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/spam/ ~ Petition to the mods: ban this stupid "Blacked" shit
File 154299933213.jpg - (170.17KB , 1440x2157 , stella.jpg )
1970 No. 1970
As well as everyone who posts it
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>> No. 1971
What "Blacked" shit?

People who post pics with black censor bars over the good bits?
People who post black fakes with white girls?
People who post fantasies about every black man hung like a horse?

Be specific when posting a request for a ban.
Give reasons why it should be banned.
Let us know why you should be the censor.
>> No. 1972
I think the point the OP is making is that we're here to see the girls, not black bars that prevent us from seeing the girls and definitely not black dicks. That's all. He wasn't asking for censorship. He was asking for the lack of censorship, but for admins to remove pics that are essentially off topic or don't let use see what we want. Dick pics are very much off topic here.
>> No. 1973
I believe OP is referring to the threads of little girls photoshopped with black dicks, proclaiming "I love Black Cocks" and other such nonsense.
I would advise OP to simply scroll on by and let people with that fetish (one which I do not share) continue enjoying it.
>> No. 1974
File 154301689366.gif - (641.02KB , 250x250 , tumblr_oreaw79ZiO1se0jzho1_250.gif )
You know what the OP meant.
You're very far up your own arsehole aren't you?
>> No. 1975
No jackass I really don't know what he meant. I don't read minds. Look through the forums. People complain about everything I asked a question about. They even complain about black girls being posted. I don't know if the OP is stupid and trying to find a way around the censorship this forum has in place to stay online or is just a KKK member trying to remove anything black that insults his white purity mindset. For all I know YOU are the OP trying to confuse the issue.

Both responses before your response also had different interpretations on what the OP meant. So much for your idea people should know what the OP meant.
>> No. 2016
File 154446802615.jpg - (118.76KB , 400x400 , IMG_1131.jpg )
You call everyone who doesn't like black girls KKK members? That's a bit reactionary and extreme, don't you think? Sounds like YOU are stereotyping and prejudicial.

Are we all supposed to adore and love black girls and women in order to get your PC approval?

Well, sorry asshole. I'm not a KKK member and I don't find black females attractive or desirable at all.

If that offends you, eat shit.

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