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/spam/ ~ labia majora
File 154394005228.jpg - (72.34KB , 683x1024 , A2A477C.jpg )
1993 No. 1993
Best labia majora ...you won't find any because the girls you post don't have them yet...what's that say about your preference..? You like unripe fruit...green apples will give you belly cramps, you fucking pedophiles..lmaoo
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>> No. 1994
looks like those lips pulled my truck out of a ditch
>> No. 1995
First, gtfo. No one wants to see that shit here. Why the fuck do you think we’re here? Certainly NOT for a discussion on 28 year old pussy.

Second, I hope you are not going to med school. If you are, your parents are due a refund.

The labia majora are the outer, puffy lips. The labia minora are the inner lips that become flappy and disgusting once a perfectly formed little girl becomes a sexually unappealing teen or young adult.

Third, are you here for the pics of little girls, or are you just interested in pedo cocks?
>> No. 2005
File 154434581189.jpg - (52.23KB , 390x364 , majora-reduction.jpg )
The labia minora are the inner lips...true that !! --- but they do not become flappy...ever...the flappy ones are the labia MAJORA dumbass..know your vagoo !! or get the fuck out Doofus !! The labia are known as the “lips” of the vagina. The labia majora is a fold of skin on the outside of the vaginal area, while the labia minora is the inner lip leading to the vagina. Their function is to protect the vagina and clitoris from irritation and injury.Oct 23, 2017
>> No. 2006
File 154434661845.jpg - (85.36KB , 1200x782 , undergroundlolitastudio55-051.jpg )
wrong dufas doofus dummy doofus
>> No. 2090
File 154701968447.jpg - (114.30KB , 900x1200 , DMktTjoUMAMGtOM.jpg )
she name is hannah hays she has a fat pussy~

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