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/spam/ ~ Privacy advice please
File 154282721846.jpg - (23.86KB , 460x410 , axzGL3b_460s.jpg )
1963 No. 1963
Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere....

I'm relatively new to this so bear with me please. I'm running TOR, but not using a VPN. Is that safe, and I see a lot of download links but am super wary to DL anything, cause having stuff on my computer seems like a death sentence. Any advice from the more tech savvy on what i need to be doing to safely DL things without staying up all night waiting to hear sirens? Thanks in advance.
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>> No. 1984
File 154333523578.jpg - (25.54KB , 480x480 , 11093029_286140628176401_14787073_n.jpg )
Forget TOR.

Pay for a good VPN such as Private Internet Access. Enable the 'kill switch' and the "DNS leak protection' on Private Internet Access. Also, enable it to start up when you turn on your computer. Therefore, the proxy is always on and will disable your internet connection if it is ever not engaged. (in case you get drunk or some thing and forget to enable it)

Get an external hard drive and encrypt it with VeraCrypt. Create a hidden volume within the volume in case you are ever compelled to give out the password you can give them the safe one and not the one that shows your underage loli pictures.

Never ever leave your computer with the external drive open and available.

Do not upload material. Download only and keep a low profile.

Lastly, use Veracrypt to encrypt your entire computer and operating system. That way, no one can even start or access your computer without the password. That will eliminate the need for you to painstakingly go through your computer to remove traces of the websites you have visited, pictures, movies, etc.

Also use Crapcleaner and Beachbit to wipe your operating system just in case.

You'll be safe.
>> No. 1985
File 154342140141.jpg - (51.12KB , 480x480 , 10853164_382927898541070_2005551073_n.jpg )
I would also like to add that you should go through your belongings very carefully and get rid of anything that could be used to show that you have an interest in underage girls. Even though it may be legal, it will be used against you if your house ever gets searched.

For example, I used to have a DVD collection of loli movies such as Lolita, Pretty Baby, Lawn Dogs, Matilda, etc. Legal mainstream movies that featured little girls and/or little girls in relationships with older men. They were perfectly legal but they could also be used against me should my house be searched. Get rid of it. Copy the movies to your encrypted hard drive and get rid of them. Get rid of any material that even remotely connects you to pedophilia.
>> No. 1987
Don’t use tor without a VPN
>> No. 2008
First you need to make sure javascript is disabled. You can do that by going to the first "S" you see next to the address bar, then go to the red Circle with the S crossed out, and uncheck every checkmark you see except for "media" "frame" and "font". This will ensure javascript is disabled and do this every time you browse Tor. This is for your own safety and to prevent IP leaks.

If you can afford it, a VPN is a great option to have, incase you forget to toggle javascript settings or a security compromise were to happen in Tor. Make sure your VPN isn't situated in the US or any major country and they have a strict no log policy. Nord is an example of this.

Alternatively you can do the Tails+Tor combo instead but you run the high risk on landing on the NSA's list, since the Tails OS relies on the Tor network and you'd be connecting too much on the Tor network on your IP. Play it safe and just go VPN+Tor combo. Even they won't know what your doing and they don't anyway since they have a strict no log policy.
>> No. 2053

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>> No. 2094
>>1985 i am using OS Opera it has a built in VPN my location is set in Singapore Asia although I'm in Europe is this still safe.
>> No. 2106
File 154739866957.jpg - (480.46KB , 1200x1600 , P2200007.jpg )
Some advice from me for what it's worth.

I just recently returned from a trip overseas back to the U.S. I was stopped by customs and the two men went through my belongings withe vengeance of a middle aged nanny. It was as if they knew what I was doing.

In actuality, I was returning from a trip to an over seas country where I spent two weeks fucking and romancing two teen aged girls. In return, I pay their families $300 each. The girls stay with me in a house I rent and we have sex constantly. When not having sex, they are wearing high heels and little panties, sometimes pantyhose. They also swim naked in the pool while I watch. At night, we fall asleep hugging each other and making out. It's paradise to me. Absolute paradise. Not only do I come back with a sore dick but my heart if overflowing with love too. It's wonderful.

I've learned to be very careful. I do not return with anything at all that would indicate what I was doing. I make it look like I visited a 40 year old woman and spent most of my time at the beach snorkeling with her. I have a small camera and only have pictures of me and the 40 year old on it. Pictures of us dating, swimming, etc. I have receipt and notes about directions to her house and dinner tabs, etc. Everything on me is gone over with a fine toothed comb. You have to be very careful about this, even a pair of high heels in small size or a pair of panties that would fit a small girl would be used against you. Bring things that make it seem that your trip was innocent. I actually hire the woman to go with me to take pictures of us together. I pay her $50 and we spend the day changing locations, clothes, etc. I also change the EXIF data on the pictures so they appear on different days. Be very thorough and meticulous in your cover.

