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/spam/ ~ What is this shit?
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1961 No. 1961
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>> No. 1962
what? They are saying CNN is garbage, as is most news companies. Most news sites now days get down on their hands and knees to suck democrat's dicks, and don't even bother to hide it. A lot of people don't like that since news and media is suppose to be impartial, unbiased.
>> No. 1968
File 154289538593.jpg - (85.63KB , 768x1024 , Img_2607.jpg )
I can't even watch the news anymore. All they do is lie and Trump bash.

They even tried to blame California wildfires on global warming. Meanwhile, the Macy's parade is the coldest on record.
>> No. 2003
Temperature is not the same as climate.

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