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/spam/ ~ Judgement
File 152451783412.jpg - (702.84KB , 1280x1728 , 371e907a-45f8-4f19-a23a-a46be2fb63d2.jpg )
1701 No. 1701
I am not supposed to be here, I stumbled upon this place by accident. However since I did, I have been reading through your discussions and studying trying to understand what makes sick fucks like you guys tick. Let’s get something straight, I am not here to just shout about how fucked up you are like everyone else that stumbles upon this site that isn’t like you. I am not here to tell you that you should be “shot in the head”. There would be no point, you’ve already been made aware what the rest of the world thinks of you. Meanwhile you know how to bend the rules enough that the Gov hasn’t cracked down on you. So there would be no point in trying such things. The only possible choice I have from here is to either just leave and move on and focus on finding superior ways to bust fuckers like you and laying down more laws to make it even harder for you to slip through the cracks, etc. However, I DO want to take this rare opportunity to make an addendum. After all the one thing lacking here is that the true Voice of Reason hasn’t been presented to give you a chance to seriously realize why what you are doing is wrong. In this sense you are like the very children that you violate, ignorant and blind. So allow me to at least /try/, after all if you are wrong… you know exactly what you have risked. You know exactly what you have done. The most unfathomable evil imaginable, and thus you should be concerned of this possibility enough to hear me out here today.

First things first, if you weren’t aware. It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that children from infancy up to about age 5, lack the cognitive ability to tell the difference between the external and internal worlds. Children at these ages literally comprehend the world in a way in which they do not recognize the existence of other people, or that there are things “outside of themselves”. This can be proven with a simple exorcise, take a child around these ages and take a block with different colors on each side. Make sure they know colors by name, and place yourself and the child in line with each other sitting on the floor with the block inbetween the both of you. Make it so 1 side is facing you and the opposite side is facing the child. Now ask them what color they see, they will say the color that is on their side. Let’s say that their color is Green, and yours is Red. So the child says “Green”. But here’s the kicker, now ask the child what color /you/ see. They will say… “Green”. Show them your side, which is Red. Now put it back the way it was and ask them again what color do /you/ see? They will say… “Green”. Why? Why does this happen? Because they cannot comprehend that you are another person with your own consciousness seeing through your own eyes. They think, you see what they see. So right off the bat we just excluded this age group from the Age of Consent, because if they lack a distinction between “You VS Me”. Is they think the external world is just a part of themselves. Then they cannot say “no”, because they think whatever you ask of them… is really them asking themselves, and thus it is /their/ motive to ask and that /they/ are the ones that must want themselves to say yes. In other words, you could cut this child’s head off. Their first thought isn’t “I do not consent to this”. Up to the point before the cutting is in process they are completely complacent to it, like how a baby just smiles and giggles at everything happening /until/ they feel pain. As soon as the pain starts the child will cry and express /feeling/ that they don’t want it to happen, but not in the sense that they realize you are doing something bad to them. Remember, they don’t even know /you/ exist. So they think they are doing it to themselves. So it’s more equivalent to when a child sticks hand in fire, in their mind. They want it to stop, but they won’t actually be able to do a whole lot to stop it so they will just sit there and cry as they bleed to death and get decapitated.

This is only further captured in the way that children up to this point, will not refuse to do something no matter what it is as long as you condition them and coerce them. As long as you convince them the reward is bigger than the pain, they will go through with it /every time/. Which clearly cannot be consent, because you are retarded if you don’t realize how many times adults deliberately contradict this. Sex feels good, and when you think about the negatives it doesn’t technically outweigh the positives especially if you reduce the negatives with intelligent planning as much as possible. Yet even still, people can and most times will, refuse to have sex with just /anybody/. It is not just a matter of want, it is realizing that the risks don’t have to outweigh the rewards, for you to not want to risk it anyways. But only an adult consciously recognizes it. That is the whole point to /consciousness/ itself, to be able choose freely regardless of all impulses, instincts, feelings, beliefs, thoughts, etc. If I wanna punch myself in the balls, just for teh lulz, then I can. Very easily so. Despite there being literally NO positive, ONLY negative. So consciousness can go against any grain because it has nothing to do with any of that, it is completely seperate and antithetical to all of that.

So now let’s address ages 5-12, because there is still yet another massively critical cognitive development that this age group has yet to make. Up to now neuroscience and psychology, every last bit of research we humans have done on our own development, particularly in regards to the brain. What we have come to find is that there is 3 primary stages of physiological development that the human brain goes through. The brain literally goes through a complete metamorphasis like how a catipillar turns in a butterfly. The brain literally becomes complete mush, twice at 2 different stages of development. The first is towards the end of the age group we are currently talking about, and is the metamorphasis from a Child’s brain into the brain of a Teenager. The second is the transition from the Teen brain to the Adult brain. This is undeniably proven fact. Now the main difference between these 3 different major periods is that the first one is just a period of sheer malleability. The second one is a period where the brain is literally wired to take “no” as “yes” and vice versa, hence why Teens act so paradoxically/contradictory and “rebellious”. Their brain is literally wired so if you tell them “You Can’t”, then they will respond only by OPPOSING you. The adult period is mostly just a period of independent cognisance where the individual uses their fully developed brain to contribute to the species.

Now the period we are talking about is the first one. The thing about this period is something we all know just from first hand experience, it is undeniably self evident. It is this “impressionism” that children seem to have, this incredible ability to automatically copy whatever information they recieve through their senses. The problem with this period is, that’s all it is. A period of mirroring. The Cognitive Ability that this age group lacks is the ability of INDEPENDENT COGNISANCE. What do I mean, and how can we see this in action? There is this video that went viral in the Atheist community wherein you see a boy that has been raised by his preacher father, to preach like him. The video is about how a bunch of people start asking the boy some very important questions. Namely, when he says a verse, somebody asks him… “Do you know what that means?”… The boy’s answer? Silence. He has no answer. Why? Well it’s rather simple, the father never told him that much. He just dictated the bible verses to him, without explanation, and that is all the boy “knows”.
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>> No. 1702
Now if you are an adult yourself, you should immediately realize the glaring issue with this. When me or you is in this same situation, where we parrot something we heard. We don’t necessarily need the meaning explained to us. When someone tells us something, we understand them. They don’t need to explain what they mean, just saying it, is in our minds… the explanation of what they mean unto itself. If someone says “Die Buttpirate Faggot!”, you automatically know that they mean that they hate and condemn homosexuals, it doesn’t need to be explained. But if a child in this age group says “Die Buttpirate Faggot!”, they do not know what they are even saying. Now remember, the extent to the child’s mirroring is nigh flawless. They can copy everything from tone to body language. They also can copy an explanation of the meaning, if it is in fact told to them.

But the reason why, as I’ve seen people discussing here. Simply “informing” them doesn’t work is. Because ALL a child is copying, is all of the surface stuff. The cognitive ability they lack, is Depth Comprehension. The ability of comprehending the essence and underlying meaning behind something. They could parrot an exclamation of consent, if they are told how to do that. But the problem is, they literally do not even comprehend what they are saying MEANS. This is proven for an undeniable fact when you ask them questions that beget answers outside of the stuff they’ve been explicitly told. If it wasn’t just robotic mirroring with no understanding of meaning, then why CAN’T THEY GENERATE THEIR OWN ANSWERS? If conscious intelligent thought is behind their words, why do they not say stuff they weren’t specifically told beforehand? It only further fits with the fact that consciousness itself is like 1% of the adult brain. Most of the brain comes from unconscious evolution, and even consciousness itself was born from unconscious evolution. It was tacked on top of a 100% animal brain, making it only slightly exemplified from such a thing. So it makes sense that something as powerful and magical as Consciousness, could only exist within the complexity of a fully developed human brain. Aka, the adult brain.