I do not bring a laptop or smart phone with me. I have a ten year old flip phone with nothing stored on it. On a few planted text messages from the 40 year old. "Can't wait to see you honey, will pick you up soon. On the way." And it has her picture on it. Absolutely nothing to tie me to the two young girls.

A couple tidbits about U.S. Customs. If you're a U.S. citizen, they can not deny you entry. They can search everything you have, including computers, phones, etc. If they catch you lying to them, they can arrest you just for lying. Even small lies they trick you into saying. "What day did you go snorkeling?" Stupid shit like that. Here's the best part. You do not have to answer their questions. All you have to do is fill out the customs declaration and questionnaire either on paper or at their new computer terminals. If they go beyond basic questions such as 'How long was your trip?" "What countries did you visit?" END IT and say, "I will not answer your questions anymore, let me know when I'm free to go." END IT. This happened to me. I know better than to get caught up in their interrogation. They took me to a holding cell with a bunch of Chinese people and tried to scare me by saying bullshit like,"OH he doesn't want to talk? Better get used to this cell buddy." I just kept my mouth shut, I know the law. They searched through everything I had very carefully but 30 minutes later, the supervisor came over and let me go.

You can do this if you have carefully gone through all your belongings prior to your trip. If customs starts to fuck with you, tell them to fuck off. No matter what they say to try to scare you, hold your ground, don't talk to them, and they have to let you go in a half hour or so.

They target single male travelers who go to certain countries because they know we're fucking young girls. Be careful. Create a cover and don't answer their question. Don't think you're smart and you can talk to them. You can't, they know how to trap people by interrogation.

Also, while I'm on the subject, go through your home and remove everything that even remotely ties you to pedophilia. All pictures, notes, everything. Pretend you're a detective trying to find dirt on yourself and looking for anything to use against you. Get rid of it. I did this and found an old sears catalog with pics of girl teens in their underwear. Was it legal? Yes. But it could be used against me. Get rid of it.

Goes without saying but encrypt your operating system and all external hard drives you keep CP on. Don't rely on wipe or clean up programs. Encrypt the entire OS. Windows stores shit all over the place.

Get off your ass and do it now. Protect yourselves.

No one should go to prison for that natural act of lovemaking and adoration.
>> No. 2165

Using Tor with a VPN is a bad idea and can decrease your anonymity. The only good thing it does is prevent your ISP from knowing you use Tor, which is not necessary as long as you're not living in a third world country where that is illegal. If you still don't want them to know you use Tor, it can be accomplished with bridges.

Tor + VPN increases the odds of a correlation attack. The probability that your adversary controls both ends of Tor is smaller than if they controlled the Tor exit node and your VPN.
>> No. 2176
No. Completely wrong. Using TOR with a VPN in no way increases the likelyhood of a correlation attack enough to make it worth the risk of your ISP knowing when you're using TOR. Comparing the timeline of deep web events with when a computer is connected over TOR is EXACTLY how almost EVERYONE who gets caught on TOR is caught. Not worth the risk at all.

No free VPN is safe. If a VPN is free, YOU are the product.


If your main OS is windows (which, judging as you say you aren't tech-savvy, it likely is) (i also am not familiar with macs), do NOT use windows 10 directly from microsoft. Windows 10 out of the box is filled with bloatware and spyware. instead, use a modified bloatware/spyware free version such as https://ameliorated.info/ . If you are a native linux user, use https://www.qubes-os.org/ . Encryption is a must, for windows i recommend using veracrypt volumes to store cp files themselves (a volume is a file of a set size that acts as a folder/zip of sorts, encrypting files up to it's set size, making so you don't know how much data is in the encrypted file) inside of a fully encrypted disk drive (which can be accomplished with VeraCrypt as well). You should also install an unencrypted Windows alongside your encrypted Windows partition, having a disk that requires a password to boot looks suspicious (basically: hide your main OS with a fake one on the same disk, so that on initial inspection nothing will appear wrong)

For a VPN, most privacy respecting paid VPNs will work, however, i've personally found the free dVPN (decentralized VPN) mysterium (https://mysterium.network) to be useful. traffic is supported on all protocols as of alpha, and the mysterium protocol uses end to end encryption so your exit node cannot view what you're accessing. it's reasonably fast as well, i'm based in the US and get a solid 7mbps down and 5mbps up from an exit in singapore. Using TOR behind Mysterium dVPN will greatly increase your security.

tl;dr: use ameliorated windows (https://ameliorated.info/) (if youre not using it already, switch ASAP because normal windows 10 has many backdoors and irremovable spyware) + mysterium dVPN (https://mysterium.network) + tor (if you're reading this, you should be on tor already) + veracrypt for full disk encryption + encrypted volumes within the disk.

Make all downloads over vpn (because while TOR is secure, security comes at the cost of speed and your download will be mind-numbingly slow)

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