1600. 200 years before USA was born, our Vlad Tepes - Dracula shitt for the first time on the islamics and implant them in the war with the osmanic imperium like grill chiken :-)

In remember of his grat job against islam u can see this today, year 2018 on the ruins of the fortres Poienari in Transilvania (see pic)
>> No. 1596
Vlad Tepes was the Man that Saved all of Europe from Islam, Muslim Turks and the destruction of all History of the Mystery Schools.

If it wasn't for Big Bad Vlad there would never have been a Renaissance, no Classical Era and so so much more!

Wikipedia is C.I.A. CyOP by Jews, I call it WikiStupidia for the Stupid.
>> No. 1597
If Vlad Tepes well live in the 21 century, the WTC Twin Towers where newer distroyed and we well not have islamic fanatic therrors today, no inocent killed people, no refugees because all of them welbe already implanted like grill chicken !
>> No. 1598
All im hearing is fight the mussies and Romanians are hot. And vampires are cool.

But one thing bothers me, Nobody has mentioned Vlads mustache.
>> No. 1599
>> 88194
You mean Romanian demolition teams could have done the job even cheaper? You should've told poor Larry S. in time. Now what a pain when he'll hear about this when it's too late.

Or are you a believer in official versions, like miners came to Bucarest on their own to beat up protesters, and who dares to blame the government MUST be crazy conspiracy etc etc

But 40.000 years? Funny you admit, you are the last surviving Neanderthals. BTW, Ceaucescu claimed 300.000 years of Romanian history - seems, you're on the way to give up your pride.
>> No. 1600
In Romania newer exist vampires. This is only hollywood shitt an Vlas mustace, was a real mustace and not a Charlie Chaplin fake :-) )))
>> No. 1601
I think i know beter than you wats happening in 1989 and after because i was there and i am there today to!

Cred că ştiu mai bine decît tine ce s-a întîmplat în 1989 şi după deoarece am fost acolo atunci şi sunt acolo şi acum!
>> No. 2172
Because Danish boys love the dick. They don't report it they just say "Gøre det igen". Or more properly in Arabic افعلها مرة أخرى
>> No. 2173
But Rpmainian women are furrier than most male gorillas. And smell a mixture of cabbage rolls and shit. Who can fuck something like that.

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