Saying otherwise is like the cosmic equivalent to saying you should be able to run Crysis 1, 2, and 3 all at the same time… on a pocket watch. So now that we have proven that ages 0-12 cannot possibly consent, that it is literally impossible because of fundamental details that ONLY /begin/ developing in the Teen brain and are only fully complete in /adulthood/. What do you have to refute these vastly established facts that have endless mountains of undeniable evidence? Cause last I checked all you fucktards ever seem to have is some fringe science journal on the sexuality of children, which never has anything to do with Consent and Cognitive Ability specifically, just says that children experience lust and masterbate which is neither here nor there because “able to lust and stimulate” does not even remotely have anything to do with cognitive capacity. You already had it explained that children can mimick basically any action. You could teach them how to drive a car. Doesn’t mean they consciously choose to do it? Are you seriously that goddamn stupid?

If I punch a baby in the face, doing so hard enough to be a serious punch but not enough to kill them… it would take multiple instances of me punching them before they start even feeling negative about me. If I do it ONLY once, they probably will go on to act like nothing happened after they cry. Having no issue with me at all. So I guess that means it’s okay to sock babies in the face then, because they /automatically/ don’t mind? Better yet, what if I cut their head off fast enough before they even feel pain long enough to react? The baby at no point comprehends that it didn’t want it to happen. At no point in it’s cognitive processes, would it have essentially reflected back and thought “I didn’t want to die”. So does that mean Baby Murder is perfectly okay since they /automatically are fine with getting decapitated/? Herp fucking derp.

I can go through the teen years as well, but I think I’ve well and proved my point already. Look, it’s obvious what is really going on here. Pedophillia is literally THE strongest addiction in the entire world. If meth addicts would do ANYTHING for meth, if that’s how much of a slave to it they are. Then it makes perfect sense why you try to come up with at least some pathetic attempts at rationalizations like you do. You are slaves to it, and you do not know how to overcome it’s enthrallment so you find it much easier to write it off as “impossible” and bend your world view to conform to your demented behavior. You are the biggest slaves to Satan there is, so of course you would justify his cause before anyone else. You tell yourselves all this horrendous bullshit, and circle jerk the shit out of each other because you have to deal with the voice of reason and morality inside yourself. The Voice of God.

But now you’ve heard it clear as day, in the form of your God in human flesh telling you how and why it is wrong. So with that, the only thing left to do is leave you with a guideline for how to escape this place for good… and beyond that if you refuse, you will enjoy a special place in hell and you know it.

So here’s what you can do: In behavioral psychology the only thing they really talk about is positive affirmation in resistance and such, interventions, awareness of triggers, etc. An addendum I will add is something that modern psychology is too afraid to consider because it would be considered “inhuman”. But self punishment/negative reinforcement. You can deliberately make it so the experience of trying to masterbate to child pornography is /painful/ and unpleasant. Things like hitting yourself during and/or after, or triggering your gag reflex by sticking your finger into your throat. Just enough to feel like you are gonna throw up, but not actually throw up. Tell yourself when you AREN’T acting up, over and over. Write it down over and over as an exorcise that it is wrong and you know it is wrong. Say over and over that you refuse. Say over and over that it is horribly attrocious.You can also engage in prefontal cortex self control exorcises. A good one is flexing all of your muscles, whether individually, or all at the same time. Flexing and then releasing, over and over, and even trying to hold a flex for a as long as possible. This will build up the ability for you to control your own body at all times.

Put all of this together, everything you can find in behavioral psychology books on top of what I told you here. Remember that none of it is insant, ALL of it is a battle of persistence over time. It /WILL/ work, and trust me, when you have such a level of power and capability… you will know TRUE beauty. Not this absurd nonsense you keep going on about that glorifies a form of lust like it’s “SOOOOO GREEEEAAAAT”. I mean sexuality itself is pretty goddamn meaningless and worthless, but then you are literally worshipping the most evil manifestation of it. Even worse than raping an adult, so wake up and smell the goddamn coffee. Go outside, find a real reason worth living.

It truly is madness. You are at the point where you seriously believe it will become legalized. Absolute proof of your insanity. The most developed countries have the highest ages of consent because of modern knowledge. It is the less advanced places that still think differently. We are only moving TOWARDS the comprehension that only adults can consent, we are only finding better and better ways to bust you demons, and eventually we will have a cure for pedophilia once Neuroscience gets advanced enough and it WILL be mandatory LMAO.

Get your shit together, I will not be here to see your response. I only wish the best for my fellow man, peace peace and… find the Light. For there is NOTHING more beautiful than it, especially not something as lowly as… this place.
>> No. 1703
stumbled on this place by accident. spent a lot of time reading the discussions. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. judegment = pedo of the highest order. I lol'd
>> No. 1704
File 152451926426.jpg - (332.18KB , 1133x647 , 1356398673819.jpg )
this is a loli thread now
>> No. 1705
File 15245193359.png - (1.11MB , 1024x836 , 1379379082639.png )
>> No. 1706
File 152451940311.png - (709.76KB , 726x1024 , 1379189409829.png )
>> No. 1707
File 152452831815.jpg - (3.87MB , 2550x3300 , IMG_20170823_0002.jpg )
>> No. 1709
Someday in the future, children will be NO MORE.

And with that, the great trouble of "consent" and other ones that annoy LEA and TPTB (they enjoy raping and eating alive children!) will disappear.

As an old Spanish proverb says: "Muerto el perro se acabó la rabia"(when the dog dies, so the rabies).
>> No. 1710
They wrote this so if they get caught they can say "look LEA, I didn't come here on purpose to fap all over my computer, I am above reproach because I told all these people how bad they are." Meanwhile fapping to all our "conversations."
>> No. 1711
Of course. You don’t “stumble” on this place or any other like it. He spent a lot of time trying to find it
>> No. 1712
Do you know what you are?
You are who you is
You is who you am
A cow can't make ham...
A foolish young man
From a middle class family
Started pickin on pedos
Cause he thought it was manly
Stopped collecting Masha
And Gracel, too
Had so many of Dasha
Didn't what to do
Stopped fapping to toddlers
Started dating old whores
Finally said to himself
Man I aint a pedo no more

Do you know you are
You are what you is....
>> No. 1713
He only wasted his own time typing that out.
Who'd bother reading that when there are girls to look at XD
>> No. 1714
Is StumbleUpon still a thing, even?
>> No. 1715
OP, it's now only a matter of time. This is like a disease, it spreads and once you have it, it's terminal. Once you see a lil girl look at you like a fox... You'll never be able to shake it. Best disease I've ever had!
>> No. 1716
“Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will.” – Jared Fogle
>> No. 1717
So true. Sometimes I wish I had never stumbled upon a picture of Oceane Dreams but I did and I fear I will never go back.

