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/spam/ ~ Any advice on how to get a gf.
File 154105439062.jpg - (134.06KB , 638x960 , image.jpg )
1907 No. 1907
Any tips, advice, first moves, or story's you'll like to share on getting a young cute gf.
>> No. 1908
Also interested. Would love to have a nice preteen gf but have no idea how to start
>> No. 1919
I was dating this you 8yo girl online for about 2 years. So i started when she was 8 and continued until she was 9. No she was not fake she did all sort of freaky stuff, like she wanted to meet me very badly reason i know she was not fake was the time spent and the things we did which i will not talk about. I can tell she got into some freaky shit because of me. I met her through her youtube channel still got her twitter. But yeah we drifted apart cause she was afraid of getting caught. She had, had sex previously at 7 or so she told me. I also had a brief relationship with a 10 year old asian girl.
>> No. 1920
I've dated two underage girls in my life one was 8 and i dated her for about 2 years so was 9 when we broke up. She was bullied in school but a nice kid i met her online through her youtube channel and yeah she really loved getting kinky online. I made her taste her own butthole and pussy from her finger and stuff like that. I also dated this asian girl what was 10 again online. Like it's risky... like my advice is make the first move but be safe there are girls out there into sex and stuff... just be sure to be extremely careful get to know the girl first... preferably you should like to know if she's had sex before both my girls claimed they had and when u found a girl like that u have a gold mine on your hands.

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