It's been several years of bliss, shame, paranoia and lust. But I don't see anything changing for me.
>> No. 1718
"I stumbled upon this place by accident. However since I did, I have been reading through your discussions and studying" LMAO ,Yeah i bet!he saw that HEBE Booty had to look around
>> No. 1719
Even thou i often find myself heading over to 155 & 180 chan, for the pictures, it is rare that i find a discussion that i agree with. I am honest enough with myself to be able to admit that even thou the pictures excite me, the knowledge that: there is a God & that I am answerable to Him scare's the crap out of me.
You may or may not agree that there is a God, or you may state that the Christian God does not exist, that is up to you. I personally have lost family and spent time incarcerated for this worthless habit. On one hand it is enjoyable at a base level, on the other; there is a cost for being caught with this material. I know as I have been one of the unlucky one's who didn't just loose a 20 year collection, I also lost my business, respect of friends and also lost 17 years of my life. I may now be a free man, but that is only by God's grace.
This habit is a worthless habit, and to turn a blind eye to the costs of it is foolishness to the highest magnitude. Maybe some of you will only understand that fact, when you are standing in the dock and your leg’s are shaking so badly from the realization that the Judge in a court of law is about to send you to the protection unit within a major prison for a number of years. The fear that you experience at that moment is very real. You can sit in your study, lounge room or wherever and joke about it, but you won’t understand what I am talking about until it is happening to you.
One day we will all be held accountable. Be that before man, or before God. Just hope that it is before a man, because God clearly states what is going to happen to us, if we come before Him.
>> No. 1720
God isn't a dude. God never wrote anything for us. SJW fags did the writing. God created very young ass sexually attractive instead of making young ass ugly until it turned 18 or whatever fucking age SJW/zero population sociopaths declare is the appropriate age to sexually consent.
>> No. 1723

i agree with this guy...

i mean the reason 90% of the responses to this guy is either complete silence or those of us really just... gone... that the only thing they have to say is either mockery or "OP is a pedo too" which has nothin to do with whether he is right or not. but we all know at least that it is crazy to think the rest of the world will ever be "on our side". the whole point is that in order to live in this lifestyle you have to master living in the shadows, and even the best at it tend to get caught... im just here knowing im too weak to fight it, and despite knowing how badly i wouldnt want to go to prison for years or even a place like hell i cant see a way out and am too depressed and suicidal to fight it
>> No. 1724
I wasan't going to bother replying to OP as he said he wouldn't be around to see the replies, but wanted to show some appreciation for what he posted as I 100% agree with it but dang, to know how far you've fallen and yet you still still come here, I'm not saying anything about you, but rather seems that your post and story just goes to show how hard it is to escape this once you're in..thanks for posting

And yeah, while we all have a different perspective on things, I cannot comprehend the mockery by others of OP on here, seems utterly delusional, seems like people who are [far too far] gone..like you say

get a grip
>> No. 1725
Sexual shaming is at the core of all mind control establishments because sexuality is how we got here.
>> No. 1726
give me the "cure" that doesn't harm me, and i gladly take your point of view. until then, you're just rambling. you don't choose your sexual orientation. so, what do you prefer? should we go around and start raping everyone we think is sexy, or should we be able to watch porn some sick asshole already made independent of us watching it or not? most of us have struggled all our lives with our sexual orientation, some have tried suicide. we never chose to be like this. and your nonsense about consent above the arbitrary age of 12... fuck off, you know it's made up. you jerked off at that age, too, imagining sex with adults or other kids. sex is fun, and if the downsides were that a great problem to consider, why are there people who sleep with prostitutes?
what people like you did was criminalize even drawings of the only kind of people we are sexually interested in.
you made every sexual thought a thought crime, and now you complain to us that we still exist. what are we supposed to do in your opinion? give us a fucking alternative, or your opinion can never mean anything to us. and no, marrying a woman and being straight isn't an alternative. if we could simply choose that, gays could do that, too, and would have done so in the past when they were discriminated against exactly like we are today.
>> No. 1727
File 152478990641.jpg - (425.76KB , 1594x896 , Screenshot_43.jpg )
Humans never meant to survive for ever. Our social problems will soon turn out to be the cause for our extinction. This site and these people that are here are the product of our society. Internet is the tool that will terminate us, its slowly killing us day by day. I am sure 99% of the people saying pedophilia is ok are not really believing it. My hope for our species is that someone poisons every single human being except the most intelligent and the most superior ones so that they can renaissance humanity with better: VALUES, LOGICAL THINKING, etc. etc.
>> No. 1728
Personally I give OP props cause this is probably the best we could get from someone like that. Really his main message overall is just to not be so high and mighty about it. He literally calls it the hardest thing to quit when he says "it's the most addictive thing".

As this guy said, if this supposed magical cure comes. We'd take it any day of the week. Just goes to show where everybody else's focus should be if they think this stuff is really as bad as they act.
>> No. 1729
the irony in this is, i assume, in a hypothetical life and death scenario, the procurement of children for breeding purposes would be a massive benefit to any surviving tribes
>> No. 1730
you lie. you say you try to understand then use the term 'sick fucks' - this means you are not even trying to understand. you already closed your mind.
>> No. 1731
The OP is talking a lot of bullshit in disguise of a wannabe scientist. He is a religous madman. His wannabe science is easily falsified by experience (both life experience with others and own memories of childhood). Their might be some truth in it, but only in a rudimental, simplyfied way.

And to the "pedos" here: Why do you always use "we" and try to talk for other "fellow pedos"? We are not all the same, we are different individuals and I refuse to be represented by you and I refuse that you speak for me or for all.

I don't know if you can compare pedophilia with homosexuality - but if you say so and say you don't have a choice than I accept and let you be - as long as you don't harm people (and sex to children can mean harming them, as it can mean harming grown ups - but admittedly more likely children.)

Anyway, what I would fight against in society is the hipocrisy and hyteria about young sex. As I think it is quite normal for men to be attracted to girls in/after puberty as well as to attractive women. Youth in itself is attractive. And that's natural. So there is nothing wrong about it and the hysteria and this "underage" border of 18 years is just completely stupid and self-destructive.
>> No. 1732
OP can't be a religous man. Mother Marry was 12 when she left the temple (meaning she was ready for marriage) and got pregnant before age of 15.

In true Christian society, girls by the age of 12 are considered adult. Age of reason starts around 8 too. I suggest people to research before talking about religion.
>> No. 1733
Yeah....I "stumbled" upon this site too, you fucking douchebag.
>> No. 1734
'I suggest people to research before talking about religion.'

I don't need research to realize that illogosinflesh is a brainwashed disturbed relgious bigot. Just read his blubber about the devil and the voice of god and so on. And all his 'proof beyond a shadow of a doubt' is nothing more than a self-affirmative mantra.

Also, he is so clearly sex-negative - I guess it's from his suppressed, religion-driven paria childhood. He must have some issues.

I don't say that pedophilia will be allowed and that men will just be able to rape children in the sandbox while the neighbors are watching (which seems to be his view on 'people like us') but I do have some hope that people - if they become reasonable and just - will find a more relaxed way to deal with 'underage' sexuality and attraction to 'underagers'.

It will not only be a good step for 'legal adults' but also for the freedom of 'underagers' who ARE in fact able to consent or disagree (I'm not talking of 5y olds here, stupid).
>> No. 1735
damn nigga, do you really expect me to read all that?
>> No. 1736
Thing is, if he's telling the truth about stumbling here we won't see this responses because he's not coming back. If he's lying and he's closeted, we still won't see him respond to this responses. The only way he'll respond is if he's a hypocrite or using a new alias.
>> No. 1738
I agree with the OP. You guys are sick fucks. The human brain isn't even fully developed until age 25.

But you know what? I don't think any of you will change with reason alone. You need education, therapy, to be treated with the same lack of regard that pedos treat children. Perhaps you'll then see how terrible it is what you are doing. And if not? Then maybe death is the only solution.

Anyone who agrees with me can reach me at jaiijasig8hd@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion It is Tor only so use a tor email service to contact me.

Anyone who doesn't agree and thinks I'll care if you send me trolling emails, feel free to waste your time.
>> No. 1739
>Obvious samefagging OP is obvious
>> No. 1740
'The human brain isn't even fully developed until age 25'

Yeah, maybe yours will never develop.

But more honestly, I think yours was 'trained' (washed) so hard that your eyes cannot deliver truth to the brain because it's blocked
>> No. 1741
File 152596017940.jpg - (104.92KB , 612x612 , 345.jpg )
OP is larping/trolling or just extremely retarded. In any case, here's one photo enough to dismantle his entire argument.
Pic related, how our ancestors lived since ever and an example of the most ideal male-female relationship achievable to any human being in this world.
>> No. 1742
File 152596502965.jpg - (32.49KB , 800x600 , 100_4481.jpg )
>> No. 1744
lol what the hell is going on in this thread
>> No. 1745
Hey, LogosInFlesh, you are a complete moron! You spout a bunch of bullshit as if it were gospel and expect us to be sheeple willing to buy into your nonsense. Well, we ain't! I actually remember events from before the age of 5 and I KNOW I was fully cognizant of the "outside world" and able to see things from an external point of view.

"Age of Consent" laws simply encode arbitrary bullshit into law. 200 years ago girls were marrying at 12, boys were men at 14, and no one questioned it. I know 40 year olds now who aren't mature enough to engage in sexual relationships. I know people who were fine starting theirs at age 10. The only real difference between a 12 year old today & one 200 years ago is today's is far too coddled. They won't mature, mentally & emotionally, when society gives them no need to. That, however, is NOT a function of biology but, rather, one of environment. Remember, boobs 'n' pubes are Mother Nature's way of hanging an "Open For Business" sign on the human reproductive system. If the brain was unable to handle it until years later, well, either sexual maturity would hold off for those same years ore we as a species would've died out shortly after we evolved from our progenitors.

I would have to think, as well, that if our brains were unable to handle sex until a certain age we would be unable to enjoy masturbation - which can start as early as late infancy. I started jackin' off about the same time as I started school. I "played doctor" the first time not long after. When I was 10 I'd definitely have loved to get into the pants of the neighbor lady a few doors down. I was READY! And, you know, I never suffered one iota of harm from those feelings, desires, or experiences. In fact, I'd have to say my brain was MORE ready than my body, as is likely the case with the majority of people in unrepressed societies.

We don't need assholes like you trying to repress us now. You inhibited morons can keep your bullshit and your pseudoscience to yourselves and live out your repressed li'l lives alongside the OTHER major impediment to a free & happy society: the "Religious Right" 'thumpers.
>> No. 1746

It's well known that English Nannies performed oral sex on male and female preteens in the evening to make them cum and go to sleep. Don't believe me you can use Google.
>> No. 1747
Sorry, my friend. If you're born with a human vagina on planet earth, chances are very, very, very good that a man will put his penis in it. Pretty little girls of ALL ages are in the equation. That's life on earth.
>> No. 1748
Fun fact, the bible never once condemned pedophilia.
>> No. 1750
Actually i know what OP is referring to there cause ive seen a documentary that mentioned it. The funny thing is it was mentioned that when you tell people about it and even show them video evidence of them being that way when they were younger they will flat out go into denial and contrive false memories of having been fully cognizant when they were younger. Which again considering you have an addiction its likely that your doing exactly that to justify it? Its no different than the kinds of mental gymnastics that meth users pull out.

Okay but the bible was also written by ancient sand people. Even if its the word of god, its the word of god filtered through the comprehension limits of ancient sand people.
>> No. 1751
Gods either don't care or don't exist. a
Appealing to a deity as a justification for the condemnation of anything is irrelevant. Jesus said whatever you ask in my name it shall be done. Put this to the test and confirm to yourself that the christian god isn't real.

As far as our morality, we develop this from our society, and empathy. Life is preferable to death, pleasure is preferable to pain. Respect is preferable to disrespect. A wise man long before Jesus came up with the adage of treat others as you would want to be treated. That concept alone is what determines our morals. No gods or holy books needed. Just millions of years of human experience.

Regarding children, adults should use this morality and logic to base their actions upon. If you were 5 years old would you want a man to ram his dick in your ass without regard to how it may feel to you? probably not. Use common sense and empathy. Would you want sex play to be painful or pleasurable? Do you care about the childs well being? Mentally putting ourselves in the place of others is a human characteristic that guides our actions.

I am surely a pedo. I am indeed sexually attracted to children. But I also love children as well. To force a child to comply with my sexual will isn't in me. To coerce a child to comply is also wrong. I am in control of myself and my actions at all times. I would never harm a child for any reason and no simple reward of temporary gratification could make me disregard that. If I have sexual relations with a child my personal morals tell me that it must be consensual and pleasurable for them as well. For me these things should be self evident but I know there are fucked up pedos out there. Ones who I would gladly crucify if I could because their actions completely ruin it for all of us. I'd like to think that these are few and far between tho and that the majority of us are kind, empathetic, and reasonable people.

I don't need gods or self righteous religious nutjobs to direct me on what i can and can't do. I make my own decisions based on logic and reason and I accept the consequence for them whatever they may be.
>> No. 1752
TLDR It was almost certainly something poorly thought out and derived from the hate fueled bias of a majority group devoid of any original thought anyhow. At least you managed to trigger someone. Thats always fun.
>> No. 1753
the weird thing about talking about "respecting the consent of children" in a context where you also incorporate having sex with them "consensually". is that a child literally /never/ goes out of their own way to have sex, little alone with an adult.

the reason adults can say they consent to sex, is when the act happens you know that it ultimately led there because both people mutually sought it out. even if women are much more subtle about it, if a chick invites you to her place for netflix and chill... theres no way thats not at least some kind of baiting for sex and we know this so well that its a cultural fad to make a joke about it.

children may sometimes, because they see something on the internet or hear about it from someone at school that heard about it from the internet, get curious and play with each other. thats still nowhere near the same thing. they are acting out of a curiousity of something they were taught externally by another person.

the thing about sex is it is a /natural/ process that even completely unthinking animals do. so you know its natural specifically when, you will have sex regardless of whether anyone taught you about it. thing is if you trap 2 adults with the appropriate sexual attractions for the situation(hetero if they are opposite sexed, homo if they are same sexed, or bisexual in either case) who have never been taught what sex is by anyone or anything. they will still manage to mate and have sex anyways. because they have natural instincts that will automatically lead to them doing it. its ingrained by millions of years of genetic memory.

but you will NEVER see this happen with children. so when you talk about respecting their feelings. the problem is you are already disrespecting their feelings when you bring your own perverted feelings into a situation where that isnt what the other person was feeling in the first place on their own.

its no different than if you were to bring perverted sexual feelings, into an atmosphere with another adult, where that other adult only feels /purely platonic/ feelings towards you. it makes you a "creeper" in the eyes of the other person.

It is rapes lesser cousin, to try and manipulate someone into feeling sexual feelings that they dont already have. This would only be especially more so true for children as they naturally do not get sexually attracted to other people. they /only/ masturbate or molest each other when they have been taught and are either coerced or left on their own to explore their /curiousity/ which isnt a sexual thing but just pure curiosity.

in other words... /coercion/ starts the moment you have to go out of /your/ way to convince someone to do something. that they didnt have any incentive on their own in the first place. Coercion just means "to convince" or "to sway".

that is why there is all this talk lately about what exactly defines rape and basically we are analyzing and scrutinizing previous traditions and cultural behaviors. yeah its a bit crazy to just slap someone as a rapist for "seducing" someone. however i think the real issue is simply the lack of acknowledgement of nuance. that something doesnt have to be the worst possible evil to still be wrong.

assault isnt murder but it is most definitely the same underlying spectrum of crime with murder just being the extreme end of violent crime. its still wrong. especially when we are talking about something as sacred as children. and morever that we are basically just disregarding the damage that has been proven to be caused by basically conditioning a human to do things earlier than they are supposed to happen.

marijuana does exactly that and yet it increases the likelyhood of psychosis and THC isnt anywhere near as powerful as a chemical as those involved with sex and orgasms.

at the very least you have an extremely high likelyhood to create a physiological predisposition to sex addiction and hyperlibido. hence all the cases of child sex abuse victims that go on to be incredibly sexually promiscuous.
>> No. 1754

that literally doesnt prove anything. it doesnt prove she didnt have mental disorders. it doesnt prove that she was consensual and that he didnt essentially just hijack any and all freewill by conditioning her early on accept the life he made her live and essentially programmed her like a robot to believe she is happy.

this is where comparisons to religion come in. most muslim women will tell you that they are perfectly happy being muslim. even in places where they would get tortured and killed for disobeying sharia law and for disobeying their husband. even in more liberal places, all muslim women mindlessly accept wearing a Burka. despite the fact that all it is is fascist brainwashing to have a unified "uniform" that programs further attachment to the system.

same thing with patriotism. what you are pining for is nothing more than dystopia where fully conscious and freely willed human beings do things because they are programmed to like mindless robots. consent comes from a position of independence and freedom wherin you go out of your way to choose to do whatever without anyone convincing you to do so.
>> No. 1756
>The most developed countries have the highest ages of consent because of modern knowledge.
lol no

>> No. 1757
>there is a cost for being caught with this material
That's why you simply encrypt it and sleep like a baby, kiddo ;^)
>> No. 1759
>"You all are so wrong for liking little girls"
>"I'll finish judging you after fapping to Cat Goddess like the rest of you"

>> No. 1760
I call bullshit on >>64056

You obviously do not remember being a child, or have been around children at any time in your life. Kids play at sex, this is an indisputable fact. INFANTS will masturbate when given the chance, toddlers will play "doctor," and pubescent children will fuck each other. A former roommate's child, who has never been molested, used to sit in the living room and whack off at 8. They can't help it, it feels good. I did the same thing in the bath. What is wrong is when adults take it past a game.

Furthermore, this ban on child sexuality is very recent, as in the last few decades, but people pretend it is something that is always been reviled. It isn't, hell the age of consent in America was TEN up until the 1850s, and SEVEN in Delaware until 1972. Delaware also ignored prostitution until that time.

A positive experience is a positive experience, no matter the age. A girl and a man can have a positive experience as long as the man does not push her boundaries. Sometimes she won't want to play, or may want to stop playing before the man gets off, even if the act has gone to completion before. You have to respect that and stop even if you are "almost there." Scaring her is a no go, and will land you in trouble.
>> No. 1761
No other species on the face of the planet, mates with their young. No other primate species, not even our closest relative the Chimpanzee, mates with their young. Over 1500 species in the wild exhibit homosexual behaviors. But not what we call "Pedophilia".

It literally contradicts what we see in nature, to say that it is natural.
>> No. 1762

I call bullshit on you. You have no actual memories from when you were a child, you at best remember the sense of eyesight, what you heard, etc. But you cannot possibly remember what you thought. You are projecting your adult experience, because of a complete and utter lack of comprehension.

The human brain is more than proven to do exactly that, whenever it deals with it's own hard limitations. It's the reason for the plethora of "illusions", be they optical or auditory, etc.

The brain always fills in gaps with fake information if it has to.
>> No. 1763
Hell, we hardly even remember what we thought and felt 90% of our adulthood. Consciousness isn't a memory thing, by design we can only remember to a tiny extent by remembering /by extension/ through our sensory experience.

Do you remember what it was like to be you, precisely exactly what the conscious experience meant and was like, yesterday? I EXTREMELY doubt it.

Yet you're how old? Probably 30s or above. Yet you wanna say you remember what consciousness was like tens of years ago, when your brain was 1/3rd the size it is now. Just god, you are so fucking stupid.
>> No. 1764
You obviously never had pets, I've seen dogs mate with their children when the child was a year old. I remember my step father penning the his dachshund up because he didn't want it mated until it was 2.

Orly? Maybe you just wanted to forget. I have vivid memories going all the way back to three. The brain is holographic, which means that all the information is still there. A hologram contains all the information for the hologram no matter how large or small it happens to be. I remember the despair I felt when my stepfather and half siblings tormented me, the defiance I felt when I was dragged to the lunchroom forcibly because I didn't want to be around the children when I was 8. I also remember how proud I was to have beaten dragon warrior when I was 6, sitting in front of the television at my grandmother's house, how much I wanted Castlevania 2 and how I scrounged every piece of change in the house for years to afford it. I remember the joy I felt when I convinced my 16 year old babysitter to get naked and teach me how to make out when I was 9. I remember my first orgasm, at 10, while looking at the hustlers my babysitter's (a different one) 12 yr old son earned by mowing lawns. I remember the first time I cried due to rejection at 12. I remember the rage I felt at the hypocrisy of everyone at my catholic school. I remember having sexual feelings back as far as 6, and wishing I had someone older to teach me what to do. Have I lost a lot of the day to day shit, sure, nobody remembers that. But the bigger stuff, the stuff that was important to me, and how I felt about it, I remember quite clearly.

If you can't remember how you felt yesterday, I feel bad for you. If you can't remember what you felt or thought yesterday, how can you continue to learn and grow as an individual? I think that's part of the issue with society as a whole. No one learns from their mistakes, instead they forget about them. This is why they continue to slave for green pieces of paper, instead of going after what they truly desire. It's why they are locked down by false morals, instead of realizing that selfish desire is what nature wants you to pursue. You have these urges for a reason, not to deny them, but to fulfill them. As long as no force is used to obtain it, everything goes in reality. If you can induce a child to suck your dick, then so be it. However if you use force to keep her there, then nature will punish you. If you are induced, in return, to produce and share what is a private thing between a man and a child, you deserve what happens to you.

I have responded, and rebutted, and now I cease to care. You all can continue to hate yourselves, but I am at peace with myself. I embrace what I am, finally after years of coming to terms with it. It feels right and natural to me, and my perspective is the only one that matters, just as your perspective only matters to you. Call me stupid if you wish, it doesn't concern me, I have been called worse. I just wonder why you are on here, a site dedicated to the controlled release of child pornography, just to argue that pedophilia is wrong. You aren't going to convince anyone here that their desires are unnatural or wrong.
>> No. 1765
is because a child hasn't had enough time to experience life and understand the consequences of sex. Emotionally, they aren't equipped to handle lost love. Physically they aren't fully developed to handle their holes getting penetrated. And yes, as another poster here said, it's true that their brains are not developed until about age 25. (https://mentalhealthdaily.com/2015/02/18/at-what-age-is-the-brain-fully-developed/ and http://hrweb.mit.edu/worklife/youngadult/brain.html for anyone doubting this)

I met someone once who couldn't have children because her uterus was permanently damaged from being passed around by her father and neighbors when she was under 10 years old. People who have been raped as a child tend to have permanent emotional and physical damage that affects them for the rest of their lives. They maybe can't have kids or they are turned off by sex or even have flashbacks and nightmares.

Another problem is that this whole argument of "i'm just looking at a picture" falls flat when you consider what went into creating that picture. In the hardcore photos people have posted here, the kids are getting told they HAVE to do it or they will be punished. Does anyone remember the fear that would instill in you when an adult threatened to punish you?

Even the glamour shots are a problem -- we don't know how the kid ended up in front of the camera. Maybe they were sold, maybe they were threatened. Either way, they were manipulated into doing it. You can argue, "well maybe they were having fun, maybe it was their idea" etc, but we have documented evidence and history to prove that the majority of the time these kids are not having fun, they're just being told to smile.

Knowing all of this, the question those of us with a moral conscience are left with is:

Why would you want to inflict this on another person?

If you LIKE to hurt people, then I can understand, but then maybe you need to be murdered so that your genes are snuffed out of the human race. But for the rest of you, I wonder if you realize just how much the images you are looking at were created for the sole purpose of benefiting someone other than the child, and in the end there is no moral way to classify these images as anything other than abuse.
>> No. 1766
Morals are a program given to you in order to control your actions. To keep you from seeking selfish desire (there's an esoteric reason why that is acceptable)and to fill you with guilt. That being said, men are, often, unwilling to accept responsibility for taking virginity. Half of Laura's crabbiness stems from the fact that Gary was unwilling to show love.

Girls are not prostitutes, if you are unwilling to care for a girl for the rest of your life, don't open them up.

The program that dictates that you aren't fully matured until you are 25 is just that, a program. It is designed to keep adults as irresponsible children for as long as possible, and give them an excuse to be so. The Elite (not the Jews, all the Elite are Alchemists) WANT you to be a child, because it makes them more powerful when they assume the role of mother or father in the eyes of the masses.

As long as no force is used, only induction (convincing, coercion), then all is right in the eyes of nature. But since no one understands the principles of dielectric-magnetism, you won't believe a word of what I am saying.
>> No. 1767
First let's address the issue of you 'stumbling' onto this site. You did not. Before you clicked this link you were fully aware of what was here. No one 'stumbles' onto this site, or any like it.

Now about your ignorance. Firstly, you provided no evidence or sources to prove your claims. How do you possibly think anyone on this site is going to believe a word you say, espescially without any proof? Secondly, I find it intersting that you are a religous man that believes in science. Even further it seems that your arguement is not structured on the science that you noted, but rather your religion. I am in no position to condemn religion; however, I and many others tend to think that basing an arguement that applies to everyone off of ideologies of a specific group of people is simply idiotic. Thirdly, how the hell do you think everything that anyone under the age of 18 does is pure mimic. Yes, many things young people do are mimiced from their role models, but saying they have no creativity nor individuality is obserd.

inb4 'give me facts to prove me wrong.' You are telling the people here that they are wrong, so you must first give us facts.

Sorry if I made any gramatical or speling errors. I had to type this rather quickly and I did not have enough time to spell check. Also, sorry if I have addessed any points that you have already elaborated in the thread, as again; I did not have time to read. I just felt to need to make these points now, incase they have not already been made.
>> No. 1768
Although you do not know me, you have made many accusations against me and people like me. I have never touched a child "inappropriately", and I am not here to sit in judgment of anyone who has. I look at pics and vids.

Now I challenge you--demonstrate who I have harmed, or who's rights I have violated, by looking at pics and vids. I'd be absolutely willing to bet everything I own that 99% of the people here are exactly like I am, we enjoy the pics and vids.

You can rant and rail against those who produce this type of material. You can excoriate those who disseminate it. Any rational argument against those two particular activities flounders under the weight of subjective morality application and defaulting to basic beliefs (not facts) about sexuality.

But I'm waiting for a logical, rational dissertation against the mere viewing of this type of material, which is what just about everyone here does. If you cannot demonstrate a victim being caused, if you cannot produce evidence of a right being violated, perhaps you would be more efficaciously advised to reconsider the processes by which you come to conclusions.
>> No. 1769

For the record, I am not the OP and I don't believe in God.

To you points --

The mere viewing of this material is perpetuating the production of it, for starters. Consider the fact that most of it was produced by request of some kind. When the producers see that there is a demand for it, they produce more, hence more manipulation of an underdeveloped brain and threats of punishment, many times threats of violence. On top of that, just by principle alone, you are perpetuating the abusing of the child in the photo by seeking it out and praising it. If that isn't enough for you to stop viewing them, then you are sick.

I'm willing to admit that there is room for the discussion of pedophilia, perhaps by way of loving parents wanting to teach their children about sex in a safe environment. The problem is that it's too risky for the child's psychology and emotional development, and it changes the relationship between parent and child permanently, and this is why it's illegal and considered morally wrong.

For some unknown reason, people here don't seem to believe in neuroscience. Well, if any of you do, talk to a neuroscientist and they will explain how there is literally something underdeveloped in a pedophile's brain, a part of the brain that stops adults from sexualizing children was never fully formed. You don't need sources from me, you can simply do the research and talk to neuroscientists yourselves. It's a fact.

For some reason it's extremely difficult for pedophiles to understand that a child cannot give consent.. or they simply don't care. You're a more honest person if you just admit that you don't care instead of trying to rationalize your pedophilia.


>> No. 1770
I don't pay any money for the pics or videos. I just download it for free and jerk off (like I do with adult porn). I really can't see the problem. If you pay for those things you support the creator. That's a bad thing imho...
>> No. 1771
Science isn't "politically mandated", you dolt. Science deals with facts and results from experiments that can be reproduced. That's what science is. There's no way to promote an agenda with fake science since it can be disproven fast.

I bet you also think the world is flat..


>> No. 1772
Admin -

Science doesn't change with public perception of sexuality, laws change.

You seem to be so twisted in the head that you actually believe that some day in the future it'll be ok to fuck a kid. You obviously think that because you have a website that gets traffic that it somehow means the pedos are winning. You live by false logic like this, which is why you will end up in jail. You can't rationalize your way out of this, you know. You've already committed this crime and there are more people against you than with you.

66564 -

Paying for the photos or not is irrelevant. You perpetuate the abuse by seeking the photos out.




>> No. 1773
File 15296046223.jpg - (66.09KB , 355x199 , politicized.jpg )
Science has got nothing to do with judging homosexuality or pedophilia. Neither a scientist from 1950 or 2018 would claim the brain of homosexuals or pedophiles matches the typical straight brain. It's all about interpreting the results though.

Back then because homosexuality was denounced, that brain mutation was interpreted as a disorder while today it's interpreted as a preference. Pedophilia was treated as a preference since at least biblical times but it's currently interpreted as a disorder. Both interpretations are totally subjective.

Science job is observation not interpretation or judgment. The church or government or media interprets observation and pass judgments that match their goals, or simply go along the beliefs of the majority to win votes or viewers or donations.
>> No. 1775

the only idiot here is the one with priviledges to ban peeps,you of course;)
politicians evolve out of idiots just like the kind mentioned
the ones creating and get laws adapted too
that's why as even science got those same kind of idiots adapting their projects to achieve their ways of viewing the world

just think of what money in the right pocket can do......
i've been around as long as triforce existed even when a 4th site were active
may seem i dislike triforce nope i'm not just quite amusing watching the changes to a by far more opposite kind of content
live on live well triforce it's letting time pass faster until more is added for me being here:)
>> No. 1776
Pets are animals in captivity. You can't use animals in "unnatural" circumstances as examples of what nature does. Nature itself most definitely can and WILL get twisted and distorted, hence Mental Disorder.

Wolves exhibit Alpha Hierarchy in captivity, but in the wild they do not exhibit this. Hence why that guy made sure to mention that those 1500 documented species, were examples /in the wild/. He literally said that, word for word.
>> No. 1777
To the Admin... are you retarded or somethin? Dude literally just made the point that science does not bend or conform to anything other than facts. That "contributes" because you accused modern science of conforming to law, when it's actually the other way around? Maybe stop making shit up and pulling shit out your ass just to justify child rape? Remember, you're the one way far gone down a slippery slope here.

Do the math, in countries or places where the people are backwards savages is where you see ages of consent as low as 12. In more civil and modern places, the closer and closer to 1st world you get and thus the closer you get to the peak of modern science, the higher the age of consent goes. The lowest ages of consent are in places that are renowned for being the most ass backwards redneck places. Places where you can seriously bump into someone who thinks 2+2 equals Fish.



>> No. 1778
>Paying for the photos or not is irrelevant. You perpetuate the abuse by seeking the photos out.
1 word: lol
>> No. 1779
How? In what way was anything I said, like what you posted? Like literally show me word for word how those are the same things being said. Because otherwise what you just did is the equivalent to if I asked what the time was, and you just said "the ocean is made of water". Logic and debate isn't some sort of spew game, where you just throw out words that have nothing to do with what the other person said?

You're just proving to me how those studies that say pedophiles have significantly low IQs, are true. Because you're responding as if I were trying to engage in a logical debate with a literal child.

As for the age of consent varying even in the US. Did you not just see me mention that the states with the lowest ages of consent, are also the ones renowned for being the LEAST enlightened? We are talking about redneck places, places where people seriously inbreed. Places where people are so dumb they are the only people that accounted for any legitimate votes made for Trump.

Also, I don't know anywhere in the US where 13 is an actual age of consent. 14 is the lowest in the US, and I'm pretty certain those places have age difference laws, so it's not really age of consent because it's the parents who consent FOR the teen and most parents won't do that anyways. But again, it's also the states of the dumb fucks.

If you're talking about any countries besides the US. LOL. Most other 1st worlds always never really seem to "get it" when it comes to not being primitive anyways. They're closer to our level, but it's kind of inherently fake because they are only as far along as they are, because all their progress comes from simply /copying/ america. They literally ride our curtails. It's similar to how morons will copy a genius, they can copy what the genius has already produced. But they will never understand the underlying essence that makes the genius tick.

Not saying America is flawless or "the best". But it's more like we understand the essence of what it really means to be the best. Like we are the natural heir to it, and everyone else is just fanboy lackees.
>> No. 1780
"But go and learn what this means, 'I desire mercy and not sacrifice'" For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance." Matthew 9:13
>> No. 1781
ADMIN logic is winning by far.

I agree with the notion that "science" in mainstream media is not completely pure observation. It always ties with other factors in that period.
Elites always have ulterior motives behind everything they wanna us to believe.

We can't get highlighted in media if whatever we have in mind is not in their scenario. Mainstream media is 100% controlled.

"Modern science" has always been covertly slipped by pseudosciences, e.g. to control our perception toward things.
>> No. 1782
If you believe in God, then you must conclude "God did it, I believe it, that's the end of it". If you believe in genetics (and who except bible-thumping morons doesn't?) then with just a bit of coherent thought, you will conclude that the genes that code for sexual orientation have mutated, and I have just the right set of recessives to make me a pedophile. Because, I fucking guarantee you that I didn't one day wake up and decide "I'm going to like little girls". Nobody decides to be a pedophile. And if you think they do, then tonight, why don't you decide to be gay (or straight) when you wake up tomorrow? Think about that for a bit, and you see the problem. I don't want to be a pedophile. But I've been oriented on little girls Since I Was A Little Boy. Got that? My sexuality woke up before I really woke up. My first memory left from my childhood was thinking how good the woman's legs felt. Mom yelled at me, but the girl said that's OK. Then mom said "That's too high."

So, yeah, I'm a pedophile because I was a child when I woke up sexually. I'm not proud of it. It's just who I am. I'm not a "pervert" and I'm not "mentally ill". My sexual orientation is for little girls.

So far, I've managed to keep out of jail. Because fortunately, I'm bisexual. Does that mean I'm gay? No, it means that I also like women. And, YES, that is bisexual.

So, when it comes right down to it, society hates my genes. But, what greasy little worms like you don't understand is that the recessive genes I have have spread out over all the population. So, you can either kill tens of millions of us, or you can figure out some method of dealing with us that doesn't make you a mass murderer.

Because, outside of killing all of us, I don't see a solution. Well, that does ignore one possibility, doesn't it? Back in the pre-modern days of our evolution, it was safest to pair with someone older and stronger. Because, let's face it, if you're 10, 12 years old, and you pair with a 10 year old boy, you're quite literally fucked. Because your dad, assuming he even cared, is spending all his time trying to put enough food on the table to feed you. And since you're a girl and will never be a hunter, neither he nor your mom really care that much if you get carried off. Hell, they may just leave you out so that you are carried off. And if you are carried off at 8, 10, whatever, you'd better hope that the guy who carries you off sees some value in you other than quick rough sex and then get lost/go feed your own self.

So, now you know, pedophilia makes sense genetically. Back when times were tough, it helped ensure the survival of the species. Oh, wait, you didn't really know that people only lived into their 30s, and that 13 was the prime breeding age, did you? Guess what, it's only been within the past few hundred years that anyone cared whether a 13 year old girl moved in with a guy who managed to live till he was in his 30s. Loretta Lynn, the famous country singer, was married when she was 13 to a recently discharged GI. Nobody thought it was a big deal back then. We're oh so much more sophisticated today, aren't we?

So, what do you recommend, bright guy? Are you going to be a little Hitler and campaign for exterminating all the pedophiles? No? So, what do you recommend, then? Because I guaran-fucking-tee you that this is one problem that you can't arrest your way out of.

And not only that, the internet has provided a platform for the girls with the same set of recessive genes that I have to start advertising themselves at places like live.me, omegle, etc. Are you going to kill them too? Or will you resort to arresting a few million 10-13 year old girls "For Their Own Good" ? If so, I pity anyone who thinks you're a good person, because they are so wrong. And now that they're advertising their presence, it's only going to be a few more years before they find a way to start meeting guys who have money and want to be in a committed, loving relationship with a 10 year old girl.

So, once again, I didn't not decide to like little girls. I'd prefer not to. It would make my life so much easier to live. But, I am. I haven't "offended" in about twice your lifetime. I haven't had a happy life as a result. Imagine if tomorrow they passed a law so that you couldn't have sex with someone from your sexual peer group for the rest of your life. Yes, that's what it's like to be a pedophile. And until recently, that's exactly what it was like to be gay.

Have I ever touched a child? Yes. Did I get pleasure from it? Yes. Did I ever hurt a child? No. The videos I see of ass-fucking kids makes me angry. There's just no excuse for that. Kids should be loved, hugged, petted, and pampered. Anything beyond that is just wrong. The only difference between you and me on this is that you would include the "petting" as being wrong. Guess you can't have everything.

And to repeat, this is not a problem that you can arrest your way out of. There aren't enough prisons in the world to house pedophiles, and there isn't enough money in the world to incarcerate them humanely.

Sex is seen by modern society as a vice. And for every vice, there are a bunch of temperance-leaguers who want to make it against the law. America's first drug laws were passed in 1908 after a congressional group went to China and their wives noticed the opium dens and bitched at their husbands "We can't allow that to happen in America". Nixon reaffirmed that in the 70s. It's taken over 110 years for us to start getting that out of our system. Somehow, it only took about 15 years to realize that a complete ban on alcohol wouldn't work. The next thing on the list of total bans that isn't working is adult-child sex. The temperance-leaguers are protesting against child marriage right now. It's not going to work. Ever stiffer CP laws aren't going to work. Or will YOU be willing to pay 90% of your paycheck out to put all the bad men away? No? Somebody else should pay for that, right? Bzzzt! Wrong. There is nobody else.

Sorry, mods, I kind of threw a tantrum over this. It's something that touches my soul.
>> No. 1783
"Paying for the photos or not is irrelevant. You perpetuate the abuse by seeking the photos out."

Heh, funny thing about that statement is that it's easily disproved. Just bring up any of the vids of young girls making nude display videos. They make them themselves. Nobody forces them to. I can point you to a Harvard study (or was it Yale?) from the 50s or 60s that would have predicted this behavior if anybody had given it any thought. But that's beside the point. Little girls, some as young as 8 or maybe younger, are making videos of themselves taking off their clothes and displaying their pussies. No adults involved except the audience. And the audience did not come to the little girls' houses and demand that they get on the internet and show their pussies.

So, no, son, you are wrong. Buying child porn does not contribute to the problem. The problem is in your mind. Little girls are plenty happy to show off their stuff without being forced to by a crew of fat hairy men and their tame bitches coaching the girls. They're happy to do it themselves, in their own bedrooms. So, are you going to suggest we arrest every little girl that posts a nude video with illegal close-ups of their pussies? Really? What kind of pervert are you, anyhow? Because arresting an 8 year old girl for putting on a show is a perversion of justice.
>> No. 1784
Bruh,only the focus of science may be influenced by the times. That has to do with where the funding is at, what people want to find out. The US Gov cannot control science, that's like saying they can control the internet LOL GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

You can't create false science because while you're busy spreading propaganda someone somewhere else is going to find the truth. This actually taps into the deeper fundamental truth that the truth in general will always prevail. But let's get something straight, nobody here has ever scene a serious example of that in regards to this subject. You can't just look for a handful of fringe studies that really don't even mean what you try to make it mean.

Plus, another important thing about the truth is that it can't be wrong. People mention homosexuality, but guess what? The fact that it is natural and that those engaging in it are consensual, is making everybody come to their senses and accept that it is morally okay.

So then a more intelligent person is going to throw you the question... Why then would anyone have any reason to oppose pedophilia and hate it so much. Why would the government have any motive to construe any different? And if you say it's to hog the children to themselves, you're retarded. If you could decriminalize something you do, that if people found out as-is would destroy your life and risk you getting assassinated. Don't you think you would rather brainwash everyone to accept it? Derp.

It doesn't make any sense, especially when you know how good it feels. To me it suggests on some cosmic karmic level, there HAS to be a reason that this is the way things are. I really don't see how anything that happens in the universe is much of an accident, everything is too well organized and purposeful for that.
>> No. 1786
It's a false dichotomy to say that because it isn't a full on snap of the finger choice, that it is genetic. Human physiology and psychology just ain't that simple and in my own experience of battling and even making great strides to CURE my affliction. I have to say that I know by first hand observation and intuition that it most definitely is a Sexual Interest, not Sexual Orientation.

Sexual orientations are not about intensities, and they require divergence in a fundamentally differentiating way. Children of a given sex, are not fundamtally different from their adult counterparts. A heterosexual pedophile is attracted to all the same things a non-pedophile heterosexual are. Not to mention it is obvious that preference for any other age group is already recognized as pure /Interest/ and not in the slightest an orientation.

The fact that what /makes/ a pedophile is not just simply whether they are "into that" or not, but the fact of /just how good it feels/. Right there, bam, is what makes it undeniable that it's an interest. It's the same reason a person will engage in fetishes, because simply throwing in some BDSM or whatever their kink is into the mix will /make their orgasms better/. Even people who are so into their fetishes that they cannot get off to anything else, aren't regarded as having a different sexual orientation. Because again it is only because their fetish feels SOOOOO good that they feel that way. A homosexual isn't a homosexual because gay sex is addictive to him or feels like ecstasy. He's homosexual because he simply doesn't get attracted to women AT ALL. Even when homosexual sex gives him rather tame orgasms.

Now the most significant fact about Sexual Interests are is they aren't a direct snap of the finger choice. But they most definitely can be changed and "cured" through the same techniques as Drug Addiction. What's been most effective for me is Neutral Reinforcement wherin if I get the urge to look... I /do/ nothing and I try to clear my mind and let go of any feelings or inclinications towards the material. Basically choosing to not care and be "meh", about it. Then negative stuff like forcing myself to gag also helps significantly as it creates a subconscious link between these sorts of images and the feeling of throwing up. Making me feel INHERENTLY disgusted by it.

I also smoke CBD which oddly seems to make me completely free of even the smallest inclinations left over. Probably because of it's antipsychotic and anti addiction qualities. Is there something lingering rn? Maybe just a little when I don't have CBD in a while. But I consider that a time thing, as I got where I did by time and I can only intuitively feel as tho it will go away /completely/ inevitably.

And at the end of the day this is infinitely better because there are infinite things to enjoy in this world that you risk losing just to feel a really really good release. I at least know I /killed/ that good feeling, so even if I were to try and masturbate to the images. It wouldn't actually do a whole lot for me. Which proves, it's a sexual interest. Because I've ruined the interest.
>> No. 1787
Now the most significant fact about Sexual Interests are is they aren't a direct snap of the finger choice. But they most definitely can be changed and "cured" through the same techniques as Drug Addiction."

No, sorry, but drug addiction can't be cured, as it's genetically based. So is alcoholism. You can't cure "disorders" that are caused by genes. You can't cure gays, and by the same token, you can't cure straights. And, finally, you can't cure pedophilia.

I saw a cop show once, where they were at a prison. The warden was commenting that he felt sorry for pedophiles, because they don't have a disease. They are just sexually oriented to children, and there's nothing you can do about it.

But, I'm sure you know best, after all, you've thought it out all yourself, and given that YOU are the model for the rest of the universe, then it follows that everyone else has to be just like you. Um, that's called a tautology, I think. And they're always wrong.
>> No. 1788
"It doesn't make any sense, especially when you know how good it feels. To me it suggests on some cosmic karmic level, there HAS to be a reason that this is the way things are. I really don't see how anything that happens in the universe is much of an accident, everything is too well organized and purposeful for that."

Maybe this will make sense for you, then. What you're basically talking about is that little girls love to show off being naked, and love being around their dads. In fact, if you're a man and you visit a single mom regularly, it won't be more than one visit before her little girl is in your lap and either mom doesn't notice or she apologizes to you and tries to chase her kid away - reserving you for her, not her kid.

OK, now let's go back to prehistory when there were no such things as laws. Every family had to manage its own survival. So, can you think of a reason that a little girl would flirt with the alpha male in her environment, even going so far as to do naked displays? I can. And, it's a survival trait. Granted, it's not one that's really needed that much in modern society - well maybe in the case of a single mom, if it helps get a protective male into the household. But, survival traits like this are encoded in our genes. We can suppress them with training/shaming, but they're there. And since they're there in almost every little girl, you can't say it's a learned behavior.
>> No. 1789
File 153115184266.jpg - (141.25KB , 858x570 , arianna53_72.jpg )
Females manipulate men to get their resources, time and attention. It's as simple as that. That's why the little girl ends up on your lap when you visit a single mom. She's practising and learning. As men that's hard for us to understand because manipulate our environment to get what we want. We create, design and build things. Females use us to get what they want. This starts at a young age as girls play with dolls and make up role play stories. By the time they are 16, they are masters at manipulating and controlling men.
>> No. 1790
"Females manipulate men to get their resources, time and attention. It's as simple as that. That's why the little girl ends up on your lap when you visit a single mom."

So, why is that any surprise? For almost all of history, the only currency women (and little girls) have had has been sex. It's really only in the past 50 years that women had begun to have any other currency. And they still don't in a lot of places. But, it's a survival trait. The only part of it that's learned behavior is how to do it well.
>> No. 1792
Male chimpanzees have sex with the female youngins. That fact also occurs in other animal species in captive. So do we. We are in captive LOL (LOL?).
It's mainly for pleasure, not for procreation (and pleasure).

Homosexuality tendency in laboratory captive animals is observed when they're overpopulated and confused socially.
Other anomalies like necrophilia (intercourse with corpse) and other distorted action/perception, are also observed in that chaotic environment.

It's nature's way to balance the number, and to bring back order.
>> No. 1793
I do what I want, cunt. Deal with it.
>> No. 1795
What if we dont care what they think or if they enjoy it?

Also Mary the mother of Jesus was 12, look it up the age of marrying back then was 12-14 and as she was married to Joseph but a virgin she had to be 12

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